((… it all makes sense now))

The phone was still in her trembling hand when she arrived at the Police station, more pointedly, the Jail, trying to keep her cool when she approached the officer behind the desk. “I-I’m here to post b-bail for a guy that’s calling himself Breakpoint,” she said quietly, cringing as the man gave a look of confusion then understanding. No doubt, he’d done something stupid.

It was a good thing - a very good thing - she still had that little money from her loan to use for this. Otherwise, he’d be spending who knows how long in the small cell… and what that would mean later. The fact that she was even sitting there, in the floruecent-washed waiting room, meant that he’d suffered a sudden transformation. She’d heard rumors of it happening. Blinking when the door opened, she stood up, clutching her arms and feeling suddenly cold as she saw the man, who was for all purposes, human.

“…Y-You’re welcome.”

In the middle of calculating his fifth way out of the pathetic human cell, one of the so-called police officers came up and unlocked him. He guessed that the little Cricket had finally arrived with bail - it would be easy to get around as a human, apparently you could pay yourself from everything - and he was free to go. After being shown where to go, he brushed past the officer and headed for the waiting room, seeing the familiar face. The dark-brown haired man flashed an amused grin, look at her, all nervous and jumpy.

“You might be the first human I’ve said thank you to, little Cricket,” he hummed as he walked up, giving her back a pat. This was definitely fun, suddenly being the same size as the human, despite the fact that he stood taller, and as he guessed; stronger, than most of the humans around him. Having been… ‘caught’ had been caused by a moment of confusion. Being human was.. different after all. But not permanent.

“So should we discuss this little deal of ours,” he smirked, leaned slightly down to be more in height with Cricket before urging her out the police station.


[One night. ONE NIGHT is all I’m gone and not only has a lot of the usual stuff happened, nope, AXLE HAD A SPARKLING!

WHY do I need sleep again? Just to miss out on these things?! XDD

On the other hand, this opens up an incredibly oppotunity for Breakpoint to mess with Axle even more.

You’re making this easy for me, Cricket.]

herosinourownright - Help

Skyler looked in the mirror of the mall’s changing room, frowning at what she saw there. Sure, the forest green top looked nice on her, but she couldn’t find anything that matched it. She growled in frustration and flicked the large pile of discarded clothing off the chair. “Nothing!” Not a thing to wear for her…well, for her date later that night. And it wasn’t anything, really. Just a drive.

Her head rested in her hands. Date. She was only calling it that, only admitting it, because of Megan. That gave her an idea. Skyler dug out her cell-phone and sent a quick text to the other woman. //Can you meet me at the mall in a few?// Maybe she’d have more fashion sense…