cries about his face some more

wotcher, vic

The first time Victoire meets Teddy, he’s two and she’s just been born. She doesn’t remember any of it, but later, much later, her parents would tell her that she’d gurgled at the sight of him like she’d known he was going to end up being her best friend. And then—this part is always accompanied by a knowing smirk—when they brought Teddy up to the new mother and daughter (“Das a bay-bee?” he’s later quoted as saying. “Weird.”), his hair changed from Weasley-red to the same shade of blonde as hers.

“Zis ees Victoire,” her maman had said, smiling down at Teddy. “Do you want to say ‘ello, Teddy?”

And Teddy had cocked his head to the side, nodded in the sort of pompous, overly-excited fashion that only a two-year-old could get away with, and said, “Wotcha, Vic.”


By the time Victoire can talk and walk (and thus cause all sorts of trouble), she and Teddy are inseparable. Literally—Victoire throws tantrums that pay hefty tribute to her Veela heritage whenever she goes more than a few days without seeing her best friend. Sometimes, they hang out at Auntie And-rah-meh-da’s house, but most of the time, it’s either at the Burrow or Shell Cottage or sometimes even Uncle Harry’s house. Her maman frowns when Victoire comes home with her hair a mess and her dress splattered with mud, but because Victoire’s cheeks are always flushed and her grin is set to devour her whole face, she doesn’t say anything.

After all, there’s always Cleaning Charms (and thank Merlin for them). And besides, as Victoire’s daddy likes to say when he thinks Victoire isn’t listening, “at least she’s still young enough that the only trouble she gets into with boys is a spot of mud.”


When Victoire turns two, her maman and daddy sit her on the couch between them and tell her that she’s going to have a sister. Victoire doesn’t care much. A sister would be nice, she thinks. Teddy is nice, but he’s four now. He’s old and sometimes he doesn’t want to hang out with her because she’s too young. Plus, he’s a boy. And boys are gross, even if they’re crazy-haired Metamorphmagus boys named Teddy. (Especially if.)

“My maman’s gonna have a baby,” she tells Teddy a few days later, lying down on the grass beside him.

Teddy doesn’t say anything for a long moment, just continues pulling up grass with stubby fingers. “Good,” he says suddenly, and she’s so surprised that she turns to face him. His hair is black like Uncle Harry’s. “You’ll have someone else to play with.”

Victoire’s face screws up. “Why’re you so mean tuh me?” she demands shrilly, sitting up and glaring at him.

Teddy turns away from her, his hair briefly taking on the same shade of green as the grass around them before returning to jet black. “Because I’m older,” he answers angrily, throwing his handful of grass at her. Most of it lands on her dress, but she can feel pieces of it in her hair. “I don’t want to play with babies like you all the time.”

Victoire starts crying. She pushes herself off the ground and runs back to the safety of her home, wishing she’d never met Teddy Lupin. That Muggle girl from the nearby village was right—boys are meanies. But she never thought Teddy could be like them. He’d taught her how to colour and he played in the mud with her and brought her Chocolate Frogs when she was sad. He was nice… wasn’t he?

Or not. Beyond furious and more than a little sad, she stomps into the cottage and slams the door behind her with as much force as she can muster. One of the panes of glass breaks, and her maman comes running into the room at the noise, one hand cradling her tummy, eyes wide. Her daddy is only a few steps behind her, his forehead all scrunched up, wand in hand.

“What ees eet, ma chérie?” her maman asks, crouching down and cradling Victoire’s face in her hands. Her beautiful features—her mother really is beautiful, the most beautiful woman in the whole world—are twisted with worry. “What ‘appened? Are you okay? Are you ‘urt? Where ees Teddy?”

When she hears Teddy’s name, Victoire starts to sob even harder. “He—he called me a baby,” she bawls, throwing her arms around her mother. “He said he was glad you’re havin’ a baby ‘cause then he doesn’t have tuh play with me anymore!”

Her mother pulls her onto her lap and starts to rock her back and forth, singing an old French lullaby under her breath. Victoire’s daddy looks angry, but he crouches next to her too, stroking her hair. “I don’t care if the kid’s four and basically family,” he mutters lowly to his wife. “I’m going to kill him.”

Victoire’s maman giggles quietly as she continues to rock Victoire back and forth. “Beell,” she says in the same tone of voice she uses on Victoire when she’s done something bad, “you cannot ‘urt every boy who ‘urts Veeky.”

“But I want to,” Victoire’s daddy mumbles, sounding every bit like his daughter in her most petulant moments.

Victoire’s maman huffs, but there’s a small smile playing out across her lips. “‘e is young,” she says firmly. “And ‘e will make mistakes. Watch—’e will be back to apologize. ‘E cannot stay away.”

And sure enough, fifteen minutes later, there’s a timid knock on the door, and it’s Teddy, looking small and lost. “I—uh…” he trails off, his eyes flickering between his scuffed trainers and where Victoire stands behind her father, hands on her hips like Aunt Ginny when she wants to look intimidating. “I’m sorry, Vicky. I was being mean.”

Victoire’s already forgiven him—she forgave him five minutes ago. But she still darts out from being her father and plants a kick square on Teddy’s shin. It gets her a time-out from her mother and an irritated look from Teddy, but her father’s smiling into his palm, so it’s worth it.


Her sister is born four months before Victoire’s third birthday. Victoire’s in St. Mungo’s waiting room with Teddy and Andromeda—she only learned how to properly say the older woman’s name a few weeks ago—because there’s too much screaming in room where her mother and it smells too much like the Burrow after one of Grandma Weasley’s cleaning days.

Finally, a Healer finds them and tells them the baby has been born and would you please come this way, ma’ams and sir. Victoire, scared and nervous and excited all at the same time, grabs Teddy’s hand as they follow behind the adults. Teddy’s hair turns bright red—brighter than her daddy’s—but he doesn’t pull away.

When they reach the room, the rest of her family is already there, crowded around a bed, but they smile and make room for her once they spot her. Victoire catches sight of her mother with a bundle of blankets in her arms, hair dark with sweat, cheeks flushed. But both she and Victoire’s daddy, who’s hovering beside her and looking pale, are smiling widely.

Her mother motions for Victoire come closer. Victoire hasn’t let go of Teddy’s hand yet, so he just follows behind her shyly as she gets closer to the bed. “This ees your new sister, Veeky,” her maman whispers hoarsely, holding the blankets out to Victoire.

Victoire looks down at the blankets, shocked to see a pair of blue eyes staring back at her somberly. It’s so small. Hesitantly, she reaches out a finger and touches one of the baby’s tiny fingers. The baby makes a noise that sounds a little like a laugh, and Victoire’s maman smiles even wider. “‘Er name ees Dominique.”

Victoire doesn’t really understand what’s going on, but she hugs her mom anyways, and when Teddy whispers, “are all babies this ugly?” into her ear, she stomps on his foot even though she kind of agrees with him.


Victoire’s brother Louis arrives when Victoire is four and a half, and Shell Cottage becomes a warzone. Luckily, though Teddy is almost seven now—way older than her—he still hangs out with her when he’s not seeing his other friends.

One day, when everyone’s at the Burrow for Sunday Brunch, he tells her that he’s going to teach Louis all his tricks. Victoire looks at him in her best Aunt Ginny impression—hands on her hips, upturned eyebrows, pursed lips, eyes blazing—and says, “what tricks, Teddy Lupin?” She’s just lost her childish lisp, and it makes her sound older. Teddy blanches.

“Blimey, Ted,” Uncle Ron laughs, clapping an affronted Teddy on the back. “You’d better watch out.”

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Companions react to sole always joking about their death when really they're really considering it because they hate themselves but always joking and playing off like nothing is wrong

Thank you for this ask, anon. I’m hoping this one might give people who are dealing with this some hope and comfort, maybe even to talk about it to someone they love and trust. These characters would believe in you, and one way or another so do I ❤️

Intro: Sole was not doing nearly as well as they pretended to. Being in the ravages of the commonwealth, losing what they lost… they felt useless, hadn’t been able to stop it all. Sole couldn’t shake the thought that nothing would change that feeling. They hated themself for not being good enough, never feeling happy enough so faking that it was to the outside world was the next best thing. Joking to hide it, just one day at a time, as long as nobody found out about it. That was until the day, in spite of the smile still set on their face, something must’ve shone through in one of their jokes. They were looking into the very concerned eyes of their Companion. “ Hey… are you alright?”
 It took Sole a fraction of a second to regain their composure, to get back to the façade and the fake smile. “Yeah, of course! I was just joking, let’s go.” Their companion held them by the arm, not tightly, but just to get them to turn around and stand still. 
“ Sole… What is really going on?” The worry in their voice made Sole cave in entirely. They had hoped never to have to explain this… not like they would understand it anyway. But they couldn’t evade it anymore. Tears welled up in Sole’s eyes as they admitted that maybe they hadn’t just been jokes. 

He felt like something had been going on for a while now, noticing the difference between the Sole he used to know and the way they acted now. He never could quite place his finger on what was going on , but as soon as Sole poured their heart out to him he recognized what Sole described. The feeling was somehow familiar to him. He had felt it too, once. He held Sole’s hands and told them they were not alone. “ I have felt lost… for all those years without you. I hate to admit it but… mum/sir I have thought about it too, it was so very lonely. But I held on to the thought that maybe I would see you again. And when you were there… oh Sir/Mum… I was so happy to see you again. You gave me a reason to live and to fight again. I felt better talking to you about it. About how I felt… I have learnt that bottling up past trauma can lead to inadiquate coping strategies in later life. We can help each other Sir/Mum. I am here for you.” His heartwarming smile wasn’t enough to fix the feeling of emptiness instantly but some warmth seeped back in, tears still running free. “Okay.”

Danse felt a slight sense of panic at Sole’s words… he tried to envision a world without them but felt his chest tighten every time he did.  He knew what it felt like to no longer care if you lived or died, but to consider taking your own life… he couldn’t wrap his head around that. He desperately wanted to help but he didn’t know how. “ I know what it feels like to feel like an imposter… but you helped me back up. Through all of this, you are the one thing that has kept me from giving up, from turning it all off. I would have been dead without you and I have devoted my life to protecting you, even if this means protecting you from yourself. So that is what I shall do, in every way I can. “ He pulled them into a very tight embrace and kissed the top of their head. “ You can tell me how you really feel. Your secrets are safe with me. The dark thoughts and the nightmares… I probably have had them too… maybe I can do for you what you do for me. Give you a reason to feel alive again.“ 

Deacon was dumbstruck, his own jokes falling away entirely. He had no idea what to do but not taking Sole’s words seriously was the last thing on his mind. He pulled Sole into a hug. “ Shit Sole, you’re more worthy to be alive than me. You’ve saved so many lives, helped so many people. You have no idea how amazing you are.” Sole shook their head. “ Doesn’t make me feel any better Deacon. It’s not about how worthy who is. I just feel… lost. All the time.” He stroked their hair until Sole cried a little less. As he wiped away some tears from their face he inhaled deeply.  “ I’m not gonna pretend I know what it’s like. I’m a pathological liar with a bad past but I can’t imagine how you feel right now. And that’s okay… as long as you talk to me. You can’t fight your demons alone, I’ve tried doing that myself and it’s only been working since you’re around and since I told you about my past. I can’t… ‘fix’ this. I know that. But I will fight with you if you let me. And until the threat is passed, just to be safe, I won’t be leaving your side. I won’t bring it up unless you want to talk about it but I won’t leave. “ Dacon looked down. “ Because it’s worst when you are alone. “ He grabbed Sole’s hand. “So please know that you’re not. I can be an idiot but I won’t let you get lost in yourself, okay?” Sole was trying to ease their breathing, wiping away some tears. “I… I think I can do that.” Deacon smiled at them, a little smile. “Good. Now get over here.”
He pulled them into a hug again. “ Oh, does this mean death bunnies as a nickname is off the table or…?”  Sole chuckled a little, while Deacon reveled in the sound of their laughter, vowing to get them to smile genuinely, every day, again someday.

Nick didn’t look at Sole with the pity they expected to face, but with a look of determination. “ Listen’ up kid, there’s one thing you need to remember; we’re not gods, we’re men. Human or synth, all of us. You’ve been trying to take on the world, one injustice at a time and you’ve found out that you can’t save everyone. It hacks in on ya, I know. But damnit, you make this damn hellhole a little brighter. So hang in there and rely on others when you need to. If you feel like you can’t handle it, come to me. You’re not the only one who feels lost sometimes, don’t get lost inyourself. You’ve got too many people looking out for ya to do that.” He grabbed Sole’s hand. “You don’t have to face it all alone.” 

Hancock smiled at Sole. “ Looks like we got more in common than I thought.”
“ You mean aside from the deadpan and the sarcasm?” 
“ I’ve almost done it a hundred times over. I’ve considered it, justgoing out on a high, ya know? Literally. And to be honest, if it weren’t for you maybe I woulda done it, too. But you gotta find yoruself somethin’ that makes you excited to wake up in the morning. It doesn’t matter what it is. And if you let me, I’ll do whatever I can to be that thing for you. Or die trying.” 
Sole scoffed, eyes still puffy. “ I’m not sure it’s a good iea to make those kind of jokes. Or to put any kind of pressure on me to be happy.” 
“ Oh, I’m not doing that. You’re a grown-ass (wo)man, I’m not gonna tell you what to be or what to do. But I ain’t going anywhere without ya. But this ain’t the kinda thing you tell people unless you hate that empty feeling. Keep talking to me when you feel it and I’ll help ya. You’re gonna be alright. I’ll keep you safe.Cause you’re the most important thing to me in this whole goddamn world.”

Maxson felt hopeless, felt some sort of unfamiliar panic wash over him. If ther was one thing he wasn’t used to being it was helplessness. He wanted to helo but didn’t have a clue how. “ Sentinel… I would kill for you.” He walked closer to them, looking Sole straight in the eyes. “I would die for you if it came down to it.” He grabbed Sole’s hands. “ But I can’t let you die. Cause I’ve lost a lot of good soldiers, a lot of friends, and I cannot lose you.”
Sole looked at their feet. “But I’m not sure if I can keep going on, Maxson.”
He gritted his teeth. He wasn’t angry at Sole, not dissapointed, just concerned and frustrated by his lack of ability to do anything.
“ Whenever you feel lost, come to me. I know now and I’ll drop anything if you need me to. You can do whatever you want, tell me whatever you want and I won’t use it against you or judge you for it. As long as you don’t do it. “ He had a pleading look in his eyes as he grabbed Sole’s hands in his. “ Please. I am no longer sure if this this world is worth saving for me if it no longer has you in it.”

Preston sighed and asked Sole to sit down on a nearby bench with him. 
“ When I first started all of this I was, um … scared as hell. You know that I often barely managed to hold my head above water. Sometimes I just wanted it all to stop. I’ve seen so much death and misery walking through the commonwealth… it rubs off on you. But I kept going because the people around me needed me. Sometimes I felt some genuine happiness again, in the little things, you know? When I noticed some kids could still be happy, when I saw lovers reunited,… when I saw my guys like Sturges with his eternal optimism. It made me push through. And then you came along and I wasn’t the only one with the weight of the world on my shoulders.There was some hope again, among the pain and the suffering. I’m still not completely okay but I try to go by the little things… you are a reminder that sometimes things get better. But when it all gets too much… “ He gabbed Sole’s hand in his. “You can come to me. I know what it feels like to feel like you’re not enough. As it turns out talking about it helps best, and for me focussing on the little things that make me happy. Like you. Like coming back to the settlement and knowing you’ve given these people a new home. Like the look of relief when we help a settlement and those people realise that they haven’t lost everything. The bravery to start over. You know the story of Pandora’s box right? Once all the misey is out, hope is left. Anyway… just know you can come to me when you want to okay? Cause… I don’t want to lose you.”  

Sturges can’t even stand to see Sole cry, let alone deal with the fact that they’re contemplating ending their life. After they barged in at the Museum of Freedom he felt like he owed them his life but now it came down to it he didn’t know how to return the favor. He looked at them with such hopeful eyes and said “ Hey… I don’t really know how to help but I’ve got your back. You’ve helped us out back at Concord. You saved our damn lives… I wanna do the same for you. You’re one of akind Sole, and this world would be a whole lot darker without you in it. So whenever it gets to much you know where to find me. Same team, remember? “ His heart broke to see Sole nodding their head while they still were having trouble stopping the tears and he pulled them into a hug, holding onto them tightly. “I got you. You’re gonna be okay.”

“ I told you I once thought you looked lost and confused, that you might not be able to handle this life… and how you proved me wrong. How tough and determined you are in spite of all you’ve lost. I told you then you could accomplish anything you set your mind to. I still believe you can. You will overcome this.” He tried to maintain his more composed way of speaking intact but seeing Sole like that… something was hitting a nerve, making him feel something he didn’t usually feel.  
“ X6, I’m not sure if I can. You also told me you were worried I might slow you down and I am doing that now. It’s overwhelming, too much to handle.”
“ I am sworn to protect you.” Sole inhaled deeply, tears still streaming down their face because they were saying goodbeye to their support system. But Sole knew he was probably doing all of this out of a sense of loyalty to Father, a sense of duty.
“ I relieve you of that. You can leave. Nobody will hold it against you. You no longer need to be my bodyguard.You will always be welcome in the Institute but no one will command you any longer.”
“ With all do respect, ma’am/sir, I refuse to leave your side as long as you are in harm’s way.” 
“ This isn’t helping. Knowing I’m a burden, an annoyance to you.It makes it all worse, okay? Just leave.” 
“ Damnit…I am not leaving because I have to protect the one thing that I can’t live without. That’s you.This is no longer just about the Institute. I respect you and I want to be by your side as you take on the world or whatever idiotic thing has gotten into your head that makes you feel insecure. “ He clenched his jaw. “ You do? ”
“ I do… sir/Ma’am. I will aid you in overcoming this in any way you can. I refuse to let you destroy yourself.”

I Miss My Baby - Theo Raeken imagine

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Based loosely like so loose it doesn’t even connect to the story other than the title and the tempo off Adele’s cover of Fast Love (it starts at 1:45) by George Michael at last night’s Grammys.

Summary: Y/n is Theo’s girlfriend and has been even though he’s gone,being stuck in Hell for 6 months. One night she gets the surprise of her life.

Warnings: sadness,fluff,that’s all i believe


Life seemed so lonely without him. My parents were killed by the Alpha who bit me, thought they weren’t worthy enough of life so he ripped their hearts in front of me but not before biting my arm. I had no one to come home to , Theo lived at my house and we treated it as if we were a married couple funny enough. I still had the pack but I couldn’t help but feel Completely,Utterly,Alone…. 

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Once on a voyage to Braavos, as she’d watched the crew wrestle down a great green sail in a rising gale, she had even thought how fine it would be to be a sailor. But when she told her brother, Viserys had twisted her hair until she cried. “You are blood of the dragon,” he had screamed at her. “A dragon, not some smelly fish.”

He was a fool about that, and so much else, Dany thought. If he had been wiser and more patient, it would be him sailing west to take the throne that was his by rights. Viserys had been stupid and vicious, she had come to realize, yet sometimes she missed him all the same.

“I came to see Bran,” Jon said. “To say good-bye.”

Her face did not change. Her long auburn hair was dull and tangled. She looked as though she had aged twenty years. “You’ve said it. Now go away.”

Part of him wanted only to flee, but he knew that if he did he might never see Bran again. He took a nervous step into the room. “Please,” he said.

Something cold moved in her eyes. “I told you to leave,” she said. “We don’t want you here.”

Once that would have sent him running. Once that might even have made him cry. 

Jon & Daenerys deserve a sense of belonging; A home, with a family of their own

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Eddie sleepover headcanons... before they admit they like each other.

gonna assume you meant reddie

  • Richie and Eddie had been best friends since they were 6 years old
  • Obviously this means so many sleepovers
  • When they turned 15, their sleepovers weren’t the same as they used to be
  • When they were 6 they would play board games and fall asleep at 8 pm
  • Now, they watch movies and just hang out
  • Sometimes they’ll do homework or read or just nap all day
  • Then they turned 16.
  • Richie had known he liked Eddie for years, he’d gotten good at hiding it
  • But one day, during their weekly sleepover, Eddie realized he liked Richie too
  • Richie had passed out while they were watching a movie, and now Eddie was paying more attention to Richie than the movie.
  • His eyes slowly traced from his freckles, to the curly hair, to the way his glasses sat slightly askew on his face.
  • He reached over and took his glasses off for him, not wanting to wake him
  • in the process he let his thumb rest on Richie’s cheek, enjoying how peaceful the taller boy looked
  • Every sleepover from then on, Eddie had blushed whenever Richie did things he always did
  • When Richie greets Eddie with a kiss on the cheek as he opens the front door, Eddie’s face is on fire
  • When Richie makes some joke about how Eddie is in love with him, Eddie blushes as red as the Hawaiian shirt Richie is wearing
  • But Eddie was also much more affectionate
  • When they watched the breakfast club and Richie cried at the end, Eddie wiped the tears off of his cheeks and Richie leaned into his touch
  • When Richie fell asleep on top of Eddie one night, Eddie didn’t push him off but instead traced patterns on the sleeping boys back
  • Neither one would admit their feelings
  • But it was pretty obvious they both felt the same way
B.A.P’s reaction to you walking in on them crying

(A/N) I was just in the mood for something more sad/comforting, and had a quick idea of maybe typing something like this up. Everyone’s got days when they’re feeling low (I’ve been having those more and more recently), and I figured it sometimes might go to extents such as crying, even for our six cute strong warriors. 

P.S. Also, not using my gifs this time around because I have to write an important physics test tomorrow and have to study tons! (btw, if something goes wrong tomorrow, I’ll officially blame Zelo. “Howler” has been stuck in my head all day, distracting me from doing stuff as I just want to get up and dance, even though I don’t know how to)

You let the door to your apartment creak open, and stepped into the weirdly unlit hallway. He was home, you were certain, yet all lights seemed to be off. The silence that had taken over the place sent a wave of worry down your spine, and you had to tell yourself that everything was eventually fine - he wasn’t a five year old. He had to be somewhere here.

Knowing him, he was probably somewhere soundly asleep. His schedules had become close to unbearable in the past time, and often he’d just come home, greet you, and then fall asleep at the most random places. Literally, you once found him on the living room carpet. Just curled up there, sleeping like a kitten. And despite not having the heart to wake him up, you also didn’t want to leave him sleeping on the floor, so you gently shook him awake and asked what had happened, to which he just responded he thought the carpet looked comfortable, and, since he for some reason was already on the floor, he decided to nap for a little.

Yeah, maybe you should go and get him a sanity check, although what you really thought was necessary was an extended holiday. “Extended” meaning like a month. Or maybe two. But he couldn’t be allowed such fancy extras, and had to somehow manage without getting proper rest. You were determined to help him through this though.

When you got closer to the bedroom and peaked through the door, you in fact noticed his frame sprawled all across the bed, lying face-down on top of the covers. You were about to chuckle - about to let him be, and go heat up dinner before gently waking him and greeting him with a soft kiss, telling him he could go right back to sleep after eating. But as you were about to leave, a shaky breath escaped him, and taken back by surprise, you looked at him closely.

He wasn’t sleeping, you noticed just now. His breathing was rather hectic, and what seemed like quiet, repressed sobs escaped him every now and then. It didn’t take you long to wrap your mind around it - he was crying. And for whatever reason that had upset him to such extents, he was crying hard.

You had to do something about it.


He was someone to bottle up his emotions rather than let them slip. He’d made it clear from the very beginning, as you’d never seen him crying. So you were a little taken aback upon realizing what was going on.

“Yongguk-ah.. Is everything fine?”

He was quick to respond, letting out an “ah” as he got into sitting position, facing you immediately and showing off his slightly bloodshot eyes.

If there was one thing you’d always admired about him, it was how honest he was with his thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Yes, he indeed bottled it all up on most occasions for various reasons - for example, simply not to bother others, or not to show he had weak sides too, just like everyone else did. But once he knew you’d seen him in this state, he wasn’t going to lie about it. You were important to him, and he thought you should know. He would face the fact you knew, and would let you see him this way, trying to convince you that you had nothing to worry about, but letting you take care of him.

“It’s nothing really,” he reassured you as you sat beside him, cupping his face and brushing a few strands of hair away, “I just got a little too caught up in emotions. It will eventually be fine.”

He didn’t oppose to all your loving touches, but didn’t clinge that much either. He knew you’d give him affection to the right extents yourself, and knew not to disturb you in doing so. He simply let his tears get wiped away by your thumbs, and responded only a little to your sweet, tiny peck of his lips.

“We can talk about it if you want to,” you told him, holding his face with both hands close to yours. He broke into a smile, silently thanking whoever in this universe was responsible for gifting him with you in his life. He, despite being rather intalkative on most occasions, was almost always up for pouring his heart out to you while you simply listened, without pressuring, judging or interrupting him. And this time was no exception.

“It would be amazing if we could,” he quietly told you, “Everything would be a little more on the good side once again, just like every time we talk it out. My problems always just magically solve themselves when I’m with you anyways.”

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Oh! Oh.

I have a lot of feelings about episode 3.23. My heart is breaking for all of them, but I can’t imagine Suzanne being anything but supportive. She loves her son and Jack.  Here’s a ficlet with my HC of what happened at the other end of the line when Bitty hung up.

Coach entered the house as the scent of fresh pie permeated throughout the rooms.  This was not new.  What was new, however, was the fact that the pie was left on the counter, still on the cooling rack with Suzanne nowhere to be found.

“Suzanne?” Coach said as he put his bag on the kitchen chair.  “Suze?”

She wasn’t in the living room or the dining room, and her car was parked outside in the driveway.

Coach walked upstairs and heard a sniff coming from the bedroom.

“Suze?”  Coach said as he opened the door slowly to find his wife on the bed, sobbing uncontrollably.  “Who died?” he asked alarmed as he approached the bed.

Suzanne swallowed down a sob and looked at Coach. “No one…” she replied.

“What’s wrong?” Coach asked as he smoothed Suzanne’s bangs away from her forehead. “What’s wrong with my girl?”

She sat up slowly, and Coach wiped the tears away from her cheeks.

“It’s Dicky,” she said and sniffed once.

“What happened to our boy?!” Coach asked as his eyes opened wide.

“Nothing… and everything!” Suzanne replied as she threw herself into her husband’s arms.

Coach softly rubbed small circles on Suzanne’s back and let her cry it out.  She inhaled deeply once, then let the air out in a whoosh.  

She sat back, leaned against the headboard, and gingerly wiped at her eyes.  “I must look like a fright right now.”

“A little raccoony, but still awfully pretty,” Coach said with a smile.  “Now, what’s wrong?”

“Well, Dicky and I were doing our weekly phone pie bake and I started to tell him about buying his ticket to come home.”

“There still some deals going on,” Coach added.

“That’s what I said, and then he said that he was thinking about staying there. With Jack.”

Coach’s eyebrows flew up.  “No kidding!  Did he finally tell you about the two of them?”

Suzanne sighed, “Well, that’s what I thought he was gonna do and I said to myself, ‘Finally!  Finally!  We can all share in his happiness!’”

Coach leaned over and took a tissue from the box on the nightstand and handed it to Suzanne.

“So I tried to play it cool and said, ‘You’d rather not come home this summer or…’ and thought that would be a perfect leeway for him to tell me.”

“Of course,” Coach said kindly.

“So Dicky said he thought he should tell me something… and I swear Richard, my heart was about to burst with joy. But then he started hemming and hawing saying he might stay at the frat house.”

Coach tsked once and shook his head.

“But I know he’s staying at Jack’s.  Still… you know, even as boyfriends, he shouldn’t overstay his welcome.  Jack’s a very busy boy.  And we still don’t know how serious they are, Richard.  I don’t want Dicky to get hurt.”

Suzanne drew her knees to her chest; her bottom lip began to quiver.  Coach put his hand on her foot.  

“And he tried to tell me, I just know he was trying.  His voice was so tiny; so frightened.  Just so… afraid…”  Suzanne began to cry in earnest yet again. “And I started to say, ‘Dicky, you can tell me anything,’ but he hung up.“

Coach leaned in and hugged Suzanne.

In between tears, she cried out, “Does he think we wouldn’t love him?  That we could possibly never accept him? Does he really think so little of us, Richard?”

Coach pulled back and looked at his wife sadly as Suzanne covered her face and cried some more.

“I don’t want him to be hurt! I- I don’t want him to be afraid.  I adore that boy, Richard.  Our baby!”

Coached sighed, “Well, Suze.  You know how I feel about this.  I’ve been telling you for the past year that we should just tell him we know.”

“No!” Suzanne said emphatically and shook her head.  “No, it has to come from him – when he feels safe and ready to tell us.”

“Yeah but Suze, look at you.  I hate seeing you like this,” Coach said.

“It’s not our announcement to make!  It’s not up to us to take that away from him.”

“Shoot, you know that boy has a stubborn streak as wide as the day is long.  What if he never tells us?”  Coach said as he waved his hands in surrender.  “Those boys will be forty and we’ll still be calling Jack Dicky’s friend?”

“He’ll tell us!  Soon… I hope.  For now, all we can do is wait and make him feel loved and supported.”

“You’ve never done anything but that, Suzanne,” Coach said with a smile.

Suzanne smiled softly and took another tissue.  She blew her nose and began to get out of bed.

“How was work?”

Coach shrugged. “The usual bullcrap with the usual bunch of knuckleheads. But they’re my knuckleheads, I suppose.  And I had to spend half an hour explaining to Jerry how hockey works, again.  He’s actually going to join me at Hoops to watch Jack’s next game.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” Suzanne said as she exited the bedroom.

Coach grabbed her hand and pressed a kiss to it.   She smiled as they walked downstairs, hands intertwined.

young - tom glynn-carney

requested(?): yes! - this is just a small blurb 

“fluff about being new parents with tom and he gets stressed out, and you comfort him and all”

“can you please write some more jack lowden or tom glynn-carney ( or both ) imagines, honestly yours are so good!”

“please please please write something about reader and tom glynn carney!! my heart is aching for some tom fluff :(”

word count: 829

the stress of being young parents gets hard sometimes.

Being parents at a young age was hard, especially when your husband was a famous actor who was constantly working. You had met each other when you were only 20 and instantly after you got married, you had a child. Both of you weren’t even 25 yet and you were raising a two month old. Some days were easier than the others, it depended on the mood your little boy was in.

Today was one of the worst days so far, he had been crying all day and once he finally went to sleep, he woke the two of you in the middle of the night with his screams. You checked the clock and it was already past 2:30 in the morning and your little baby wouldn’t stop screaming. You had been trying for at least half an hour by now. The poor infant had a really bad ear infection and for the past few days he had been in pain but today must have been terrible for him as even the medicine wouldn’t help him go to sleep. He was kicking and screaming and wouldn’t stop squirming in your arms. You didn’t even know a person this small could have so much energy. You were cradling him in front of the window, as the view of the city always calmed him down but nothing was working today. You tried singing, you tried bouncing up and down, you tried everything. You looked down at him and his big blue eyes were staring up at you, welling with tears. He really did have his father’s eyes and he definitely had your smile but at that moment, the smile wasn’t present.

“It’s okay sweetie, I know you want to sleep. Mommy is tired too, please baby stop screaming. Shh, shh it’s okay” you tried pleading with your baby son but he just kept on crying and you just wished he would go to sleep. You felt a hand on your shoulder and saw Tom standing behind you with the same tired light eyes as your baby, and he held out his hands. “No Tom, it’s okay I got this. Go back to bed, you need sleep” he reluctantly backed up and walked back to your room.

You sighed looking at your husband walk away, he worked so hard for your family and his fans. He would stay up all night running his lines for an upcoming role to make sure he could be his best, and film all day, but somehow he always made time for you with dates and cuddles with your son. He wanted to be there for every step including the rough nights, even if it meant he never got sleep. But you couldn’t let him sacrifice his own health.

After a few more minutes, your son’s cries subsided and his eyes screwed shut, as he fell into deep sleep. You quietly head back to bed, incredibly tired and wanting nothing more than some sleep. You walked in and saw Tom sitting on the edge of the bed with his face in his hands, and you could hear soft muffled cries. You placed your sleeping boy down in his crib before you walked over to Tom’s side of the bed, and knelt down in front of him. Slowly removing his hands with your own, you forced him to look at you and you could see tears streaming down his cheeks.

“Tommy? Whats wrong babe?” you whispered. “I’m so sorry” he whispered back. “What are you sorry about?” he took a deep breath and said “I’m always busy and I try to make time for you both but it doesn’t seem like enough. I hate how you’re being left alone to take care of our child and I feel like, like a terrible father maybe I’m too young to be a good one” his voice cracks and he starts crying again, his broad shoulders shaking with every sob. You felt helpless, as you stared at a man who was always strong for his family, break down in front of you.

“Tom, look at me love” you said as you pulled his chin up softly. “You’re an amazing father and I couldn’t think of anybody better to raise our beautiful baby boy with. I mean he’s so small but he already adores you so much, I love you okay and you’re doing a great job, I wouldn’t want to be doing this with anybody else.” Tom took a deep breath and sighed, “I don’t know what I would do without you. I mean it. ” You shyly smiled and grabbed his hand.

“Let’s go to bed okay?” he nodded and got into your messy bed, pulling your body closer to his. “I love you Tom.” “I love you, and I love our little angel. So damn much.” And with that you wrapped yourself around him and fell asleep in his embrace.

Trans!Peter Parker Headcanons

Requested by a lovely anon. Hope I did your request justice! 💚 (I’m using Tom’s age so Peter is 21 in these hcs)


–Peter is overall a really shy guy, so he was extremely hesitant & scared to tell you he’s trans

–That being said; however, he wanted to also tell you the truth before you started dating & fell in love because he wanted to be honest with you & make sure you love him for all of him

–He would spend weeks, maybe months trying to figure out how to tell you, fretting over every little detail to make sure it all was just right

–In the end, he just couldn’t decide on what the perfect scenario would be to tell you, so he was going to just tell tou when he was ready & felt the time was right

–When he finally decides to tell you, you’ve only been dating about a month, but he knows he’s ready & wants to know how you feel

–Sweet baby would be so nervous the whole time, bouncing his leg, playing with his fingers, & avoiding your eyes as he softly tells you

–“I…um…I’m trans & uh…I-I was born a girl”

–It would be quiet for a while as you process this information, but it doesn’t take long before you just smile & pull him into a bone-crushing

–“It doesn’t matter to me that you weren’t born male. You’re my boyfriend & I love you, just the way you are”

–He kind of chokes a bit & cries into your chest because he’s never felt so loved & accepted before in his entire life

–You’d press kisses all over his face & brush away his tears

–“Don’t cry, my beautiful boy”

–“How can’t I when you love me?”

–“Come here”

–You would just hold him close, ruffling his hair as his soft cries turn into quiet sniffles

–After some time, he’d bite his lip a little & shyly would ask “Do you really love me? All of me?”

–And you’d cup his face, “Yes, I do, I love every single thing about you”

–He’d suddenly explode with want & affection & kiss you a little desperately, pushing you back against the bed

–He almost cries again when you gently run your hands up his shirt to rub his hips affectionately

–As you kiss, you’ll move your hands a little more upwards & when he pulls away for air you’ll ask him, “Is it okay if I take your shirt off?”

–His eyes would go a little wide & he’d defensively rest his hands on yours as he considers it

–He decides that yes, he will because he trusts you & loves you

–He’ll bite his lip & blush as he slowly & shyly takes his shirt off, avoiding your gaze

–This time, when you run your hands along his chest & lean in to press kisses against his scars as you mumble how much of a beautiful boy he is, he does cry & he cries hard

–You pull him down for another kiss & rub his back as you do so, holding him close

–He’s so overwhelmed with love & affection that you spend the rest of the night cuddling & kissing

–He falls asleep so happy that you can see him glowing as he sleeps, even in the darkness of your shared room

–You kiss his forehead, wishing him good night before you spoon him & lay your head against his back, pressing a soft kiss to his shoulder

#GreasyKeith headcanons

(based on my bro and myself because we’re kinda masculine dudes)

  • after washing his hair, he combs his fringe off his face to “air his forehead”
  • ties his hair back with an elastic band. Lance cries when he does this. Shrio got him some garden twine and made a headband to keep his fringe off his face but he lost that lmao 
  • 3 pairs of boots. Same style. Different colours. He knows what he’s about ok!!
  • uses a fake butterfly knife to stim? He would use a real one but Shiro put a stop to that. Now he’s in space he has access to new and even more deadly homemade stim toys. Allura encourages this to Shiro’s dismay
  • in his shack he had a shitty home “gym” with punching bag, weights and an exercise mat. He liked to pretend it was like a secret training room for an underground boxing ring because nothing is more cool than punching something in a poorly lit room with concrete floors
  • drives perfectly reasonably and normally when his brother Shiro is on his bike, but as soon as a peer gets on or near it suddenly its speed limits whomst??? ‘I’m gay and I can’t read the speed limit sign’ he tells a screaming Shiro. 'I know because you won’t stop showing off to dudes in your class you see around town!!’
  • sprays weird brand body spray for good luck when he leaves the house. It is not nice Keith. Buy some cologne PLEASE
  • sleeps in that days boxers. Lance is just… horrified. 'But I change them every 24 hours!!’ 'That just makes it sound worse!! Just wear pyjamas!!’ 'When hell freezes over!!’
  • weird pets like snails and lizards. There were a lot of people who were scaly or slimy in the blade of mamora and Keith really had to watch himself that he didn’t stare too much because. He wanna pet them
  • 'why would I pay someone to cut my hair?’ 'Keith please love yourself’ also he’s self conscious about his ears so long fringe is life, not like he’d tell anyone that lol he just pretends its cause he thinks it’s fashionable
  • effortlessly good at sport but… hates it. Loves running and throwing stuff but like fuck team sports tbh. The only one he likes is dodgeball because it’s hit or be hit, baby
  • swims a lot and got really good at it before he ended up in the desert and got out of practice. He may be built and fast but he doesn’t have a classic swimmers bod so he loves surprising people with his (kinda rusty) technique. Lance didn’t believe he knew how to swim and got owned the first race they had because he was mucking about
  • CAN’T burp the alphabet but likes to pretend he can by burping the first three letters. Pidge and Hunk absolutely can and challenged him to a burp off. he lost and low-key sulked for three days
Update: Sherlolly: A Male Newbie’s Perspective.

So…the long awaited Sherlolly: A Male Newbie’s Perspective, is on it’s way. Promise!! I had no idea my son and his friend’s comments would be received with so much interest. Live and learn, right? Truth be told, their response to His Last Vow wasn’t nearly as interesting as their previous thoughts. In my humble opinion. They watched with rapt attention, and offered - quite vocally - their thoughts on the overall episode, which was far more serious than TEH and TSoT. I’ll finish it up over the weekend.

In the meantime, for those who asked, and because it’s still fresh in my mind – here’s a few conversations that took place amongst my daughter and sister, after The Final Problem. Parts of the conversations are slightly paraphrased, although I did have a chat record with @swjmart about those conversations immediately afterward, while they were fresh in my memory.

I feel a bit silly posting this, but given all the crap Sherlollians have put up with over the years, I wanna add to this ship and see it turn into an Arc. Just sayin’.

I’ll start with my sister, who is the quintessential casual viewer. She didn’t start watching Sherlock until this past autumn, when she binged on Netflix. Lucky girl – she did not put herself through an agonizing three year hiatus. Whether she realizes it or not – she digs Sherlolly! Yay!

It all started with a late morning phone call….

Sister (which will be referred to by ’S’): So, did you watch Sherlock?

Me: Surely you jest.

S: Just thought I’d ask. Did you like it?

Me: Of course. You?

S – Oh gosh yes! T (her hubby), sat on the edge of his seat the whole time, even covered his face in a few places.

Me: God, he’s such a pussy.

S: What?

Me: Never-mind. So, what’d ya think.

S: It was excellent – I loved the whole season, but wish there was more than three episodes.

Me: Welcome to fandom.

S: Pardon?

Me: Nothing. Continue.

S: Can you even imagine having a sister that brilliant and insane? That was so heartbreaking. Really, T almost cried.

Me:  I know, completely mind-blowing, although there were clues in previous episodes that some shit went down. (silently begging her to get to the good part about Molly and Sherlock saying I love you, but not wanting to be overly obvious.)

S: I wish you’d stop swearing. (sister does not swear ~le sigh~)

Me: Do you know that recent studies showed people who swear —

S: Whatever, P. Those clues never indicated a child was murdered.

Me: I know, but even though it was ‘technically’ murder, I don’t think that was the intention of five year old Eurus. She wanted her brother to play.

Me: Hmmm. Weren’t you even a bit disappointed that nothing was said or shown about Victor Trevor’s family, or any investigation? (I’m not being serious, of course, just baiting for opinion)

S: No, it’s not that kind of show. It’s not CSI Sherlock.

(now I get to go in for what I really want to know!)

Me: But there were so many things left unresolved!

S: Like what?

Me: What do you mean 'like what?’ I thought you said you watched.

S: T and I thought the season finale was great – there was nothing left unresolved. I don’t know if they’re going to make another season, because all the actors are so in demand, but if not – I don’t know how it could have ended more perfectly. The only thing I’m really sad about is Mary dying. She was such an interesting character and I liked her a lot.

Me: You didn’t get put off that she shot Sherlock? At one point I found it very hard to believe how easily she was forgiven.

S: Of course shooting the protagonist was dramatic, but he didn’t mind, why should you?

Me: What?

S: You do know these are fictional characters, right?

Me: Don’t be ridiculous.

S: These characters are very dark and most of the time suicidal. Sherlock was on drugs probably all of season three and most of season 4, so of course he didn’t have a problem forgiving Mary. He probably admired her for it. They’re fun to watch, but you can’t think of them as normal – they’re not. Except for Molly. She is the only relatable character. I think she’s T’s favorite part of the show. It’s just too bad they didn’t give her more.

Me: Agree. But…but what about the Molly / Sherlock phone call dealio? I mean, what happened there? The only thing we got after that was a 2 second montage of Molly walking into Baker St.

S: So?

Me: So?! What happened? One minute she’s crying, Sherlock’s smashing a coffin and then she’s all smiles. WTF?

S: They’re not going to show that. I thought you preferred British television over American? British television is always more subtle.

Me: I know, but still – they could have given something more than a stupid montage.

S: They got married. That wasn’t hard to figure out.

Me: What? LOL!

S: Molly has always loved him, anyone who watched the show could see that. Sherlock is probably the most emotionally constipated fictional character ever written - Spock doesn’t count because he’s Vulcan - and he finally realized he loves her too. Probably always has. They’ve been building this up from the beginning. Didn’t you ever pay attention to all the stuff he pulled? Sabotaging her date before he knew that guy was his enemy? He told her to give up on relationships. It’s not like he was joking, although it was funny. He’s literal about that stuff. He didn’t want her to date because he couldn’t cope, it was about him, not her. T really loved that part – wished he would have thought about it when he was trying to date me. Then there’s Sherlock’s temper tantrums, and getting her to do things he could do himself. It’s typical stuff men do when they’re jealous or stupid. They think they’re being smart, like no one can see through all their crap.

Me: Looking at it that way, he probably broke up her engagement, too.

S: Oh, you know he did. T called it right away. What episode was that, where he told her how important she was and basically had eye sex with her. If it had been any other woman they probably would have burst out laughing. What a guy move.

Me: Ummm, the one where he came back, that one? And, btw, I wouldn’t have laughed if Benedict Cumberbatch was staring into my eyes.

(okay, this is literally the most surreal convo I’ve ever had with my sister. I had. no. idea. she even thought about stuff like this.)

S: Well, he’s not Benedict Cumberbatch, he’s Sherlock, lol! Not real life, remember? And, yes, that’s the episode. After that scene T said, 'her engagement just ended.’ Thought it was a smooth move. I’m telling you, this is typical guy stuff.

Me: He probably caused her to doubt herself.

S: It doesn’t matter, it wouldn’t have lasted anyway. It was over when Sherlock came back.

Me: So, why do you think they got married?

S: How old is Sherlock and these guys? Mid to late 30’s? What do you think he’s going to do? Start dating? He’s not going to do that. He can barely cope with what he does feel and Molly is patient and independent enough to be his partner and she’s not needy. Which is good because he is.

Me: So you didn’t see her as weak with unrequited love?

S: Where would you get that idea? Who cares if she’s loved him the whole time. It’s not like she sat around waiting for him to do something about it. She has life and must have felt he cared too, otherwise she wouldn’t have stuck around. She’s not one of our girlfriends who has no self-will or independent thought, and lives in a constant state of angst because her boyfriend or husband is horrible and we have to constantly tell her to leave. It’s not real life. Besides, Molly is sane and helps him connect to people and the world, like John does. Speaking of which, wasn’t it the episode before this one where John gave Sherlock that big speech about how a relationship would make him complete?

Me: Yep, he did. But, he was talking about Irene Adler.

S: Oh, she doesn’t matter.

Me: No?

S: He doesn’t love her. She’s every guy’s fantasy, it’s not real. T still believes Drew Barrymore will adore him if they ever met. Keep dreaming, big guy. Anyway, the writer’s set up some big dramatic relationship thing with John’s speech. So, you knew something was going to happen between Sherlock and Molly.

Me: It’s called foreshadowing.

S: Sherlock is completely ignorant about how to do relationships and love. He trusts Molly with his feelings and heart – she kept his secret for two years about being dead - and now that he knows how much he loves her, why would he let her go? He wouldn’t do that. The only way to keep her around is to marry her. At least that’s what I think. Or, maybe they live together forever…although if I were Molly he’d have to come to my place because it’s so much nicer and she can make him leave when he’s annoying or too clingy. Besides, his place is too dangerous and it’s more like an office than a home.

Me: I just read an interview this morning from Steven Moffat, the show’s creator and writer, who said that Molly was wounded by what happened, but Sherlock was devastated. He went on to say Sherlock apologized, Molly called him a 'bastard’ and they got over it. Then he added that Molly probably had a drink and shagged someone. What the hell, right?

S: That doesn’t sound like the character I saw, but then you probably shouldn’t take stuff like this so literally. I’m sure Sherlock apologized and you could see he was devastated. She almost died – I mean, I was holding my breath and wondering if they were going to kill her. Honestly, that was the most heart-pounding part of the whole episode. Of course he was devastated, but Molly was really hurt. She thought he was making fun of her and they both thought that whatever they did have together was over at the end of that scene. Maybe what the writer is saying is that they had sex together? That would make more sense after something this horrific. Wouldn’t you? I know it’s not real life, but if you were Sherlock and realized you loved someone and that person almost died, those emotions are powerful, overwhelming and mess with your mind. They probably had sex first and then he told her what happened. You know, like couples have sex after they argue.

Me: I didn’t realize you were such a romantic.

S: The whole show is a romance, with some mysteries thrown in. It’s not Hollywood, it’s very subtle. I thought you minored in English composition and literature? You should know this stuff.

Me: I do, but just thought I’d get your take. Hey, let me ask you one more thing…there’s this idea that John moved back into Baker St.

S: Why would he do that?

Me: Probably because he did that in the books, only it was very different because they (S / J) were much older and Mary had already been dead for a long time. Of course John didn’t have a kid in the books, at least not that anyone knew of. Although, I think there’s some pastiches that suggest, or give him, a child.

S: I can’t think why that character would do something so dumb and irresponsible. He’s smarter than that. Baker St isn’t safe for a baby and why would he or Sherlock want a baby around all the time?  It’s Sherlock’s office with a bedroom. His kitchen is contaminated and he keeps body parts around. They meet clients and really dangerous people come there. Plus, John has his own house. If he did anything, maybe he should experience what single mother’s go through and have to take care of his child after working all day and saying 'no’ to things because he has to put his child first. I understand people helping out right after Mary died. Mom had all kinds of help after our dad died, remember? But, this isn’t RL and he and Sherlock have their 'the game is on’ thing, so the baby is going to be sent to be with others.

*** Pretty much the end of of our convo, unless someone wants to hear about how we planned an outing at Sephora and met for lunch…. Probably not, right?

Phone call from daughter, who is known as 'K’ – another casual viewer.

K: So, did you watch?

Me: Of course. Watching it again, to be honest. What did you think? Just give me the Molly / Sherlock low down.

K: Wow, he really lost his shit, didn’t he?

Me: Yup.

K: I honestly thought they were going to kill Molly.

Me: I was a bit worried too. So, what do you think ended up happening between them? We were only given a few seconds.

K: They got married or living together.

Me: Have you been talking with your aunt?

K: No, why?

Me: Because she said the same thing.

K: It’s the only thing that makes sense.

Me: Why do people keep saying that?

K: What else is Sherlock gonna to do? He could barely do stuff without her before he knew he loved her, and now that he knows, it’s not like he’d let her disappear.

Me: Wow, I guess something’s just aren’t that obvious to me. (just kidding, of course)

K: Yeah, well, you don’t watch much television, so maybe you don’t notice stuff.

Me: You don’t think they’d date for a while, that sort of thing?

K: Why? Like Mike (her boyfriend) said – Sherlock just got played by two women.

Me: I don’t understand.

K: The evil sister set up the test for Sherlock to get Molly to say I Love You, right?

Me: Yeah.

K: But, that’s not what it was about. Molly wouldn’t say it until he said it first, because she thought he was playing a game and making fun of her. But, his sister had been watching Molly and maybe watching Sherlock too and knew Molly loved him but would never say 'I love you’ unless Sherlock said it first. But, Sherlock is thinking he just has to get Molly to say it, when the real game was about getting him to say it. But, he’s not going to say it, he won’t even consider it, because he’s an emotional dwarf. So, the only way to get him to say it was knowing Molly wouldn’t, thereby applying the appropriate pressure needed for him to grow the fuck up and get some balls. Well, that’s what Mike said, but I agree. Molly didn’t know she was being played, but his theory still works.

Me: So, his sister played Dolly Levi.

K: No, she’s just bat-shit, fucking crazy and didn’t care. She wanted the thrill of the ride. She doesn’t understand emotional attachment

Me: But, why married?

K: Maybe not married, but they’re definitely living together in a committed relationship for life. Sherlock isn’t capable of anything less. I mean, he could be, he is smart, but I doubt it. God, mom, he railroads her all the time. He would literally implode if she went off and found someone else. I mean, think about the few genius people you know. They have no idea how to do shit and need normal people to help them.

Me: I don’t think he’s that bad off.

K: Maybe not, but he was shooting up all last season because he couldn’t cope with the changes with his friends. John got married, Molly was engaged. He was able to be part of John’s life, but not Molly’s. And he spent most of this season high as a kite. He almost overdosed on the jet when they shipped him off for killing that guy.

Me: Part of that was because Mary asked him to save John.

K: Yeah, but not the jet part. He doesn’t cope with loss and there were other ways to help John. He was dying, mom – headed toward renal failure. Maybe now that he has those memories about his sister, he’ll be able to do better and won’t have the need to self-anesthesize. Plus, he finally understands he loves Molly, like really loves her and being with her helps him stay grounded – she keeps him centered. It takes a village to raise Sherlock.

Me: True dat. So the coffin part was pretty intense.

K: It was. But, he was scared, emotionally vulnerable and couldn’t manage what he was feeling. He had to vent and the coffin was handy. I also think he realized how much he’s hurt Molly. Not just the phone call, but all the other stuff he’s done. She couldn’t trust him and almost died because of it. He got to see what he caused, the consequences of his bullshit. He didn’t know that. He never connected the emotional dots about why she couldn’t say 'I love you’. So, yes, I think he married her and probably will never, ever do another thing to cause her any doubt. His life is too dangerous to put his bullshit on her, leaving her not knowing when he’s being a douche and doing his fakey mcfakerson shit, or being serious. And, why wouldn’t Molly want marriage or a committed life with him? She’s been on the ride since the beginning and it’s better for both of them to be on the same page. They’re both kinda lost without the other.

Me: Right on. So, the I love you was real?

K: Later, mom.


So, there ya have it. Two perspectives from non-fandom people. I love Sherlollians, even the ones who don’t know they’re one. : )

I’d Rather Choke: 3

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Sorry for the two-week delay! This post should explain what happened.

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Pairing: Yuta/Reader (Female)

Series/Fluff/ANGST/smUT/College AU

Warnings: Cursing/minor sexual content/like it’s barely there/it’s just at the end and it isn’t bad so please read it/it has importance to it 

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Only Look At Me - GD

You slammed the door as soon as you got of the limo and you took big steps avoiding the fans and the paparazzi taking pictures of you, as soon as you got into the elevator you waited for the doors to close but before that happened Jiyong made his way in and stood in front of you, he looked mad really mad, but you didn’t care you were angrier, he looked at you waiting for you to talk, but you refused to meet his eyes so you kept your stare at the doors of the elevator.

Today was supposed to be a special night, it was the opening of your art and photography gallery, a lot of people went, including famous people, including the big bang members 2ne1 and a lot of YG artists, since you have been dating with jiyong for three years now you have become really popular and loved by the YG family especially with the members of IKON and Winner since you were friends with Bobby and Mino, but not only ji yong had arrived two hours late he also decided to make a scene in front of all your friends just because you were having a nice conversation with Mino who of course was left embarrassed and humiliated, his reason? He thought you were flirting with him.

“You’ll have to talk to me someday” he said with a still harsh tone, you rolled your eyes and walked past him when the elevator made a stop in your shared pent house, you ignored gaho and went straight for your room closing the door behind you, you were beyond mad, he couldn’t do this to you he didn’t have the right to, just last week you two had a strong argument because he went out with Kiko Mizuhara he claimed they were just friends but after looking at the pictures of them two dancing and one of her kissing his neck you begged to differ, he couldn’t become jealous when you have done nothing to make him feel that way, you were just talking with mino and he was at a reasonable distance, the worst thing of all is that he was drunk, not so drunk to pass out but drunk enough for you to smell the alcohol coming from his mouth.

After you took all your clothes and grabbed a loose shirt, you sat down in your bed and cried, tonight had been a disaster, you wanted to remember this night forever finally people would enjoy your art and your photography but now it was ruined by the person you thought would be the love of your life.

You were so lost in your thoughts and with your head buried in your hands you hadn’t notice that jiyong had entered the room, you looked up when gaho started to lick your hand, he looked horrible, he had his hair messed up he looked pale and his eyes wore under eye bags, you looked at him waiting for his apology.

“I’m sorry” and there it was “I am really sorry I was caught up in work and I haven’t noticed that it was getting late, but I made it didn’t i?” you looked at him shocked “you are such a fucking asshole” you said pausing and extending every word he looked at you confused “really jiyong? Is that the best you got? This was going to be the most important night of my life and not only you arrived late and drunk but you also had the nerve to make a scene in front of my family and my friends and you are saying sorry for arriving two hours late?” he narrowed his eyes “you shouldn’t have flirted with him” you scoffed and you got up, not wanting to keep arguing you picked up your bag and you started to throw in some of your clothes while jiyong stood there and watched.

“What are you doing?” “What do you think I’m doing? I’m leaving I don’t want to see your face anymore I’m done we are done” you said closing your bag, but before you could put it on the ground jiyong hugged you from behind trapping your arms “let me go” you screamed and you felt him shake his head “no, I’m not letting you go” “Jiyong stop it let me go” he let go of you for a moment but when you turned around he got to his knees and hugged you legs you were about to say something when he started to cry.

“I’m sorry jagi please forgive me, I love you and even if I don’t want to admit it I get scared some times, scared that I will lose you and that you will leave me for some other guy someone who is better than me, younger and more talented, I never got this jealous before and I know it’s not your fault but I am insecure and I need you, please you have to forgive me I don’t know what would I do without you, I need you” he cried with his face in your legs.

You couldn’t hold it any longer “it’s not fair JIyong I don’t do anything to hurt you, I never go near any boys you don’t know in fear that you might get jealous, I only speak with youngbae seungi daesung and seunghyun tonight mino was telling me about a project he had and he wanted my help with it, you know he has a girlfriend and you know that I would never cheat on you, but you go out with your friends and get drunk and meet other girls and I cannot tell you how much that hurts me in fear that you will get mad, it is not fair to me” he looked at you with sad eyes.

“I am not breaking up with you, I just need some time on my own to think about what I want” he stands up and nods “and you should think really hard, do you really love me or you just don’t want to be alone?” he stepped aside.

You grabbed your bags and before you left you kissed his cheek “I love you oppa” and with that you left the apartment leaving gaho and a crying jiyong.

Current Circumstances - Isaiah Jesus

(gif credit to @bonniebirdsgifcentre)

Hey could you do a part 3 of not again and sweetie with Isaiah? Where the reader finds out she’s pregnant, but doesn’t tell Isaiah. Instead she tries to convince him to marry her. When he refuses she goes to a women to ‘deal’ with it. You could decide if he finds out and stops her or only finds out after 😘 love your writing btw xx 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Warning for abortion/termination, but super fluffy ending.

A hurried knock at the door wakes Isaiah with a start and he scrambles to pull on some trousers before the incessant knocking wakes his father.

“Alright, alright, I’m coming,” he hisses, straightening the bottoms on his hips before throwing open the door to find her there.

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Bad Combo (Evan Hansen x Reader)

TW; purging, abusive parents, HAPPY ENDING

AN; I will hug all of you. This was hard to write and I’m sorry it’s short.

WC; 881

You hovered over the toilet, vomit dripping from your mouth. Tears were rolling down your face. You felt disgusting. You knew there was still food inside of you, and you just wanted it out. You couldn’t hear Evan crawling into your room over the sound of your blaring music. The music was to block out your screaming parents, who barely knew you existed. All they did was fight and throw things. Drink and hit you. You were preparing to shove your fingers into the back of your throat and force the food out of your stomach when the bathroom door swung open slowly.

“(Y/n)?” Evan said loudly, trying to talk over the music. “Oh, oh god.”

You looked up and let your hair fall behind your shoulders. Evan knelt next to you, scanning your face with wide eyes. He reached over for some toilet paper and gently wiped the vomit from your mouth.

“I’m disgusting.” You whispered, a scowl on your face.

“No, no,” Evan whispered. “God no, you’re not disgusting.”

Evan had tears falling down his face, more than you had cried all together tonight. Evan pulled you into his arms and sat with his back against the bathroom door.

“Why- why would-” Evan stammered, his face buried in your hair.

“They-they tell me I’m not s-skinny enough.” You whispered, talking about your parents. A shaky sigh came from Evan, and he held you up so you were looking him in the eyes.

“You’re perfect.” Evan said, an odd wave of confidence in his crying eyes.

“You’re you, and that’s perfect.” Evan held you in his arms until the sun was shining through the single bathroom window. He had fallen asleep, so you were just laying in his arms silently. Your eyes were planted on a fading bruise on your wrist, from where your mother had dragged you by the wrist so tightly she left finger prints. You hadn’t noticed Evan was awake until a finger gently traced the bruises.

“Did your mom do that?” Evan asked, his voice soft.

“No.” You mumbled, a sigh coming through your lips. “Yes.”

Evan took a shaky breath as he interlaced his hands with yours. “Come-Come live with me, please.” Evan pleaded, squeezing your hand.

“Evan-” you whispered. “I can’t. Your family is just barely making it, I can’t do that to you guys.”

“Please, (y/n), please. I’ll do anything for you, I’ll get another job, I’ll sell everything I own.” Evan begged, tears gathering in his eyes.

“You deserve so much more, so so much more. So much that not even the richest man could give you.” Evan mumbled, setting his chin on your shoulder Evan treated you like a goddess, even though you saw yourself as so much less.

“It’s just a bad combo,” You whispered, trying to convince yourself. “Some people have it worse.”

“A bad combo?” Evan’s voice cracked. “Please, let me help you, I love you so much.”

A tear slipped down your face and you nodded lightly. Evan sighed of relief, glad you were finally going to let him help you.

“Can-Can we get your stuff today? I want you safe as soon as possible.” Evan asked, letting go of your hands and wrapping his hands around your body.

“Okay.” You mumbled, listening to the silence. “Okay.”

Evan eventually got up from embracing you and left with you to go get his car. When you drove back Evan quickly packed all of your things before your parents could wake up from their drunken sleep. You left a note, and told them not to look for you. You knew they wouldn’t, anyways.

When Heidi came home that night, she was more than confused. She was willing to let you live with them as long as you wanted as long as you could help around. Evan unpacked your stuff into his room, insisting you stay in the same room as him. You shyly accepted and ended up cuddling together every night. Heidi wasn’t home much, but you and Evan had been going strong for a year. Every Friday was movie and pizza night, and sometimes Jared would come over. You got to finally meet the people in Evan’s life. Your parents had never looked for you, but you realized you didn’t need them to be happy. You kept making yourself throw up for a while until Evan slowly helped you break the habit and feel better about yourself. Evan had changed your life for the better- hell, he had practically saved it. You would never tell him or anybody else, but one day you wanted to marry him. It was another late night where you both lie awake in each others embrace, whispering back and forth.

“Evan?” You whispered, a smile shining through your voice.

“Yes?” He whispered back, holding you against his bare chest.

“I love you.” You kissed his chest and closed your eyes, burying your face into his chest.

“I love you too, beautiful.” Evan smiled, putting his hands in your hair and kissing your head.

I’ll Always Think of You -- Billy Hargrove

Written by @rune-of-a-writer

Request: “Billys dad finding him with a top, billy to scared to stop his dad from beating the hell out of the guy, maybe max could help and Billys just crying as his step mom and dad and max find out his dark dark secret. ITS SO ANGSTY I FEEL BAD AND I WOULD LIKE IT IF IT ENDED IN MAJOR FLUFF” “Hey regarding the imagine I sent in where billy gets caught with a top, I was thinking it could be in cali pre moving I HIGH KEY AS WELL THINK THATS THE REASON THEY MOVED”

Warnings: Violence, abuse, cursing, homophobia

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Male!Reader

Summary: It was his worst nightmare coming true; and he couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Word Count: 1,866

Listen To: Your Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy

Gif Creds: @xananeedscoffeed

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Arrested (Cop AU)

Characters: Cop!Dean x Reader, 

Word Count: 3,706

Warnings: angst, fluff (tiny bit, if you squint), talk of being abused in foster homes, jumping from foster home to foster home, talk of other children being abused in the foster homes, getting in trouble and arrested, mentions of a girl being abused by a drunk man in a bar, bar fight, etc.

Summary: You get arrested all the time but never getting charged. You know almost everyone at the station. But is it because you like getting into trouble? Or is it so much more than that?

Author’s Note: This is for @teamfreewill-imagine‘s 21st Birthday Challenge. I got the spot for Police Officer and this is what came of it. I hope you like it!

This was beta’d by the lovely @crispychrissy! Thank you darling! If you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite! If you want to request a fic, please send them in! I love writing what you guys want!

Feedback is always appreciated

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Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

“Poor woman, she has no idea what is happening to her.” You glanced at the bartender to see her looking at something behind you. You dared to look back and frowned when you saw a very small and petite woman getting ambushed by a couple of drunk and much older men.

You glared, seeing how scared she was, sensing she was not comfortable with what was going on. You’ve been in this situation before and you knew what it was like to be her. You needed to do something.

“Why don’t you stop it?” You asked the bartender.

“They aren’t breaking any of our rules. We have three rules here, no fighting, don’t get naked, and don’t get too drunk where you can’t stand but everyone breaks that last rule.” She said, cleaning some glasses.

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A quickie for @booksandlgbtqia before the new episode! 

This is an idea that I’ve been playing around with for a while but I haven’t had a chance to write yet. I might write a full one shot for this later; we’ll see. 

Jon hates feeling helpless. He hates sitting here, next to his wife, while she suffers unimaginable pain and he can do nothing to help her. 

And he fears, with every moment that passes, that she slips away from him to a place he can’t reach. 

The midwife comes back with a glass of water and Jon tries not to notice how her face is drawn and tight with worry. It takes a minute for Dany to focus on her, and another for her to take the water. “Please, your Grace. You need to keep your strength up.” Dany drinks, but reluctantly-as if she’s forgotten how to do it. A couple of drops spatter on the bedsheets and he wipes them away hurriedly; they mingle with the blood there. There’s so much blood. 

“Are we any closer?” It must be the thousandth time he’s asked the question in the last few hours, when progress seemed to stall to a halt.

“A quarter of an inch, maybe less. Your Grace, I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m doing all that I can but…after what happened last time-”

“Do all you can for her. Please.” He tries to keep the edge of pleading out of his voice but he doesn’t succeed. 

“Of course.” She hurries off to get more hot towels and he wishes his siblings were here-but they took the children to get something to eat and they haven’t returned yet. He’s glad they’re getting some fresh air but the room feels so dark without them-the situation bleak and hopeless. 

He can’t lose her. Not like this. 

He should have said no. They shouldn’t have even entertained the idea, much less brought it to fruition. Sam had said another pregnancy would be hard but they’d been optimistic and hopeful. He’d thought that would be enough, especially when the pregnancy had been surprisingly easy-certainly easier than Elaena, maybe even easier than Daeron. But she went into labor more than a day ago (a month or two earlier than expected) and they’re still here, still waiting. There’s something wrong; no one knows what it is and no one knows how to help her, but the baby is still inside and Dany is quickly losing her strength. 

He squeezes her hand. Come back to me. Please. “Just a little bit longer. You’re nearly there.” 

Another contraction rips through her body and she cries out in pain. It makes him flinch, like a physical wound. Her eyes are teary and her fingers dig into his palm so hard he can feel them draw blood. “It hurts, Jon,” she says in little more than a whisper. 

“I know. But you’re nearly there. We’re nearly there. And then it will be over.” Don’t look at the blood don’t look at the blood…

Are you comfortable?”

He wants her to snap at him the way she did last night. Seven hells, Jon. I’ve been in labor for more than a day and this godforsaken baby has barely moved. I’m perfect lovely. But she doesn’t; she barely looks at him. And he knows that she’s trying, as hard as she can. He just doesn’t know if this time it will be enough. 

Don’t leave your children motherless. “You do know that if there was a way I could bear the pain for you-”

She shakes her head, eyes barely focused, and screams as she pushes again. They make some headway, finally, and Jon almost cries with relief; it’s more than they’ve seen in hours. 

Just then Sam comes in and Jon starts with surprise. It’s so unexpected to see him here; usually he leaves childbirth to the midwifes. But his face is graver than he’s ever seen it, since he had to tell him about the first miscarriage. “Jon, I’ve been reading-”

“Sam, this isn’t the time-”

“Listen to me.” His voice is strong but firm, filled with quiet authority, and it makes Jon shut his mouth instantly. “She’ll die if we don’t do something-and the baby might too.”

Jon’s hands clench the bedsheets so hard his knuckles whiten. “Are you just realizing this?”

“So last night I started looking through the palace libraries and…I can’t say it’s not dangerous, it’s probably the second most dangerous thing I’ve ever tried to do-”

“And?” His patience is already fraying, ready to snap.

“I…have to cut the baby out of her.”

For just a moment, the cacophony of noise and fear in his head quietens because that…makes no sense. “What?” 

It’s mentioned a few times in old tomes. It’s risky, painful, and it has to be done very carefully…but there are instances of success. And it’s better than just sitting here and letting her bleed out!”

“But you want to cut into her stomach?” 

“Yes, in the simplest of terms.”


Sam is already making milk of the poppy on the other side of the room, no longer paying attention to him. “We don’t have time for this, Jon.”

“Is there any historical precedence for this? You might kill her! ”

“The baby is doing a fine job of that already.”

He wants to retaliate again, but Dany speaks-and even though her voice is weak and wavering, he stops talking immediately. “Sam.”

“Yes, your Grace?”

“This idea of yours…if you perform it correctly, do you think that you can save the baby?”

“It’s risky. I can’t make any promises-”

“But it should work? You healed Jorah’s greyscale, when no one had ever done it before-”

“If everything goes as planned. There’s no margin for error-”

“Do it. Please.” 

Jon stiffens. “Are you sure about this? It will be painful.” He pushes a piece of her sweaty blonde hair out of her eyes, mingling with her tears.

She nods, and her eyes are the clearest they’ve been all day. “Seven hells, Jon. This entire ordeal has been painful. I’m sure I can handle a little more. And if it saves our child…”

“But I can’t lose you.” Not after they both lost their mothers to childbirth, both grew up motherless. 

“Sam. As your Queen, I command you.” He nods quickly and leaves the room for his tools and Jon suspects he’s already been swept to the side. 

Dany turns back to him, breathing hard-though whether from pain or fear or both he can’t begin to guess. “I’m scared, Jon.”

“I am, too.” He can’t lose another child-but he especially can’t lose her. 

“If something happens, I want you to promise me-”

The words shoot through him like lightning. “No. No, don’t say that to me. You won’t die-”

She barrels on like she doesn’t hear him. “Don’t let the grief take you. Take care of the children. Dry their tears and hold them when they wake from their nightmares and sing them lullabies and-” Her voice breaks and he can see the fear in her eyes. And that, more than anything, chills him to the bone. 

He kisses her, even though he knows it’s the wrong time. “I will. I promise I will. But you don’t need to think about that, you don’t need to worry…Sam will heal you, you’ll be all right, both of you-” The words are flowing out but he knows they’re not enough, they’ll never be enough-

Sam comes in with a basket of nasty looking tools (but at least they look clean) and gives Jon a long and meaningful look. I’d kill myself before I’d hurt her. You know I would. 

He gives a small nod. I know. 

Your Graces, it’s time…”

The procedure is long and nervewracking; Jon is on the edge of his seat the entire time, with Dany every step of the way-whenever she cries out, whenever she draws in a ragged breath of fear or pain, whenever Sam hesitates and he wonders if this is it, if he’s made the fatal mistake. 

But somehow, miracle of miracles, it works. The birthing bed is ruined, filled with blood, but Dany is alive and he says she’ll be all right within a few days. And their daughter, Visenya, is small and a little sickly (Sam thinks she’ll be that way for the rest of her life) but she’s breathing and her heart’s beating and that’s what matters. 

They don’t have a moment alone, the way they did with their previous children Rhaneyra, Daeron, and Elaena; Sam and the midwife are in and out taking care of Dany and the baby and Jon’s often pushed to the side. But he doesn’t mind. She’s alive. They’re both alive and what else is more important than that?

When he goes out into the hallway to tell the rest of his family and friends he’s practically shaking from relief. The other children want to see their mother and sister but he decides to make them wait, just for now, until things are more stable. But he reassures them that Daenerys is well and their younger sister is lovely. 

Somehow, they make it through that night. 

He never leaves her side. The exhaustion and fear never catches up with him; it won’t until later, when they’re both sleeping in their own bed again and the world is back to normal. but their love is true and real and it’s enough. 

Later, when Sam insists they both get some rest, Jon pulls up a couch next to her and lies down so he can face her (even tired and sweaty she still looks radiant) and sings her the same lullabies he’s heard her sing to the children so many times. 

I don’t presume to be a medical expert-though giving the circumstances it might be fine. But then again, if anyone can preform a c-section it’s ‘cures’ greyscale’ Samwell Tarly lol.

Enjoy the new episode!

1 off of 2k. Well shit. 


The first thing Dex notices about Nursey is that he’s disgustingly gorgeous. The second is his tattoo.

The first thing Nursey notices, apparently, is that Dex has noticed. He hikes up his sleeve to give Dex a better look. “You like it?”

“Yeah,” Dex says, “it’s nice,” and it is, but that’s not why he’s looking. He’s heard of guys doing ink to embellish their soulmark, and, well, he has to wonder. Because Nursey is the best-looking guy Dex has ever seen, and because Dex’s soulmark lives in a similar place – high up on his own arm, wedged underneath so it can’t be seen unless Dex lifts his arm above his head. His heart thuds dully as he stares at Nursey’s ink and wonders if this could be it.

Then Nursey opens his mouth and breaks Dex’s heart.

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