can I just say that as much as I love Pakistan winning, I love the fact that both teams thanked each other, congratulated each other and showed genuine professionalism and showmanship and friendship beyond the political bullshit both teams are forced to endure. Kudos. As buzzed as I am by PK winning, this was a victory for BROWN cricket and I’m so freaking here for it



Theme: Metal Empire


Pronunciation: WAY-tah-mon

Name origin: Weta, giant species of cricket native to New Zealand

Family: Jungle Troopers, Metal Empire

Type: Cricket

Stage: Champion

Attribute: Data

Height: 6'12"


  • Scratch Resonance
    • Wetamon positions her barbed legs against her hardened wing and lets off a series of screeching wails and scraping noises, which she can amplify and direct towards a particular opponent. The condensed noise creates a searing pain and can induce whiteouts, physical spasms and data disruption.
  • Static Slash
    • Wetamon’s barbs vibrate at a high frequency and she throws them forward, letting off arcs of distorted data that slam into her opponents at high speed.


It’s the final day, and I only just got this girl finished in time!Again a couple of tweaks from her original design, mainly so she’s slightly more adept at moving those hind legs.