Watched all of Sherlock in one sitting. The "Reichenbach Fall" nearly killed me.

Still sniffly and crying. Goddamn writers. Ripping my fucking heart out. Why oh why did I let tumblr persuade me to watch Sherlock? Oh yeah, because it’s awesome, it just has side effects of paralyzing feels, heart ripping out and an eternal case of crying. Damn show. Must have more now.

43,829 hours, 1826 days, 270 weeks, 5 years. these past 5 years have been filled with many emotions; but most importantly, they have been filled with pure joy. through these outrageous years we have accomplished so many things all in love for our boys, the boys that fill us with life and sunlight, the reason why some of us are still walking this planet today. they have taught us so many things, not just about the world, but ourselves. i would honestly not be the person i am today if it wasn’t for these 5 impassioned boys. each of them have showed me the true color of the world which we live in within the amount of time since i first laid my eyes on theirs until now; and for that i am forever grateful. i can not quite string together words to describe just how proud i am of our boys. 

i pray they know just how much they have affected our lives just by the sound of their voices.

i pray they think for themselves in the future, not affecting their happiness for the sake of others.

i pray they know how much love they have from us. they have captured our hearts and i’m glad with the fact that i was lucky enough to have 5 courageous boys have hold of mine.

so here’s to the joy, heartbreak, bliss, sadness and triumph over the past 5 years.

here’s to 5 years of one direction. 

aaah finally got around to finishing hoshido and cried for a good few hours the entire time during the last few battles ; m ;
it was just so sad and touching and alskdfjs AAAH

anyways, as requested ! Takumi x Oboro epilogue, I’ll do my best to translate ~

The husband Takumi,  struck by the (な甘-generous//optimistic//promising???) people in the dark times of the war, eventually grew into a royal family member whom they could rely on. He was an instrumental person in the reconstruction of Hoshido.

Oboro, along with her husband, fulfilled her dream of rebuilding the kimono shop of her deceased parents.

this is 100% my own translation and probably not the most accurate !! ; u ;
I did this very quickly and didn’t know all of the words, so you may not want to quote me on the exact words, but the meaning should be accurate !
snipergys because you specifically requested ! (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞♥

Ok but real talk tho an ENTP stereotype is a love for huge theme park rides like HhHAHAHAHA FUCK NO my Ti tells me to AVOID those huge fuckin death traps all it takes is one fault in engineering and I’m dead. I don’t trust other people with my life you know what im saying? I’ve been on two roller coasters in my life and one was a kiddie coaster. The other one my family forced me to go on with them and I literally cried the entire time I do NOT GO ON RIDES don’t even bother taking me to a theme park I will sit on benches and eat and not have fun at all

my cat has not left my side all night. she even sat on the counter beside the sink as i did dishes and cried the entire time. loudly.

i’m back from trb and my throat is dead but i’m 150000000% sure i was the loudest one screaming for yoongi and i’m also  150000000% sure this was the best night of my life ;;

i accidentally screamed “i love you” when i thought he was done talking but people laughed and cheered so i guess i don’t feel as bad

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1. Last Drink? Milk.
2. Last Phone call? I can’t remember exactly, since I’m not a phone-calling person.
3. Last Text message? “Sad… Quite sad, yet magneficient”, chatting with a friend about The Rose of Versailles. I finished watching it today…
4. Last time you cried? Today. The entire afternoon to be exact.
5. Last Song you listened to? Requiem of the Night by Audiomachine.

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prissrosen asked:

What do you think about the Blade Runner Sequel ?

THE question, right? I have mixed feelings. Not too pleased with the return of Deckard. The final cut of the original films sort of implies he could be a replicant. 700 years old Ford will crush this possibility. I wanted a different story, in the same universe. Something in the off-world colonies. Roy Batty’s last words can only make you wonder “what really happens out there?”

On the other hand, Denis Villeneuve will be directing. He’s one of the best out there, and he’s one of the greatest BR fans. He said he cried the entire time he read the script, and that he felt comfortable doing the sequel. Oh and of course the visuals will be fantastic, no matter what kind of story they come up with.

So in general, I’m pretty excited. The 2019 release date is like a dream haha. I just wish it wasn’t a direct sequel.