cricket kills me

  • Hanzo: Genji! Leave my home and get a job!
  • Genji: I don't wanna!
  • Hanzo: Go be a comedian like you always wanted to be!
  • Genji: ...Hmm.
  • (Later)
  • Genji: -and that's why my brother tried to kill me!
  • (Crickets)
  • Genji: Laugh or I will cut down you and your loved ones.
  • Audience: Hahahahaha! He's so talented!
  • Genji: Now pay me and let me go home.
  • (Back at Hanzo's)
  • McCree: How'd comedian work out for ya?
  • Genji: I was adored by many.

anonymous asked:

how do u not feel anxious about everything help me i nerly broke down because of thinking a cricket was going to kill me while in the bathroom save

if you feel anxious about everything soon it will become a perpetual feeling that you’ll constantly live with and you’ll start to not notice it sad but true

idk friend you lost me at bugs in the bathroom just set your house on fire - Lydi

Hi hello Farah here. So thing that helps me when I’m anxious is breathing exercises. so whenever I freak out and have a breakdown, i open up this gif vvvv

and just follow the thing till I breathe normally and try to face whatever i was dealing with after calming down a bit - Farah