2nd star war viewing conclusions:

  • i care about finn and rey so much more than i care about poe bc they have arcs. poe’s a nice head of hair and some excited proclamations. i’m hopeful about him? but.
  • granted finn’s character type is a particular kryptonite for me (superpower: compassion; terrified literally all the time and overcoming it for the sake of others)
  • and i still wish i’d had rey at seven-years-old but am content to have her now
  • who the fuck designed that bridge. you know which one i mean. it has neither PURPOSE NOR INTEGRITY
  • am very slightly leaning toward the dark side in that i agree it’s possible kyle ron and the ginger fascist may have fucked—but it was extremely bad, and they both alternate between trying to forget and treasuring the memory as proof that the other is, fundamentally, a disappointment.
Watched all of Sherlock in one sitting. The "Reichenbach Fall" nearly killed me.

Still sniffly and crying. Goddamn writers. Ripping my fucking heart out. Why oh why did I let tumblr persuade me to watch Sherlock? Oh yeah, because it’s awesome, it just has side effects of paralyzing feels, heart ripping out and an eternal case of crying. Damn show. Must have more now.

It’s intermission I’ve already cried three times Satisfied blew my entire mind I have no idea how I’ll get through act 2 alive

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Meet Melon - a cute ball of scruffy fluff that finds himself desperately needing a home tonight. This is an urgent plea as he has a bit of a cold and therefore needs to break out before noon tomorrow or he will be put down.
Please see what @mishap212, a shelter volunteer, has to say about this cutie patooty: Well it should be pretty obvious to anyone who knows me why I’ve fallen for little Melons. 😍 Unfortunately Melons finds himself on the euth list tonight. 💔 4 years old, 12 lbs, brought in to the shelter by police as a stray. It’s reported he was so afraid on intake that he cried the entire time from inside the officer’s carrier. However, after “being given a moment” Melons calmed himself down and allowed all handling including being picked up. Unfortunately it didn’t end there for Melons. He’s since caught the shelter cold. Looking for a qualified foster or adopter. He has until 12pm ET tomorrow. 🆘🙏🏻 #A1032279 #urgent #urgentdeathrowdogs #rescue #rescuedog #rescuepup #dog #dogs #doglover #dogslife #dogsofig #dogsofnyc #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #terrier #terriermix #newyork #newyorkcity #puppy #puppies #puppylove #rescuedogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #savealife #savethemall #instarepost20

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Ot4 with Luke as the center and he's tied down to the bed while the rest of them use him for their own pleasure

i have a one shot that’s literally this in my one shots yo o o oooo o o ooooo oooooooo o o o luke started crying because it was so overwhelming for them to use his body for pleasure and he loved it so much and i cried the entire time

omg i just remembered…the ppl tht do my hair all know im crazy bc i cried the entire time i was getting my hair done bc i hate my life nd they asked wat waz wrong nd i was sobbing saying “i hate my life…”

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A year ago in January,I got to meet fob with my best friend. I cried the entire time but they were such angels! Andy was so shocked because I had given him,a long with everyone else my own artwork. I must have cried for two weeks straight after that

Omfg yeah they’re so sweet! Ahh I love them. When I met them I was so fucking nervous that I didn’t even really say anything to them cause I’m awkward as hell but I got to hug them and it was amazing

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+since 2012. I cried for months before the concert because I was so excited. I went there and the public was full of girls who were like 14? smoking, I mean I was 13 when I went to the concert (it was my bday present and it was a week after my bday) and they were pushing me a lot and a girl behind me was holding me trying to see Lana with a cigarrette in her hand :s The crowd was awful and I barely saw Lana even though I was in front row in the second room(?) But I saw her with a girl who used+

I’m so sorry :( I know what you mean.. I hate how mean people are, it’s not hard to be respectful :(  Same with me, I cried several times before the show, and then the entire show. I hope for you that she comes back to Monterrey and you have a great experience!!

This will mean absolutely nothing to all y'all but………..