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A future drabble, unprompted for @dadrunkwriting
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Iwyn Lavellan x Solas | Post Trespasser, post reunion | gen / family
Family, sailing, Branwen Lavellan


Solas looks out over the small cove. The water is still, and the wind is calm, but steady. The small boat looks incredible small out there. Just a shell and a mast and two small sails. The main sail and the jib sail, he learned, and it is new to him. Yet he is not the one sailing, he is here, on the shore, watching. The boat is not large enough for all of them, and Iwyn insisted on taking the boys out.

Branwen, Iwyn’s brother, stands next to him. He is looking intently at the boat and his nephews. Rolls forward on his feet, gesturing. Solas looks from the boat to the other man, and back to the boat. He can see Iwyn showing them how to pull on a rope. The sheet. Branwen puts his hands down, and turns to Solas.  


“I am not,” Solas answers, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. It is a lie. The boat is very small.

Branwen smiles at him. “It is fine. They are doing well. My sister still knows what she is doing.”

“Are they supposed to be so far out?” Solas squints against the sun.

Branwen lets out a laugh. “Truly, Solas, they are fine. Did you never sail?”

“Not on vessels like that.” He has been on ships, on big Caravels and Frigates with captains and crew and magic, racing across the world, spirits dancing at their bows.

Branwen places a hand on his shoulder.

“Relax. It will be fine, even if they capsize.”

“How?” Solas frowns. They are quite a distance from the coast, and Iwyn only has one arm. He can see it, all of them struggling in the water.

“Let me show you this. I don’t have lot of extra power now, but you should be able to do this easily. “

Solas turns and looks at Branwen, follows the spell he does. It seems small and easy. Out in the bay, a medium sized rock rises out of the water. Solas tilts his head, and tries, once, twice.

Seven large rocks rise out from middle of the bay. He relaxes a fraction, he could probably life everyone out of the water.

“Show off…” Branwen mutters.

Solas drops the rocks, they plummet down with a big splash. The kids point and yells, the sound lost to the breeze.

“Oh. I am sorry.” Solas says sheepishly. He can feel the unease in his chest still. He doesn’t want to be anything but a father, a family member.

Branwen just laughs. “It is ok. I have long since come to terms with my sister marrying the most powerful mage in Thedas.”

Solas doesn’t have anything to say to that.

“You should notice though, that is not the only way of keeping everyone safe. “

“Oh?” and Solas looks at Branwen, and then he really looks, and he sees the spell and veil and the subtle pulls. “Weather magic?”

“Makes it easier to learn to sail when the wind is in you favor.” It is a big and complex spell his brother-in-law is weaving, and it makes sense the levitation spell felt strained.

“I did not notice. Weather magic is not my strong suit.” He frowns. He should not be this distracted. “I once knew someone very skilled with weather magic.”

Branwen raises an eyebrow. “You are not just worried about the sailing.”

Solas turns away and look to the shore, the forest raising darkly above them. It is not just the sailing adventure.

“Maybe,” he relents.

Brawnen looks out across the water. The boat has picked up speed, finally both sails aligned with the wind.

“It is complicated, there are many - ”

“It is not me you need to tell. You need to talk to your wife. I doubt she will appreciate you hiding your worries, or what else it is.” Brawens voice is even, his eyes following the dinghy.

“I know.” He doesn’t want to think about it, or talk about it. The truth is he has pushed it away for too long, and Branwen is right. There is nothing they should hide from each other. He had hoped there was some way to avoid it, foolishly.  

“Whatever it is, Solas, you can count on me. On us. You do have the support of Clan Lavellan.”

“Thank you, Keeper,” Solas says gravely, and he means it.  


Quest Crew performs at World Of Dance 

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OK so i know this isn't important but here's a quick question WHO DO YOU THINK IS STILL A VIRGIN IN BTS like i literally cannot tell at all like jk is super virgin but idk about everyone else like v???????? he's a lil puppy he's too innocent ?????? rm looks kinky af but how'd he get away with sleeping around w/o everyone noticing????? WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS

I highly doubt any of them have ever had sex. Now that may be some wild idea to some people, but allow me to explain my reasoning…

Warning: This got really long, so I’m putting it under the cut!

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“Boom Boom Boom” by The Outhere Brothers | The Quick Style Crew

The critics around the Blackpink’s dance vid are so dumb. I’m not even their fan but the comments are too harsh. Disappointed or not the dance they served was extremely difficult, the fact that they were trained for 5 years isn’t a reason for bashing them. They were not trained with the goal to be dancers but singers, their main job is singing not dancing. Ask another girlgroup to do this Royal family’s dance and see the results or at least do it yourself if you judge yourself better than those trainees. RF are the most talented dance crew in the world and the majority of the dancers in the original choreo were guys, don’t compare them with koreans girls trainees who are trained dancing kpop songs during 5 years. Before bashing take in consideration that in some groups the members were trained for more than 7 years but they are still stiff and weak. In KPOP critics are easy I swear

If BTS Wasn't BTS
  • Jungkook: Some shy boy about to graduate high school who still has a lot of friends. Probably works at some little mom n pop restaurant. Sings all the time for fun.
  • Suga: Cold, standoffish, somewhat rude. Writes and produces incredible music. Does some stuff Underground, but probably doesn't release half of what he's actually written. Has a lot of followers on Twitter but hardly tweets.
  • Rap Monster: Underground. Building a following. Would probably still be doing his #KimDaily/#김데일리. Probably has a bunch of groupie girls that always follow him around.
  • Jimin: Working at his parents little cafe. Spends his time at school, but prefers dancing and singing to homework. Probably doesn't have a lot of friends, but the friends he has are really good ones.
  • Jin: Still in acting school waiting for his big break. Cast in a few small drama roles as back-ups. Has his own medium-sized following on Twitter.
  • J-Hope: Dancing. Competing in a lot of competitions in Korea and the U.S. and working towards a world championship. Dances in a crew but gets a lot of solo parts because of his agility and talent.
  • V: Extremely popular on social media in an ulzzang kind of way. Has a lot of followers on his Naver blog, Instagram, and Twitter. Is popular at university for his style and funny disposition.