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❝ Welcome to Major League Soccer. We’re messing with the big boys now. ❞

(We Dem Girls!)

We are back this Friday the 13th with a rare two hour long episode.
A lot happened this week and we wanted to tackle it all, so we did.
Everything from Hollywood scumbag Harvey Weinstein and the allegations surrounding him to the new movie trailers that dropped this week and so so much more so grab some snacks and settle in because we the world is a mess and we’re here to help you trek through it.

This week’s intro is Dreezy’s F.D.N. 

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pinkfluffycookie-chi  asked:

it's me again! my idea: a wonderful winters day with a lot of snow on a winter island! with lots of tea, hot chocolate and sake! maybe marco is getting a cold, after a loooong day outside and now he wants to go to bed! he is freezing and it's really cold. do it, when you have time! just an idea!:'3

“Marco? Is that you?” Ace asked the lump under the multiple blankets randomly placed by Pop’s chair. There is a muffled grumble of words that he can’t understand before the lumps start moving. 

It shimmies its way under the blankets making its way to the edge of multiple fluffy warm keepers.Twin blue eyes peek up at him as Marco slowly pulls them back. Once they reach his chin however he stops, rolling over twice so that it wraps around him completely.

Casually, he sits up once he’s done. “What’s up yoi?”

Ace is speechless. When Thatch said Marco hated the cold and was most likely a blanket burrito until the weather changed he didn’t think the ginger meant littratly.


Shaking his head at his strange but adorable crewmate Ace, kneeled down. “Sabo wanted to know if you wanted tea, hot chocolate or sake.”

“Oh tell him hot chocolate, please. If I drink Sake when it’s this cold, bad things happen.”  Marco nodded like a little kid would when explaining their logic. He noticeable shivered not even a second later, reburying his nose into the blankets. 

“Why’s that?” the youth asked curiosity peeked. Something seemed off about Marco but he couldn’t place it…

“My healing is dull….I want to fly away. Come with me?” The other man chirped- actually chirped like a bird. What?

Before his surprised eyes, he turned into a blue flaming bird and Ace fell flat on his ass. The bird was majestic, feathers twisting and turning like a flickering candle light. Long golden tails- three if he saw correctly- flickered about as the bird raised its head crocking it once or twice like it was listening to something only it could hear.

This was Marco’s devil fruit? Wow. Guess he now knows why he’s called Phoenix.  

“No! Marco stay here-MARCO!” He heard Izo scream in frustration as the bird took flight, blotting as soon as he saw him coming their way. Ace watched the First commander gain more and more air, mesmerized by his beauty. 

Sabo would be so jealous he saw the man use his powers first. 

Suddenly three of his new siblings jumped from the sails grabbing onto the flaming bird. They struggle with him, trying to get him to land.  “Commander stop fighting! Home is down there!”

“I MUST GO! MY PEOPLE NEED ME!” Marco screamed shaking two of the men off by twirling in the air.

“We are your people!” The last one shouted gripping onto the bird’s neck for dear life.

“I MUST FLY AWAY!”  The bird screeched throwing its body into the main mass and the man slipped from his back. Just then a net was shot from a cannon, Izo as the shooter. 

The bird barely managed to dodge it as the cross dresser scream “Fire at will!”

Soon every shooter the crew had were taking aim and throwing nets at the screeching First commander. Other members were attempting to lasso him or jump onto the gliding bird as it passed by sails in the confusion.

Marco just barely managed to pass a large group aiming for the open sea air when Pops jumped up and slapped a large hand on the bird. The animal landed on the deck with a grunt. “You’re grounded!”

The bird let out war cry before taking flight again “ YOU CAN’T GROUND ME!”

“DON’T TEST ME MARCO! I SWEAR! DON’T YOU DO IT!” Pops screamed back waving a large finger at the bird “GET DOWN HERE YOUNG MAN!”


“Wh-what is going on?” Sabo whispered walking up Ace’s side carrying a tray of drinks. There are way too many to only be for him and Marco so the raven hair man knows he’s helping in the kitchen again. 

 The freckled male wishes he could answer. 

Thankfully he didn’t have to. 

“Oh, you know. Winter.” One of the men, loading up a new net casually said. “If commander Marco gets too cold he tries to migrate and like the whole crew has to fight him to keep him here.” 

“He also acts like a kid. If you want to do anything to him do it now.” A nurse laughs “Commander Marco won’t remember a thing. Once I convince him a puppy onesie would keep him warm and he put on like six of them and ran around cheering that he was a big puppy” 

Most of the crew laughed in union, taking aim and firing onto the struggling blue bird. “I love winter-oh thanks, Sabo hot chocolate is perfect for Phoniex hunting.”

The ship shakes as Pops jumps again, dunking Marco into the rails. Ace and Sabo are left with their mouths wide open in complete bafflement. 

Faces in the crowd.

MLS clubs are honoring fans in the month of August by including their pictures in jersey numbers. How cool is that?!

Alright folks, its that time of the year again. You guessed it, its time for the US Open Cup. MLS teams enter the competition in the 4th round and because the 3rd round ties have not been played yet, MLS teams have been draw against 2 teams; the winner of the tie will become their opponent in the 4th round. MLS teams are highlighted in bold. 

US Open Cup 4th round draw for MLS teams is as follows:

  • NERevolution will host RochesterRhinos / GPS Omens
  • NewYorkRedBulls will host NYCFC
  • Philadelphia Union will host Reading United / City Islanders 
  • DC United will host Christos FC / FC United
  • FC Cincinnati / Louisville City FC will host Columbus Crew
  • Atlanta United will host Jax Armada FC / Charleston Battery
  • Orlando City SC will host The Miami FC / Tampa Bay Rowdies
  • Michigan Bucks / Saint Louis FC will host Chicago Fire
  • North Carolina FC / CLT Independence will host Houston Dynamo
  • Sporting KC will host Minnesota United
  • Colorado Rapids will host Switchbacks FC / Energy FC
  • Reno1868 FC / SacRepublic FC will host Real Salt Lake
  • LA Galaxy will host L.A. WOLVES FC / Orange County SC winner
  • SJ Earthquakes will host San Francisco Deltas / Phoenix Rising FC
  •  Seattle Sounders will host Portland Timbers
  • SanAntonio FC will host FCDallas -OR- FCDallas will host Roughnecks FC

Some rivals have been draw together (Clint is about to rip up another book), which tie are you most excited for?! Let us know!

anonymous asked:

Do you think each crew member could do an alternative outfit? It can be up to each crew member to be creative! From punk, to posh, to hipster, to whatever! Let's see how creative the crew can get!

Well I never.. - L

2kawaii4thiscrew - K

Systematic, hydromatic, automatic, it’s greased lightning! - G

Swag - J

Fuckin’ Mogar, bitches!! -M

Hipster Trash - J

Howdy partner. -K

I can be laid back every once in a while. -G

I played a specific game with Michael once. He thought it would be humorous to buy us matching “uniforms” of sorts afterward. - R