i’ve cried like 10 times in the last 24 hours there’s probably something wrong with that


Doctor Who’s Quinquagenary → Space

"There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, and the sea’s asleep, and the rivers dream. People made of smoke, and cities made of song. Somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice, and somewhere else the tea’s getting cold. Come on. We’ve got work to do." -Seventh Doctor, Survival


I’m interracial, and mixed, and growing up in Texas it wasn’t … I was a minority, in that sense. And just remembering not wanting — you know as a kid you don’t want to look different, you don’t want to stick out, you don’t want to be “the brown girl.” And so I used to always, I felt like I wasn’t ever ideal, in that sense; I didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes. But as I got older, I wouldn’t want to be any different. I don’t want to be any different. I think my culture, and having the ability to experience both culture’s — my father’s and my mother’s — is awesome. (x)

sassy and i had this part of sibling au where enjolras gets drunk at marius and cosette’s wedding and gives this really long and embarrassing speech 

and then later cosette asks when enjolras is getting married so she can exact her revenge and enjolras-


Miracles Week || Day 1: Tip Off
↳ Kuroko’s first basket

Happy 22nd Birthday Park Chanyeol! ♥

May I take a moment to say that I cannot get over this particular panel

This just really really drives home how much Kyros loves his wife and daughter while still feeling so much guilt for the things he’s done in the past. It was 10 years ago that Kyros killed those people, but he still feels like the person he is fundamentally is so tainted that he doesn’t even feel like he can touch his daughter with his bare hands.

It wasn’t Scarlet’s death in his arms that’s making me cry right now—it’s the amount of love that Kyros has for his family

And even though he failed to save Scarlet

Even though he might never forgive himself for it

Even though he’d been forgotten by his own daughter and hated by her, he still never stopping trying to do everything he could to be there for her to protect her and be with her, through her entire life so that she was never alone. Even though as far as she knew he was just a random toy with no other name than “Soldier-san,” they built the love in her for him from the ground up

These two love each other so much and they’re both in so much pain and fighting battles that are over both of their heads because all they want is to live in peace with each other.

And now I’m realizing that when Rebecca was a child Kyros was afraid to touch her without gloves and then she was just 6 years old he was turned into a tin toy that could not feel warmth meaning there’s a good chance that Kyros has never touched or felt the warmth of his daughter with his bare hands excuse me i am done i need to stop now