crewel wool

Day 21

Today’s row of stitches is a definite extension of yesterday’s madness and I intend to add some nice green leaves to both projects. For this one, I’m using crewel wool instead of embroidery floss, and it’s a different, more forgiving thread to work with. No slip knots, and no need to wax, for example.

I’ve made a basic textured line that will either bloom with beads or maybe more subtle brown buds, or maybe this will be a branch or maybe a snake. I’m stitching on the outside of a wrap sweater with some pockets that I’ve newly installed on the inside.

Last year I attached squares of boiled, felted wool with a big blanket stitch just to see what it would be like with big, invisible pockets. Truth to tell, it’s been a mixed experience. I wore this sweater to Temple tonight for the end of Yom Kippur and actually managed to lose the contents of both pockets. Gone!

This means that after I conceal the stitches on the front with something nice, I will make invent some hidden way to close these pockets more securely. Everything in life is fleeting, for sure, and I won’t miss the half-empty packet of tissues that fell out, but I do hope my vampire Minion tin that I liked very much has found a good home because I do sort of miss it more than you would think. 🐔