Indian cricket captain calmly reads book before batting - BBC News
Women's captain Mithali Raj enjoys some poetry to calm "jitters".

In a post-game interview, she said the book was by 13th-century Persian poet Rumi. She borrowed it from a coach as she was not allowed to bring her normal electronic e-reader with her. The game saw her become the first woman to score seven consecutive half-centuries in one-day international cricket. She scored 71 runs.

When asked who her favourite men’s cricketer was, she replied: “Do you ask the same question to a male cricketer? Do you ask them who their favourite female cricketer is?”

can I just say that as much as I love Pakistan winning, I love the fact that both teams thanked each other, congratulated each other and showed genuine professionalism and showmanship and friendship beyond the political bullshit both teams are forced to endure. Kudos. As buzzed as I am by PK winning, this was a victory for BROWN cricket and I’m so freaking here for it

Okay You Can Put that in a Bowl

I realized I’ve never shared what may be my favorite story from working in pet care. (If I have, just play along and pretend this is the first time you’ve heard it.)

A dad and his kid (about 8 years old) come in to the fish section, looking for a “cheap” pet, bowl in hand. You know where this is likely going. Of course they ask about the goldfish, and I give my usual spiel about goldfish needing an actual huge tank or pond. AND THEY BOTH LISTEN. WHAT. The dad tells the kid they’ll just need to save up for a pet they can afford.

Well the kid still really wants *some*  kind of pet, he doesn’t care what it is. After a few seconds his eyes wander to our cricket bins, and he gets really excited.

“Dad, can I have a pet cricket? Please!” He turns to me, “Can I put a cricket in a bowl?”

Trying not to laugh, I tell him sure, but the cricket will probably jump/crawl out if there’s no lid, so I take them over to the kritter keepers and explain, I dunno, general cricket care.

The dad is a really good sport about this, and so they buy a kritter keeper, some decor for the cricket to climb on, and those water crystals, on the condition that I sell them a nice quiet female cricket. Probably $15 on the luckiest feeder cricket ever.

I wish him and his pet cricket the best.