crew union


❝ Welcome to Major League Soccer. We’re messing with the big boys now. ❞

Faces in the crowd.

MLS clubs are honoring fans in the month of August by including their pictures in jersey numbers. How cool is that?!

anonymous asked:

Do you think each crew member could do an alternative outfit? It can be up to each crew member to be creative! From punk, to posh, to hipster, to whatever! Let's see how creative the crew can get!

Well I never.. - L

2kawaii4thiscrew - K

Systematic, hydromatic, automatic, it’s greased lightning! - G

Swag - J

Fuckin’ Mogar, bitches!! -M

Hipster Trash - J

Howdy partner. -K

I can be laid back every once in a while. -G

I played a specific game with Michael once. He thought it would be humorous to buy us matching “uniforms” of sorts afterward. - R