Cristiano Ronaldo gets close to mystery woman at Ibiza club
Cristiano Ronaldo is clearly still celebrating Portugal's stunning victory, over France in the Euros final, while on holiday in Ibiza.

Poor Ronaldo, and poor larries who have become cricky believers.

They can’t catch a break away from the evil management entity that can force a pop start (Louis) or a famous football player (Ronaldo) to engage in these stunts in order to make them super hetero in the eyes of the general public… while their gorgeous husbands waits at home alone :( ( or filming for a Nolan movie, but i’m sure Harry still suffers ).

The Cricky mood.

A serious condition.

When you get into that mood, you’ve got a few options.

First, AO3, of course.


Okay, let’s calm down.

Second, tumblr. Obviously.

There, you’ll find a whole lot of material. Pics, gifs, heated anons trying to cancel your opinions and most of all, NEW FRIENDS.

Hi @cr7cky & @cricky-renaldo :)

Few examples.


So like, you get into that good vibe, yeah ? You start feeling like this :

And then you see this :

And you literally squeal. And probably look like this :

BUT.. it’s never enough, alright ? So you just wander through Cristiano’s IG posts. 

(Nobody forced him to.. HE DID IT ON HIS OWN.)


And you see those pretty faces every-fucking-where together, laughing, smiling, taking care of Junior (!!!!!). Working or not, they’re attached at the hip.

(Daddy and papa.. DON’T FIGHT ME.)

(Breathe, Cris.)

But then. THEN comes the real deal. Then comes the moment you go back to twitter, you type your own @ in the search bar and the # with it..

Oh how you freaked out about it when it happened..

.. again ..

.. and then again in the finale. You’re not sure you’re over it just yet. (Not sure I’ll ever be anyway.)


(Can you see him saying OBRIGADO ?!)


And you end up looking pretty much like this.

But you end up HAPPY. Happy crying because honestly.. aren’t they gorgeous ?



Can anyone translate?

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if this is random but I have been scrolling down your blog for a while now and what really gets to me is how much FUN they seem like having together you know? I think that is a very important part of a relationship you know just being able to laugh together and they definitely do. A lot and it's really nice too see : )

I know right?? They seem genuinely happy together! They laugh a lot and it seems like they can be silly together which is so important in a good relationship, I mean look

You know what they say, right? A couple who laugh together, last together..