*and, i cried a little when i did it, but i’m ok…i guess (╥_╥)

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This is what heaven looks like.

Draw the squad meme done with the fabulous inefragueiro. Ine drew Michael and Freddie, and I drew Prince and David.

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shipping something in a shoujo: ends up canon in chapter 3 followed by trials of love over 6 seasons and a movie

shipping something in a shonen: actual torture they share casual glances that make your heart skip a beat that only happen after over 400+ chapters of fighting in between

I finally got to play Until Dawn on the weekend and loved it! I decided to draw my 2 faves, hopefully they’re recognisable… I struggled since I’ve never really referenced a character from such a realistic looking game XP

I also gave up half way through shading the clothes when I realised I had no idea what I was doing…

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any iwaoi fics you reccomend???