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Star Vs The Forces Of Evil on Nucleus Panel 

  • About 40 people work at Star Vs 
  • Star Vs Was Pitched At Disney 5 YEARS AGO
  • Marco and Jackie’s Kiss on Bon Bon was boarded 4 and 3 times and they where many different vertions 
  • Just a fact In To The Wand was going to have another title
  • The crew works in many episodes at once 
  • Season 4 is alredy in the process of outlines and writting!
  • fairly into post on season 3
  • just did first mix on season 3
  • already writing season 4
  • still boarding season 3
  • still doing animatics for season 3
  • doing reatkes records on season 3
  • about to be starting records on season 4 
  • Adam talks about the process of voicing an older vertion of his character 
  • Talking about the process of The Ballad of Star Butterfly
  • Marco was gonna be a samurai he kind of looked too much like samurai jack but a company called CN would be suing 
  • They actually tried to get in the 666 also 667 isn’t foreshadowing anything  or maybe…………? 
  • They actually tried to get in the 666 also 667 isn’t foreshadowing anything  or maybe…………? 
  • Disney standar of quality is the bathroom!



Star and Marco using his scissor to visit Mewni’s  along side they travel throw portals and finding Tom , Kelly ,Rhombulus dimension and getting really close to were Ecplisa is being held and imprisioned. We get a Group shot of Janna,Kelly,Tom Star And Marco also Marco and Star Finally confront Toffee who is still controlling Ludo in the final shot were star shoots the screen with the broken wand.

darling, you are the one
born with galaxies and supernovas like fireworks in your eyes.
your fingers hold strength that mine will never know.
your bones carry prophecies that mine does not dare dream of.

i was only born
     with flower petals staining my cheeks pink
     and strange songs murmuring faintly in my heart. 
i was only born 
     with snatches of fool’s good trapped in my hair
     and gossamer tangled somewhere between my lungs and my ribs.

and darling, i do not mind
if your light is brighter
   your voice is louder 
   your steps are stronger

i have always known, after all, 
that your fate soars much higher than mine ever will
and it does not do to envy a demigod
                                               or an angel 
                                               or a hero
                                               or a friend. 

but darling, this i swear:
when they come for you
     (and they will, my darling,
     let’s not lie to ourselves
                          to each other)
i will grind my teeth into bloodlust fangs.
i will file my nails into tigers’ claws.

darling, this i swear:
i will make poisons of the flowers in my cheeks
and spiderwebs of the gossamer torn from my chest.
i will teach my heart to beat to the rhythm of a battle drum.

and this, this i swear:
i will make them all face 
the thin-edged broken glass
     s h a t t e r e d  p i e c e s
          of myself.

—  gods should fear when pretty little things goes to war ( j.p. )

Why are people criticizing the titles of the new episodes?
They are clear af, isn’t that what you guys wanted? Is this really what being a critic of the show is about… the fucking titles, something completely irrelevant to the quality of the episode?

And then people ask me why I don’t think of them as critics…

Why is blood red?

There is a scientific answer, but it is a cold one.
Cold like ice. Hard like steel. Unfeeling.
It reflects nothing of the blood itself.

Blood, which is —
Warm, like fire. Fluid, like water.
Red, like anger. Passion. Fury. Love.


Yes, that is why.
It is the emotion of the body,
the language of the soul,
the tears of the flesh, of the heart.
For when you strike it cruelly enough,
it weeps, it cries, it burns.

A burn that screams:
and demands you stay that way.

—  in us, there is liquid fire | m.a.w
Why do people speak so highly of angels
but despise the devil?
Have they forgotten that, he too,
once dined in the great halls of Heaven?
Have they forgotten he was once amongst them?

(He, who was God’s favorite)

I suppose, 
no matter how much humans worship something
it always loses its appeal
when it falls
—  pride and prejudice and angels | d.s.

5x13: Labor of Love
Somebody’s come down here to save me. And I need to make her job easier.

100 times captain swan made me cry: #35

that girl isn’t fire, or steel, or ice;
she is the warmth of morning rays,
the softness of freshly-spun silk,
and the slow ebb of gentle rainfall.
her edges aren’t jagged and sharp like yours,
but smooth and rounded; a stone unmarred
by the cruelties of a world that would fashion it
into a weapon, into a monster.
(into you.)

she is no warrior, but something far more rare.
those beautiful eyes have seen the ugliest things
within you, and she has never looked away.
those delicate hands cradled your heart,
never minding the threatening thorns it bore.
she could have crushed it, could have broken it,
could have held it hostage or torn it apart.
instead, she brought it up to her lips and kissed,
smiling with blood running down her chin:

‘if you are made of thorns my dear,
then i will be your flower petals—’
—  and together we shall become a rose | m.a.w

Golden Boy calls them gods, 

 Laughs as ichor escapes 

His veins. The rest will scoff 

But will not disagree. Their 

 City lives in fear of them, 

And really, what is a god 

But someone who holds 

The power of life and 

Death in their hands?

Golden Boy forgets what 

It means to die, gilds his 

Hands in crimson blood and 

Calls himself immortal. He 

Sweeps through the city and 

Nothing can touch him; 

Death is but the last truth 

His silver tongue will twist.

Golden Boy cups the city 

In his palms and wishes 

 He was Midas. He settles 

For the orange-gold of 

Flames. He is not a king 

But something divine, and 

 He laughs as he watches 

His worshippers burn.

He does not mean to be 

Cruel, but he is so full 

 Of holiness, there is no 

 Room left for mercy.

- vengeful gods demand sacrifice, A.B

xemmaloveskillianx  asked:

Who would have guessed when she held that knife to your neck, you two would end up like this. Congratulations on the wedding, Captain- ergh, Prince? :)

Thank you…  but let’s say we stick with Captain for now, aye?

It’s been a hell of an adventure, hasn’t it? And it’s only the beginning.  

dude, it’s not just this heist, this job;
dude, this is forever

and ever and ever
until we fragment and break against
ourselves and our self-destruction, against
the edges of your world versus mine


bleed out like beach glass not yet weathered,

inexperienced and small,
sharp but not quite so

dude, don’t you see?
we were never meant for anything
except radiance and death i mean,

or till tomorrow.
or the day after,

it’s not like we were ever meant to live!

listen what i mean to say,
what i never told you,
my dude,
my love,

i mean,

(for @slaughtervoid)
Bayley loses the Women’s Title

For Bayley’s character, I think Sasha needs to cost Bayley the title. As a champion, Bayley is still being booked as a nervous little 12-year-old girl and that’s okay booking if they are telling the story of all of Bayley’s current accomplishments are because of Sasha.

-Sasha helped Bayley stop Dana Brooke.
-Sasha helped Bayley beat Charlotte for the title and end her PPV streak.
-Sasha helped Bayley eliminate Nia Jax, which helped her get her WM moment.

So if they are telling the story that Bayley isn’t a confident champion because Sasha was the one who really won everything for her, I think now would be the time for Sasha to turn heel and take it all away from Bayley.

Sorta like “I made you champion and I can take it all away from you” also the same way Samoa Joe turned on Finn Balor for the title because Apollo Crews took his title opportunity from him and he blamed Finn for that, Sasha could blame Bayley for not giving her a title opportunity for all the help she’s given her.

Some people may not like Alexa Bliss being champion again, but that’s fine, Sasha would be the one costing Bayley so it wouldn’t be clean and Alexa is a heel so you can hate her all you want. Also, I wouldn’t mind a proper Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James feud or Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax.

I think what’s best for Bayley is for her to lose the title and then eventually win it back as a proper champion and she can be confident again like she was during her champion NXT reign.

Home, he says,
and thinks four-cent apples and six-cent eggs,
and thinks unreliable heat and two beds pushed together,
and thinks dance halls and big bands and steps he never knew.

Home, he says,
and thinks skinny shoulders and oversized shirts,
and thinks bright blue eyes and a wide grin,
and thinks red lipstick and perfect dark curls.

Home, he says,
and thinks gone
and thinks lost
and thinks nowhere.

—  You say you are home but your eyes are so far away (j.p.)
The Gang Saves a Detective Named Luna

Summary: It’s date night but I guess Miles is going to be a no-show. 

In which Miles gets kidnapped and the crew has to save their boy’s boy.

Pairing: Michael Jones/Miles Luna

A/N: I’ve been obsessed with lunael thanks to @thilesluna and her fic TGMADNL, so with her permission (and her idea) I wrote a fic very loosely based off of it.


“It’s date night Geoff, I can’t do jobs tonight,” Michael says as he leans against the kitchen counter, on his phone.

“Not you too,” Geoff grumbles. “All you dicks are planning dates on the same day just to fuck with me aren’t you?”

“To be fair, we’ve planned this nearly two weeks ago. I can’t speak for everyone else though.”

“I’m making a spreadsheet just for dates. You all have to give me a one-week notice for any dates. That way you can’t use them as excuse to get out of jobs.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll still find ways to get out of jobs,” Michael smirks and Geoff grumbles.

“I have the laziest employees in the world. Do you know how many people would jump to take a job from me? I swear you are-“

Michael’s phone goes off, cutting Geoff off. Michael looks down at it and a smile stretches across his face at the name that flashes on the screen, the hearts in his eyes evident to even Geoff.

Geoff huffs and rolls his eyes at him. “Go talk to your boyfriend. But if I catch you having phone sex again, I’m banning your phone from the penthouse.”

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