About: The Week of Mind Games is a themed week that revolves around the Talos I Crew, Typhons, the Yu Family, TranStar experiments, and more! Each day has a specific theme and you are free to participate in all of them, a few, or just one! Show your appreciation for Prey through FANMIXES, FANFICTION, GIFS, EDITS, FANART, AND MORE!

(Themes are further explained on the main page.)

  • Day 1: Typhons
  • Day 2: Transtar Experiments
  • Day 3: Talos I Crew
  • Day 4: Free Day!
  • Day 5: Food, Mods, & Booze - Oh My!
  • Day 6: Groundhog Day
  • Day 7: The Yu Family

More information on how to participate, each theme, and more can be found using the links down below! 


Nancy Drew 31 day challenge!

Day 1: Favorite (5) games

Day 2: Least favorite game

Day 3: Favorite Main Character (Nancy, Ned, Bed, George, etc.)

Day 4: Favorite suspect

Day 5: Favorite quote/catchphrase

Day 6: Hottest Character

Day 7: Favorite ships

Day 8: How you got introduced to Nancy Drew

Day 9: Favorite arglefumph moments

Day 10: First game

Day 11: Favorite Sonny Joon moment

Day 12: Predictions for Midnight in Salem

Day 13: Favorite Phone character

Day 14: Favorite dossier

Day 15: Dream game

Day 16: Favorite thing about Nancy Drew

Day 17: Scariest game

Day 18: Easiest game

Day 19: Hardest game

Day 20: Nancy Drew Clue Crew

Day 21: Second Chances

Day 22: Hardest puzzle

Day 23: Why you love the games

Day 24: Koko Kringle

Day 25: Favorite box art

Day 26: Memories from playing Nancy Drew

Day 27: Favorite Nancy Drew moment

Day 28: Favorite GIF

Day 29: Favorite meme

Day 30: Walkthroughs- Yes or No?

Day 31: Last Thoughts on Nancy

Good news! We are having our first ever The Darkest Minds week, all in honor of the lovely book(s) by alexandrabracken.

Creative expression is the greatest form of appreciation and recognition. So, come and show your support with your own fan videos, fanart, and fanfiction! Be prepared to have the time of your life as fellow shippers unite together for one week only, from August 16st to August 22nd, to edit, draw, and write everything and anything TDM.

The following are the scheduled prompts for the week and the days it corresponds with:

Day 1: Sunday, August 16 - Black Betty Crew
Day 2: Monday, August 17 - Cate’s Team (Vida, Jude, Nico, Ruby)
Day 3: Tuesday, August 18 - Family Day
Day 4: Wednesday, August 19 - Chida (Chubs/Vida)
Day 5: Thursday, August 20 - Music
Day 6: Friday, August 21 - Rubiam
Day 7: Saturday, August 22 - Happily Ever After

Be sure to tag all your work with #tdmweek and #the darkest minds. For any further questions, please fill free to contact me (intheafterlights). And don’t forget to spread the word!