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It’s April 1st.  I did not plan on finishing this today but I did.  There’s an obvious line about hitsuzen here for you to make, but I can’t because I’m busy caring too much about CLAMP ;…;  Put me out of my misery.  Or if you’re going to be at ECCC next weekend, come by tables C6-7 and come cry with me.  

Which Doumeki is this???  UP TO YOU.  This is obv. long-term Watanuki since he’s all fabulous and smoking.

(for those playing along at home, this is also my March Drawterry challenge, using the words glow, eyeball, cherry blossoms.)

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Coffee Luck Part 02 of ? (start here) - MakoHaru Barista!Makoto AU

WHO ON EARTH COULD THAT BE? IT’S OK HARU. I’m pretty sure people draw their crushes too. Finally, something will happen in Part 03. 8D Sorry I’m a bit slow with this one, art stamina is a bit too low. Nonetheless hopefully this was an okay continuation! Thanks for reading this nonsense. OTL

Happy Birthday Haruka-sensei! ^^  @skillshotlabs

Acacia flower: confined love
Azalea flower: “please take care of yourself for me”
Gardenias: sweetness, purity

I had this idea in mind before I greeted him and it was a happy surprise to see him say the exact words I found in the flower language meaning of Azalea flowers.

underthesamestar  asked:

I rewatched the last episode again and I started crying when Haru was saying sorry to Makoto and now I am crying again... Yanny, I love them so much, so much, they are so beautiful, I can't describe with words how beautiful they are. I wish everyone to find a person to love and be loved by them like Makoto and Haru love each other.

Makoto and Haru’s relationship (in S2) shined the brightest in this ep

It made me think about their relationship as a whole

All that they went through…

and the hardships that they had to face…

BUT were able to conquer together, simply by being each others’ strength

…that solid base of support.

It showed how they grew as a person..

…and grew as ‘best friends

And how, while life seemed to throw them ALL the reasons to give up

to let go

they instead find MORE reasons to hold on to each other.






Some lil Sailor Moon headcanons :-)

- Makoto and Setsuna love gardening together

- Mamoru, Usagi, Haruka, and Michiru go on double dates (Mamoru and Haruka talk cars and politics while Usagi and Michiru talk gossip as Michiru knows all the goods) (also half these dinners may just be them all looking at Usagi fondly)

- Minako and Michiru go to the salon together on occasion

- Setsuna, Ami, and Mamoru have a group chat where they discuss the latest medical finds

-the pianist from episode 6 Yusuke Amade plays at Mamoru and Usagi’s wedding and the designer from Super S does design her wedding dress as promised

- after the generals all come back (idc if that’s not canon these are headcanons for a reason ;) ) Zoisite and Usagi have sleepovers all the time. (They just can’t get over their hunky husbands)

- once Usagi become Neo Queen Serenity she brings back the Amazon Trio and then Fisheye totally joins in on these sleepovers

- the generals and Mamoru have weekly game matches but always make sure to make room for Usagi in their giant couch cuddles

- Rei, Setsuna, and Hotaru find time to meditate with each other whenever possible

- when Usagi and Mamoru announce that Usagi’s pregnant Haruka cries the most because her “kittens having her own kitten!” Which then follows with “Haruka that doesn’t make any sense”
“Michiru support me on this!”

- Mamoru will never get over how adorable Usagi is while pregnant, the way she waddles around the apartment, the way she falls asleep when they watch movies snuggled up to his side, and even when she starts crying randomly because she saw a cute bird on the side walk

more will be added later !