cried during the whole thing

My mom during Fx's Legion

So my mam and I were watching Legion (it’s great and I’m genuinely infatuated with whoever was in charge of cinematography) so at one point my mom gasps loudly and points at the TV. She starts explaining that David is a fellow from Downton Abbey but he had lost some weight. Then after a few minutes of googling she started crying because she found out he was fat shamed.

Same lady who cried during Deadpool because he got tricked into the whole torture thing

I'm bored and giddy so here's some Makorra wedding headcanons

•Korra’s one requirement for her dress is that there can’t be sleeves. She wants to show off her guns

•Tenzin pays for the whole thing. Mako tries to convince him to let them save up themselves, but you know how stubborn Tenzin can be when he has his mind set on something

•Mako and Korra both agree on a small, simple wedding so that they can spend more on their honeymoon

•Bolin cries when Mako asks him to be his Best Man (even though he never would have considered asking anyone else), Asami’s the maid of honor. The airbending babies are the flower girls and ring bearers

•Their engagement is really short. Like, a month. They’re like “well we both know we love each other and that’s not gonna change any time soon so let’s just get this shindig done”

•Katara helps Korra get ready for this “shindig”

•When Korra’s dad gives her away, Mako says softly, “Don’t worry sir, I’ll keep an eye on her for you.”

•Mako cries. A lot. Throughout the whole thing.

•The one time Korra cries was during the vows. Mako incorporated “I’ve got your back, and I always will,” and Korra allows herself to shed one tear

•ok I know this is really cliché right now but they dance to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and they grin like idiots the whole time (FIGHT ME ON THIS I DARE YOU)

•(Mako cries again)

•The only person who cries more than Mako is Bolin

•"Dude, you’re not even the one getting married" “I know, it’s just so beautiful… And you’re so happy…”

•Bolin’s speech was actually really precious. He mentions how proud Mom and Dad would be of him, and how much they’d grown since their days on the streets. And then: “Welcome to the family, sis”

•Lin shows up later. “Well, I figured if my best detective was running off for a while, I should see his excuse” which are the nicest words she’s ever said to him

•Mako’s smile somehow gets even wider

•seriously, he’s grinning the ENTIRE night. And his eyes never leave Korra.

•Korra is having the time of her life and has never laughed so much before

•they hold hands for like 10 hours straight and don’t let go and are basically glued to each other’s sides. You’d have to get a crowbar to pry them apart

•after the delicious dinner (catered by Narrook’s), they DOMINATE the dance floor

•I have strong feelings about them taking swing-dancing classes before hand

•even Lin is impressed

•ok so airbending babies: Ginora is just in complete awe that two people could be in love THIS much. Ikki is as energetic as always and basically jumps around and asks a gazillion questions whenever she gets the chance (“so what kind of flowers are these? Why are they blue? Why are the streamers red? Those two colors don’t really go together–wait! That’s because you’re a waterbender and he’s a firebender! Aw that’s so cute omg but aren’t you technically a firebender too since you’re the avatar? Shouldn’t you include green and yellow in here too??–” “IKKI STOP”). Meelo doesn’t really know what’s going on but all these adults are laughing at everything he says so that’s fine by him

•cutting the cake turns into an all-out war

•"the fire nation is attacking again!“ “You started it!” “We had a peace treaty, remember? Ask Katara, she was there”

•it takes them forever to leave because everyone has something sweet to say to them or some embarrassing story

•it doesn’t help that Mako keeps offering to clean up every two seconds

•eventually Korra just picks him up bridal-style (or I guess you could call it groom-style) and carries him to the car

•The airbending kids, Bolin, and Asami all helped paint the “just married” decorations on their car

•Basically the whole ride back home was spent either kissing or calling each other “husband” or “wife”

I finished playing Tales of the Abyss

42 hours later, I finished the game. Not many video games can make me feel this way, but I was dreading the final battle, simply because I didn’t want the game to end. I hated seeing the final battle skits because I didn’t want the game to end, it was too good of an adventure.

My god is this game a masterpiece. I can say that I shamelessly cried (just a little) during the ending scenes. The whole thing was an emotional rollercoaster, and every party member has such depth and so much room for player interpretation and I don’t know how I can handle playing other video games after I’ve played this one.

Even midway through, I decided that it was my favourite Tales game, alongside Tales of Berseria. But after the events of the Tower of Rem, it stood alone as my favourite Tales game (sorry Berseria). I can’t handle it, my mind is spinning. I think the game may be one of my favourite video games of all time, which is a shocking decision to make so early after finishing it, without giving the adrenaline of finishing the game time to settle down.

I can’t believe it’s over, but the one good thing about finishing the game is that I can now throw myself into the pits of Tales of the Abyss fanworks without fear of spoilers. (So to people with Tales of the Abyss-centered blogs, or Tales of centered blogs in general, please, like or reply to this post, I need more content to sooth my crying soul Abyss left behind q_q)

I may make a post just talking about my favourite moments and the characters because even if nobody is listening, I just need to get it off my back and scream, even to empty air, how much I love this game.

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who’s the cuddler: Gar, forever, I mean, he can literally be a teddy bear

who makes the bed: Raven. She doesn’t mind a messy bed she just like…does it out of habit

who wakes up first: Raven wakes up at like the same time every day and sometimes Gar is already awake and sometimes he sleeps for two more hours. It depends. 

who has the weird taste in music: Raven listens to some weird stuff from her home and Gar likes it, although he prefers his weird techno dance music stuff

who is more protective: they’re both p protective, tbh, although Raven probably more. 

who sings in the shower:  Gar. He can’t sing for crap but he does anyway–and loudly. Raven pretends it annoys her but she secretly finds it endearing.

who cries during movies: Gar. Raven has that whole “no emotions” thing, so 

who spends the most while out shopping: Gar, although they don’t go shopping like ever 

who kisses more roughly: Gar can be a lil animalistic when it comes to anything, so him for sure, although Raven’s not necessarily gentle, either

who is more dominate: not answering sorry!

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10/10 (I think this was my first DC ship, actually! Besides maybe Batcat)

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Oh my god 10 years made me so emotional 😭 I cried during the whole thing . I've read it 3 times already.You are so talented and amazing please don't ever stop writing I love youuu 😭❤️❤️p.s. When is part 7 coming out??

Whaaat? 3 times? Wow I love you, thank you so much for enjoying it!

I usually don’t post the next part until the part before gets over 100+ notes! Yes, I’m one of those people! I haven’t wrote part 7 yet, due to the fact it’s the end and I don’t think I’m prepared to write it!!

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“10 Years (The Aftermath)” Stiles x Reader

June TC Challebge

19. Have you ever cried about your TC? If yes, why?

I have. It was about some stupid stuff though.

20. Have you ever cried in front of your TC? If yes, what happened?

I’ve never cried in front of him, but he’s seen me after I’ve cried. He’s really nice during the whole thing by comforting me and trying to get me to talk so he understood the situation.

I’m a fucking loser, I went to the Frida Kahlo exhibition at Sydney today and I cried so much during the whole thing because I couldn’t believe I was in the same room as this amazing woman’s paintings. I’m so happy to be becoming an art teacher and helping kids to appreciate and love art the way I do…this is not rami related but I’m drunk and an emotional mess

OKAY I’m sorry but I need to rant talk about something in Mockingjay that made me very, very salty.  You can read if you want, I’ll try to be organized in what I’m saying LOL.

First of all, I am not shitting on the film.  I really loved it!!  I thought they did an amazing job.  I was freaking out during the whole thing and I cried a lot and left the theater feeling so asdkfnlkajfaowe;fj because of how emotional it was.  It was AWESOME. 

HOWEVER I am very pissed off at how they did Finnick’s confession.  I saw the movie for the second time tonight and when they got to that scene I honestly just wanted to skip over it because it wasn’t about him at all when it should have been.  When I saw it for the first time I was SOOO excited for it because it’s his BIG SCENE!!!!  And the longer the scene went on the more upset I got because it was completely undermined.  

I’m sorry I just have a lot of feelings about it.  It’s such an important scene, but it was completely shoved to the side in order to include the rescue mission.  I did like how they included that, but not in the way in which they did it.  It made me annoyed how Finnick’s confession was interrupted every 5 seconds to show 40 second shots of the rescue mission.  His confession lost its meaning and impact.  I feel like people who haven’t read the books or weren’t paying close attention during that part could completely miss the fact that he was forced to be a prostitute and everything about Snow.  That scene shows so much about Finnick’s character and makes you feel more sympathy for him and realize that this glamorous golden boy is really broken inside and you understand how much he’s been through.  And it explains so much about Snow and the Capital.  

AND Sam is a brilliant actor!!!  He did a great job in that scene with what he was given to work with, but I think if they had put more of a focus on it it could’ve been one of the most powerful scenes in the film.

ANYWAY sorry this is so long I just really needed to type it all out to release some of my irritation lol.  Finnick is my absolute favorite character so I just have a lot of emotions about him sigh.  I still loved the movie so much, but I wish that his confession had gotten the attention it deserved.