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“Empathy? Empathy? What empathy can I afford my enemies? Shall I dither about whether to defend myself because it will cause someone pain? If that had been the case, I would have died years ago! You must be willing to protect yourself and what you cherish, no matter what the cost.”


“To kiss or hold hands? I went back and forth on this for a while. Initially I wanted Claire to be “impulsive” and kiss Gretchen here. I wanted to definitively say Claire was accepting this relationship. But some smarter, more experienced people than suggested I consider them holding hands, and here are the two big reasons why I think it’s the right choice: It completes Claire’s arc for the episode and it’s more intimate. Claire was unwilling to hold hands (accept Gretchen) at the start of the episode and by the end she’s literally doing what she couldn’t before. As for the “intimacy”, having them kiss could have been seen as a “ratings ploy” and probably would have been promo’d etc. What I like about holding hands is that it more definitively says “relationship” and acceptance. With college-age people, I think that holding hands is a much more intimate and serious step in a relationship than kissing.” - Oliver Grigsby (writer of Pass/Fail) 

I was trying to write this low-key angsty TaeGi fic and I got to this part where they’re laying on the hood of Yoongi’s car and it’s cold outside and snow is falling and they are right beside each other but not touching and it just fucking hurts.

Just, they’re on that edge of breaking up (again) and Taehyung’s got tears in his doll like eyes that won’t fall while Yoongi’s bitten his lip so raw it’s nearly bleeding. Taehyung’s hands are shaking not from the cold but from fighting off how they want to reach out to touch his boyfriend but they can’t. Yoongi’s probably not doing any better because there’s this piece of him, a really big piece of him, that always aches to hold Taehyung when he’s nearby but fuck, both of them are just so prideful and so fucking stupid. It leaves them no choice but to lay out in the cold and just screech mentally for each other.

They can’t even say a word because they’re the gas to each other’s fires and one little mis-word will have the flames so high and burning that everything will get scorched. They just lay there, miserably thinking over how they’ve constantly managed to fuck up something other’s call so beautiful. The snow falls and the weather gets colder and colder and Yoongi’s car is so fucking uncomfortable under them but they just lay there.

They lay there, side by side in their sadness and simmering anger, because they are the gas to each other’s fires and no one riles Yoongi up more than Taehyung while no one can put the stars in Taehyung’s eyes like Yoongi can and they aren’t ready to give that up. They lie in near below zero weather because on their first date Yoongi and Taehyung spent almost five hours laying on the hood of Yoongi’s car with shitty dollar store headphones shared between them while Epik High played on loop and even in their rage and heartbreak they find themselves going back to their happiest moments.

thing that's totally gonna happen in either episode viii or ix
  • ghost anakin: go to her.
  • kylo ren: i can't.
  • ghost anakin: you must.
  • kylo ren: i just-- i can't. why? i've made my choice. this is your legacy, grandfather. i'm doing this for you. i'm doing this for us. this is---
  • ghost anakin: you are CONFUSED, BEN.
  • ghost anakin: don't you understand, boy? the light that was calling to you...was ME! you foolish boy. IT WAS ME. IT'S ALWAYS BEEN ME. I HAVE ALWAYS CALLED YOU.

Aapko kabhi pata nahi chalega ki aapke rashte mein kon ajnabee aapka humsafar banjaye aur woh…konsi ghadi ho jab koi anjaan aapke dil ko chhu jaaye…


Madara : There’s no moment I had with Izuna that I never treasured.

I miss him dearly and I want to be by his side forever.

Izuna : Nii-san didn’t like it when we made him break up with his Senju boy though.



I feel so sad everytime I remember Madara can’t get over Izuna’s death.

PS. Sorry If the drawings are a little sloppy. I’m not exactly in the best shape now hahaha but I really wanted to answer.)

sorry for cutting nate and tara out but this was just such a cute shot