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Not only for my trans followers but also for everyone except Tr*mp ❤💕💗💞💘💌💋💓💙💜💛❤💙💓💗💗💜💋💖💘💓💞💓💙💋💗💚💌💕❤💚💓💘💕💌💚💗💚💗💙💗💓💋💜❤💖💖💞💕💘💘💓💓💞💓💘💚💕💘💓💋❤💕💋💙💙💜💓💗💓💛💙💓❤💕💘💞💜💛💛💜💕💕💞💜💘💛💛💗💋💓💓💞💚💙💞💛💞💓💙💗💓💜💓💕💓💚💛❤💕💗💚💘💜💜💗💕💛💚💙💚💛⭐💕❤💕💞💙💜💙💕❤💚💛💘💕💙💛❤💜💘💓💋

hi everyone – sorry for going mia the last few weeks. as some of you may know, i’ve been having issues with inspiration and muse and such lately, and this writers block just wouldn’t let up. i think i’ve lost inspiration for the harry potter universe entirely, and thus had struggled with putting together a decent reply that i could be satisfied with for awhile now. i absolutely loved being part of the crt family and have learned so much from writing and plotting with all the creative minds here, and you’ve all been so kind and lovely and welcoming. this has been the single best rp experience i’ve had since i started, and i hope i’ll be able to return at a later time in the coming months. but i don’t want to hog space and keep y’all waiting on replies and such. you can find me at my personal @snowy-writes and my skype is stay in touch babes <33

sleeping beauty excerpt

sometimes when yoongi is particularly trapped in his thoughts with regarding his curse, he tries to trace it back to when they moved, wonders if he elicited the deep ire of one of their more magic-prone moving truck companies, or something. but it’s such a specific kind of spell that he ends up deciding it must be more personal than that, but this makes no sense either. the people yoongi might have considered problems for him in the past? he hasn’t spoken to since his own adolescence. and anyway, they left first. he doesn’t, to his knowledge, think he has anything that would qualify as an enemy or even someone petulant and bitter enough to do such a thing. but here he is, drowsing off while jungkook draws the press of his nose from yoongi’s jaw up to his temple where he sniffs him, a twitch of movement that reminds yoongi of a rabbit.

“new conditioner,” jungkook observes and nuzzles closer, inhales deep while half crawling into yoongi’s lap, which makes it easy for yoongi to rest his hands at jungkook’s waist.

“good?” he hums.

“mm,” comes the approval and somehow jungkook ends up being the one who dozes off, face tucked into the curve of yoongi’s shoulder and neck.

“ridiculous,” he says, running his fingers through jungkook’s hair – pink at the tips, soft highlights he’s had for months now.

“that makes two of you,” namjoon comments as he passes through the living room, balancing two books (one open on top of a closed second), a mug of rose tea, and a file of papers under his arm. miraculously he doesn’t drop any of it, though his glasses slide so far down his nose, yoongi has to stifle a laugh.

sisters that go through traumatizing shit together stay together

so in golion their names were metals and I kinda wish they would’ve kept them