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weird thought that I had but, what if Mark had a dream of being the President of The United States while being on Mars? 

edit: I can’t wait to sasstronautmarkwatney to see this, she’d think I’m crazy but

the syfy network
  • Syfy: Woot Woot American Scifi TV right here 100% USA made watch our original shows yay syfy!
  • Syfy: yup filming has started up in canada for our made in USA show woot
  • Syfy: US prime tv right here guaranteed that all of the 50% cast is 100% american
  • Syfy: most the crew is USA adjacent which is technically still america even with that whole boarder thingy U-S-A! U-S-A!
  • Canada: you know we actually really like that you guys bring your money to our country and provide work for our film industry as we literally equip you with land, crew, actors, post production companies, etc. but do you think that you could give us some recognition for our joint country projects?
  • Syfy:
  • Canada:
  • Syfy:
  • Canada:
  • Syfy: watch 'Sanctuary' a SyFy original
  • Canada: oh for the love of god that one's not even a joint project it's ours
I couldn’t be more honored to receive this nomination. To be included among of list of actors whose work I’ve admired for years is truly humbling. I’m so grateful for the brilliant Sam Esmail who brought Elliot to life and has allowed me to play a role one could only dream of. Thank you to the cast, crew, USA Network and Universal Cable Productions. And, of course, to the Academy.
—  Rami Malek, Variety