Finally! A collective bust picture of all my current Guild Wars 2 characters! (and some smaller close ups for a little more detail)

Rowef~ thief

  • enigmatic, connected to the dream audibly

Ven Kal~ mesmer

  • covert whispers agent

Amani Tendaji~ mesmer

  • sharp tongued, uninterested in wars

Blythe Crieg~ guardian

  • grandmotherly type, loves to cook

Æde~ necromancer

  • softspoken and polite, soundless

Hrabi Vaida~ guardian

  • Vigil trainee, anxious about the future

Eryn Leefay~ elementalist

  • hardened Lightbringer, focused to a point

Effilah~ ranger

  • motherly drifter, manipulative and self-serving

Kael Xor~ ranger

  • ex-alcoholic, optimistic and enthusiastic historian

Grauul Rah~ necromancer

  • crotchety old woman, deadly minion master

Jainis “Swordeater”~ warrior

  • teenage tryhard with a noble cause

Loggik~ ranger

  • polite inventor, exotic animal collector

Gevwick~ warrior

  • stalwart Vigil warmaster, fond of mudwrestling