cries a lot over them


iKON’s maknae: Jung Chanwoo [P2/?]

“Chanwoo will take a picture if the members are drowning. Actually, we went to the sea to swim before and I fell into a deep part and was struggling. At that time when Chanwoo saw me, he started taking pictures.” - Junhoe

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The signs after a breakup

Aries: acts cool, enjoys the freedom and spends a lot of time with their friends, but cries when alone

Taurus: becomes less cheerful and talkative, might isolate themselves, probably will admit how sad they are if you ask them

Gemini: goes through the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance

Cancer: sometimes randomly talks about the person, wants to tell everything to someone to feel better, is suddenly really quiet and doesn’t want to enter a new relationship at first

Leo: pretty cool about it, might even talk to that person, like say ‘hi!’ and stuff, but won’t get close or care about the person ever again

Virgo: acts cold, never lets anyone see that they’re sad, probably still keeps the things they got from their ex and cries when no one’s watching

Libra: sad, you can just see it on them, they’re less cheerful and might become pretty introverted and doubt starting a new relationship

Scorpio: still thinks and talks about the person, is curious what they’re up to and cries quite often, it will take them a lot of time to get over someone

Sagittarius: most of the time cool about it, but then suddenly they find themselves thinking about the person and it just makes them sad

Capricorn: listens to songs that remind them of that person, thinks about them, doesn’t really talk to anyone the first few days, but once they move one, they really do

Aquarius: refuses to talk about the person or the break up in general, avoids everything that reminds them of the person

Pisces: most likely it will take them a lot of time to get over the person and enter a new relationship, will keep stuff from them and isolate themselves a lot

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Can you rec me some up and coming classic fics?? (Does that make sense?? Like fics that are recent and have already gained some great traction?? Lol) hidden gems is what I think I'm trying to say , thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

it makes sense, but i feel like a lot of these could already be considered classics (cough HITA cough)! also, i’m COMPLETELY biased, because these are fics i’ve personally enjoyed and loved and screamed and cried over. a lot of other people might not like them, but these are fics that, if i could look into the future, i could imagine on the same level as LIARB or Escapade or any of those other amazing, unique masterpieces! (i’m also gonna include fics that i WISH would be given HEAPS more attention at the end because they deserve to be classics imo)

Love Triangle - Final (Jensen x Reader)

Originally posted by jmaclean

Characters: Jensen Ackles x Female Reader, Daughter!OC Gracely

Warnings: Fluff, some cussing

Word Count: 671 (short for the last part, sorry)

Catch up! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

(Before reading, I just want to say thank you for everyone who has read this and gave me such kind words. I love you all so much!)


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HDL Future HC’s

Thought i’d contribute, let me know what you think!

Future Ducks ideas/hc’s

• When the triplets grew up, they all had different ideas of what they wanted to do with their lives and they couldn’t stay together due to conflicts. They went their separate ways.
• Huey is a family man, and he has two daughters. One is 7 and the other is a newborn. He works as a camp counselor and a survivalist guide. He adores nature and children. He’s a bit of a tree hugger, he’s responsible, mature, very smart, and he still has his sense of adventure. He takes after “smarter than the smarties” part of scrooge and his responsibility comes from Donald.
• Dewey is following in Scrooge’s footsteps. He is an adventurer full time. He has a whole group of friends that he adventures with, including Webby. He doesn’t have a wife or kids, but he’s had a few flings with Webby that he’d rather not talk about. He goes out and finds lost treasure and artifacts, and brings them back to his Uncle Scrooge. He’s slightly taller than his brothers and very fit and muscular.
• Louie is a bit of a freelancer most of the time, but he also works for a big company that he got through Scrooge. He is very witty, cunning, and charming, and he is very well respected around the office. He is in charge of the company’s income and sales rates, and DAMN is he good at it. He also makes art and music on his own time to make money, and some of his work has been featured in art shows around Duckburg.
• Huey’s daughters don’t know about their two uncles.
• They only ever see each other at family gatherings, and they always have a great time together.
• They don’t talk to each other as often as they’d like to, mostly because they’re always busy, but they still love each other dearly.
• Uncle Scrooge becomes bedridden, and when the triplets aren’t busy, they come to visit him with their uncle Donald.
• The triplets come to visit very often, but Dewey always stays longer than his brothers.
• Scrooge is extremely close to all three of them, but he and Dewey always had a closer bond.
• After Uncle Scrooge died, they were devastated. Dewey especially.
• Scrooge left the Mansion and all his money to Donald and the triplets, but they didn’t touch it and kept it locked away like Scrooge would have wanted. Donald stayed in the Mansion and offered the boys to live there, but they refused.
• Dewey took his top hat, Louie took his coat, and Huey took his cane.
• Dewey wears the top hat on all of his adventures.
• When Dewey and Louie meet Huey’s daughters for the first time, they almost started crying.
• Except Dewey actually cried.
• Like a lot.
• Donald talks to each one of them every day over the phone, and he sends them cute pictures he finds online.
• Huey wears polo shirts and flannels (sometimes both)
• Dewey wears almost safari gear, he also wears combat boots.
• When Louie isn’t working, he just wears a tank top or a hoodie.
• At some point, they have to share a bed together. At first they’re very reluctant, but they end up having the best sleep of their lives. They always shared a bed as kids or at least slept in the same room.
• Louie mixes monster and coffee
• Webby still talks to all of them, and she tells them about how much they miss each other.
• Donald and Mrs. Beakly take care of the mansion and the money bin, Launchpad is still a pilot.
• Huey loves snakes
• Huey and Dewey sometimes go hunting for Cryptids
• Louie is always in charge of babysitting his nieces, and he absolutely spoils them

haaaaaa self indulgent role play picture 

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Since more than 3 requests have been done & the askbox is open, I would like to request! Can I request the "S/o taking a blow for the character and saying something sweet to said character" for Fatgum, Kirishima & Amajiki? I seem to be a sucker for this idea

You sure can!! <3 


  • He’s rather surprised when his s/o takes a hit for him, considering what his quirk is! He immediately shields them from anymore damage, retreating to safety. He clings onto them tightly, not wanting to let go. 
  • He visits them a lot while they’re recovering, but he’s not very talkative. He cries a lot when his s/o admits that they “couldn’t lose you, not like that” he holds them close, kissing their cheek, telling them that they don’t need to risk themselves like that. 

Kirishima Eijirou

  • His first reaction is one of fear and dread, he stiffens up for a minute before rushing over to grab his s/o. He’s crying as he gets them somewhere safe, most likely shouting for help along the way.
  • He cries a lot over his s/o, them getting hurt like that would weigh heavily on him. He breaks down when his s/o admits that “losing you would be so much more painful.” he clings to them, sobbing and telling them over and over that he’s sorry. Later on, he promises to become unbreakable so that they never have to do something like that again.

Amajiki Tamaki

  • He cries out his s/o’s name when he realises what’s happened, I can see him actually getting angry for a moment, taking care of whoever hit his s/o. Then, he crumples as picks his s/o up and attempts to get them to a hospital.
  • He needs a little encouraging to see his s/o after that, he feels guilty about them taking a hit for him. When he does, he’s quiet and anxious, gripping onto their hand. He holds them close as they tell him that “losing you would be a thousand times worse than this” muttering that he loves them and that he’ll try his hardest to make sure they never have to go through this again.

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Do you think Eric and Dylan cried over the shit that was happening to them a lot? I also saw on a few accounts that they self harmed with knifes

Yes, they cried.  I mean, who doesn’t?  I don’t even know if quantifying the act of crying ‘a lot’ versus ‘a little’ ? is even of consequence.  Like most boys, they resist the tears, act strong and silent, and then wait until they’re alone in their bedrooms where no one can witness the vulnerability they work so hard to conceal.

Sarah Slater said this:  “They just talked. Sometimes these conversations got emotional. “Dylan’d be on the phone with Zack or on the Internet,” says Sarah Slater, “and Zack would tell me they were crying about stuff.” 

Dylan’s mom gave an account of Dylan coming home from middle school crying and falling asleep under a pile of his stuffed animals.  So, here we have an actual account that not only did Dylan cry alone, he also commiserated in his misery with Zach, his true best friend.  I think given the self-loathing, frustrated scrawl within his journal, it’s pretty easy to envision Dylan regularly purging his emotions, ending up in tears late into the night when he should long be asleep and not incessantly ruminating while half-buzzed on a screwdriver. 

We know that Eric has cried. It seems a given that he cried quite a bit (by himself)  when his dog Sparky suffered seizures because I think for him, animals were likely an instant ‘in’ to his emotional vulnerability. And, of course, it was witnessed in a Basement Tape snippet that he shed silent tears down his cheek while filming, simultaneously venting and lamenting, before shutting off the video camera. 

Dylan: “I was Mr. Cutter tonight – I have 11 depressioners on my right hand now, & my favorite contrasting symbol, because it is so true & means so much.”​

Dylan unquestionably self harmed. His autopsy report and wound findings seem to indicate as such.   I’m not so sure about Eric self harming though I know people are convinced of this in their interpretation of his autopsy report.  To me, Eric just didn’t seem like that would be the type of stress relieving outlet he’d resort to.  Overall, it seemed Eric externalized his anger and pain instead of inflicting it upon his own self – i.e. punching holes in walls or blowing off steam by relishing and honing the hate within his journal.   To me, it’s clear that Dylan internalized the pain and rage into personalized sadness and Eric directed it outward, the pain and sadness became anger, directed at others and the world.  


There are tons of reasons to love the Correspondence arc, but one of my favorite things is how it focuses on Shinpachi and how Kirara shines a light on the bonds he has with Kondo, Hijikata, and Gintoki. 

We're Getting Deeper in This Mess

word count: 2.2k

genre: more 2012 angst (there’s a happy ending dw)

warnings: swearing? sexual references??

summary: songfic based on the quiet by troye sivan. things end and so they remain quiet. it’s deafening, but they’re too scared to say anything, so they remain distant. 

a/n: I hate this fic so much but i haven’t published anything in a while so here’s a songfic :)

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Adelaide: Hey, I’m Adelaide.

Julian: Julian. Nice to meet you. Brayan’s girlfriend?

Adelaide: No, just his civil friend. 

Tanner: But she wishes she was dad’s girlfriend. 

Adelaide: Tanner, please!

Tanner: But it’s true! You stare at each other like in those sappy love movies. 

Julian: What do you know about love movies?

Tanner: Dad watches those a lot and cries over them. 

Julian: Oh then Brayan and Shaowen are definitely twins. 

signs shipping/in a fandom
  • Aries: Defends the ship with their life, thinks about and obsesses over them all the time, is always talking about them, participates in and starts shipping wars
  • Taurus: Fawns over them like they are the ship's mother, protects them from hate, a bit more quiet about the shipping
  • Gemini: ships everything, is super excited to talk about whatever ship, probably owns a super popular side blog about their current otp, which changes a lot
  • Cancer: cries over them a lot, likes to read emotional fanfiction about them, sometimes participates in shipping wars but no matter what they always feel offended when it's over
  • Leo: broadcasts the ship everywhere, prolly is super active in the fandom, avid fanfic writer and artist who has a side blog
  • Virgo: popular fanfic writer, is always thinking about AUs and stuff, sort of a fandom celebrity
  • Libra: insanely awesome artist in the fandom, everyone knows them and has seen their artwork, is also super nice and well informed about fandom events and gossip
  • Scorpio: loner in the fandom who doesn't contribute much but is a die-hard fan of their otp and will protect them like they are their babies
  • Sagittarius: has a semi - popular side blog and writes fanfics sometimes. They are kind of a jack of all trades in the fandom
  • Capricorn: Author of the most famous fanfic in the entire fandom and is well known for that
  • Aquarius: everyone goes to them for gif sets and they also make fantastic edits and stuff so they are a super positive contribution to the fandom
  • Pisces: completely fandom obsessed and shows no sign of stopping. they have a lot of fandom friends and they are good at art and edits
  • (~MJ)

me: isolates self from any relationship activity because i am a Terrible Person who should be avoided and Not Loved

also me: imprints on people anyway, gets jealous over those people, thinks about them constantly, hates anyone who is flirty with them, explosive and furious if not given attention by them, has bpd episodes and cries a lot over people who are not mine