crew sweat

Even though it can appear to be the opposite, even though I’m slowly destroying my body, my mind has taken a choice.
I won’t stop, I won’t give up. I can’t. It would be the end.
We are rowers, we are born from the tears and sweat. We are made of salt water, like the sea, like the rivers.
more Voltron hc‘s

- Alteans can go really long without blinking. Don’t bother starting a staring contest, you won’t win

- Lance learns this the hard way

- Pidge can sleep everywhere, no matter how inconvenient it is

- Hunk already found her sleeping smack in the middle of the hallway more than once; Lance swears he once found her sleeping curled up in the kitchen sink

- Keith actually speaks a lot of languages more or less fluently; the others find out about it when he accidently mixes up a few words and ends up using four different languages in one sentence

- Hunk and Coran comparing their cultures and actually finding small similarities! both being super excited to tell the others about their discovery

- Shiro wanting to find out what he missed during his time in space; Pidge tries to fill him in on important political changes and scientific discoveries; Lance explains the newest memes

- Allura casually lifting really heavy objects; Voltron crew: *sweats nervously*