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Dad!Steve Rogers Would Include


  • Okay so you had pretty much always known you wanted kids with Steve
  • But every time it was brought up it just didn’t feel like the right time so you said you wanted to wait
    • Of course he was completely okay with that bc our baby Steve is pretty much perfect
  • Until finally one night you came home from a mission and found Steve on his laptop, with tabs pulled up for browsing cribs, baby toys, and articles on baby-proofing and the best diets for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • And he just looked at you like a lost little puppy before you pushed his computer aside, climbed into his lap and hugged him
  • That’s when you realized there would never be a good time to start a family
    • Especially since he was the leader of the Avengers and you were a top-ranking SHIELD agent
  • “Steve, I want a baby.”
  • “What made you decide, darlin’?”
  • “There’s never going to be a good time. I finally realized that. So we’ll just see what happens”
  • “Sugar, I can’t believe it! I love you so much”

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  • It takes a while for you actually get pregnant after you decide to start trying
  • But when you finally do, oh boy are you and Steve excited
  • He picks you up and spins you around and kisses you, places his hands on your abdomen and presses a kiss to where your tiny child is growing
  • You’re laying in bed that night, reading or watching something, and he climbs in next to you, placed a small kiss on your tummy and rests his head there, perfectly content
  • There’s a grin on his face for the next few days even in his sleep
  • When all the morning sickness starts, he’s always there to hold your hair back and rub your lower back as you kneel on the bathroom floor, and he makes sure to have saltines and ginger ale at the ready to calm your stomach
  • In fact, through all the crazy symptoms you experienced, Steve was an absolute angel
  • He gave into your every craving, took your mood swings in stride, massaged your back or feet when they were sore, and consoled you when you were feeling a bit insecure about yourself
  • He thought he was going to have a heart attack when you called to say you were in labor
    • He was called into HQ for a meeting while you stayed at home to rest
    • It usually took 15-20 minutes for him to get home but he was there in less than 5 after you called
    • He found you just chilling on the couch, perfectly calm on the outside but internally kind of freaking out, meanwhile his heart was pounding and his chest was heaving and his mind was running a thousand miles per hour
    • But just a small smile from you had him calming down, even though he knew he was supposed to be the one supporting you right now, but that’s the way it always was
  • Once you were settled in at the hospital, the entire team popped by to say hello
    • When they were all heading out again to go back to the tower and wait for the news, Bucky and Nat stayed behind to chat a while longer
    • Bucky was almost ready to cry when he hugged you and thanked you for being so good to Steve and allowing him to be in your child’s life
    • They decided to wait at the hospital so they could see the baby before the entire team came
  • It was honestly almost annoying how supportive and helpful Steve was throughout labor and delivery
  • Part of you really wondered why you wanted a child while you were dealing with the worst contractions and pushing
  • But then the doctor was saying “it’s a girl,” and the nurses were congratulating you both, and someone placed a tiny little girl in your arms and she was screaming but quieted down when you placed a hand on her back and held her close
  • And suddenly there were tears and you looked at Steve
  • He was smiling, tears in his eyes as well
  • He placed his hand over yours on your daughter’s back and leaned down to kiss your head
  • “I’m so, so proud of you, sweetheart. Your strength and beauty astound me. I can’t believe how happy I am right now, and it’s all because of you”
  • “I love you, Steve”
  • And of course the first time you hand her over to Steve he’s just completely in awe of her - her beauty, how small she looks in his arms, the very fact that she is his to take care of and raise and protect

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  • You have three children - Amelia Margaret, Jack James, and David Grant (each 2 or 3 years apart in age)
  • Steve had officially taken time off, coming in only when necessary, and you had gone part time so you could both take time to raise your family and get away from the craziness of missions
  • Steve loved taking care of the little ones and playing with them each day, as did you
  • Those kids know everything about WWII before they even step into a school - the stuff about the Commandos anyway!
  • There’s also a hint of 40s Brooklyn slang in their vocabulary
  • Steve is basically the ultimate soccer dad ok
  • He takes them along when he does workouts at the tower so they can hang with Uncle Bucky
  • You both love to take them to the park for the afternoon, complete with picnic and games
  • All the kids love to do anything interactive - baking, making up a new game, camping, going to the beach - but they also love to read
  • Both you and Steve had family traditions galore from growing up, and you manage to combine them beautifully as well as come up with new ones
    • Honestly you’ve got little celebrations planned all the time
    • Puppy day is in March, and you always take them to the animal shelter to love on some puppies. Amelia was 6, Jack was 4, and David had just turned 1 when they finally convinced you adopt a little golden retriever puppy
    • In late May is talk like Yoda day… best day of the year
    • At the end of July is lasagna day. You make a different kind of lasagna for every meal.
    • And you make a big deal out of half birthdays, as well as random milestones (like when your dog joined the family) and accomplishments
  • Steve is the one who cries at milestones (first day of school, first day of high school, last everything in their last year at home, helping to move them to the next stage of life on their own, etc.)
  • Both you and Steve make sure to have monthly dates with each child individually (sometimes with one parent, sometimes with both)
  • You always encourage them to do their best at everything, even if their best isn’t the best of everyone
  • You’ve always taught them to be self-sufficient, resilient, hard working, courageous, and all-around good individuals
    • Having Captain America as their father helped with that
  • Your family dynamic is like no other family
    • You suppose that comes from having a superhero and secret agent as parents
    • And the Avengers as aunts and uncles
  • All in all, you’re convinced you’ve got the best family in the world

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Could you do baby headcannons for Jack, Genji, and Reinhardt? Or if there s/o was pregnant? The sweeter the better please and thank you!

Here you go  ᵔᴥᵔ

These headcanons will include how these guys interact with their babies and having to take care of this pregnant s/o

Jack (Soldier 76):

  • The man is so overjoyed when he hears that is s/o is pregnant. He gets a little emotional as he wipes the tears quickly. 
  • He starts writing all his dad jokes down and tests them to see if they are funny to his s/o
  • Jack insists to take up most of the work such as changing the diapers, staying up late to check on the baby. etc. He only wants his s/o to get a full nights rest.
  • Jack is the one who buys all the toys, books, crib, clothing. The man has a sense of what works best.
  • Loves taking his little baby out in those baby carriers and the women just swarm him. he rambles on how cute his son is and goes into detail what sports he wants the little guy to do when he gets older. The women think Jack is just so cute.
  • “Here comes the payload kiddo.” Jack says as he feeds his baby some corn.
  • Watches Disney movies with his kid and often falls asleep with them on the couch


  • Genji is at first worried if he is going to be a good father to his precious baby girl. Or if they are going to like him.
  • But his s/o pushes away his worries and tends to his s/o every minute of the day. He is often over protective and always giving advice and making healthy meals for his s/o.
  • Every night Genji messages his s/o back and legs to ensure that after a long day they are relaxed and can sleep peacefully.
  • When the baby girl is born, Genji takes the liberty to start watching YouTube videos on how to style children years. Of course she is very young and barely has any hair on her head but Genji wants to prepare himself so that he can braid his daughters hair.
  • Cries a little when his little baby girl grabs his finger and giggles
  • When the baby starts to cry, Genji swoops in like the ninja he is and simply holds them. Boom. The baby goes dead silent in the comfort of her fathers warms
  • Sings them a Japanese lullaby for his baby girl every night and they pass out in only a few minutes.


  • Reinhardt will boom with laughter and joy, gently throwing his s/o around in his arms.
  • He is always asking questions how they are feeling, if they need anything.
  • Reinhardt feels quite confident that he will be a great father and won’t be stressed compared to the young fathers he has met in the past.
  • But when his s/o gives birth to twins he is overjoyed and a silent voice in his head is telling him that this might be a harder than he had thought.
  • Often times when the babies start to cry in the evening, he gently rubs his cheek on theirs, often times the babies giggle his the sensation of his beard.
  • When the babies get to the age of crawling and some sounds of speech, Reinhardt without his s/o knowing tries to teach them some German but it fails horribly. But he never gives up! 
  • Totally that parent the walks around the Overwatch base with his twin babies scrapped onto him. One at the front, the other at the back.

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Bright colorful room for a little girl. 


Wallpaper @naturalsims4, Mirror - Severinka TSR. Curtains @lina-cherie, Floor - Dinha- Gamer, Hexa desk @onyxsims, Chair ATS4, Laptop @veranka-s4cc, Pillow chair @leo-sims, Sofa - dearon, Pillow’s @mysimlifefou, Forest pillow @mxims, Bedframe @veranka-s4cc, Kiddy Blanket - Adelana TSR, Lava Lamp @lumialoversims, Cupcake dresser and Toybox - ATS4, Curtain above bed - Severinka TSR, Laundry Hamper @mysimlifefou, Fluffy carpet - Annett’s Sim 4

Wall art and paintings

Princess wall text - Lulu - TSR, Kids doodles @meghewlett, Paintings @sunshineandrosescc, @mysimlifefou, @deviantart and @victorrmiguellcreations,  Paper Garlands @inabadromance

Toys and Clutter

Toys clutter @dominationkid, Toy crib and stove - ATS4, Pomy @jennisims. Kiddy deco book - Adelana TSR, Kids talking doll @sanjanasims, Deco clothes - Dhina Gamer. Deco suitcases @leo-sims and Dinha- Gamer, beach ball - Severinka TSR, other clutter @budgie2budgie

Thank you to all the cc creators, you are the best! 

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Hc's for Professor Sycamore's s/o being pregnant with their child/preparing for the kid?

Dad Sycamore is something I can TOTALLY see!!

Sycamore preparing to be a dad

- He’s got a credit card ready for his s/o to go out shopping for food whenever they have cravings.

- He buys the best crib, the best toys, the best baby clothes. He wants to be holding a little cloud whenever he picks his child up.

- Sycamore is gonna start smelling like fresh baby powder. He’d offer to change the diapers, so you don’t have to worry about that stress!

- However this man isn’t going to be happy waking up at night to bottle feed his child, he works too early in the morning and wants his good nights rest

- He’s got his child’s first Pokemon ready for them!! He brings up the plan to raise the Pokemon and the child alongside one another like siblings so they have a bond literally lasting a lifetime

Could you imagine if the sole survivor requests that no one enter the room belonging to shaun. The survivor ocassionally goes to that room and stays there for hours on end sometimes even sleeping there. Everyone is curious what happens behind that locked door, some more than others. One day the survivor decides to go on a trip to diamond city with dogmeat and Cait fully fed up with her curiosity decides to find out what’s in the mystery room accompanied by Nick, Piper, and Hancock.Nick is the only one truly determined not to find out wishing to leave the mystery room be trying to convince the others but to no avail. Piper thinks it’s wrong to intrude but won’t deny she is curious, Hancock just wants to take a quick peak around just to see what the big secret is. Cait quickly lock picks the door open with everyone behind her. The room Is simple with only a crib and a few toys scattered around, the only noticeable thing there is a single holotape. Cait grabs it carefully and decides to pop it in the terminal nearby. Nick who tried persuading everyone to just let the survior keep their own secrets can’t help but be slightly curious when he hears laughter coming from the terminal. They listen to the survivor’s wife/husband speech and truly for the first time understand how much they lost. The survivor lost everything they knew and loved, yet still listened to his/her friends problems and helped them whenever he/she could without asking for reward. The survivor always willing to make them laugh and determined to make sure they walk out of every battle alive. They all feel a sense of guilt, pity and admiration for the wanderer and realized just how lucky they are to have met such a good friend. The holotape is quickly ejected and put back where it belongs. They leave the house determined to help the survior bring back shaun no matter what.

Villians Being the Real Shippers
  • Hades: Turns out you all were right. I ship them.
  • Cora: It was futile to fight against it.
  • Zelena: It's a shame though that amidst all their silly adventures they haven't gotten the real deed over and done with.
  • Peter Pan: Speak for yourselves. I accomplished more than any of you.
  • Rumplestiltskin: If anyone truly deserves recognition here, it's me.
  • Cora: Did I not introduce them?
  • Zelena: I made the pirate fess up to his feelings for the blonde. Pan, all you did was cause heat and sexual tension.
  • Cora: And yet still, no results.
  • Hades: (scoffs) You four ought to sit back and take notes.
  • Hades: (inserts baby crib, baby toys, one fucking dark red loveseat, no condoms, and rum into CS house)
Sebastian Stan Request

Hi dear! Could you write an imagine where the reader is Sebastian Stan’s wife and they go out (like on a date) for the first time after having their first son (and they leave him at his godfather’s house, aka Chris Evans) and it’s all cute and stuff, please?

You slid your hands down the dress fabric that laid over your stomach. Turning from side to side you looked yourself over in the mirror. “You look beautiful.” You jumped a bit as your husband’s voice started you.

“Thank you,” you told Sebastian. For the first time since your son’s birth, four months ago you and Sebastian were going out on a date.

“I have everything ready to go. Are you ready?” You nodded and followed him out of your room. While he went to the nursery you went to the the front door and found the floor littered with your son’s diaper bags, a portable crib, and toys. “You want the baby or the bags,”he asked walking to the front door with your four month old son in his car seat.

“I’ll take the big man,” you smiled and took the seat from your husband. “Hi baby,” you cooed to your son. You walked to the car and strapped him in. You took your seat up front and looked at your husband. “Are you sure it’s not too soon? I mean, it’s only been 4 months,” you tried to talk yourself into your idea.

“Y/N,” Sebastian turned to face you and took your hand in his. “He’ll be fine. He’s a good baby and Chris knows how to handle babies, he’s helped raise his sister’s kids, that’s why we made him the godfather,” he joked. “We won’t be that far. If something happens, which it won’t, or if you just have to leave early, which you won’t then we can be at Chris’ house in 20 minutes.” His reassuring voice calmed you down.

“Ok, you’re right. You’re right.” You sat back in your and took a breath. “Ok, I’m ready.”


You pulled up to Chris’ house and pulled out the car seat. You walked to the door as Sebastian got the bags. “Y/N, hey! Hey little one,” he crouched down waved to his godson. “Come on in.” You sat the seat just inside the door and lifted the little one out. Chris left to help Sebastian set everything up which left you to rock and play with your firstborn savoring his little face before you left for your date.

“You ready,” Sebastian joined you and looked over his son.

“Yeah,” you gave him a smile. You passed him to Chris , along with a list of numbers and feeding instructions, and walked back to the car with your husband.


“That was nice,” you confessed to Seb.

He flashed a huge smile, “Not to say ‘I told you so’ but….” You both laughed and recapped the night as you drove to Chris’ house. “Ready to end the date and become Mom and Dad again?”

“Although I had a lot of fun out tonight I love that little Stan too much to not be known as Mom again.” You walked into Chris’ house and talked over both your nights as you looked at the little boy passed out in his crib. “Let’s get you home, little one,” you said picking up your son.


my main set up in fallout 4 so far (a work in progress; I am so sick of hunting copper and steel down sweet jesus) with bonus captions

Killian and Emma walk into the house and make their way to the living room.

“Come on, let’s sit.” Killian is taking in the surroundings of children’s toys and crib. Emma gently tugs at his arm and Killian snaps back and continues to the couch.

Still looking around at the set up of the living room, Emma speaks. “Sit down, let me look at you.”

They sit. “Sure you want to? Hades sort of… knocked the handsome out of me.”

Emma smiles, “No one’s that powerful.”

Emma waves her hand gently over his face. He is healed.

“There. Good as new.”

“Thanks…” Killian looks back around the room. “What is all this?”

Emma looks around. “I… Don’t really know. It’s suppose to be our house.”

“You have something to tell me, Swan?” he says with a small smile.

“Ha… yeah. No. I think… maybe… it’s what could have been. The chance, at children I mean… It died with you.”

He looks back to Emma. It’s silent for a moment.

“Is that something you would want..?” he says, looking into her eyes.

Emma is wide eyed, and opens her mouth but can’t find words. Before she can speak, there is a knock at the door.

They both look at door and back at each other, and Emma wants to say something back but Killian doesn’t give her the chance and gets up abruptly to get to the door.

Emma catches up to him “Killian, I…” he looks, waiting for some response but it’s just not coming out. She looks down, and let’s a small sound out of her mouth before moving to the door to answer it.

This conversation will have to wait due to an unexpected visit from Killian’s brother Liam. She wishes she could have said what she was feeling. It was absolutely something she would want.

But until they have time to discuss it again, she hopes he knows.


IDK I just wanted to get a little head canon out. I am by no means a writer of any kind, so this is more of a head canon than anything. lol

Based on Carrie’s ( @the-jolly-swan ) theory here.

Did everyone forget Melissa was engaged to Wren, very soon after married Ian on a whim, he said “we’re in this together now” got pregnant said its ians, he dies, loses baby, lies, lies, lies.. people lie medical records dont.

Hello.. medical records=conception date. It was wrens baby, she knows the truth about him being Charles got sacred and passed it off as Ians.

Melissa loses baby (explaining his dollhouse with a crib and baby toys) Wren kills Ian for being an idiot and pretending the baby was his. BOOM mystery solved!