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I want to bring you actual food at work, real food so you don’t have to eat hot dogs and donuts every night. And I want to just be in the same room as you and work on whatever I need to do for school, and just have you there. That sounds like some real lame shit, but that’s what I want. Maybe I can’t pay for your apartment or get you out of trouble – hell, I’m getting you in trouble, just being around – but I really want to be around.
—  Eren (1994)
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If this is you or you are someone else who would like to continue as John please contact me in my ask box. I would really like to continue this, I think it’s one of the best I’ve had with someone in a while. BTW I’m John and am looking for a different Sherlock if my original one doesn’t find this.

You: John Watson, a sixteen year old omega, tried his best to refrain from hitting anyone as he was taken by the handlers and escorted out onto the stage. He’d found out he was an omega at fourteen, his parents were kind about it though and whenever people asked they said they’d refuse to sell him, they’d been loving and careful with him. But he’d been stupid and had gone to a party with some of his friends, someone had slipped something into his drink and he’d blacked out. When he woke up he was being given to the omega dealers for the auction by a complete stranger. He’d been in a cell for a week and was now finally up to buy. The man at the podium smiled and described him briefly before starting the bids, “The starting bid is 300 quid, do we have any offers?” The man asked, John prayed no one would be interested in him, he tried to see what the audience looked like but the lights that were set to shine on the stage blocked any view.

Stranger: Sherlock raised a hand, bidding 400. He was quite fascinated with the boy. A beautiful one, he concluded.

You: John tried to see who had just bidded but couldn’t see, he began panicking as the first bid set off two more. One man bid 600 and another bid 800, he glared at the lights as the handlers hit the back of his legs so he fell to his knees in front of the crowd. He winced but didn’t dare make a sound.

Stranger: Sherlock sighed, he wanted this over with. He raised the bid to 2000. Waiting for anyone to dare outbid him again.

You: The crowd went silent as the other two bidders realized he was serious about the omega. The man with the gavel smiled, “2000 by the man in the blue scarf, do I hear any other bids? Going once, going twice…” he said and waited a moment before hitting his gavel with a bang, “Sold to the man in the blue scarf,” he said as the handlers lifted John to his feet and dragged him behind the stage for his new owner to collect him.

Stranger: Sherlock stood up and walked towards the back, paying the sufficient fund for his now owned omega.

You: John blinked a few times since his vision was a bit blurry from the bright lights and then looked up at his new owner as the handlers gave Sherlock the leash that was attached to the collar around his neck. He also had rope tied around his wrists that cut into his skin slightly, but he was used to it after the week he’d spend their. He took a moment to look at his owner, he was taller than John and had a dark curly mop of hair on the top of his head as well as the most interesting eyes John had ever seen.

Stranger: Sherlock gave a sigh. The ropes were obviously ruining the beautiful skin. He took John’s wrists and untied the rope, surveying the damage on his wrists.

You: John quickly took his hands away from his new owner and rubbed his wrists, he’d been studying to become a doctor so when he looked at them he knew although they looked quite red that it hadn’t broken the skin and didn’t need to be washed out. He looked up at his new owner and thought for a second about attacking him and trying to run but he saw all the guards around the entrances and knew there was no point trying to do anything unless he was alone or one on one. “Thank you…” he said quietly but his voice was dry and it hurt to talk from the dehydration.

Stranger: Sherlock quirked a brow when the omega pulled his hands away. He growled a bit and started walking, slowing down a bit occasionally waiting for the omega to follow.

You: John slowly walked behind him, he held his head low since he felt like he’d been stripped of his dignity. He smiled slightly as they got to the door and the guards opened it and the two walked outside, John’s feet hurt as they walked on the gravel since they’d taken his shoes. He winced but other than that showed no sign of his pain.

You: ((be right back, just getting something))

Stranger: Sherlock glanced at the boy seeing him wince. He surveyed the situation. He didn’t really like he’s stuff getting damaged. Sherlock then carried the boy bridal style, “You’re obviously a handful.” He commented but more to himself than to the omega.

Stranger: ((sure))

You: He felt uncomfortable with the alpha carrying him but didn’t object as they got to a expensive car with a driver in the front, he looked up to the alpha and looked him over again. It wasn’t surprising he was rich since he’d just bought him for 2000 quid.

Stranger: Sherlock didn’t actually push the boy to sit beside him. When he entered the car, he slid in wit the boy on his lap. Taking out his phone, he texted Mycroft informing him of his success in obtaining a pet.

You: John quickly slid off his lap and sat in the corner and hugged his knees to his chest. He only kept his head up enough so he could watch his new owner, he hadn’t spoken since he’d thanked him. He looked out the dark windows as the driver rolled away, he wondered if his parents were trying to find him yet. But it was unlikely they’d find them, the omega dealers that held the auctions were always careful.

Stranger: Sherlock just sighed at how the boy was reacting. This was different than Mycroft’s pet. This was more scared and shy. He looked and stared at the boy.

You: He glared at him slightly, “Wh-” he tried to speak but his dry throat made it hard, he tried again but had the same effect and gave up.

You: ((brb))

Stranger: Sherlock reached for bottle of water in the cooler and handed it to the boy.

Stranger: ((kk))

You: John quickly took it and opened it, he looked over at Sherlock and frowned. He sniffed the water and took a tiny sip and tasted it before deciding it didn’t taste drugged and he began to gulp it down quickly. Once he’d drank half of it he tried speaking again, “Th-thank you…Who are you?”

Stranger: Sherlock looked at the boy, “I’m obviously your owner.”

You: "Oh yes obviously,“ he said and took another sip of water, "B-but what’s your name? Or should I adress you as something else…I haven’t had much experience being someone’s property yet,” he mumbled a bit angrily.

Stranger: "Well, you shouldn’t sound angry about it.“ Sherlock said, "I wouldn’t have my property talk so light of me.” He said in a deadly calm voice, “I’m Sherlock Holmes.”

You: He nodded and glared out the window, “And should I call you master or some other bullshit like sir?” He asked feeling rebelious since he didn’t know how bad the concequences of talking back to his owner could be.

Stranger: Sherlock then pulled the boy and towered over him dangerously. His hand hard as he held the boy’s chin, “Continue whatever you’re doing, I’ll make sure you’d /know/ what the consequences would be.” He then let go, “For a minute, I thought I would go and approach you in the most normal way possible. But it seemed you like being screwed around and being treated as toy.” He said coldly.

You: The boy fell back, he was shaking lightly and nodded, “A-alright, I promise it won’t happen again sir…please don’t treat me as your toy,” he said though it didn’t sound like he was begging since he knew that wouldn’t help him anyways.

Stranger: "A sudden change of attitude.“ Sherlock scoffed, "You’re just as hypocritical like others.” He sighed tiredly and looked out of the window sadly.

You: John frowned and curled up away from him, he took one last look at him before falling asleep for the rest of the long ride. He hated himself for groveling before and decided he would try not to again.

Stranger: When they arrived at Sherlock’s flat, Sherlock carried the sleeping boy carefully not wanting him to be awake. He carried him with gentle arms. he couldn’t help but be kind to the boy, well, when he’s asleep anyways.

You: He woke up as Sherlock was carrying him into the flat, he quickly looked around and tried to memorize all the windows and exits. Once he’d done that he looked up at his owner and waited for him to say or do something.

Stranger: Sherlock then looked down to see the boy already awake, he sighed again, not wanting to be aggravated. He put the boy down and proceeded to walking towards the elevator.

You: John stretched slightly and began to follow him, he looked up at him and still said nothing. He had about a million questions but couldn’t think of how to say them without trying to insult him or say it angrily.

Stranger: When they were both alone in the elevator. Sherlock pressed the penthouse floor silently, “One question.”

You: He nodded and thought for a second, “Why did you buy me? I’m obviously not very good looking compared to some of the other boys there and I obviously wasn’t worth 2000 quid.”

You: ((did that last one get through?))

You: He nodded and thought for a second, “Why did you buy me? I’m obviously not very good looking compared to some of the other boys there and I obviously wasn’t worth 2000 quid.”

Stranger: ((oh got it now))

Stranger: "You are beautiful.“ Sherlock said with a monotonous tone, "I buy beautiful things. I wouldn’t have bought you if I thought you were less. You have innocence in your eyes, plump lips, ashy blonde hair, and though sometimes you look vulnerable, you also looked as if you’ve gone through the worst of hell.” Sherlock described him as if he were reading a book.

You: John nodded, he’d never thought of himself as beautiful but he smiled gently at the thought. “If you didn’t own me I’d be at school today, with my friends and then I’d go home to my family, my parents didn’t sell me to make ends meet, I was stupid and got kidnapped and sold. So yes I have gone through hell and I still am right now,” he said in a calm voice.

You: (( did that get through))

You: John nodded, he’d never thought of himself as beautiful but he smiled gently at the thought. “If you didn’t own me I’d be at school today, with my friends and then I’d go home to my family, my parents didn’t sell me to make ends meet, I was stupid and got kidnapped and sold. So yes I have gone through hell and I still am right now,” he said in a calm voice.

Stranger: Sherlock’s eyes run over and looked at the boy again, “Do you want to go back?” He asked quietly.

You: He shrugged slightly, “To my family yes, but to that auction no…I’d just get sold to someone who might be worse. Of course I don’t know what you’re like yet but you gave me water and let me sleep which is the kindest thing anyone’s done to me all week so thank you.”

Stranger: Sherlock sighed again, when the elevator opened, he stepped out. But he pressed the Ground floor and didn’t let John out, “Go home.” He then gave his phone to the boy, “My driver would still be there. Just get in the car. I’ll call the front desk.”

You: He was shocked, “Why would you waste that kind of money on me? I’m yours, obviously you bought me to work or to fuck me or something so why let me free?”

Stranger: "You want to go home right? Obviously, you don’t want to be here. Now leave.“ Sherlock said walking away.

You: "Thank you,” he managed to call out before the doors closed and he was transported back to the bottom floor, the woman at the front desk looked at the boy in the ragedy clothes strangely but then Sherlock called her and she let him leave, he walked outside to see his driver waiting witht the door open, he gave him his adress and got in and smiled as he was driven the short distance home. He called home but no one picked up. He fell asleep smiling. He woke up just as they pulled up to his house and he had a nice reunion before going to bed. He texted the last contact on the phone Sherlock had given him which was his brother. [ Whoever this is, can you please thank Sherlock Holmes for letting me go home and tell him I’m safe with my family now. -John H. Watson ]

Stranger: Sherlock sighed as he went inside his still empty flat. He’s alone again. He sat on the couch and looked at the ceiling sadly, “For a second, I thought you’d be different.”

You: Mycroft got the text from the boy and texted Sherlock’s other phone later that night. [ I see you let another pet go Sherlock, honestly you can’t waste so much money any more. You can’t wait until one stays of free will because none of them will, you have to keep them wether they like it or not. They’ll eventually like you, or at least you can train them too. What did you find so interesting and worthy about this last pet? -MH ]

Stranger: Sherlock glanced at his other phone. He sighed and laid on the couch. [He’s beautiful. Not just physically. A different kind. Well, it’s too late now, he’s never coming back. So what then? SH

You: [ I’m sorry but I won’t fund any more pets for you, you just payed 2000 quid for that boy. So if you want a pet you’ll go and take him back from his parents, technically since you didn’t give him his papers when he left he’s still yours. -MH ]

Stranger: Sherlock growled as he read the text.

Stranger: I’m not taking him away from his parents, Mycroft. SH

You: Fine then, I guess you’ll just have to be alone. I’ve just turned off any access to the family’s trust fund. -MH ]

Stranger: I’d rather be alone. Go ahead and turn it off then. SH

You: Mycroft sighed and decided his brother was just too weak to take what was his. That night John was woken up at 1 am and looked around but was quickly chloroformed and passed out, several hours later he woke up in a car next to the elder Holmes brother. He had a collar around his neck and soon they stopped. Mycroft got out and tugged him up to Sherlock’s penthouse suite, John couldn’t concentrate as he was taken up there. Mycroft rung the doorbelle and waited for his brother to answer, but before the door opened he tugged John close and whispered into his ear, “Tell my brother you want to stay with him or I’ll kill your family, and don’t say other wise once your inside his flat I have cameras and microphones everywhere,” he sneered and then let him go as Sherlock opened the door.

Stranger: "What is it now, Mycroft?“ He asked, Sherlock then noticed the blonde and sighed tiredly, "What did you do?”

You: John understood the threat, he breathed a bit before smiling at him, “He didn’t do anything, I changed my mind I want to live with you,” he said and thinking that wasn’t convincing enough added, “I hate my family, they didn’t care when I came back at all and they said they were happier with me gone so I changed my mind.”

Stranger: Sherlock’s eyes softened a bit, trying to hide his smile, “Are you sure?” He asked again.

You: John nodded and Mycroft passed him his leash, “I’d be very happy to live with you here.”

Stranger: Sherlock looked briefly at Mycroft, passing a grateful glance.

You: Mycroft smiled, “Now I ought to be off, lots of work to do,” he said and left swinging his umbrella around. John looked up at him and took a few steps into the quite large and expensive flat and smiled.

Stranger: "I apologise about the lack of interest your family showed…. If I had known, I would have not send you back.“

You: John nodded, "It’s alright, I didn’t know they’d gotten used to me being gone. The good thing is I’m here now and I’m happy,” he said as he looked around to see if he could find the cameras but he realized they were all probably very well hidden.

Stranger: "i never got your name…“ Sherlock said awkwardly.

You: He put on his most genuine smile and looked over at him, "It’s John…John Watson.”

Stranger: "John…“ Sherlock repeated. His stomach then grumbled. It dawned into him that he hasn’t eaten for two days now. He wondered if he still has left overs from Mrs. Hudson’s cooking.

You: He smiled at him and forced himself from seeming nervous, "I’m sure if we worked together we could make something out of what you have in the fridge,” he suggested and went to the fridge it was full of body parts. He began to panick thinking he was some kind of murderer, “Why do you have all these body parts in the fridge?” He asked quietly.