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Rfa + v reaction to finding out MC is 18? And therefore the youngest lol

♥Hewo :3 I did know which you wanted so i went with platonic (thank you admin molly for teaching me this word) Only because some of the age gaps were just to large for me to write it comfortably. I hope you understand!


- FiNaLlY 
- hes not the youngest anymore 
- When you start college he helps you with anything you need. 
- best friend more then a sibling 
- Video games!
- Everyone ships it tho,,,,lowkey…..


- Helps with supplies, tutors, lunch transportation, 
- Math? Yup he help
- Forien language? Yeup he help that too
- If you need experience he gives an internship 
- Stressed? Cat. Need a break? Cat,,,,,, Cat? cat.


- Teaches you the real world 
- I.e StAy AwAy FrOm BoYs
- Teaches you how to manage bills, and food, and housing (you know the things school should teach us?)  
- Helps you stay taking care of yourself 
- Older brother figure 


- also teaches you about the real world 
- But also school 
- She makes sure you eat and hydrate 
- and makes sure you get sleep as well.
- Becomes the mom friend mostly… 


- Tells you he will hack to get you in any school you want 
- Teaches you to manage time so you don’t stay up all night
- prob helps type your papers (two page paper done in two minutes perfectly typed)
- He finally felt he could be a good older brother so he plays that part
- He messes with you (the prankster brother) 


- He is so sorry you got involved with this 
- A N Y T H I N G for you 
- School supplies? they show up 
- Helps when/if you get to stressed 
- More like the Dad™  

Non-Binary Magick Correspondences!

Most symbols and ingredients in witchcraft are assigned either masculinity or femininity, but I decided to make a list of things used in magick that don’t strictly have to be binary.

(This is by no means a comprehensive list.)


Gemini- Bigender. This sign can be worked with for both masculine and feminine energy.

Aquarius- Nonbinary. The sign of Aquarius is known for not conforming to the norm, and can be used for spells involving androgyny, gender clarity, and probably macaroni and cheese.

Saturn- Demigender. There’s just something about this planet that radiates the energy of “I’m not entirely this or that. And that’s entirely me.”


Clear Quartz- Gender neutral. This crystal is an independent quartz that don’t need no gender.

Amethyst- Third gender/genderqueer. Amethyst is unique and expressive. This crystal is its own energy, honestly.

Rainbow Fluorite- Polygender. With a name like rainbow fluorite, what did you expect? This crystal is known for having every color that a fluorite can possibly have, so you can use it for masculine energy, feminine energy, nonbinary energy, or all of these energies combined (ULTIMATE POWERRRR).


Mint- Neutrois. This herb is pretty chill, and it doesn’t really need to be masculine or feminine.

Sage- Gender Fluid. As a cleansing herb, it needs to have flexible energy, and can reach all sides of the gender energy spectrum.

I sure hope this wasn’t too short! I did try to be inclusive, so please forgive me. Feel free to reblog and add things!