cried so hard when reading the book

If The Marauders were Still Alive (headcannons)

(In response to an ask)

-If they were still alive…

•When Harry got his Hogwarts letter James immediately ripped it open without even showing it to Harry because he was just so excited for his son. Without even acknowledging Harry’s presence or Lily’s laughter, he just sits cris-crossed on the floor making little comments about Harry’s school supply list.

“What? You don’t have to read {insert book title}. It was the best! Don’t worry Harry, you can borrow my old copy, though it may have some old doodles in it from Sirius-”

•When Harry is really young he thinks that they have a dog because whenever Sirius is over he turns into his Animagus form and he’s over at the Potters’ so much that it’s kinda hard not to think that.

And James, Lily, Remus and Peter go along with it and one dayJames brings home a bright pink glittery dog collar and asks little Harry to put it on ‘Snuffles’. Harry does it and even though Sirius hates it, he keeps it on because he loves Harry so much (Remus like it too, but for *coughs* other reasons).

•When Harry turns eleven and has to go to Diagon Alley, It’s not just James and Lily that take him shopping, it’s the whole damn Marauders squad. They’re just casually walking through the streets and suddenly someone starts clapping for them, and then more people join in and it turns into just the whole street clapping for the Marauders because most of them remember hearing tales about what the group did, and many parents were friends of theirs.

Needlessly to say James and Sirius take a dramatic bow while Remus and Lily are looking at each other like

“These are the people we chose to marry”

And Peter is just laughing along and buying Harry a chocolate frog off of a street witch while Harry asks him why all those people are clapping for them. Peter just chuckles and goes “We had a bit of a reputation at school”

•When Harry goes into Madam Malkin’s and sees Draco, James immediately steps in front of his son as if to protect him.

“What’s wrong, Dad?”

“There’s a Malfoy there… can’t mistake him. I remember his father-”

But then Lily comes over and whispers in his ear

“Remember Sirius’s parents? They were awful people but look how Sirius turned out?” They look out the shop window to see Sirius with his arm around Remus’s shoulders sitting on a bench in conversation with Peter.

“You’re right”

And James himself introduces Harry to Draco, and the two immediately hit it off.

•Just before Harry is about to leave for Hogwarts, the Marauders get together (without Lily, because she’d definitely disapprove) and tell Harry all the stories they can. Harry just sits there in wonder like

‘How will I ever live up to that’

But at the end of the night, James goes and gets a box out of his room and puts it in Harry’s hands.

“This is yours now. Use it well.”

Harry opens the box and it’s the invisibility cloak. Remus then takes the Marauder’s Map out and shows Harry how to use it, then hands it over (“use it responsibly”)

•When Harry comes home for winter break he talks about how great Gryffindor is and his best friends Ron and Hermione, but also about Draco from Slytherin and how he has “the prettiest hair and his eyes sparkle-” and Remus and Sirius just give each other knowing looks.

And he’s about to say something else after talking about his classes but hesitates; everyone asks him about it, but he denies everything.

•He goes back to school after winter break and some time after his second Quidditch match as the youngest seeker in a century, one morning at breakfast he gets a howler.

He knows fully well what it is because he grew up in a house with the Marauders who liked to send them back and forth for fun-



But anyway, he gets one and looks at his friends and then at Draco across the hall because he’s absolutely terrified an doesn’t know what he did. Eventually (with much convincing) he opens it.


YOUR MOTHER AND I ARE SO PROUD OF YOU HOLY SHI-” and then it’s Lily’s voice.

“Harry, sweetie we’re so proud of you! You must’ve gotten some of James’s talent-” (you can hear James going crazy in the background; knocking stuff over and generally screaming like a psychopath) “where James got his, I have no idea”

And then it’s just Remus, Sirius and Peter going crazy (yes, even Moony).

When it finally ends, the great hall just sits stunned for a moment, before Dumbledore starts slow clapping and everyone joins in. All the teachers are just rolling their eyes because they definitely remember the Marauders. About 5 seconds later the Potters’ owl flies in with a new Nimbus 2000 and a note that says ‘Don’t tell your mother’

•Harry bringing Draco home in their 5th year to meet his parents over Christmas break, and when he goes home Harry has to remind his parents and uncles that “No, we aren’t dating! That’s absolutely absurd!” And everyone just looking at each other like ‘yeah, sure kid’

•Harry choosing to be a pro Quidditch player as his profession after admitting to his parents that he snuck out one night with Ron, Hermione and Draco to go try out for Puddlemore United because they had just lost their seeker and he made the team.

And James and Sirius crying with pride because their little Harry is going to be a world famous Quidditch player.

“There won’t be a person alive who doesn’t know his name” James said while ruffling his son’s hair.

•Harry in his 6th year asking Remus when he knew he was gay and coming out to Moony and Padfoot as Bi and both of them going

“Yeah, we know”

And Harry just looking so surprised and then telling them that he and Draco started dating in October and that he wanted to have him for Christmas but didn’t want to tell his dad why, and James (who was under the invisibility cloak)

“Yeah, sure he can come. But no sex after 11 pm.”

And Harry screaming like a girl from surprise and then sputtering like an idiot in response to the sex comment.

•Peter taking Harry to honeydukes before he was allowed to go with his school and Peter just completely spoiling him and buying so much that they can hardly get it home.

They sneak through the house to get to Harry’s room but meet James in the middle, who of course joins them.

They open the door to Harry’s room just to find Remus and Lily sitting on the bed with the most bored expressions on their faces. Harry looks down in shame and drops all the candy on the floor, but Lily just raises an eyebrow and goes

“Well? Aren’t you going to share?” An everyone eating their fill of candy just on Harry’s bed, and Sirius taking all the good stuff and running from the room and everyone chasing him around the house.

•When Harry turns seventeen the Marauder’s teach him to become an Animagus (and get registered). James is incredibly proud when he turns out to have a stag Animagus form as well.

Draco being terrified because he walks into Harry’s room over summer break and there’s a fucking deer casually chilling on his boyfriend’s bed like what

And Ron riding on Harry’s back to make a stupidly grand entrance picking Hermione up from her house in the middle of a muggle neighborhood

•Just the Marauders being alive please and thank you

Guys, guys, holy shit.

You need to read Dreadnought.

It’s about a 15 year old trans girl who gets superpowers.  It’s fucking incredible.

Danny Tozer has a problem: she just inherited the powers of Dreadnought, the world’s greatest superhero. Until Dreadnought fell out of the sky and died right in front of her, Danny was trying to keep people from finding out she’s transgender. But before he expired, Dreadnought passed his mantle to her, and those secondhand superpowers transformed Danny’s body into what she’s always thought it should be. Now there’s no hiding that she’s a girl.

It should be the happiest time of her life, but Danny’s first weeks finally living in a body that fits her are more difficult and complicated than she could have imagined. Between her father’s dangerous obsession with “curing” her girlhood, her best friend suddenly acting like he’s entitled to date her, and her fellow superheroes arguing over her place in their ranks, Danny feels like she’s in over her head.

She doesn’t have time to adjust. Dreadnought’s murderer—a cyborg named Utopia—still haunts the streets of New Port City, threatening destruction. If Danny can’t sort through the confusion of coming out, master her powers, and stop Utopia in time, humanity faces extinction.

I admittedly don’t normally read YA.  But this is the first time I’ve ever seen a book like this.  I have never in my 29 years, ever seen a trans lesbian superhero. It’s incredible.

The opening chapter, where still-in-closet Danny is almost guiltily painting her toenails, because it’s the only thing she can do to feel normal (but still hide from her parents), or when Danny is talking about being in sex-ed, learning about female reproductive systems and her body feeling that it’s missing something…  I just… I read a lot of books, and I cry really easily.  I have never cried so quickly and so easily at something.  I related to this so, so hard.  It was like the author pulled my own memories to the page. The book was written by a trans woman, which is why these experiences feel so real.

It’s fun and funny and heartwarming and angsty and powerful.

It’s just a damn good book, man.

because all these sad Georgie posts are making me sad

think about how cute Georgie would have been growing up 

- he and his three best friends would have cute little sleep overs where they stay up too late and pretend to sleep whenever his parents would come check on them

- during said sleepovers, Georgie and his friends would no doubt try to bother his amazing big brother who would just roll his eyes at them, but secretly love their company

- Bill would try to scare them late at night when they would still be awake


- Georgie and Bill always go to the fair and Bill wins Georgie stuffed animals and they share sweets and just spend the whole day together (Bill hangs out with his friends on another day at the fair, that day is just for him and Georgie)

- Georgie would LOVE Richie. Richie and his voices, Georgie was his biggest fan and Richie would always loudly proclaim that Georgie was his favorite Denbrough

- At school they have to do a hero project and Georgie does one on his brother and Bill most DEFINITELY does NOT tear up thank you very much

- When Stan and Bill start dating in high school, Georgie tries to give him the shovel talk and Stan is truly intimidated, but it’s so hard to be when you have a little boy all up in your face screaming about how he’ll rip your arms off if you hurt his brother

- Georgie is a cute kid growing up. All the other kids have to deal with puberty and looking weird, but Georgie always just stays cute, even though he changes slightly, he’s always cute

- Georgie joins all the clubs at school and he’s super popular but he makes sure to befriend everyone and stand up for everyone because that’s what his brother would do and his brother is the Bestest™

- Georgie definitely asks Bev to be his date to school dances even though she’s way too old and she agrees jokingly and it’s hilarious and all the Losers are there as chaperones to watch 

- Ben steals away his girlfriend from Georgie just to get a reaction and it’s Priceless™

- Bill helping him with his homework even when he’s away at college and they have to work on the phone 

- Bill calling every night to say goodnight to his brother who couldn’t sleep the first few weeks when Bill was away

- When Georgie starts dating, Bill has a minor heart attack because that’s his baby brother, he can’t be doing unsavory things like Richie

- Because Georgie grew up to be like Richie and we all know it, he loves that boy to death

- but he also loved the entire Loser’s Club like without a doubt


- he was also upset at Eddie when he found out he and Richie were dating

- he just gets really upset because he loves all of them and Beverly is HIS girlfriend and Bill is HIS brother and Richie is HIS Richie

- he likes to visit Mike at the farm because Mike lets him pet the sheep, but once the sheep chased him around and he’s never been the same since

- Ben reading him books while at the library and Georgie ending up being one of the most well-read and spoken boys in his grade/school because of his great brother and his brother’s great friend who helped him

- He’s Bill’s best man at Bill’s wedding and vice versa

- When Bill gets married, he gives this long speech about how he would die for him and Bill cries so hard and they just hug for the longest time and everyone is sobbing because Georgie is just the sweetest


angsty relationship asks

why? bc i’ve been dying with r76 lately

(this doesn’t have to be necessarily romance-oriented)

  1. do they have a lot of arguments? if so, over what?
  2. who apologizes first? in what way? is it hard for either of them to apologize?
  3. which one has more insecurities? over what?
  4. who gets more riled up? do they show their anger? 
  5. how do they hide their pain when they’re upset? do they try to hide their pain?
  6. who tries to make up first? does it work?
  7. would they hate-fuck if they were mad at one another? if they had a falling out?
  8. do they hold grudges? is it hard for them to let go/forgive each other?
  9. is there something big that could potentially tear them apart if it was revealed? 
  10. if something already happened to tear them apart, what would make them come back together? is it even possible?
  11. what’s their favorite pass time when they’re upset?
  12. who do they confide in when shit hits the fan (besides each other)?
  13. is it hard for them to talk about their feelings openly with each other? if so, is there any way that can be resolved, even in the slightest?
  14. who grieves more when the other is away?
  15. who misses the other more, or really thinks about them more?
  16. do either of them have a special item (an article of clothing, a necklace, a book) that they use when they miss the other? if so, what is it? what do they do with it (read, wear, look at, smell)?
  17. who cries more? who gets more emotional in general?
  18. do either of them have the other’s stuff lying around their house?
  19. how about teasing? do they tease each other while in a fight (whether it be with themselves or just general teasing)?
  20. do either of them have any vices?
  21. what’s the thing they miss most about each other?
  22. what’s their go-to breakup/angst song?
  23. who’s more jealous?
  24. who is the first to forgive?
  25. what’s the one deal breaker for either of them (lack of communication, fear of commitment, etc)?
  26. who would take longer to let go? do they ever really “let go”?
  27. which is more afraid of confrontation?
  28. who’s the first to distance themselves (if either)?
  29. who’s more patient? is it hard to break that patience?
  30. who’s the first to blame themselves? 
  31. who’s more likely to do something out of spite?
  32. who would be the first to say they hate the other? would they mean it?
  33. who worries more?
  34. what scent reminds them of the other?
  35. do they have any regrets (regarding the other, or just in general)?
  36. who’s quicker to walk away if a situation gets heated?
  37. who is more prone to anger?
  38. who cries more in an argument? do either of them cry?
  39. does it take a lot for it to get to the point of yelling?
  40. who sleeps on the couch? can either of them sleep without the other?
  41. who’s more likely to protect the other?
  42. if one of them gets injured, who worries more?
  43. who would be more afraid of the other’s death/harm?
  44. who ends up yelling first? are they always yelling when arguing, or do neither of them yell at all?
  45. who would be more likely to save who? 
  46. who stays up at night brooding?
  47. who has more dreams/nightmares about the other?
  48. who comforts who after a bad dream/event?
  49. do they think about each other a lot? does it affect their performance/schoolwork?
  50. if one of them were to come back after a long time, who would come to who? would it go well? would the other person take them back?
Queer YA Books: Read

so here’s a list of books I’ve read for my project to read as many gay YA books as I can, as requested by @arabian-batboy and an anon friend, these will be listed in order by author’s last name, if I don’t link the book it’s because I didn’t think it’s worth reading, I’ll make comments on the one’s I think are best :) hope this is useful :) 

1. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli (very good, re-read a few times now)

2. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

3. No Strings by Sara Alva 

4. Social Skills by Sara Alva 

5. Silent by Sara Alva (good book, there’s stuff about abuse and such, if you like sad but beautiful and happy at the end book, a go to)

6. The Island of Beyond by Elizabeth Atkinson (all the gay stuff is subtext, but cute coming of age) 

7. One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva (cute re-read a few times now)

8. Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak (yes read it, now)

9. I am J by Cris Beam

10. Something Like Summer by Jay Bell 

11. Kamikaze Boys by Jay Bell 

12. Vintage: A Ghost Story by Steve Berman

13. The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black (if you liked “I’ll Give You the Sun” this is a must read, I view those books as spirt twins, go read this now)

14. That One Kid Who Freaked Out, Or Whatever by A.J.J. Bourque

15. For a Price by Hallie Burton

16. Gives Light by Rose Christo (first in a series, kinda goes off the rails latter on with drama overload, but this first one was very good)

17. Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List by Rachel Cohn/David Levithan

18. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn/David Levithan (not gay as such, but queer characters make up the background of the book, worth reading if you’ve never really enjoyed a straight romance)

19. Invisibility by Andrea Cremer/David Levithan (again not gay, but a main supporting character is and his queerness is a big part of the story)

20. Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

21. Carry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan (mental health is the theme and it’s the only book with an autistic main character I haven’t felt offended by so there’s that)

22. Aaron’s Story by Mason Dodd

23. Braden’s Story by Mason Dodd

24. Superhero by Eli Easton

25. Rosie and the Quarry Ghost by Rachel Eliason

26. Caged in Myth by J.T. Fairfield

27. The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle

28. The Screwed Up Life of Charlie the Second by Drew Ferguson

29. Being True by Jacob Z. Flores

30. Eagle Peak by Elizabeth Fontaine

31. Sweaters & Cigarettes by Mika Fox

32. All The Colors Of Love by Jessica Freely

33. The Battle for Jericho by Gene Gant

34. Lucky Linus by Gene Gant

35. Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin

36. The Boy’s Own Manual to Being a Proper Jew by Eli Glasman

37. Two Parties, One Tux, and a Very Short Film about The Grapes of Wrath by  Steven Goldman

38. The Mariposa Club by Rigoberto González

39. Tales from Foster High by John Goode (something of a classic)

40. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green/David Levithan

41. Half Bad by Sally Green (will make you sad)

42. Half Wild by Sally Green (will make you cry)

43. Half Lost by Sally Green (will break your heart and step on the pieces and you’ll never be ok again)

44. None of the Above by I.W. Gregorio

45. The Last Exit to Normal by Michael Harmon 

46. Geography Club by Brent Hartinger

47. Totally Joe by James Howe (OMG one of my all time favorite books ever, if you love adorable, fluff, heartfelt, or were ever a little gay boy in middle school this is a must must read, must) 

48. After School Activities by Dirk Hunter

49. The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley by Shaun David Hutchinson

50. We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

51. Problems I’m Having by Sam Isaacs

52. The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly Straight by Jeff Jacobson (loved this but there likely won’t be a sequel so if you can live never knowing go for it)

53. Haffling by Caleb James (loved it, magic, gays, growing up poor)

54. T.E.D. by Jayson James

55. Know Not Why by Hannah Johnson

56. On the Right Track by Sam Kadence

57. Intervention by Mia Kerick

58. The Red Sheet by Mia Kerick (I loved this one a lot) 

59. Us Three by Mia Kerick

60. Inclination by Mia Kerick

61. Not Broken, Just Bent by Mia Kerick

62. The Lightning-Struck Heart by T.J. Klune (why aren’t you reading this? you need to be reading this book, like now! it’s basically grown in a lab to be the book for Tumblr!) 

63. Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg (I need to go re-read this)

64. Out of the Pocket by Bill Konigsberg

65. Absolutely Positively Not by David LaRochelle

66. Every Day by David Leviathan

67. Boy Meets Boy by David Leviathan (Classic maybe the first LGBT YA book to really make it or be published, it amazes me that it’s already 12 years old but it’s still special and true after all these years) 

68. How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by J.C. Lillis (a book about gay nerds and shipping, you know you want to read it)

69. Signs by Anna Martin

70. A Broken Kind of Life by Jamie Mayfield (I liked it but it’s very intense with rather upsetting themes) 

71. When Ryan Came Back by Devon McCormack (ghost boyfriends!) 

72. Vivaldi in the Dark by Matthew J. Metzger 

73. The Before Now and After Then by Peter Monn

74. Hero by Perry Moore (Moore’s death shortly after writing this book is one of the greatest losses that gay lit or superhero fiction could suffer)

75. Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz

76. Marco Impossible by Hannah Moskowitz

77. hidden by Tomas Mournian

78. Heavyweight by M.B. Mulhall

79. Birds on a Wire by Ellen Mulholland

80. I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson (every time I bring up that I like gay/queer YA books this one comes up, so I assume it doesn’t need me cheerleading it)

81. The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness (really cute and funny spoof of your standard YA hero story, but also has a lot of heart and soul)

82. More Than This by Patrick Ness

83. Fearless by Chris O'Guinn

84. Unintended by M.J. O'Shea

85. I’ll Always Miss You by Raine O'Tierney

86. M or F? by Lisa Papademetriou/Chris Tebbetts

87. Play Me, I’m Yours by Madison Parker (loved it, re-read it a lot)

88. Here’s to You, Zeb Pike by Johanna Parkhurst

89. Outtakes of A Walking Mistake by Anthony Paull 

90. Sprout by Dale Peck

91. Band Fags! by Frank Anthony Polito

92. Drama Queers! by Frank Anthony Polito

93. When Everything Feels Like the Movies by Raziel Reid (cries and cries, sad ending)

94. The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan (why yes its a Percy Jackson book with a bi/pansexual main character and a gay teenage boy couple as major characters, why haven’t you read it yet?) 

95. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (awesome book, amazing, must read, go read it now!) 

96. My Awesome/Awful Popularity Plan by Seth Rudetsky

97. Bait by Alex Sanchez

98. The God Box by Alex Sanchez

99. Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez (another early classic got me through high school) 

100. So Hard to Say by Alex Sanchez (my favorite thing Sanchez has ever done, adorable) 

101. Getting It by Alex Sanchez

102. Fans of the Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa 

103. Drag Teen by Jeffery Self 

104. Playing by the Book by S. Chris Shirley

105. More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera (heart breaker) 

106. Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith

107. Freak Show by James St. James (oh my god, James you beautify man you thanks for all you do) 

108. Wrestling with Desire by D.H. Starr

109. Ray of Sunlight by Brynn Stein (I’m not crying you’re crying!)

110. Imaginary by Jamie Sullivan 

111. Rock by Anyta Sunday

112. (In)visible by Anyta Sunday

113. 366 Days by Kiyoshi Tanaka (honestly my favorite book on here, I can re-read it in like 3 hours because I won’t stop for anything, that said it’s also maybe the darkest and most intense book here, not to say there aren’t cute and sweet moments lots of those, but also darkness, you’ve been warned)

114. Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas (great book) 

115. Just Between Us by J.H. Trumble

116. The Price of Falling by Melanie Tushmore

117. Highly Illogical Behavior by John Corey Whaley

118. Teenage Rewrite by Brandon Williams

119. What They Always Tell Us by Martin Wilson

120. Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger 

121. Turning 16 by Perie Wolford

122. A Boy Like Me by Jennie Wood

123. Suicide Watch by Kelley York (another good but dark book)

hope this is helpful to some one and I hope you find a book you enjoy, let me know I’d love to hear what people think when they read something from this list :) 

Can we talk about dad Draco?

A lot of people have been talking about Albus’ relationship with Harry, but what about Scorpius and Draco? Honestly from what I’ve read about the cursed child (I’m like halfway through) Draco is the best dad. Can you just imagine:

- when Scorpius is born, Draco promising he’ll try his best and insisting he’s the most beautiful baby he’s ever seen
- Draco always willing to wake up all the times baby Scorp cries and spends hours cooing and rocking him. Even spending nights sleeping in on the couch with Scorpius on his chest
- Draco teaching him an instrument
- Draco and Astoria making a little concert with their house elves so Scorpius can preform with an audience
- Draco feeling happy when the house elves calls Scorpius ‘master sweetie’ because he’s taught his son to be kind to everyone and humble
- Draco trying to get Scorpius to make friends with other kids his age so he isn’t lonely
- Draco getting heartbroken when the kids call Scorpius Voldemort’s son
- Draco constantly fighting with he ministry to stop the rumours because it hurts him to see Scorpius cries
- Draco being extremely worried when Scorpius goes to Hogwarts because he doesn’t want him bullied
- Draco pining the first letter from Scorpius that says he’s made a friend even though he’s a Potter
- Draco insisting Scorpius to invite Albus to spend the break with them
- Draco making sure everything is perfect when the Potters let Albus stay over
- Draco telling the boys cool stories about anything they want while making them hot cocoa
- Draco tucking them both in and wishing them sweet dreams
- Draco not only being there for Scorpius but being there for Albus because he knows what it’s like to feel like to not live up to your parents expectations
-Draco literally knowing everything about Scorpius because his son trusts him
- Draco and Scorpius bonding time is sitting in Draco’s office, with Scorpius’ feet on Draco’s lap reading in silence. Occasionally sharing lines in their books they find interesting/funny
- When Astoria falls ill, Draco makes sure she and Scorpius spends everyday of the summer together
- when she dies, Draco holds his son all night as he cries promising that they can get through this
- Draco never crying in front of his son because he just knows how hard it is for his son to loose his mother
- Draco taking Scorpius somewhere cool for Christmas so they don’t have to realize that it’s their first Christmas without Astoria
- Draco reminding Scorpius that no matter what he’s always there for him


Smol (Spideypool Quick Fic)

Okay, so this was just a little idea, and it was supposed to be funny but I literally can’t write these two without at least some feels.

So here ya go. Enjoy some Sundays with Spideypool.

“I have found the perfect word to describe you.” Wade announced, and had to smother a laugh when Peter nearly fell out his bed in shock.

“Wade. It is three in the morning.” Peter flopped back against his pillows with a groan. “My first class is at eight am. What are you doing here?”

“I was in the neighborhood.”

“You are literally never in the neighborhood.” Peter corrected and threw an arm over his eyes. “Say what you need to say, Wade. I’m exhausted. And kind of mad at you. I almost got ran over by a bus today because you somehow manage to be completely distracting while we are working and–

“Okay, you know, my bad about the bus thing.” Wade admitted, but wiggled his (non existent) eyebrows. “But did you die? No, you didn’t. And you know, as thanks for that, the least you could do is invite me into bed so we could snuggle.”

Wade stuck his bottom lip out. “I came all this way and–” he grinned when Peter kicked the blankets down and rolled over to make room. Wade climbed in the twin size bed eagerly, twisting and grumbling and complaining about how small the bed was until Peter lashed out with a hard kick and sent him flying off the bed and into the wall.

“Either get in and shut up, or go away so I can sleep. I have an exam at EIGHT AM!” Peter snapped, and Wade had to hide another laugh.

Even though he had seen Peter’s strength in action many times out on patrol together, it still surprised the hell out of him when Peter used it on him. He outweighed the kid by close to a hundred pounds, and being tossed around like a stuffed animal was both terrifying and a complete turn on.

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hogwarts house aesthetics

gryffindor ; graffiti on walls , timberland boots , ripped denim jeans , tight crop tops , messy hair falling around their shoulders or sticking up , super long eyelashes , eating ice cream at 5 am in the dead of winter , crying when book characters die , defending what they believe in , getting so compassionate that they become aggressive , bonfires , jumping off piers , reading poetry , rock music , plays the guitar.

ravenclaw ; white brick walls , bookcases full to the brim , old hightops , frayed mom jeans , baggy tops , paint in their hair , messy buns , glasses tucked into their pockets , skinny dipping , correcting people’s grammar , checking theirs friends homework , freckles , blushes easily , chelsea boots , swimming at night , plays the cello , writes random bits of music onto paper , full journals , doodling in class , highly logical.

hufflepuff ; vegetarian , baggy yellow jumpers , denim skirts and fishnet tights , dancing around a room when a song comes on they like , reading the same book over and over , laughs so hard they cry , hair pulled off their face , sunglasses in winter , denim jackets , low topped converse , plays netball , surprisingly competitive , listens to indie music , cries when their friends cry , eats chocolate , dancing in the moonlight , playing the piano , singing in the car with your friends.

slytherin ; dr martens , leather jackets , winged eyeliner , resting bitch face , indie / punk music , reading seven books a week , doesn’t sleep enough , racing friends through fields , dancing in a club , defined eyebrows , swearing all the time , sarcasm is their second language , plays the violin , salty af , vegan , has a fear of not being in control , wants to learn french so they can live in paris.

Merry Christmas Baby Part 2

It’s not quiet in his pick up truck, no uncomfortably distant silence that fills the pile of rusted tin, it’s warm and familiar, tiny bare feet kicked up on the dash, blonde hair spilling over the back of his passenger seat and the perfectly in tune sound of Betty humming along to the Christmas song currently playing on the radio. It’s eerie how you could look at a scene that you’ve seen a million times and still feel that vast difference that a only a few years can make.

Back then Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper were unstoppable, the dream team, if they weren’t seen riding through town on his fathers old motorcycle the undoubtedly love struck teenagers were driving windows down in this very pick up truck. But god it was so different, Betty’s long smooth legs aren’t poking free from her blue and gold cheerleading skirt and her honey blonde hair isn’t confined to the head ache inducing ponytail she wore religiously , she’s so much more now, so stunningly beautiful that it physically hurts to look , not that she wasn’t always the most beautiful girl in the room but now.. she’s not a girl anymore, she’s a woman, a breathtaking gorgeous woman.

He’s not even aware that he’s blatantly staring at her until she taps his steering wheel, the hint of a smile on her lips

“Eyes on the road mister.”

And just like that he’s sure, even though she looks so different, so grown, his Betty, his Betts.. she’s still there.

“I bought three copies of your book.” Betty’s voice breaks him from his thoughts again, his eyes dart from her to the road, he’s been waiting for this.

“Oh yeah?” His voice is choked, a little more strangled than he’d prefer but his nerves are fried and he’s terrified she’s about to break his heart.

“I loved it.” Her hand comes out to rest on his white knuckles, fingers stroking gently causing his to loosen their death grip on the wheel.

“Really?” He knows he sounds pathetic like he’s begging for validation, but that book…. that whole damn thing, it was for her, just for her.

“Absolutely, it was hard to read I’ll admit, having to relive all of that? Jason blossoms murder, the black hood, the Serpents. I had pushed it so far away into the back of my mind that when the book came out I cried for days on my couch, had to call out of work for a whole week.”

Jughead swallowed thickly, the taste of guilt sour in his mouth. He should have been there for her, they could have gotten through it all together, lord knows the bottle he had turned to for comfort hadn’t done him any good.

“But it was amazing Juggie, everything about it was so well written and accurate. I was so proud to be a part of it. I always knew you would become an author.” She sounds so sincere, so heartbreakingly heartfelt that he has to blink away the tears that are threatening to fall from his eyes, she doesn’t give him a chance to respond however because within a second the topic has been changed.

“I can’t wait to meet your mom, I mean I know I met her when we were babies but I think I’ve come a long way from little Betty Cooper. And jellybean, sure I’ve seen her since on my visits to Fps but…”

Jughead slammed on the breaks, his hand flinging out to keep Betty from flying through the window.

“Jughead! What the hell!” The beautiful blonde pants, her hand pressed against her chest as her eyes scan Jughead frantically

“You visit my dad?” His voice is low and… dangerous, the only time she’s ever heard him speak like this is when he was introducing her to the Serpents seven years ago.

“Atleast twice every couple of months. I started the year I graduated from college, wed been writing notes, I was making sure you were okay and that he was still sober but then after Polly….” Betty trailed off a far away look in her eyes “I just… I decided to come back to riverdale a few times a year, just to make sure. I met jellybean a few times when she was visiting your dad for the holidays. She’s one of the brightest 17 year olds I know I helped her work on her senior project last Easter break.”

Jugheads dark blue eyes stay set on Betty’s, something so unreadable filtering though them.

“You’ve been around this whole time? No one told me? I didn’t… I didn’t know, If i had known..” he wants to throw up, to throw a tantrum, push and scream and break something but he’s 24 now and he’s too old for tantrums so he just stares at Betty’s sad eyes.

After a moment her smile falters and she diverts her eyes out the window

“Jughead, if you… if you really wanted me you would have found me.”

He doesn’t move, doesn’t drive. What she said, what she meant, it sounds so convincing he almost believes her, but she’s wrong, it’s not true. He has loved her for as long as he can remember, there hasn’t been one moment that he hasn’t wanted her.

He doesn’t tell her that, he doesn’t tell her anything he just drives, the rest of the ride is filled with more quiet, this time it’s sad and dull. They arrive at the big grey house on the hill, Jugheads deceased stepdads home. Betty turns to him then, a smile on her face, he can see the Hidden sadness there but it’s also real. She was never able to lie, not to him.

This should be fun.

“Okay boyfriend, lets get this Christmas party started.” Her feet slide back into her heels and his eyes follow the curve of her hips leading directly to her perfect ass as she slides out of the car.

It was going to be a long night.


A long night indeed.

Betty is amazing as she always is, gracious and attentive to all of the guests desperately seeking out the most beautiful women in the room, they compliment her hair, her dress, they ask her about her job and how Jughead landed her, they kiss her cheeks and whisper words into Jugheads ear.

“Don’t ever let that one go.” His great uncle Tony squeezes his shoulder painfully tight

“The damn near prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, don’t know how somebody like you landed her.” Senile great grandpa Lou wheels past him in his wheel chair.

“Oh my boy, you most definitely have to put a diamond on her finger.. and soon!” A woman from his mothers work stares uncomfortably long at Betty.

This is all in the first 20 minutes of the party, he hasn’t even seen his mother yet.

“Betty?! Betty Cooper?!”

Jugheads eyes squeeze shut painfully as Jellybean brushes past him, his baby sister is about to blow a massive sized hole in his entire plan. She’s squeezing Betty so tight he’s afraid she might break her.

“What are you doing here?! I didn’t know..”

Betty’s eyes land on his quickly, reassuringly

“JB it’s so good to see you! I’m actually here with my boyfriend, I mean your brother obviously.” Her eyes are boring into the eighteen year old girl with the shiny black hair and plethora of piercings on her face. It only takes a moment of hesitation before it all clicks into place for the wise young adult.

“Oh well yeah of course, I just thought you two would be doing something more romantic five days before Christmas, I know how much you two love to go to dads old cottage in the woods.” JB winks at her older brother mischief in her eyes. What the hell is she planning. As soon as he opens his mouth to ask exactly that he’s interrupted

“I remember that cabin, your father proposed to me in that cabin.” Gladys jones made her way over to her two children, placing a kiss on Jugheads cheek and turning towards Betty

“Well you are just beautiful as my son said, and trust me I was beginning to think you were some Greek goddess the way he described you. I remember when you were just about up to my knee waddling around in cowboy boots and pigtails, betty Cooper it is so good to see you.”

And then she’s being engulfed, Jughead has to bite his lip to keep from laughing at the way His mom is squeezing Betty.

“Ms. jones, it is so good to see you too! You’re beautiful, and your home is beautiful, Thankyou so much for inviting me!” Betty squeezed back just as tight, her eyes finding Jugheads from over his mother’s shoulder, he’s smiling, so soft it makes her own heart melt.

Gladys pulled away slowly, a nostalgic look in her eyes as she stares at her son and his “girlfriend”

“So what were you kids talking about? You two are heading up to the cabin?”

Jughead sighs

“No i…”

Jellybean beats him to the punch

“They were actually just asking if we wanted to have Christmas at the cabin this year! Can you believe how generous that is?! They want to host Christmas for us!” She turned to a slack jawed Jughead and wide eyed Betty, her hands clapping together in excitement

“I just think that’s such a great idea! You guys are so sweet to offer!”

“‘No! I.. wait..”

But it’s too late, if there’s one thing he knows it’s that Betty never wants to seem rude, ever.

“Of course!” The blonde haired beauty is grinning “I think it could be fun, we could have Fp, and my family, and I think Archie and Veronica are coming down on Christmas Eve!”

Before Jughead even has a moment to pull Betty aside Gladys is nearly spilling over with tears

“Oh I would love that. I would love that so much. After my husband Gary died two years ago it’s just been me and jellybean, we’ve tried inviting Fp but I think he prefers spending it with Jughead. But… if we’re all there.. oh excuse me!” Happy tears are streaming down the dark haired woman’s cheeks as she rushes to the bathroom Jellybean hot on her trail.

It’s silent for a moment neither Betty or Jughead speaking, betty breaks the quiet

“I hope everyone likes turkey.”

Don't break Y/N

Warning: Contain spoilers of The Fault In Our Stars and Game Of Thrones

[Hermione has invited Ginny, Harry, Ron, George and Fred]

[Hermione has logged on]

[Ginny has logged on]

Hermione: I have something to ask you

Hermione: But don’t tell Y/N

Hermione: You can’t let her know

Ginny: Sure

Hermione: Do you ever heard Y/N sleep talking?

Ginny: No

Ginny: Why?

Hermione: I heard her sleep talking yesterday night

Hermione: And the weirdest part is she was speaking in a foreign language

Hermione: I don’t know what language is that

Ginny: What was the time?

Hermione: 3.00 a.m.

Ginny: Weren’t you asleep?

Hermione: That is a good question

[Ron has logged on]

Ron: She was crying

Ginny: What happened ?!

[Harry has logged on]

Harry: She was reading a book

[Y/N has invited herself]

[Y/N had logged on]


Ginny: What book?! What happened ?!

Y/N: The Fault In Our Stars


Y/N: And I thought I was your friend

Ron: WOW

Harry: How did you do that!?

Y/N: Magic

Y/N: You are a witch, Y/N *whispers*

Ginny: Seriously? *side-eye*

Y/N: *grins*

Ginny: Back to the topic

Ginny: Why was Hermione crying over a book, Y/N?

Ginny: It seems like it was your fault

Y/N: I just recommended her a book which called ‘The Fault In Our Stars’

Y/N: But that doesn’t mean that she have to cry over the book

Hermione: Are you saying that I’m weak!?


[George has logged on]

George: Y/N cried so hard when she finished reading the book

George: She said she had a book hangover

George: And she was mourning over her feels for a week

George: That week was like hell because she was so moody

George: And I have to buy her lots of gummy bears to make her talk to me

George: Things I do for my friend

[George has logged off]

Harry: Holy shit, Y/N

Ron: Is that really that bad

Y/N: Never underestimate the power of books

Ginny: What is that book about?

Y/N: It’s about a cancer squad

Y/N: A boy who had cancer fell in love with a girl who also had cancer

Y/N: And they lived happily ever after

Y/N: You bet

Y/N: The boy died

Y/N: It’s fandom. What do you expect?

Y/N: Excuse me, I’m going to cry my heart out at the corner

Y/N: Let the feels wash over me

Y/N: Okay

Harry: Okay?

Hermione: NO

Ron: Seriously? You cried over a chick flick?

Y/N: 去吃屎吧 (go eat shit)

Ron: I feel like she is cursing me

Harry: What does that mean?

Y/N: 秘密 (secret)

Ginny: What?

Ginny: Tell me what does that mean!

Y/N: 我不会告诉你 (I’m not telling you)


Y/N: 你拿我没办法 (You can’t do anything to me)

Harry: Holy shit

Ron: What language is this?!

Y/N: 华文,一种专门让人读得头疼的语言 (Chinese, a language which will get you a migraine if you learn)

Ginny: You do realize we don’t understand what you typed, don’t you?

Y/N: 是,可是你认为我在乎吗? (Yes, but do you think I care?)  

Y/N: 不 (Nah)

Hermione: Can you stop?

Y/N: 不要 (No)

[Harry has invited Draco]


Ginny: Oh good god

[Draco has logged on]

Harry: Stop her

Harry: NOW

Draco: Watch your tongue

Draco: If you want someone to do thing for you, you have to be polite



Draco: Oh good lord

Harry: I think she purposely wrote that in English

Ginny: Me too  :I

Hermione: Y/N, you do remember Harry likes Cho, don’t you?

[Y/N has logged off]

Ginny: Oh my God





Hermione: But she’s not a little girl anymore!

Draco: Do you think I care?

Hermione: But don’t you want her to stop shipping you and Harry?

Draco: Yes but I won’t break her like how you did!

Ginny: Did you knock your head too hard this morning?

[Fred has logged on]

Fred: Why is Y/N crying after she checked on her phone?

Fred: Seriously, she cries like when she was watching the episode which Hodor died

Fred: That episode is just plain sad


Fred: Seriously though

Fred: Someone please come and comfort her

Fred: I am trying to comfort her but I really can’t contain my laughter anymore

Fred: She ships Harry and Draco so hard until she cries

Fred: Someone get her a trophy

Fred: Seriously

Fred: Help me

[Fred has logged off]

Hermione: Why are they so protective over Y/N? :V


Ron: Gotta agree with Malfoy on this one

Harry: As much as I hate to say this

Harry: But

Harry: I agree with Malfoy this time *cough*

Ginny: If Y/N sees this, she will explode into rainbow confetti

Ron: Just like how a piñata explode

Ginny: :I

Draco: I need to comfort my gay mate now

Draco: I mean my friend, my smol Y/N

Draco: Y/N, you’re right, she is my friend

Draco: Not gay mate

[Draco has logged off]

Harry: I need to get to Y/N before Draco

Harry: To save her from that annoying blondy

[Harry has logged off]

Ron: I shall help harry

[Ron has logged off]

Ginny: I think I have to log off as well

[Ginny has logged off]


Hermione: GUYS


Hermione: Jesus

[Hermione has logged off]

“Why are you so negative and hateful? Stop wasting your time and do something productive!”

Common arguments for why you should just shut the fuck up and not talk about things you don’t like and instead be a cutesy pink sparkly unicorn who is too pure and wholesome to express bad opinions. 

Let me explain why I, personally, like to snark and be critical of books and why I think it’s important:

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Tim Drake X Artsy! Reader Headcanons

Request: Hi! Um, do you do headcannons?? If you do, can you do some headcannons on Tim with an artsy reader? If not it’s cool lol

A/N: Hello! Yup, I do do headcanons ^^

- The only time when Tim allows himself to rest is while he watches you paint or sculpt

- He finds the way you move your hands to be so captivating

- Once you painted a portrait of him as Red Robin and he was so flattered he shed a tear

- Tim’s rich af obviously so he often buys you art supplies

- Though you always tell him you can manage on your own, you return home many times to new supplies placed neatly on your table

- His favourite medium of art is actually photography, which you happen to be really good at

- Once he snooped through your photo album and saw a few pages dedicated to pictures you’ve secretly taken of him

- “Hey Tim have you seen my- oH MY GOD DONT LOOK AT THaT TIIIMMM”

- You pounced onto him and grabbed the album close to your chest

- He laughed so hard at your reaction he cried

- He eventually bought a camera and started taking pictures of you when you weren’t looking

- He laments that his photos aren’t taken as well as yours but he still loves every shot of you he’s ever taken

- Once you caught him snapping a pic of you reading a book

- You flung your novel at him

- Despite knowing that his reflexes were too good for you to actually hit him

- One day you found his secret photo album and saw all (and I mean every single one) of the pics he took of you

- Some where while you were painting, drawing, eating, napping etc etc

- You swear to god if you didn’t love him so much you’d file a restraining order against him

- “Hey (Y/N) where’s my mug- nO (Y/N) oH MY GOd”

- It felt like deja vu

- After years of dating, he proposed to you in your favourite art museum

- During the wedding, you two purposefully chose the most unflattering pictures of each other for the video montage

- While all the guests had a great laugh, they could see how much you two loved each other

- They knew that if everyone loved one another like you two did, the world would be a much better place

How hard is it to make the Hetalia Characters cry?

America: Depends. He’s pretty tough so he could be in a lot of pain but would be fine. But sad stories like a puppy with cancer or abandoned animals will make him cry like a baby.

Canada: He’s an emotional crier. He’ll cry when he’s really happy, sad or mad. He will even cry when he’s really embarrassed!

England: He doesn’t cry much. He especially won’t cry in public unless he’s really drunk. He cries when thinking of his colonies leaving him and also when reading books. (He cried for hours when Hedwig was killed.)

France: He will cry for added dramatics. But it’s hard to make him really cry! He mostly cries when Englands insults step over the line.

Russia: Barely ever cries! Only cries when a tragedy happens or when he drinks way to much vodka and feels lonely.

N. Italy: If you just look at him wrong he’ll cry. He cries about everything and is an emotional crier like Canada but 10x worse.

Germany: Doesn’t cry unless he’s under the perfect combination of stress and lack of sleep. Will cry during movies if the dog dies though.

Japan: Not really a crier unless his favorite character gets killed off in a show/movie/book.

S. Italy: Emotional crier like his brother but more when he’s scared or frustrated. He also cries when he gets really really angry to his mortification.

Spain: Really doesn’t cry. Will tear up a bit when depressed or something bad happens but he’s the type to try and find the positive in the situation and go from there.

Reddie Eddie? Part two

(Okay the first part can be found on my page, I put a hashtag called Reddie Eddie to make it easier to find it. Can be a stand-alone, but highly suggest reading the first part as well)

“I know you’re fucking mad at me, but Eddie’s in fucking trouble!” Richie paced, waving his arms wildly as Bill stood quickly pushing his personal feelings aside as they faced a bigger problem.

“C-c-c-calm d-d-down,” Bill pursed his lips, forcing out the simple sentence.

“No!” Richie yelled, his voice high-pitched and cracking at the end from an overload of emotions.

He didn’t know he was shaking till Bill walked over and held him still by placing hands on his shoulder’s.

“W-w-we’ll get h-h-him b-b-back,” Bill nodded his head reassuringly.

Richie used Bill’s phone to call the other Loser’s and soon they were on their bikes racing towards the house on Neilbolt street loaded with defense weapons.

They ran into complications, like Henry almost killing Mike, losing the bullets for Mike’s gun, getting separated in the sewers, Stanley losing trust in them after almost being eaten, and getting separated from Bill and Bev when they needed him most. Now, the other boy’s were looking at Richie for guidance. They trudged through gray water, gagging on the stench of piss, shit, and mold. Richie put his hand to his back pant’s pocket feeling the extra inhaler he brought in case Eddie needed it. He only thought about how scared Eddie was with only one fully functioning arm and surrounded by germs. If Eddie was still alive and no, he couldn’t think like that. Eddie had to be alive.

Suddenly, he understood Bill’s mentality, always grasping for any speck of hope that someone they loved was alive.

Yeah, he thought it, loved. He loved Eddie. He didn’t understand love, but he supposed it was along the lines of what he felt for his friend.

Walking in the dark, smelly sewers really made a person think (Especially if they were walking towards their probable death) and Richie was thinking how he didn’t fully appreciate everything he had until he lost it. If he wasn’t in front of his friends, he’d probably just cry.

They eventually made it into a large room with toy’s heaped up high, with bodies floating in the air. Richie couldn’t breathe properly. His fear mixed with the new rotten smell the sewers provided.

“Richie, look!” Mike barely whispered, pointing at a small floating body.


Richie ran and attempted to jump, his finger’s brushing against Eddie’s shoe. It was frustrating, he was so close, but couldn’t grab him. Mike and Ben came rushing up, lifting him up so he could successfully grab Eddie’s ankles and haul him down. It was an odd sensation, Eddie felt as light as a balloon filled with so much helium that it refused to be pulled down.

Richie’s eye’s widened in shock when he saw Eddie’s eyes. Brown eyes that were full of light were now a milky white.

“Eds! Hey, wake up!” Richie shook Eddie’s shoulders helplessly. Eddie’s head rolled forward limply, his chin resting against his chest.

He wasn’t dead

“Richie…” Stan said unsteadily, scared even more than Richie was.

Eddie!” Richie screamed as loud as he could, the name echoing off of the walls,  "Why isn’t he waking up?“ Richie looked at his friends, his voice breaking as he broke. Tear’s started leaking through the cracking walls that Richie spent so many years attempting to build.

Richie’s mind was spinning, he couldn’t think of what to do. He couldn’t leave Eddie here, dead. There had to be a way to get him to wake up. Without thinking because, honestly, what was the point of thinking, he leaned in and kissed Eddie, fully accepting his feelings that were rooted deeper than friendship.

It wasn’t a deep kiss. It wasn’t passionate and it wasn’t long, but it was meaningful. Years of holed up feelings gushing out. All his emotions were placed on Eddie’s dry lips; Silent secret’s breathlessly whispered onto the other. This wasn’t his first kiss, but it was the first kiss that made him feel whole. The kiss didn’t last more than a second and as he stepped back, heat rising to his cheeks with embarrassment, he grinned when Eddie’s dull eyes slowly transitioned back to life, color filling his pupils.  

Then he felt the cast connect with his jaw.

“What the fuck! No! Get off of me!” Eddie screamed and started to thrash as he came back to life.

Richie was hurt. He just took the leap of faith and kissed his best friend in front of his other friends just to get rejected. He was about to snap back something snarky to hide his crushed heart, but then Eddie hugged him until it was a little hard to breathe. Which was fine with Richie. Richie hugged him back, slowly, but then melted into the smaller boy after realizing his friend was alive.

That’s some Romeo and Juliet shit he thought and was really tempted to say, but for once, he was silent.

Personal notes below

This was so fun to write, but I legit leaned back and cried when I remember what happened in the book after their encounter with It…
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

All ideas except the general storyline is original. please don’t steal any specific ideas in here. Ask me first :3
An analysis of the scene in EoS when Aelin hits Manon

I want to talk about the scene in EoS when Aelin hits Manon. I’m starting with the myth of the White Demon/Blackbeak Heir because a brief analysis of Manon’s character will be helpful to understanding why Manon did not fight back or retaliate when she was hit (and also why Rowan and Aedion stood by and let it happen).

Trust me when I say that, I could write essays on Manon’s character and why she does the things she does. But for the sake of wanting to discuss the scene where Aelin hits Manon and why Manon does not defend herself, I’m gonna start with a quick and dirty rundown of Manon. And I’m going to leave a LOT out.

TRIGGER WARNING: I’m going to touch on Manon’s abuse at the hands of her grandmother. I’m not going to delve any further than what we can infer from the abuse that is blatantly obvious in the books. I also want to say that @itach-i has an in depth analysis of Manon’s abuse coming out that will fully explain Manon as a character who had been (emotionally, physically, and sexually) abused. I also want to say that without  @itach-i thoughts on Manon’s abuse, this post never would have happened. I knew Manon had been abused, but the extent to which I had not considered until she pointed it out to me. So thanks!

Manon Blackbeak Created Her Own Myth

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All that was me is gone

Blindspot fanfic. A silly drabble because there seems to be a lot of overlap in these two fandoms….

“Hi, Kurt. What’s up?” His sister’s voice echoed through the phone.

“Hi, Sarah,” he said, closing the bedroom door and keeping his voice pitched low enough not to carry out to Jane in the living room. “I’m calling about the books you gave Jane for Christmas.”

“Oh, is she reading them? Does she like them?”

“Umm, I think so?” Jane had thrown the first one in her bag as they left on their trip to Colorado last week. She’d immediately gotten so engrossed that she’d barely noticed when the plane hit a patch turbulence. Kurt had decided that was a good thing and made a mental note to call his sister and thank her, but then…

“She’s almost finished the second book.”

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anonymous asked:

Wait wut. Dude I've been playing BtA and I've never seen Dazai write letters to chuuya. Like at all. Am i wrong????

Oh I just got a translation from a friend on twitter, I guess that would be one of the letters that you read in order to get onigiri/ink? Basically in the letter Dazai told Chuuya that he forgot his book when they went drinking the other night, and he’d be happy to return the book to Chuuya. But Chuuya is the only one that Dazai writes letter to in game so my fangirl heart is very happy. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! So this might have already been clarified somewhere but do you know if this novella is going to interact with all the characters or just chaols perspective? :)

From what Sarah has said, I believe Tower of Dawn started out as a smallish novella from Chaol’s perspective, which would have basically covered what he was up to on the Southern Continent while Aelin & co. were on their assorted adventures in Empire of Storms. 

It evolved, though, into a full-length novel. Sarah said she just loved exploring that part of the world and the storyline that she couldn’t hold herself back! She said in her newsletter that she would consider it an installment in the main series because it includes so many vital plot points and characters. 

From what I understand Chaol may cross paths with the characters we know and love, but this book will mostly center around him and Nesryn and their adventures down South. Plus we’ll get to see some old characters, like Yrene Towers (from The Assassin’s Blade)! 

The book was last clocked at 665 freakin’ word doc pages (so even longer in print), and Sarah refers to it as TOG6 rather than a novella or side project. It’s definitely a real part of the series!

Here’s a snippet from one of Sarah’s newsletters:

I knew this story was one I was aching to tell, but I had no idea just how much it would come to mean to me and how much of what happens within it winds up playing a big role in the TOG series. I’d even go so far as to call it the sixth book in the series (that much vital stuff happens/is discovered), which means the last book is now…Book 7?

Chaol has always been one of my favorite characters to write, and his journey in this book… Oh man, there were times when I cried so hard I could barely see the screen as I wrote. Drafting this book reminded me a great deal of what it was like to write Heir of Fire (which will always hold a special place in my heart for many reasons).

But I also fell in love with the other characters who appear, both new and old (Nesryn, of course, will be there, but if you haven’t read The Assassin’s Blade, I’d suggest doing so…soon.). And I fell in love with the world of the southern continent, with its ancient, epic history and people hailing from so many nations and backgrounds. Getting to explore this pocket of the world was one of the major highlights while writing this book, and at the risk of sounding trite, I hope you guys love it as much as I do. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I really loved your alpha iida imagine and uhm can I ask for how he would reacted that his omega said she was pregnant? And how it would be after his child was born? Please?


 The world seemed to come to a complete stop. Iida could hear his heart pounding in his ears, his stomach turned and his hands were clammy. Everything was spinning, his breath hitched in his throat.

“Iida…Iida please say something.” his Omega looked nervous, fidgeting with her necklace.

“W…when…are you sure?” he forced himself to take a breath.

“Yeah…I went to the doctor this morning after you left. He said I’m actually farther along then most that come in…” she took his hands and placed something in it.

“They went ahead and did a sonogram, everything is going fine. He said I’m about two and a half months pregnant.” Iida looked down at the photo she put in his hand, a sonogram. It was grainy and he wasn’t even sure what he was looking at, but he knew it was his child, and that was all that mattered. He didn’t say anything else, just pulled his Omega into a hug, and cried.

She held him tight, letting her own tears fall.

“I’m gonna be a father…” he was smiling so hard, harder than he had in years.

“You scared me for a second, I thought you were angry…” she pulled away, wiping her eyes.

“No, never! This is wonderful! I…I have to call my brother, he has to know right away!”


 The day his daughter was born Iida genuinely thought he was going to die. All the books he read, all the time he spent preparing, it all went out the window when his Omega went into labor.

His paced outside the delivery room for hours, only being allowed in for a few minutes at a time. Alpha’s were never allowed to stay in the room while their partners gave birth, it was to risky. Many an Alpha at lashed out at a doctor for touching their Omega, so he was banished to wait while they tended to her.

His mother was with her though, and he knew she would take great care of his Omega. His older brother waited with him, trying his best to keep him calm, but it was in vain. Iida would not be ok till he saw his partner and child, safe and healthy.

The hours passed and finally, just when he thought he was going to go mad, a nurse opened the door and allowed him to go in.

His Omega looked exhausted, but she was beaming. She said nothing, just held out their child for him to take, but he didn’t.

“I…I’ll drop her.” every nurse in there cracked up with laughter while his mother gave him a good whack to the back of the head.

“Iida, please, hold your daughter.” his Omega spoke so gently and slowly, he reached out, taking her gently into his arms. The babe was fast asleep, and once again, Iida wept.

She was perfect, everything he could have ever dreamed of having. He didn’t know how he had gotten so lucky, but here he was. The husband to an amazing Omega and the father to a precious little girl.

The first girl to be born into their family in generations.


 “Mama, look! Daddy is on tv!” Iida’s daughter had grown and her quick manifested, the same as her fathers.

“He got another bad guy!” she jumps up and down, grinning.

“Did he now?” his Omega comes into the living room, smiling as the great hero Ingenium handed yet another villain over to the police.

“Mama, I wanna be a hero like daddy!”

“You know, your father got his hero name from your uncle.”

“Really? Uncle was a hero too?”

“A great one at that.”


“Yes baby?”

“I wanna be the next Ingenium!”

It’s hard to explain to someone who isn’t wholly a bibliophile that yes, I buy books because they have beautiful covers and incredible stories and worlds and characters that I love to get lost in and even seeing their spines and titles on my shelves brings back the exact moment I read a scene that made me laugh so hard I cried or when I was so lost in another place, in someone else, that I didn’t realize it was three in the morning until I’d read the last line and it was completely worth the loss of sleep to spend every second inside the words printed on those pages nestled snugly on my bookshelf so I can return to that moment anytime I so wish.