cricketers in suits

I would like to state for the record that I will never not even in a million years ever be over the whole beth childs look with the suit and the sunglasses and the bun

i got really inspired to do more cricket!smiffy drawings when i went browsing the hatfilms tag and saw that mwolf0epsilon had done a little ficlet and wrote up some headcanons for it – like woah! super cool to see stuff like that! i got super stoked so i drew more!

Just Friends, I Guess Part Two (Nate Maloley Imagine for Cricket)

Part One

Ok, so because of the overwhelming amount of support and positive comments, I made a Part Two!

Nate’s POV

“That’s what I thought,”

“Wait no Cricket!” I yell down the hallway.

She just ran off… But why? I watched as Cricket ran down the hallway into the cafeteria. I just stood there in shock. 


She said she liked someone, I sorta blanked out because I was distracted by Mallory. I propped my foot up behind me on the locker, crossing my arms right after. 

“Who does she like?” I whisper quietly to myself. 

We can all agree that I only said I liked Mallory because she looked like an easy fuck. Why didn’t Cricket know that? Wouldn’t Cricket know that? 

Didn’t Cricket say she likes… me? She couldn’t. I’m just an awkward average Joe. But, since freshman year?

I looked even more taken aback now than when Cricket broke the news to me. I though we were just friends. That we’d have each other’s back until, I guess the end of time. She also came up with the idea that if one of us had no date to the prom, we would go together. Even if one does have a date, we have to ditch them and go together.

I all just clicked

She made me do that so she’d get an out of jail for free during prom. But now that I know that, I sorta do… wanna go to the prom with her. 

I know for a fact that she doesn’t like her pale skin and fiery red hair. I know that she wasn’t all that proud of her love of literature, but she still loved writing about her secret fandoms. Yes, call me a fangirl, but I have picked up a few word here and there.

I decided to do one of the most courageous things in my whole life: confront the girl I think— no — I know love.

I start running down the hallway. I dodge a few latecomers from lunch. When I make it the the cafeteria, I see Cricket talking to Mallory and her group of friends. Sammy was standing beside Cricket and was rubbing her back… why? I walk closer very slowly, thrusting my right ear to try to listen in inside the conversation. 

“Yay! Thanks Cricket!” Mallory says, scooping her in a hug. Sam put his hand down by his side to let the girls hug. Cricket backs away after the hug. I stoops her head down to the ground and Sam placed his hand on the small of her back again.

I pick up the speed so I can go talk to Mallory. 

“Nate! Nate!” Mallory leaps. “I love you too!“ 

What the fuck did Cricket tell Mallory?

"No,” I state. I lost all the feeling. It just went away. I hold her wrist down to stop her from bouncing. The rest of her crew fled and sat at their regular tables. 

“No what? Cricket already set us up on a date. Movies on Friday." 

Fridays are Cricket and I’s day. We were supposed to watch movies. That’s the schedule. On Fridays, Cricket and I would take turns to pick the movies. She’d pick the horror, I’d pick the chick-flick. Yes, the roles were reversed. 

It was her week.

Cricket knew that Friday was our day. There was a pain in my chest. She knew in hell that we have promised, since grade 5, that we would come together on Friday to watch a movie together. Strict, I know, but it has become a habit.

"She said to that we should go to that new now, um Person in Black, isn’t it?” she said.

This is pathetic. She can’t even say the name right.


"YES!” she practically squeals. “Woman in Black." 

Cricket also knew that it was her week to pick. We were going to watching that.

"Look, Mal, I’m sorry, um…” I awkwardly trail off. “I have no fucking clue what Cricket said to you, but I sorta lost the feeling… like 5 minutes ago.”

A sharp feeling came across my right cheek. 

“How dare you!” Mallory screeches. 

And there’s the attention the this girl has to grab. Every. Single. Time.

“You got me believing that someone loves me?!? And what do you do? Throw it away for some whore you saw in the hall?” I screams. I glance over to Cricket who is seated in the middle of Sam and Johnson. “It was her!” She yelled across the cafeteria, pointing a slender finger over to Cricket. She angrily stormed to our table. I quickly follow behind in suit. Cricket will not be touched.

“You’re such a slut!" 

"Are you fucking kidding me bitch?” Cricket says in a bored tone. 

“No, I’m not! First you say that Nate is available and likes me, and then say that you’re dating Sam! UNBELIEVABLE!”

“No!” Cricket says. She raised her voice. I’ve never heard her speak loud. On the occasional days, but, “You’re the one who just fuck and dumped Johnson over here, and then had sex with every single boy in our grade,”

Mallory huffs and stamps her left foot, knowing defeat. She sharply turns and parts the crowd that has formed around us earlier. She clicks away in her prissy high heels. What in the bloody hell what was I thinking?

As the crowd dispersed and Cricket sat back down in the middle of the boys, I sit across from her. 

“Why?” Is all I say.

“Because you like her,” She says, slumping down lower in her seat.

“I only liked her because I didn’t know you liked me.” I said softly. 

She looked up, her eyes pleading. “So… does that mean…”

Sam taps Jack’s shoulder and motions for him to get up and leave to give us privacy. I nod in acknowledgement.

“Yes, I have realized that…”

“You like me?” she finishes for me softly.

I nod and take her hand. “Yeah,”

I stand up, never breaking free of her petite hands. I pull her to the side near the wall. “Cricket, I’m so sorry I have been so blind that I couldn’t even see that my best friend liked me. I have put my sexual needs before you, and I know that’s a big no-no. So, Cricket, will you be my—”

“Jennifer Lawrence and you can be my Dylan O’Brien?” she cuts me off. I laugh because she named both of our celebrity crushes. “Because if you were going to ask that: yes.”  

“You took it right out of my mouth.”

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