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I was just looking through Franky’s page on the One Piece wiki, and it had this to say about his relationship with Robin. And I quote: 

“Robin and Franky have a close relationship with each other. … He is also the only Straw Hat crew member who can get on Robin’s nerves, even as she is considered the [calmest] member…” 


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Scitwi and Shimmy are pretty good at it.

AJ and Dash kinda lack the subtlety…or do not want to think about someone screwing their brother.

Headcanon: EQG Coco has a huge senpai complex for Rarity on top of crushing on her really bad (they are actually different).

Sorry if you wanted Flarity/Rarishy, but I love MarshmellowCoco and the gag was too good to pass up.

Cabin Pressure

Every time I have to take a plane I bring with me a few Cabin Pressure episodes for the ride. It’s become a tradition. And as I’ll be catching a flight in a few hours, let’s talk about this wonderful radio series!

So, Cabin Pressure is one of the most celebrated radio sitcoms ever. Written and created by John Finnemore, directed and produced by David Tyler. It was first broadcasted on BBC Radio 4 and every now and then you can catch some episodes on BBC Radio 4 Extra. Also, you can download episodes through iTunes and a few other podcast apps.  A couple years ago I got the Complete CD Collection as a Christmas present and, if you still use CDs, it’s totally worth it.

Here are the reasons:

  • Humor – To be honest I’m not a huge fan of sitcoms. I get bored easily and I cringe at too much silliness and absurdity. In Cabin Pressure there’s a lot of both, but somehow it doesn’t feel forced. Is like… when you have never seen anything from Monthy Python and you start watching the Holy Grail. An important part in the “fresh humor” feeling is that the four main characters evolve through the series (some more than others). And as they change and their interactions change, jokes adapt. The conflicts addressed and its resolution feel natural. Also, the cabin calls and all of the word games. ALL OF THEM. And the iconic travelling lemon.
  • The dynamics between the characters – The four main characters are the two pilots, the owner and the son (and flight attendant) of a very small charter airline based at Fitton. Namely, a naïve perfectionist Captain Martin Criff, a seasoned and smooth First Officer Douglas Richardson, a very bossy Carolyn Knapp-Shappey and a very… brilliant Arthur Shappey.
  • The acting – The main characters are voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch as Martin, Roger Allam as Douglas, Stephanie Cole as Carolyn and John Finnemore as Arthur. Other characters voiced by Timothy West, Matilda Ziegler, Geoffrey Whitehead or Anthony Head. I fell completely in love with Roger Allam here.

There are 26 half an hour episodes (the last one a two-parter) spanning all the letters from A (Abu Dhabi) to Z (Zurich), in a way, reflecting Martin’s journey. The original broadcast wasn’t exactly in alphabetical order but that was the intended order, so I’d recommend you to keep it (It’s not very important to stick to the order in the first season, but the later episodes will make more sense if you do so).

Where to start then? Well, Abu Dhabi is the intended start but if you find it too silly, I’d recommend you to give a second try to Douz or Gdansk.

And finally, my favorite episodes that will keep me company on the plane behind the cut (spoilery!)

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The sun is setting on 2014 and I’m very lucky that I get to wake up to 2015 in Cancun, Mexico. I hope your 2014 was wonderful and your 2015 is even better. If you can’t think of a good New Years resolution for the year- make it to travel more often.
Party hard and stay safe tonight.

-Your Tumblr flight attendant