The several instances when Nini could be seen struggling with his speech in japanese and Soo was mouthing the words beside him, showing that he’s not alone.. It looks like maybe Soo knows his speech, and Nini takes comfort in his support since he keeps turning around to look at Soo ;-;

I mean look at this… 

soo helping nini with the word when he can’t remember it T___T 

turning around to get help from soo 

once again helping out with the words to nini’s ment

to this guy you seem to be doing just fine Nini *.*

a struggling ninibear wanting his hyung’s support ;-; and soo gives a reassuring nod!  

“it’s ok nini you did good!”

(attentive soo decides to clean off some lint whilst he’s at it..)

idk guys.. but it wouldn’t surprise me if Soo knew Nini’s speech, since maybe Nini wasn’t confident about it so Soo wanted to help him *cue tears* 

it doesn’t matter what they are to each other, they rely on each other a lot!! and it shouldn’t be ignored ;; 

(gifs are mine, vid credits to queen alvabear94 x x

Interviewer: So Exo, how do you remain so down to earth despite being triple million sellers and kings of the world?

Sehun: well the key is to always- *starts tearing up*

Suho: *passes him a hundred dollar bill*

Sehun: *blows his nose in it*

Sehun: -stay humble

imagine sneaking into jaemin’s dorms for his birthday and trying to pull an all nighter. you two are watching a movies, sharing earbuds and are lying so close to each other. but all of a sudden you start to feel drowsy, and just before you’re about to fall asleep you whisper ‘happy birthday jaemin’.

and the next morning the rest of the boys find you two side by side, legs tangled together with him holding the phone in one hand while he has his other arm around you. 

D.O(EXO-K)xSuzy(Miss A) fanfic s0bs

Once upon a time, Suzy was a fairy princess n went 2 da flower field. She met a boi nameded Kyungsoo.
“Hi boi, wat iz ur name” bb suji sed
“my name iz kyungsoo” he repried
he l8er asked her if he culd go 2 her house becuz yolo and his house burned down ((lol not rlly he just wanted an excuse to go into her house n fuq her))
she went on her unicorn named horny and flew to hur house.
“oh dis luks noice” he sed as she luked around
she wen 2 go take shower n wen she left shower he wuz butt naked in her bed n whispurd “my body iz redy 4 u suji-ah”
she hop on him n kisseud him “i suki u oppar” she sed. she wen and tuk off her clothes n humped his diznik
“i’m gonna pISS” he yelled as he wuz thrustin into hur.
“lol gud kiss my boobie while u r at it” she sed 2 him as she humped,.
he came all ova hur n da bed as she rolled off da bed. “i luh u” he whispured 2 suji
“i no” she sed as she put on her clothes and tied hur shoes
after dat he proposed n dey got murried
dey now hav a bb named xiumin

Prenderti a pugni e calci non basterebbe per farti capire quanto male fai.
Tirarti il mondo addosso non basterebbe per farti capire quanto peso mi crei.
—  moriresilenziosamente