cries and feels

also my back and abdomen hurt like hell but fuck it i dont care im happier than ive been in goddamn years and i’m going to motherfucking enjoy it


So I’m back from the tour, and man… I did feel sick the entire time! I have moderate anxiety (I guess, I don’t really need medication, I just go to a psychologist) and I threw up a lot lol. I was almost giving up but I went to see them!!!

They are all so tall!! Like really tall (or maybe I’m too small) and they looked like dolls, almost unreal.

Their voice are weird, idk if it was the microphone or they were tired, but it was really off. Tae, Jin, Jungkook and Hoseok have a higher pitched voice than the videos and songs. Jungkook has a pre teen voice I cracked lfmao

I was in the back (cause im a sick pussy) but I saw Namjoon and Hoseok a lot. Namjoon is really cute (daddy my ass, he is a baby boy!) his eyes are kinda swollen and also his lips, he was really sweaty. Hoseok is gorgeous, he is so beautiful. The first thing I saw when I put my eyes on Jin was his lips lol. Yoongi is exactly like the pictures. Jimin is also like the pictures (I didnt see him often just like Jungkook). But the member who most captivate my attention was Taehyung, jusus fucking christ what a gorgeous person. He’s almost like a god, he is just too much!!

Almost all of them look at the direction I was in (they didnt look at me of course lol) and I freaked out every single time. But when Yoongi looked at the direction I was in it was so intimidating, I almost could look back at him idk???? He is pretty cute and beautiful, but there is something in his eyes that is strong  (I guess it is his aura?). I would feel the same with Taehyung, but his hair was so long I couldnt see his eyes LFMAOO


I see you looking,
Trying to understand,
I see your hands
Don’t you know
what to say?
We’re on two planets
You no longer know
this man-
So why do you

I see the betrayal
in your eyes;
I hear your cries
I feel the tension
It’s tearing-
us apart.
And we can’t go
‘Cause we’ve come
too far.

We’re cracking
Foundations are
We’ve started
a war,
That none of us
will win,
Take me back-
to when words of
‘I’m sorry’
didn’t get stuck
in my throat,
When you cried tears
of happiness,
Not tears of lost

When your laughter
wasn’t forced,
Your smile wasn’t
When our hearts
we’re unbroken,
Now I hear them

Let’s go back to
the kisses,
On reddened
Back to the flowers
every week,
Back to your
promise of;
'I’ll stay’
Back to the

But we’re drifting-
No one to save
the day,
Splitting apart,
No band-aid
can fix a broken

No band-aid
can soak up your
No band-aid
can bring back
lost years,
No band-aid
can take us back
in time,
No band-aid
can answer
No band-aid
can turn grey
to gold,
No band-aid
can fix bullet

We love like
With hearts that

The blood runs

Since i havent seen anyone talk about this i think i would just like to point out that while yuuri is skating georgi is wearing this expression

Do you know why?

Because he understands

He understands that while yuuri is skating Yuri on Ice he is dedicating it to victor, his love for him, and is thinking of all the moments they have spent together and how victor has helped him so much from how he was last year. He wore the same expression while michele is skating because he knew he was skating because of his love for sara.

But georgi isnt the only one who noticed.

The commentators, the other skaters, mila, and im pretty sure even yakov knew that yuuri was skating because of his love for victor, some more so than others. What im saying is that people know and acknowledge that yuuri really loves victor and that he dedicated his entire FS to their relationship and how he has grown from it.

Self-Care & Helpful Tips for INTP “The Thinker”

Functions: Ti-Ne-Si-Fe


  • Great analyst & abstract thinker
  • Imaginative & original
  • Open-minded
  • Enthusiastic
  • Objective
  • Honest & straightforward


  • Very private & withdrawn
  • Insensitive
  • Absent-minded
  • Condescending
  • Loathe rules & guidelines
  • Second-guess themselves

Turn-on = Understanding

Turn-off = Manipulation

What stresses INTP out

  • Being in an environment where they feel controlled by others.
  • Not being allowed to go with the flow of the moment.
  • Being required to do simple and repetitive tasks.
  • Being surrounded by individuals they see as incompetent.
  • A lack of autonomy.
  • Being in charge of the quality of another person’s work.
  • Not enough alone time. Too much extraverting.
  • Being immersed in emotionally charged environments.
  • Being in a place where their expertise is not appreciated.
  • People “barging in” on their space.
  • Not having their strongly held values validated

How to help an INTP experiencing stress

  • Give them alone time and space
  • Excuse them from some of their responsibilities
  • Let them get away from everything
  • Don’t ask them how they feel or if they’re okay
  • Encourage them to have some alone time exercising
  • Let them know it’s okay to feel unreasonable sometimes
  • Stay out of the way and forgive out-of-characteristic behavior

How INTP handle Grief

  • Bury their feelings
  • Not good at opening in front of others

How INTP handle Guilt

  • Over-analytical
  • Pressure themselves to do better

What INTP are like when Sad

  • Appear apathetic & disinterested
  • Dislike feeling vulnerable

What INTP need after a Bad Day

  • A new project to distract them from self-destructive thoughts

What INTP do when Angry

  • Ignores their anger for years at a time until they eventually snap unexpectedly and spew snarky insults about the opposing party’s intelligence.

What INTP Should do Instead

  • Take note of when and why they’re feeling angry, rather than pushing it down, in order to avoid outbursts.

What INTP Struggle with

  • Giving words of affirmation

What INTP are Hard on themselves for

  • Constantly feel like they should be do better

INTP’s Purpose in Life is

  • Seek that which is unknown

What INTP Need to Know

  • Emotions aren’t scary monsters, and you are not void of them. Being vulnerable is not the worst thing in the world. It is okay to live in the moment, and not feel guilty for it.

What INTP Should never Forget

  • You are capable of true warmth. We value your intelligence and are thankful for your unique views and understanding. You are always someone we can depend on to solve the problem at hand.

Be careful with your spoilers, guys!