cries an entire ocean

Day 1: I cried so hard that it scared my father; he spent the night outside my bedroom door just to make sure I didn’t stop breathing like a newborn in her crib the first week

Day 2: I went to work and cried in the bathroom

Day 3: I believed I was cured, now I think my mind was playing a cruel joke on me

Day 4: I told you I missed you and you replied with “thank you”

Day 5: I saw a picture of you on Instagram and it lit my throat on fire so I burned your love letters over the flame

Day 6: I smoked weed with a boy on his back porch and he asked questions you were afraid of but still I couldn’t kiss him on his couch

Day7: I couldn’t sleep because I kept dreaming of you kissing other girls on your couch

Day 8: I gave you all of your stuff back and you thought I looked like a warrior but really I went home and cried an entire ocean into existence

Day 9: I laughed without you

Day 10: I kept finding excuses to text you and you kept ignoring me

Day 11: I cried until my stomach heaved itself up and I slept next to the toilet in case those nasty dreams came again

Day 12: since when is heartbreak so goddam romantic? There’s nothing pretty about losing feeling in my knuckles after squeezing my hands so tight to keep from texting you

Day 13: I could never squeeze them tight enough; I could never have imagined that you would be so good at letting me fade

Day 14: the doubt makes my spine feel less like vertebrae and more like a giant icicle (you never loved me)

Day 15: I found out you had replaced me and it flicked at my bruises but my ribs didn’t break

Day 16: I told everyone about you and they said you were stupid for leaving but I think you were stupid for staying the first time you sliced my heart on the side of the road

Day 17: I didn’t think about you for an entire night because I was drunk in bed with someone else

Day 18: what color are your eyes? How big are your hands? Where was that freckle on your face I used to look at while you slept?

Day 19: sometimes all I feel in my chest is my heart trying to break out of its cage I think it’s tired of everything I have put it through

Day 20: I’m sorry I couldn’t ignore your birthday; I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry

Day 21: this was a shitty poem about a shitty person but I don’t think of you so much anymore, I don’t think of you so much anymore

—  they say it takes 21 days to break a habit
EXO REACT: To you crying while watching a sad drama scene

Scene: We’ve probably all been there (if not, that’s alright too). When that scene starts to play and you just can’t contain yourself and that lump in your throat get’s larger and tears fill your eyes. Whilst watching one of your fave dramas a really sad scene appears and you can’t help but start crying because it makes your heart ache.

Suho: Would be crying along with you. But he’d never admit to it.

“What? No I wasn’t crying, something was just in my eye that’s all.”

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Xiumin: He might have shed a tear or two, but when he sees how emotionally worked up the scene had you he wouldn’t think twice about trying to cheer you up.

“Well that was a rollercoaster of emotions, wasn’t it y/n?”

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Lay: He had been asleep. As per lay-usual. But hearing your sniffles would have awoken him and he’d be a little concerned and confused.

“Why’re you crying?”

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Baekhyun: Expect a lot of comforting cuddles. He’d even try to block your view from the TV. Not that you could see much while you cried the entire Pacific Ocean out of your eyes.

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Chen: He doesn’t really care about the emotional depths the scene has submerged you into and he’ll just be cracking up at how easily it made you cry and how cheesy the acting was and just how ridiculously bad he was at consoling you because he really didn’t want to see you cry it just sort of is part of his savage Chen-ness like, he just can’t help but make fun of you.

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Chanyeol: He would be sobbing too, in fact his crying might be so much more intense than yours that you’d have to be the one comforting him.

“I know it was just a drama…but they were so perfect for each other, y/n why did he have to die? What is she going to do now?” 

Lots of post-sniffling and bloated face and puffy eyes.

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D.O.: From an actors point of view the plot was freaking ridiculous to him and the death of a character was so not necessary, and hearing you cry would shock him. He might even get a little jealous because you weren’t crying over the fact that he got a particularly nasty paper-cut just a few moments ago while he was reading his new script.

“You’re seriously crying over him? You didn’t seem too concerned when my finger was bleeding to death just now!”

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Kai: He suddenly found himself launched into the freaking Pacific Ocean. But he was prepared. Sort of.

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Sehun: He would have found the scene to be overdramatic to the point where it was funny and when he turned to laugh at it with you and OH -he’d see that you were actually sobbing along because it was so sad and he’d kind of just have this stupid look on his face like what the heck is he supposed to do now cause I mean omg Y/N is crying real tears and here he was laughing and asdjasldjalsfhalskjdlasjdlk.


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Angela Basset as Catherine in the episode “Thanksgiving” of Master of None…..I mean they should just mail her her the Emmy right now right?! She was flawless in every scene. As she is every time in everything.

And yet. And yet.  I was not prepared, I repeat I WAS NOT PREPARED for the  the moment when she says to Denise: “I like Michelle… I’m happy for you.”

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Guys I had to press pause. Because trust me when I say I didn’t cry a river. I cried an entire ocean. Even though I’m already out to my sister and some other people, most of my family doesn’t know anything about me being bisexual. That includes my parents, and every now and then I wonder how they’ll react. And I worry.

Regardless of that this episode, was among  the best of the season and I’m so happy that Lena Waithe got to re-create her coming out story on screen. Watching black people who are part of the LGBTQ family, being able to tell their own stories is beyond amazing. And how great it is to see the stories of Lionel Higgins and Denise being told, with such humanity in the same year ? Obviously we need more of stories like these. Our representation is still incredibly small, when compared to the many many stories about white cis gay males. But this episode is still important. And it’s deserves to be celebrated. :)

BTS when you fall asleep next to them in the car


Have a very happy weekend everyone! I’m dying on the inside since we don’t know when Yoongi’s mixtape is going to be released ^-^ If Jungkookie cried while listening to it, I’m sure I’m going to cry an entire ocean :’)

Let’s support each other and BTS well! :* Al eonni sends you all her love <333

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Jin: “What do you mean that because you already slept in the car you are wide awake now? Oppa drove all the way and it’s past midnight already, let’s go to bed, please! [laughing but dying on the inside]”

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Suga: *God, Yoongi would love it so much like???? He’d lovingly steal glances at you sleeping in the passenger seat next to him and he’d smile to himsef like an idiot the whole ride home. He’d tell you how cute you are and if you answered him in your sleep, he’d loose his shit completely*

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Rap Monster: *I don’t mean this in a mean way but I can see Namjoon just talking about something to you and not noticing for a while that you have already fallen asleep? And then as soon as he noticed, he would apologize to the sleeping you and say something like ‘You must be so exhausted from the trip, babygirl. Sleep tight~’*

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J-Hope: *Hobi is so the type of guy to start massaging your thigh or stroking your hair if you are sitting in the passenger seat next to him. He’d continue to do so even after you fall asleep, all the while sweet talking to you~*

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Jimin: *It’s downright torture for him because he wants to look at you and hold you but he can’t because he needs to concentrate on the traffic*

Him: “Ahhh what is this? Concentrate on the road, Park Jimin. You need to get _______ home safely. You can cuddle her then”

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V: *starts listening to his embarrassing trot music on low volume as soon as you have fallen asleep, turning it off and being serious again whenever you shift in your sleep*

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Jungkook: “Oh man holy shit, now I’m responsible for bringing _______ home safely completely on my own. Okay, you got this, Jeon Jungkook. Just pay extra attention to all the signs and speed limits and we should be fine”

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