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Let My Baby Stay (M)

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Writer!Baekhyun x Reader (x CEO!Junmyeon)

I was made to love her. 

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this is fucking wild how do celebs do it

Little Moon and Stars

↳  ghostl!au  

  • pairing: namjoon x reader 
  • genre: angst  
  • word count: 2.3k  
  • warnings: major character death
  • synopsis:  Things were never supposed to this way. This was not supposed to happen to him. This happened to other people but not him. He was supposed to be there for you, why wasn’t he there? Things wouldn’t have ended this way if had been there…right? 

                                   “Within death, there is a birth”   


Hazy. Everything felt hazy, like a dream. You felt your eyelids get heavier as the bright lights in the room dimmed. Wailing. You heard wailing, it was loud and clear. Your babies. You tried to sit up and look for the sounds but were quickly pushed down by nurses with pitiful looks on their face and that’s when it hit you. There was only one baby crying. “W-What happened?” You spoke in broken slurs “Where are my children…Where’s Namjoon?” It was getting harder to keep your eyes open, your arms feeling to hard to pick up and reach out for someone. They parted just enough for your eyes to find Namjoon being held back by two unknown figures, his voice faint to your ears as he screamed for you with tears streaking his face. You smiled a bit to yourself, thinking “He always was such an ugly crier.” Heavy and cold. Two things you felt all at once until there was nothing.  

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(NaLu Week bonus day 6/15/17

Groaning… “Oh where am I?” her voice muffled and groggy.  The room she finds herself in is darkened with only a small bit of moonlight filtering in through a curtain-less window.  Turning over slowly her stiff and sore body aching with every movement.  She looks down at her hands that are pressed against the wooden floor planks, they are dirty and cut up.  “What happened…” Her mind flashes back; the abandoned farm house… oh no they found us!  Running, they were running away from… she’s screaming… then he screamed and pushed her, pushed her out of the way of… and then falling…  She looks up.  There is a hole in the ceiling from the second floor.  ‘I fell through there…’  “Oww!”  she grits her teeth as the pain in her head finally reveals itself, reaching up she feels something wet and sticky running down her fingers; blood.  ‘I must have hit my head when I landed…’ 


As soon as the outbreak had taken on a life of its own; she, her boyfriend Natsu, best friend Levy, and Levy’s boyfriend Gajeel managed to escape The City before the gates were sealed shut thanks to friends in the RPD.  Of everyone they knew, they were all that remained, the others either killed or worse…  The four had been constantly on the move for the last couple of years, travelling up and down the Midwest trying to avoid the hordes figuring the bigger cities would be overrun.  That is, up until a couple of weeks ago when they were caught off guard while hiding in a motel near Las Vegas.  The zombies caught Levy, who now turned and attacked Gajeel.  She and Natsu managed to climb out of a back window and escape by hotwiring the nearest car.   

….and now here they were.

That’s when the sudden realization of being all alone enters, ‘Oh no!  Natsu?!’  She sobs lightly.  He had saved her but at what cost?

She staggers to her feet, keeping a hand pressed against the small wound.  Barely able to see she shuffles her gait and uses her arms and hands to feel in front of her.  The room she landed in is empty save for a box of what looks like old magazines and a broken chair, ‘Damn’ nothing she can really use as a portable weapon.  Squinting she notices a little bit of shine that catches her attention, her heart leaps; a door knob.

Pressing her ear against the wooden door she hears nothing and exhales as she slowly turns the ancient knob.  Slight whine as the old gears turn metal against metal… She holds her breath and prays, ‘please nothing hear that…’  click.  Pushing the door inch by inch the rusted hinges groan and creak until there is about a foot of space.  Steeling herself for whatever may lie beyond she peeks her head out just enough to listen; she holds her breath.  Left… silence.  Right… silence.  But there’s a problem, the hallway is much, much darker. 

Retreating back into the shadows of the room.  ‘Think Lucy, when you entered the front door what do you remember?  To the right was a kitchen, left a living room, in front of you was stairs leading to the second floor and right next to it, the hallway!  But which side of the hall am I on?  The wrong turn and I’ll hit the wall at the end…’  She exhales, ‘I’ll need to use my phone to see, b-briefly.’  Her hands shaking as she fumbles for the phone in her pocket.  Pressing the power button, she breathes a sigh of relief; thank goodness for car chargers.  Using her hand to control how much light is visible she returns to the hallway, listening one more time for any sounds before flashing the light.  Right, wall!  ‘The front door is to my left!’ 

Keeping her back pressed up against the wall she creeps along feeling with her feet for any obstructions.  20 feet.  Silence, so far so good…  15 feet.  Her eyes are starting to adjust to the conditions, light from the front windows providing a slight ability to gauge her surroundings.  10 feet.  She’s nearing the kitchen.  Freeze!  She hears a shuffling sound and comes to a dead halt, staying still; only her eyes darting around searching for the source of the noise.  A shadow crosses in front of her but she cannot make out a specific shape.  Her breath hitches and her eyes travel along the staircase up into the darkness of the second floor.  ‘Whatever attacked us could still be up there!’ 

She remains motionless.  5 minutes pass by, no further noises.  She darts her eyes to the front door.  ‘Should I take the chance?’  10 minutes.  ‘What if, whatever it is upstairs is watching and waiting too?’  Most of the walking undead were slow and only had one primal urge, to eat; eat anything they encountered if it had flesh.  But, they had heard from other travelers about zombies that seemed to, almost think.  And then after Levy had become one of the undead they saw this with their own two eyes.  Levy had 3 options in the room; attack her who was the closest, attack Natsu who was right next to her, or attack Gajeel who was across the room; she chose her boyfriend.  But why?  Was it familial?  Some underlying emotional tie? 

No time to think about it.  The front door was right within a short running distance, 5 full gaits if she sprinted.  To… ‘Stay.  Go.  Stay, No.  Go!’  She pushes herself off using the wall as a springboard and takes that first leap.  Creak!  ‘Shit!!’  Second step.  Whoosh!  Thud!  “NOOOO!!” her shrill cries echoing against the silent walls as something pins her to the floor.  Thrashing against the assailant she screams in absolute terror and pain as it pulls at her hair.  Shredding through her clothes it claws at her back and its nails dig deep into her flesh.  “AHHH!  Stop!  Get off me!”  Finally, she manages to twist her body enough to turn over, her matted hair blocking some of her vision she grabs onto a pair of arms.  “Oh No!”  Her eyes grow wide as soon as she sees the attacker.  She starts to whimper.  “Natsu.  It can’t be!” 

A large wound to his throat, hair no longer spiked but flat in some areas from all the blood, patches missing in others. What is left of his clothing is either shredded or filthy.  More wounds already starting to fester pockmark his arms and upper body.  Through lifeless green eyes he stares down at her.  His canines, that she once thought were cute now become his most menacing of features.  “Natsu Stop…” she sniffles.  He halts his assault for a moment as if he recognizes her voice….

That fleeting hope of recollection is dashed when he bares his teeth and tries to bite her.  She screams.  “Natsu Nooo!  Please… Don’t!”


“Natsu Nooo!” she tries to push him off of her

“Lucy!”  he shakes her

“Nooo!  Please!  Don’t!” she flails against him

“Lucy wake up!”  he shakes her again, harder this time

“Don’t hurt me!”  Her eyes pop open and she bolts into a sitting position with her hands still poised as if fighting off an attacker. 

“Lucy, it’s okay, no one’s gonna hurt you!”

“Wait!” Now completely awake, “Where am I?  I was just…” She looks around in a state of shock, no longer in an abandoned farm house but their apartment.  She blinks, “…but you were a zombie… and you were attacking me… and…” 

“Zombie?  Attacking you?  Lucy you were having a nightmare.”

“No!  It-it was so real…” she checks her body for wounds, reaches up to her head convinced there’d be blood but nothing.  Tears welling up in her eyes, “I swear; I could feel the blood running down my fingers, I could feel every slash from your nails…” 

He pulls her onto his lap and holds her tight to his body, “Well it’s over now.  You’re safe.  And if anymore zombies try to attack, I’ll protect you.”

Tch,” she crosses her arms, “Don’t tease me!  You’re such an ass sometimes.”

He laughs harder, “I’m sorry babe, I couldn’t help myself.  But I think no more scary video games for you anymore.”

She punches his arm, “You’re the one who made me play it!  I told you Resident Evil terrifies me!”

Still chuckling, “I just wanted you to try it once, didn’t think you’d get so rattled.”

Sigh, “I’m just gonna stick to Pokemon Go! from now on.”

“WoOoOoOo!” he tickles her side, “Beware of the Charizard babe, it might scare you.”

“Oh please, I love my fire dragon!”   

NaLu Week Bonus D!ay June 15th, 2017  - Prompt Video Game

Relax, boss (Zsaszlepot)

Art by the amazing @zsaszlepot-nsfw-fanart (who has allowed me to write this based off the amazing drawings on their blog) Go check out their art! I based this fic of three different drawings, since I couldn’t decide on just one…. 

Zsasz x Cobblepot smut (I think this is my first Zsaszlepot actually)

Warnings: breathplay, edging, handjob, blowjob, the usual smuttiness that I write

As usual, please proceed at own risk

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The King Is Back Part Three

Title: The King Is Back Part Three

Catch up here!!

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Cas, Crowley, Mary, and Lucifer

Word Count: 2,300ish

A/N: Here’s the final part! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!! Shout out to my amazing sis @atc74 for the awesome aesthetic!

“Because I can fix your problem.”

“Right, of course, because Lucifer always has the best ideas.” The man smiled down at Mary as he slowly eased off her.

“Ah the Winchester sass. Glad to see it comes from both sides. So, ready to listen?”

Mary moved to block the door, crossing her arms over her chest. “You have five minutes before I scream.”

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Campeão - Cristiano Ronaldo

(A/N: In case you want to have a little bit more background info on the relationship, you can read this & this :) Enjoy!)

I couldn’t help the smile from forming on my face as I stepped out into the garden to find Cristiano loudly cheering Ninho on. Clad in white shorts and a black tank that showcased his toned physique perfectly, my other half lay on his back, lifting his son into the air.

The little boy giggled with delight as his father pressed kisses all over his face, and his laughter was infectious as I could see Cris’s shoulders shaking with laughter too.

Ninho turned his head and let out a dramatic gasp once his eyes landed on me, instantly wriggling out of his father’s arms and running over.

“Y/N! Y/N You’re hereeee,” he sang as I caught him in my arms, holding him close as he buried his face into my neck. He was back in Madrid for a few days after a couple of months in Portugal with Cristiano’s mother and I was 100% honest when I said I’d missed him terribly.

“Ninho meu amooooor,” I sang back, noticing the goofy smile my boyfriend’s face held as he got up and walked over to the two of us.

Ninho pulled away from me, a grin on his face as he kept a hold of my hands.

“Did you see me? I did 10 crunches! Just like a champion!” He spoke excitedly.

“I sure did! You’re such a strong boy, the strongest one of all,” I replied, standing up and lifting him into my arms.

“Even stronger than Daddy?” he asked, his eyes wide and serious as he wrapped his arms around my neck once I settled him on my hip.

“Pffft, for sure. I mean, yeah, your Daddy’s big and strong but, between you and me,” I lowered my voice, pretending to whisper into his ear, “Daddy’s got nothing on you. You’re the real campeão.”

“Yaaay!” he sang, just as Cristiano made his way over to us.

“What are you two scheming about?” he asked, leaning in to press a kiss to my cheek.

I turned my head, making him miss, and turned around to walk inside with Ninho. I was still very much angry with him and no matter how hard he tried to use Ninho to subside my anger, knowing I had a weak spot for him, I was determined not to let him win.

I would get my point across and let him know that there were certain things I just wasn’t okay with. Like the fact that he’d punched Mascherano in the bar just last week. And had failed to tell me about it - leaving social media and Leo to do the job for him. 

Of course, Leo had merely laughed the entire incident off, finding it extremely amusing (though I was certain it had almost everything to do with the fact that Masche had been drunk off his ass and had been taunting Cris with comments about how attractive I’d grown up to be. Cris had pretty much done what Leo had been holding back. But I was still pissed). There was also the fact that that night was supposed to be our anniversary…but Cris had forgotten.

I didn’t really know which one I was more upset about, but I was upset, and I was set on making sure Cristiano knew of that.

“So, what does my little champion want for lunch today?” I asked Ninho, setting him down on the kitchen counter.

“Umm…I want cookies!” he announced.

“Cookies? You can’t have cookies for lunch,” I exclaimed, tickling his stomach. My heart warmed at the laughter that fell from his lips as he swatted my hands away. He was the closest thing I had, and ever would have, to a son and I loved him no less.


After a lunch of pasta and (upon Ninho’s persistence) cookies for desert, we found ourselves sprawled on the couch in Cris’s living room. He’d been oddly quiet the whole time, which both bothered and satisfied me the whole time. Whilst I was glad that he was taking the silent treatment I was giving him, it was still difficult being in the same space as him and not feeling his arms around me.

“Y/N, eu quero que você me faça um cafuné,” I heard Ninho say as he crawled over to me, placing his head in my lap and snuggling up to me.

I smiled and complied to his request, running my fingers through his hair and starting to feel his little form grow relaxed as my actions lulled him into slumber. I was briefly reminded of the nights I sat in the same position but instead with Cristiano in his place, the way his arms would tighten around me and the tension of a hard game would leave his body as he would fall asleep in my arms, letting down his guard and letting me take care of him instead of the other way around.

“He’s asleep, I’ll take him up to his room,” I heard Cristiano say, looking up to find him standing in front of us. I shook my head, instead carefully scooping up Ninho into my arms and carrying him upstairs to his room.

Upon setting him down in his bed and carefully tucking the sheets around him, I pressed a kiss to the cheek of the little boy who in the span of 11 months had managed to become such a significant part of my world along with his father. I’d never imagined that when Cristiano Ronaldo had urgently pressed his lips to mine in a parking lot with the rain pouring down on Madrid around us, I would have gotten this much out of it. 

Sighing, I stepped away and shut the door of his bedroom, turning around to find Cris leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. Yet his body looked relaxed and the features I had memorized like the back of my hand were soft, only making me soften on the inside and want nothing more than to take him into his room and tangle myself with him and the bed sheets as he whispered sweet nothings into my ear and made me promises I already believed in.

“You’re still upset with me,” he spoke first, not moving from his position on the wall. Still cautious around me, which was good.

“Don’t you think I have a valid reason to be?” I asked, mirroring his pose and crossing my arms over my chest.

Cris sighed, breaking his stance and walking over to me.

“I can’t stand this. It’s been over a week since I last saw you, since I last held you, since I last kissed you,” he spoke, his travelling up my body with his words. “I miss you, and I need you to forgive me. I need you to forgive me because I can’t function knowing things aren’t right between us, angel.”

I wasn’t sure if it was the intensity of his gaze on me, the desperation in his voice or the use of his nickname for me, but it all suddenly seemed so childish to me - he’d only gotten violent because he loved me so much that he couldn’t stand hearing another man speak in such a way about me. And as far as anniversaries went, it wasn’t like he didn’t spend every other day showering me with gifts and sweeping me off my feet to show me just how much I meant to him.

I found myself instantly melting into Cristiano’s arms and taking his face into my hands, locking our lips in a kiss that spoke volumes. I felt him sigh in relief as his arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer to him, turning me around and walking me backwards into his bedroom as our lips remained interlocked and our mouths worked in a synchronized dance together.

He rubbed his nose against mine when he pulled away and the soft gesture wrapped an inexplicable kind of warmth around me.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you,” he spoke, his eyes looking into me as his hands gently stroked my face. “But I can’t imagine my life without you, angel.”

“Well lucky for you, you’ll never have to.”

Thank You For Always Taking Care of Me

Prompt: Phil is sick and Dan takes care of him. Phan Fluff

Warnings: None

Words: 1,000

When Dan woke up on Sunday morning, well afternoon, he was surprised when he still felt Phil’s weight on the bed. Phil is always up before Dan, he’s the one who makes breakfast and puts an anime on the television so it’s ready for Dan and him. Dan glanced at the clock and it was noon.

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Not So Innocent

Imagine Sam getting turned on when he realizes you have nice abs.

Author’s Note: I claim to be a Dean girl, then I go and write stories like this that make me question my loyalty… Reader requested Sam one shot. More cute and hot! Let me know what you think! Warnings: injury, blood, shirtlessness, language, and Sam’s KILLER body.

Also posted on dirtysupernaturalimagines:

“Dammit Sam, you don’t need to carry me.” I would have continued complaining but another bolt of pain flew through my body and left me biting back tears. Sam kicked the motel door open and laid me on the couch. Despite his gentleness he still snapped at me. “Stop trying to be all tough, Y/N. You have a hole the size of a golf ball in your side.” He was clearly angry, though I’m not sure if it was at me or himself. “Now sit still and stop moving before you make the bleeding worse.” He spoke with authority that I wasn’t used to hearing from him. As much as I hated taking orders, I complied. Rolling my eyes, I pressed a hand to my side in a fruitless effort to slow the river of red that seeped through my shirt. “I told you not to corner that thing, and what do you do? Run right in!” Usually I was the one being pushy, but nothing made him more angry than me challenging him on a hunt. It was denying his commands that got me in this situation and others like it. Sam turned back towards me with a first aid kit in hand. I watched his eyes burn with rage as he looked me over. “Are you seriously lecturing me right now? Because the Okami is dead thanks to me.” Sam didn’t seem to hear me, and maybe for the better. His strong arms pulled me up roughly, so that he could access my wound. My cries echoed against the thin walls as he poured vodka over my belly without warning. I instinctively reached for my dog tags and clenched them with white knuckles. The cold metal felt familiar. Gripping them had become a habit in painful or uncertain situations, my screwed up security blanket. They reminded me of who I was and all that I had already triumphed over, even though hunting was a whole other hell compared to Iraq. Sam ground his jaw at the sight of my agony. “I’m sorry…” He paused and laid a large hand on my forehead, which was glimmering with sweat. I could tell he felt terrible for not being able to prevent my injury. All of his anger seemed to spout from his inability to keep me safe. “I don’t need your apologies, Sam. I’m a big girl.” I heard a knife flick open and watched as he ran the blade slowly up the side of my shirt, stopping once he reached the middle of my rib cage. He was meticulous as he folded the tank top’s edge up and viewed my midsection. I could detect the slightest redness in his cheeks although he was careful to not expose any more of me than necessary. “Wow…” Sam’s mouth dropped open into a little “o” and I thought he was making a comment on my wound, before I examined his face. He wasn’t staring at the gushing hole in my side, he was looking over my abdomen with shock. His eyes were dark and wide, a strange mix of curiosity and desire. The hand that was folding back my shirt rested on my firm stomach a little longer than necessary. “Hey, earth to Sam. I’m bleeding here.” He blinked a couple of times and immediately looked down, his cheeks red as my bloody hands. His embarrassment made me smile in between winces. Something about the way he hid his face was so innocent and pure. “I know you’ve been single for a while but surely a woman’s stomach isn’t that exciting.” He glared in my direction from his place at my side and poured more of our “alcoholic’s antiseptic” over me. I grabbed his bicep for support and tried to stay as still as possibly, my vice grip doing little against his strong arms. “I just didn’t realize you have a six pack.” Sam muttered shyly, his skilled hands dabbing at my wound and prepping a needle for suturing. Even though I was a petite girl, I still had badass abs. In the army my mates would jokingly call me “Coors” because I always had a six pack on me. Long after I left the armed forces I still kept my body toned and lean, a necessity if I wanted to I hunt with men like Sam and Dean. I was about to shoot back a sarcastic comment when I felt the needle pierce my raw skin and arched my back off of the couch. Sam’s hand came down firmly over my belly button and pushed down. My pained muscles spasmed under his fingertips, which nearly spanned the width of my entire waist. “Stay still.” His words came out more like a growl, despite his eyes being full of compassion.

In my agony, I distracted myself with watching the younger Winchester working over me. Pieces of his long hair fell forward as he bent down to the level of my wound. His brow was furrowed in concentration and he sucked his bottom lip in slightly. As much as I pushed Sam around, I secretly admired him. He was just as powerful as any of the other hunters, yet he maintained a certain softness that many lacked. His kindness was so rare, in a world of death and suffering, that it was almost intimidating. I grabbed the vodka bottle off the floor and tipped it downwards over my mouth. Sam smiled in the slightest and shook his head. “What, I think I’ve earned a drink. And it’s not like I want you boozing while you dig into me.” He shrugged and continued his work with steady determination. It was surprising how well he used the small needle in his giant fingers. As time went by he occasionally shifted positions, the hand on my abs sliding as he moved. The contrast of his rough skin on mine made me feel a bit lightheaded, although that could have been the alcohol. It almost seemed like the slight changes of pressure in his touch were intentional. But the innocent pink in his cheeks made me decide otherwise.
I awoke later with a headache that was just as painful as my tight side. I moaned and blinked against the bright light from the windows. “Hey, you’re awake.” I heard Sam walking towards me and started to get up before he held me back. “Nope, stay down. You’re going to rip a stitch if I let you go running around like usual.” I growled at both the pain and at my unwanted guardian. My wound was closed now, the discolored skin puckering where it was sown shut. It felt strangely stiff, as if my side was replaced by a patch of leather or canvas. “Well it hurts like a mother but you did a good job.” Sam shook his head at the compliment. I was surprised to see him place a coffee on the table next to me. “For the hangover.” I smiled and sipped on the warm liquid, marveling at how perfect the proportions were to my liking. He sure knew what made me tick. Sam knelt beside me and examined his handiwork while I examined him. “Sorry I ended your modeling days.” His sheepish grin made me laugh and the stabbing sensation in my belly returned. He watched with concern, his hand lifting to skim over my skin. “Does it still hurt badly?” I tried to hold back my cries and concentrated on appearing calm. “No, no. It’s fine. I should be up and on my A game soon.” I could tell Sam wasn’t convinced and his pointed finger skimmed across my abdomen. “Really? Because your tense muscles beg to differ.” My stomach was clenching in agony, little tremors of movement making my abs tight. He marveled at the way they twitched under his touch, his finger trailing across my waist slowly. Sam watched me with the same bent expression that he had while he was researching over a book. I could almost see his mind turning with thoughts and observations, a lusty mix of awe and hunger. Now it was my turn to blush.

“Geez Y/N, you’re ripped.” There was no denying the sudden roughness in his voice. He grinned and I felt my muscles contract even more under his strong hands. I hid my reddening face behind my cup of coffee. “Oh you’re the one to talk. You have quite the 12 pack going there.” Sam chuckled and lifted up his own shirt without hesitation, causing me to spit my coffee back into my mug. His body was gorgeous. My eyes were first drawn to the antipossesion tattoo painted over his heart but I found them drifting down slowly over the hills and valleys of his toned chest. I had seen some hot men in my time, but something about Sam’s physique was far different. Maybe it was the sheer size of his stature or the ration of his shoulders compared to his lean hips. I felt my face growing warm as my glance came to a halt at the edge of his belt, where his stomach became a narrowing wall of muscle. “I guess we’re about even.” I could see the teasing in his eyes, and if I wasn’t paralyzed by embarrassment and wounded, I probably would have jumped off the couch towards him. He dropped his shirt nonchalantly and busied himself with pulling my own top down over my healing belly. He was obscenely gentle, if those words can ever be used together. He honestly had no idea what he was doing to me. “Maybe when you get better we could work out together sometime.” He shot me a quick wink before heading in the direction of the kitchen. Maybe Sammy wasn’t so innocent after all.


Merry Christmas

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1742

Summary: Jensen and the reader grow closer, and time passes.

Part 24 in The Future Series.  Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here,Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, Part 8 here, Part 9 here,Part 10 here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 13 here, Part 14 here, Part 15 here, Part 16 here, Part 17 here, Part 18 here, Part 19 here, Part 20 here, Part 21 here, Part 22 here, and Part 23 here.

Alright, some fluff for you all again. Alan and Donna are Jensen’s parents, if you can’t tell. :) Enjoy!

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Lydia- Unstoppable

Request-  Hey babe <3 ok weird introduction IK…I just love all your imagines. And you’ve inspired me to write fanfiction :) that I’ll someday upload xD anyways I’d like to request a Lydia Martin x fem reader imagine. Where the reader is a banshee witch hybrid(wanshee) haha made that up. And she meets lydia at eichen house and they get really close and fall in love(at the time while Lydia is there) and then lydia begs stiles to take the reader too when he rescues her and then they help each other cope :D

A/N- That honestly makes me so proud and happy! If you ever choose to post it, you have to let know. Hope you like this one! Next up is a Stiles imagine.

Curls. Red curls. That was the only glimpse you caught of the new girl as one of the orderlies led you past her cell. Well, at least you thought she was new. You hadn’t exactly been out of your confined hallway in a while, due to the rather large bite marks you had left in Dr. Fenris’ arm two weeks ago.
No matter what the orderlies had told you, you trusted the voices in your head more, and the barely-there whispers had insisted it wasn’t him. You weren’t even supposed to be in Eichen House in the first place, but because you were a banshee that had just moved in with new relatives who didn’t know about the supernatural, they began to think something was wrong with you pretty quickly. At first they had blamed it on the death of your immediate family, a coven of witches that had gone for a fairly high price on the deadpool.
After the months dragged on and you kept waking up in the woods or near a dead body, they started to think you were seriously unhinged. They might have actually been concerned for your mental health, or maybe they just didn’t want to bother. Either way, you were stuck in some glorified prison as you waited out the months alone. It didn’t help that you had what the staff liked to call “a serious attitude problem” and the days in what was basically solitary confinement only made your stay longer.
That was why you hadn’t been sure when she had gotten there, but thanks to the voices, you already knew her name was Lydia. As you walked past her cell, you just barely caught the vacant expression on her face. You heard one of the orderlies inside talking about catatonia and shock, but no matter how she appeared, you knew Lydia was far from gone.
Call it intuition or your powers, but you had always had a knack for seeking out souls. Whether it was the fact that you spent most of your time following the trails of the recently deceased or not, you still didn’t know, but you could feel Lydia. It might have had something to do with her being a banshee, although you had never met her before.
As you got closer and closer to your room, you knew you might not get to meet Lydia in person. Unless you were a low-risk level patient, which you had proved not to be, you didn’t really get the chance to meet other people. With that being said, that hadn’t stopped you from making at least one friend, and whenever you slipped into unconsciousness, you could always count on Meredith to keep you company.
That was why you were certain you would get to meet Lydia, one way or another, and before long, you proved to be right.

“I have to wake up,” the strawberry blonde banshee told herself over and over. “I have to wake up.”
She paced around the room, although she knew she wasn’t actually doing it in reality. She was currently in some sort of weird dream-space, helpless to do anything as her body rested in a catatonic stupor.
“I can do this,” she told herself. “I can wake up. I can…I can scream.”
At this sudden realization, Lydia sucked in a deep breath of air and opened her mouth, only to be startled from a voice from behind.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
She jumped and whirled around, only to find you leaning against one of the tiled walls. She eyed you suspiciously, taking in the matching sweatpants and robe that she wore herself. You were staring at her with raised eyebrows and while she noted that you were incredibly pretty, she concluded that you couldn’t be a product of her imagination.
“What?” she asked.
“You shouldn’t scream,” you informed her. “Not here, and not without a way to direct it. You could shake the whole building.”
“Couldn’t that wake me up?” Lydia wondered.
You shrugged. “Possibly. If you want to draw a bunch of attention to yourself and get locked in solitary for a few weeks, and trust me, that’s no fun. I speak from personal experience.”
“How can I trust you?” she questioned suspiciously.
“Because I trust her,” another voice stated, and you both looked over to see a tiny, short haired banshee sitting on the edge of Lydia’s vacant bed.
“Meredith,” Lydia whispered, looking at her with troubled green eyes.
“And because I’m just as trapped as you are,” you pointed out. “Aside from the whole ‘catatonic stupor’ thing. I’m just a banshee who got dealt some really bad cards.”
“Mine weren’t too great either,” Lydia muttered.
“I think we all have pretty shit luck,” you stated, glancing from Lydia to Meredith. “Considering we’re in here.”
“It isn’t so bad,” Meredith said softly. “But if you want a way out, I can help you, Lydia. We both can.”
“How?” Lydia asked. “I’ve seen all these horrible things. My friends…they’re going to die if I can’t get out and warn them. If you know how to get out, then why haven’t you left yet?”
“It’s not that simple,” you informed her regretfully. “It would take a lot to make it out. We would need a small army.”
“Then I’ll find one,” she stated simply. “If that’s what it takes.”
You were a little skeptical of her determination, but you had to say you admired it. Not many people you knew would risk everything, including their life, to save their friends. If Lydia was this wonderful, you figured you wanted to stick by her side.
“Well, first we need to teach you how to control the scream,” you explained. “And then, we have to get past the guards. There would be two of us against like, three in the main hallway and then when we got out there would be even more.”
“Wait,” Lydia cut in. “Two? What about Meredith?”
You frowned and looked back over at the other banshee. She gave Lydia a sad smile as she played with the fraying edge of the blanket she was sitting on.
“I can’t go,” she said softly. “I need to stay.”
Lydia frowned. “Why?”
“I can’t,” she insisted.
You sighed, thinking back to the moment a few weeks ago when you had gotten a glimpse of Meredith in her own room. She was just like Lydia, but while you were certain the curly-haired banshee could break out of the stupor if she tried, you weren’t sure Meredith had that chance. You didn’t even know if she wanted to, considering all of her family was gone. She had nowhere to go but Eichen House and now she was wasting away.
“If you saw her, you’d know why,” you told her simply. “Now, let’s work on directing that scream.”

It had been a week or two since you had first met Lydia and you had spent a lot of time with her, teaching her how to use her powers correctly. She already knew how to fight and you didn’t know who had taught her that, but even if she didn’t have those skills, Lydia would be tough. She had told you about the night Peter Hale had attacked her at the high school and everything that came after, and you couldn’t help but admire her endurance.
She had been through as much hell as you had, but this small, strawberry blonde- headed girl wasn’t going to let the world break her. You weren’t sure if the same could be said for yourself.
“You’re doing great,” you told her after a particularly hard night of practicing.
“No I’m not,” she had said bitterly, sitting on the mattress in defeat.
“You are,” you insisted. “You came from not even knowing what you were to this. And hey, from what you’ve told me, these past few months haven’t been a picnic for you. It’s no surprise you’re not awake yet.”
“Still,” she whispered bitterly.
“No, not still,” you had insisted, sitting down on the bed beside her. “You’re amazing. You’re strong. No matter what happened, you can come back from this. Maybe you can’t do it now, but you will. And if I have to die to help you get out of here, I will.”
“Why?” Lydia suddenly asked, looking up at you with wide green eyes. “You don’t have to help me. You don’t have to do any of this.”
“I know how lonely it is to be a banshee,” you told her. “And maybe…maybe I have no one left to escape to, but you do. If I can help you make it back to your family, your friends…then I won’t feel so bad about letting mine die.”
“Your family wasn’t your fault-” Lydia had protested.
“I wasn’t there,” you whispered. “I should have been there to protect them, but I wasn’t. I was too worried about testing my powers in the mountains. I left them and when I got back they were dead. And maybe they can’t see what I’m doing. I still don’t understand what happens when people die and I’m a banshee…but if they can, I want them to know that I’m helping other people in the way I couldn’t help them.”
Lydia nodded and with a deep breath she rose from the bed. “Okay. I’m ready to try again.”
You smiled and followed her up as she got to her feet, only to cut herself off with a sharp gasp.
“What?” you asked her.
“Did you hear that?” she asked, slowly turning around until she was facing one of the glass walls of the room.
You shook your head, but Lydia didn’t seem to be paying attention to you anymore.
“Malia,” she cried out, moving against the wall and placing her hand on the glass. “I don’t understand. What’s happening? I-I can see my friend.”
“Sometimes the voices tell you things. Sometimes you see things too,” you explained.
“She’s going to die,” Lydia breathed. “How do I stop it? Y/n, please, how do I stop it?!”
You swallowed. “I-I don’t-”
“Y/n, please!”
“Scream!” you commanded.
“But it didn’t work bef-”
“I know,” you interrupted. “But it has to now, so scream. Just like we practiced.”
Lydia nodded and raised her arms, and you flinched as the sharp sound of her
screech echoed across the room. You closed your eyes as the room seemed to shake and when you opened them again you were in your bed. You sat up with a gasp, crying out “Lydia!”
You looked around the room rapidly, as if she could somehow be in your cell, but you knew that wasn’t possible. You hadn’t even met her in person, yet you felt a connection with her that you couldn’t put into words.
You brought your knees up against your chest and wondered if the scream would actually save her friend, let alone wake her up. You only hoped that if she was able to get out, she would come back for you.

Lydia darted out into the night, gasping in delight as she felt the cool dusting of rain on her face. She had been stuck in Eichen House so long that she would never fail to appreciate the sensation of a breeze on her skin again. The entrance gate loomed before her, a dark and daunting sign of freedom, but she quickly realized that she shouldn’t be so relieved.
She paused just above the steps, whispering your name as she realized you were still trapped. Of course she wanted to leave, but if she could make it back and bring you with her, she had to take that chance. She knew the pack would love you and she knew she couldn’t leave you behind, not after all you had done for her.
She whirled around, only to come face to face with a very pissed off orderly. The sharp zap of a taser hit her ears, and the night was soon filled with the sound of her pain-filled cries. She was just glad you weren’t around to hear them.

“I’m sorry I left you behind,” she said a few days later, sitting against one of the glass walls of her dream room.
“I’m sorry you came back for me,” you answered softly.
“Y/n,” she said. “Come on-”
“You could have gotten out,” you told her. “You had a chance.”
“Yeah, well I couldn’t leave you behind,” she informed you, reaching out to place her hand on your own. “And now Valack is going to do something to me. He wants to use my powers, but something is going to happen to me.”
“You don’t know that-”
“I can feel it,” she whispered, closing her eyes. “And so can you. I know you can.”
“Maybe we can do something,” you suggested. “We could come up with a plan. We could fight him.”
“We can’t,” she said softly, squeezing your hand. “You know we can’t.”
You wanted to protest, which was a bit out of character for you. You had always been a realist, but something about Lydia made you hopeful. Whatever it was about her that made her refuse to stop trying had seemed to rub off on you. You wanted to believe that you would both make it out of Eichen House unharmed, but deep down you had a feeling she was right. As it turned out, she was.

You paced around your room, nervously running your fingers through your hair as your bare feet hit the tiled floor. You had heard Lydia scream earlier and you had no doubt Dr. Valack had done terrible things to her. You didn’t understand how he could have gotten out of his cell and replaced Fenris, but that was a problem for another time.
The voices were telling you that something was happening, something big, and if you wanted to help your friend, you couldn’t be stuck in this cell. Your powers had been almost nonexistent since you had arrived, thanks to the mountain ash encased in nearly every wall. Maybe in a normal building you could blast through the wall, or even if you could get into the hallway, but for now you were stuck in your room.
You tried to listen for Lydia, but all you could hear was a cacophony of voices, loud and screaming. Shaking your head painfully, you slammed your hand against the wall in frustration. You couldn’t help her at all.
Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed a flicker of movement in the hall. You sat down on the bed, feigning disinterest as you saw what you thought was an orderly slip around the corner. As you took a closer look, you realized it wasn’t just one, but two people, and they were definitely not orderlies.
Two boys about your age were pressed against the wall, waiting around the corner for a group of the staff to pass. You knew they definitely weren’t human and if you weren’t mistaken, one of them was Lydia’s friend. You didn’t know how many people had a crooked jaw or the distinct smell of an alpha in Beacon Hills, but you were willing to bet that this was Scott McCall.
You didn’t know who the other boy was, but it didn’t matter, because you were certain they were there to find Lydia.
“Hey!” you said quietly, walking over to the glass that separated you.
The younger boy cast you an uneasy glance, but the other one raised his eyebrows at you. “Are you looking for Lydia?”
At the sound of her name, their eyes went wide. They looked a little suspicious, but you kept talking. “Short, red hair, bit of an attitude problem? That’s who you’re looking for, right?”
Scott nodded cautiously and you felt relief course through you. “I know where she is. I can help you save her but you need to let me out.”
“What if she’s lying?” the younger boy whispered to Scott.
You frowned, shooting him a bitter look. “I can hear you.”
He swallowed and you sighed. “She’s on the third floor. Fenris is doing something to her. You have to find her and get to her before it kills her. Now I just lost my leverage, so you can either let me out so I can help, or leave me here and try to save Lydia on your own.”
“We’ll do it,” Scott said, casting a glance down the hall to make sure the orderlies were gone.
With no hesitation, he stepped forward and swiped a keycard in front of the panel next to the door. It opened with a loud beep that was music to your ears and after months of being trapped, you were finally free.

You hurried through the building, your bare feet hitting the grimy floor of what seemed like the basement. You hadn’t been down here before, but after following the directions that the voices were giving you, you were certain you were close to Lydia. When you heard her scream, you ran down the hall, running faster than you probably ever had in your life.
Eventually, you came to a heavy metal door. It was industrial and rusty, and as you tugged on the handle you found that it was locked. With that being said, you weren’t going to let that stop you. Scott and Liam were pretty far behind you, but they got there just in time to see you lifting up your hands and tearing the door away from the wall by sheer force of will.
They watched, open-mouthed as you tossed the twisted metal into the wall. It hit the wall with a painful bang, but the sound was quickly forgotten as you burst into the room. You paused in shock, nearly stumbling over your own feet as you saw Dr. Valack lying there on the floor, missing a part of his skull. Lydia was standing there, trembling and looking just as shocked as you were.
“I-I didn’t know what to do,” she whispered. “So I did what you said. I screamed.”
She let out a small, slightly-crazed laugh and you reached out to wrap your arms around her. “Good. Now let’s get you out of here.”

You sat in Deaton’s office, your knees tucked up against your chest as Deaton checked Lydia’s pulse. Her mom was by her side, casting nervous glances at her the whole time. She didn’t have anything to be worried about. After Deaton had reversed the effects of the hole in her head, Lydia was perfectly fine. Besides, you doubted Mrs. Martin knew exactly how strong her daughter was.
Even though she had put Lydia in Eichen House, you both knew she thought she was doing what was best for her. How was she to know it was a nightmarish prison of death?
Despite that one little thing, you liked Lydia’s mom and you could tell she cared about her daughter. She seemed a little apprehensive of you at first, but after Lydia introduced you as the girl who had helped to save her life, you could tell you were growing on her.
Lydia finally hopped off the table, heaving a deep sigh of relief. “Thank god. No offense Deaton, but doctors kind of give me the creeps now.”
The emissary smiled goodnaturedly. “I understand.”
“Are you ready to go home, sweetheart?” her mother asked.
Lydia frowned and looked over at you, sitting there in the chair. Scott and Stiles had left a while ago, but you had chosen to stay. It didn’t take Lydia long to realize you had nowhere to go. When she had begged Scott and the others to bring you with them, she had been doing it between waves of intense pain and the urge to scream her head off.
She never would have left you behind, but it had never occurred to her that you might not want to go back to your family.
“Could we…could we have a second?” Lydia asked her mom, nodding over to you.
“Lydia…” her mother began, casting a glance over at you. “Well, I…I have to go to the bathroom anyway.”
She patted Lydia’s hand and, with one last glance at you, she headed out of the room. Deaton quickly followed her and the minute he was gone, Lydia came over to sit beside you.
“So,” she began. “You saved me.”
“I guess I did,” you said softly. “But you saved me too. Without you and your friends, I never could have gotten out.”
“You would have found a way,” she told you, reaching out to grab your hand. “You’re unstoppable.”
You smiled and for the first time in what felt like forever, you blushed.
“So,” she continued. “I realized that you might not have anywhere to go from here. I know you have your family, but if they put you in that place…”
“I’ll figure it out,” you assured her. “Like you said, I’m unstoppable.”
“Y/n,” she said softly. “You don’t have to be tough for me.”
“What else am I supposed to be?” you whispered.
“You can be honest,” she said. “And I’m going to be honest too. I don’t know what I would have done without you in Eichen House. I would have lost my mind. Even more than I already did. And I think if I never see you again, I’m still going to.”
“What do you want me to do?” you asked.
“I want you to come home with me. I want you to talk to me and hold me, and not just in my dreams. I know my mom would let you stay. We have a spare bedroom, we have the money. There’s no reason she would say no”
You swallowed thickly and Lydia sucked in a deep breath. “Please say yes.”
“Of course,” you breathed. “Lydia…I think that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”
Lydia let out a high-pitched squeal and threw her arms around you, yanking you into a tight hug. She pulled away slightly, but you were still face to face. She smiled at you and leaned in, pressing her soft lips onto yours in the heat of the moment. Smiling against her lips, you kissed her back, happier than you had been in a long time.
You had lost your family and, for a long time, your happiness, but thanks to Lydia, you might have the chance to gain that back.

My Reaction to EXO - Love Me Right (Chinese Version)
  • Lay: "Take your time..."
  • Me: NO.
  • Me: NEVER.
  • Me: NOT TODAY.
  • Suho: "So tonight..."
  • Me: SHUT UP.
  • Me: BE QUIET.
  • Me: PLEASE.
  • Chanyeol: *pops up on screen with white hair and starts rap*
  • Me: TOO YOUNG.
  • EXO: "Just love me right!"
  • Me: *loses it, throws hands into air, cries, bangs head against wall, loses virginity*
Sixth Time Lucky (3/3)

Summary: In which Gavin has a crush on the newest member of the Fake AH Crew, yet somehow manages to find himself faking relationships with every single other person instead.

(Five times Gavin had to pretend to love someone in the crew and one time he didn’t have to pretend.)

Part 1  Part 2  AO3

5. Michael

The next day at work, Gavin is a man on a mission.

A mission to avoid Jeremy at all bloody costs.

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Not So Innocent

Prompt: Could you do a Sam imagine where the reader has a six pack because she used to be in the army but Sam doesn’t know but when he finds out ( you can choose ) he gets turned on.
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 1364
Warnings: blood, light language

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“In which your feels simply can’t handle having Robbie Kay as your neighbor.”


You had just moved into a flat in a nice apartment in LA. This was supposed to be your dream coming true, studying acting and theater and working in a small shop just across the street. Though it kind of became a nightmare of butterflies and nervous breakdowns right before exiting your apartment every morning, because your neighbor was none other than Robbie Kay.

 You leaned against the door one morning and prayed to everything that you could just walk out and not meet anyone. You heard a door open and close and you listened to footsteps leaving down the stairs.

 With a small jump you opened the door wide open and snuck out just to turn around and have eye contact with Robbie who stood at the bottom of the first set of stairs. It felt like someone straight up slapped you in the face.

 He smiled and waved at you, but you just stood there dumb-founded. “Ehm.. are you alright?”

 You shook your head. This made Robbie laugh and he began walking up the stairs towards you and grabbed your hand. “Come on, you’re going to my school am I right?” You nodded, eyes still wide. “You can drive with me. After all… I guess you just missed your bus.”

   “WHAT?!” You shrieked and pulled your hand to yourself and looked at your watch. “Nooo…” You cried and leaned against the wall with a look of defeat. “Why feelings why…” You muttered and then turned your head to look at Robbie who was watching you with his jaw dropped. He looked quite amused.

   “What feelings?” He asked cocking a brow and you glared at it.

   “Those feelings.” You said with a look of crying and then you pointed at your stomach and heart.

 Robbie’s eyes widened and he gasped. “Because of me?”

 You nodded, you had totally given up. You didn’t want to confess, but right now you felt madder at Robbie than feeling shy so you didn’t really realize what you were doing. You began walking down the stairs. “So you were gonna give me a ride or not?”

 Robbie chuckled and quickly followed you by jumping down the stairs. “Of course!” He said cheerfully and laughed. “Hey, let me give you a drink or something for being so cruel to you.” He said with a glint in his eye and you felt a great urge to hit him.

 Then it hit you. He was asking you out, wasn’t he? “A-Alright.” You stuttered suddenly the whole situation dawning upon you.

 He beamed and grabbed your hand again and pulled you down. “Come on, we’re gonna be late.”


Do tell me if you want another of these, maybe how their date will go or anything else. Please like if you enjoyed, it’s quite short, but still hope you like it.^^ <3

Tiger Lily. <3