crew skill


Seafaring: Crew

A captain cannot run a ship on their own!

Race (roll 1d6):

  1. Humans, elves, and other common races
  2. Orcs, goblins, and other hated creatures
  3. Tiefling, drow, and other mistrusted people
  4. Dwarves, halfling, and other stout folk
  5. Dragonborn, gnomes, and other uncommon people
  6. A great mishmash of races

Attitude (roll 1d6):

  1. Cliquey, divided
  2. Brutal, prone to brawling at the slightest provocation
  3. Cheerful and supportive
  4. Highly regimented and disciplined
  5. A chaotic, homogenous, and single-minded rabble
  6. A lazy, undisciplined heap of bodies

Feature (roll 1d6):

  1. They all wear a uniform
  2. All crew members are skillful at boarding ships
  3. Everyone is middle aged or older
  4. Many crew members keep pets
  5. The crew is divided evenly among genders
  6. The crew is vitamin c deficient

Song (roll 1d6):

  1. A cheerful shanty
  2. A mournful lament
  3. A bawdy tune
  4. A surging battle chant
  5. A penitent hymn
  6. A whistled call and response

Notable member (roll 1d6):

  1. A Secret-Keeper who can track down any scrap of truth
  2. The Cook who can cure what ails you
  3. The Little One who knows all there is to know about surviving
  4. An Old Hand who can tell tales no one else remembers
  5. A Shackled Prisoner who will pay any price for freedom
  6. A straight-up, honest to god Bear

A continuation of a series

why does no one talk about used to be’s?

the poets, the singers, the writers,
they love to talk about 
          what if
but never about used to be.

it’s strange, i think. 
poets always love a good tragedy, don’t they?
and what’s more tragic than a sentence
with the ending already built into it? 

we used to be best friends, i say, and
you already know that we are not friends, now.
not anymore. 

you used to be important to him.
she used to be beautiful.
they used to be young and happy. 
i used to be someone.

the tragedy is in the verb tense. 

but maybe it’s because there’s no glory in it.
after all, there is something heroic and sacred and precious
about something beautiful that never got to be. 
there’s a romanticism, you see, to the kiss
that almost was
that maybe could have been
that remains a what if forever.

there is nothing romantic about a love that used to be,
about a love that happened, and then ended,
just like everything else in the world. 
there is nothing beautiful about something that once was,
but died
but disappeared
but ended
but failed

—  but maybe it’s still better than “never was” ( j.p. )
30 Day SWTOR OC Challenge

This meme/challenge was inspired by the 30 Day Dragon Age OC Challenge, found HERE. I do not take any credit for the meme/ideas. I just tweaked the questions around for SWTOR/Star Wars characters. I give full credit to the original creators. I just thought it would be fun to do for my SWTOR character so I played around with it.

The modified questions are below the read-more. They are meant to be answered as specifically, generally or tangentially as you wish! I hope you enjoy them if you choose to do them. Any questions you prefer not to answer are, of course, completely optional, whether you just don’t want to share that yet or you just haven’t decided.

For a tag, I will be using #30daySWchallenge. I’d love to see others do it too!

Day 1: Introduction

Describe your character in 250 characters or less. Now have your character describe themself in 250 characters or less. Also provide any of the basic biographical stats you wish: full name, age, pronouns, gender, species, class/specializations, etc.

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morteledraco  asked:

This isn't a specific theme but how about something to do with Civil War, how Steve's choices could only be made because him and his crew had superpowers/ had skills. I'm comparison to Tony who made the real world choice and it seems the movie narrative punished him for it.

Sorry it’s taken a while for me to get back to you on this one.

The power element is a tricky one, because without Steve having any of these powers, none of these problems would have occurred. Causality and all that. If Steve didn’t have powers, he and Bucky would both be long dead.It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario. 

I don’t think the choices he makes could only be made because he has powers/skills. It’s because he has the powers and skills that the conflict happens. Before Bucky even shows up, there is conflict because of the Accords and even if it wasn’t really handled that well as the running thread of conflict (supplemented by “robot-armed assassin who kills peoples’ parents”), that’s what I want to look at because it’s the heart of everything in this film.

I’ve made an argument before that the difference between Tony’s powers and Steve or Wanda’s is that Tony has the ability to take them off. He can remove his suit and step back from everything. He can put down the thing that makes him a weapon - a nuclear deterrent as he called himself back in Iron Man 2. He can lock them up, put them away, and be a normal human being.

Steve and Wanda don’t have that luxury. They have these powers but they can’t just toss them in the basement. Steve will always be the powerful super-soldier. Wanda is infused with these powers and as Steve said “she’s just a kid” but the whole world sees her as this living weapon and no matter what she does, she can’t stop being that weapon.

Tony is making the pragmatic choice as a weapons designer and creator. He is seeing the repercussions of his actions and his creations. It’s the sensible choice and for him, it is certainly the right one. He knows he needs to have limits put on him and that’s fine for him. The trouble is that the accords is that they treat people like weapons. Ross describes Thor and Banner as “a couple of 30 megaton nukes…” and Tony describes Wanda as a “weapon of mass destruction”.

For Steve and Wanda, the accords mean that they will be treated as a commodity rather than a person, and worse than that, they’ll be weapons who have no say in who/what/where they are allocated: “we surrender our right to choose”. There could be conflicts they could help in, but if they tried, they would be considered criminals. They outright say that if the non-normals don’t comply, “they will come for me”.

There’s no right position here. The military were correct to suggest that the Avengers needed oversight, but then they treated some of the Avengers as tools and objects to be shelved until needed instead of people who have no choice about the powers they have. They were telling a man who repeatedly defied orders and went behind enemy lines and risked a medical super trial all so he could save as many people as he could that he might be prevented from saving people. They were telling a young woman that she was too dangerous to be given her freedom.

I do want to feel bad for Tony for everything that happened to him, but his weapons and his choices are his own. Wanda, Steve, Natasha, Bucky - those people don’t have the choice anymore. They are what they are and what has been done to all of them can’t be undone by signing a bit of paper. They can’t simply be closed up - “internment” as Steve puts it - because they’re deemed inconveniently powerful.

So back to the point. Steve is already at odds with Tony because of the accords, particularly because neither of them can understand the other’s experiences and why they feel so strongly about it. If it wasn’t for the tension rising over the accords and Peggy’s death, Steve wouldn’t have been pulling back so hard. The accords exist because of his powers, ergo, the choices are only made because he has those powers.

Look at their confrontation about Wanda and the way Tony talks about her like a weapon. Steve is increasingly angry and justifiably so, because if Wanda - a genetically enhanced human being  - is a dangerous weapon in Tony’s eyes, what does that make Steve to him? Tony doesn’t see it that way - he sees the simple clean-cut world of dangerous things being controlled. He’s been trying to do it since the first film, when he saw what his weapons can do. This miscommunication is what drives the wedge more firmly between them. Steve says himself “Every time I think you see things the right way…” and Tony clearly believes he does.

Powered or non-powered, they both have different experiences, see the world in different ways and neither of them can see the others’ perspective. Tony believes he’s doing what need to be done “to stave off something worse” and Steve sees it as a form of captivity.

As for Tony being punished, I can’t really comment on that because I have bias for the poor bastard who was abducted, tortured, brainwashed, forced to murder a ton of people and had just escaped it all and found a stable life, only to have it all go boom. (There does seem to be an excess of Tony angst in a film called Captain America, though…)

(And I apologise in advance if this is rambling and makes no sense. I am very tired and it is late)

anonymous asked:

I don't know if it's been suggested before (I've never seen any posts about it but I'm fairly new) but I would love it if the fakes occasionally decided to fuck with the local news stations by having Gavin hack in mid-broadcast and cut to a feed of them running around with a camera and make team lads action news in the fahc universe. Like running around the city pointing guns at people and asking them for news or running around the penthouse bugging the rest of the crew

Gavin’s not only skilled with words and manipulation, he’s an extremely talented hacker. The best in the city. There’s no information that can hide from him, nothing he can’t leak or exploit. With the power to uncover anything in the city, Gavin uses it to have a little fun sometimes. A live press conference about the LSPD cracking down on violent crimes fizzles out to reveal a smug grin. Gavin backs up and waves to the camera, introducing himself before panning over to show Michael, Ray, and Jeremy, all of which are armed to the teeth in their heist gear with wicked smiles on their faces. Lads Action News commences and soon they’re holding people at gun point, asking them what their opinion on violent crimes is. Barely anyone manages more than a stutter and soon enough they’re just filming exploding cars and bullet casing littered streets. The feed ends with Jeremy looking seriously into the camera and holding a flare like a microphone. “Back to you, Jessica,” he says very solemnly before a screeching laughter is heard and the feed cuts out.

The crew doesn’t know anything about Gavin’s past. Nothing save the fact that he’s English, he had a cat named Lloyd, and a best friend named Dan. Gavin won’t tell them anything, no matter how much booze is plied into him.

The Crew doesn’t pry, the information obviously isn’t vital, and idle curiosity can be stamped down. But it’s the little things Gav does. The subtle bracing when someone (or thing) rushes him, like he’s preparing to block or counter an attack of some kind. The even more subtle shift in stance during a fight that Ryan can almost recognize (because he’s seen and used those stances before -he thinks-) but no those stances are learned, taught, and used by combat specialists and Gavin…the way that whenever the crew’s in dire strait’s his inability to pilot a plane (or a car) vanishes, the way Gavin will wander off from the crew and ‘luckily’ find just what it is the crew is looking for, the way Gavin knows just a bit too much about hacking to make the crew think he’s learned all he did on his own, the way Gavin somehow avoids standing just so wrongly and avoids serious injuries or worse (and the fact that he’ll shove Michael’s shoulder a bit too hard and knock him down, or trip over his own feet and knock Jack down, only for them to stand up and realizes there are bullet holes right there where he just was, or an RPG that would have painted the bricks red if not for…) will step up to an annoying -or dangerous- asset/liability with a colder kind of murder in his eyes and a certain kind of danger in his posture that made men and women quake before he realizes that he was doing so and that the crew is watching, and quickly (deliberately) falls back to the laid-back, squeaky moron with the penchant for destruction Geoff hired.

And then there was the time the rest of the crew got captured and though they were all unconscious (somehow, because Geoff doesn’t remember what exactly knocked him out then) for the rescue, upon reviewing the half-destroyed security footage from both the Penthouse and the kidnappers lair, revealed that Gavin, and Gavin only, walked into the lair with nothing but Michael’s shotgun and rounds of shells, and then the tapes are too corrupted to really view but Gavin, when confronted, said that the support team came in directly afterwards yet at the end of the tape there’s a glimpse of just Gavin dragging Ray to the others, all laid out in the grass outside the burning warehouse where the crew had been for two days. Its just Gavin then, no support crew in sight, no evidence they’d been there at all..

There is a side to Gavin that’s just barely sharing his skin, desperate to be seen past the nonchalant, jokey, happy-go-lucky Gav, and the crew won’t pry, but they do know that they own their lives to this side of their boy, that somehow Gavin could be a scary motherfucker when he wants to be, and they know that they don’t know near enough about it for anyone’s comfort. And they wonder just what the fuck happened to their hacker across that pond

Okay, not that we need more reasons to hate Jacques Schnee

But I’ve had a thought:

How did he get to Vale to collect Weiss so easily?

Ironwood mentioned to Ozpin that travel between Kingdoms is getting more and more difficult.
Ironwood brought a fleet to escort his students. Granted there was an ulterior motive, but the fact it was a believable excuse speaks volumes to how risky travel is.
Winter didn’t require a fleet but then again she’s an Atlas Specialist and seemingly Ironwood’s right hand. It stands to reason that her crew are also highly skilled and that Winter’s ship is probablt heavily armed


Jacques showed up right after the battle of Beacon, Jacques who as far as we know (And is highly likely considering his attitude towards Hunters) never been trained as a Hunter and doesn’t keep an escort of Hunters around him.
Also air travel between Kingdoms was seemingly out of the question during Vol.4 (With the exception of Weiss leaving Atlas in the finale) specifically because of the destruction of the CCT during the battle.


It stands to reason that Jacques was already in the air and en route to Vale before the battle started.
Almost as if he knew what was coming.

My hypothosis is that Jacques has dealings with one of Salem’s inner circle (Watts seems to be the natural choice)

anonymous asked:

That post on Boukenger was brilliant. I've been on the fence about starting Gokaiger. Seems cool but I heard its an anniversary season? It looks cool but I havent seen many other sentai and I'm worried I wont get it well. Could you do a post like your Boukenger one for Gokaiger? If you have time? ^^;

Thank you for your kind words and I would be happy to tell you about Gokaiger! Really happy as it is definitely one of my favorite series!

As you said, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is an Anniversary series and celebrates the entire history of Super Sentai going back to 1975. While this may seem to be an obstacle for a new viewer it really isn’t.  Yes, long-time fans might get more out of the show and the references and homages but they are not at all necessary to appreciate the plots or characters.  This is because though the piratical heroes of the series have the ability to access the powers of all previous Sentai teams through their collection of Ranger keys, they know almost nothing about these teams. 

The plot requires them to unlock the true power of these keys, which forces them to meet past members of each team and learn about their predecessors. It’s a neat way to introduce the entire history of Super Sentai to new viewers and give a great taste of various shows.  That’s not to say the homages are more important than the main plot or the characters.

Speaking of characters, let’s introduce the crew as they appear at the beginning of the series.

The leader of these Star-faring Buccaneers is Captain Marvelous.  He used to be part of a group called the Red Pirates before they were betrayed by one of their own and he was given command of the Gokai Galleon and the Ranger Keys. 

He is cocky, self-assured and mostly unflappable.  As Gokai Red, he is determined to find the Greatest Treasure in the Galaxy which is located somewhere on Earth.

The first recruit Captain Marvelous brought on-board his new command was Joe Gibken, a swordsman who used to work for the evil Zangyack Empire (more on them later). After his mentor was betrayed and apparently killed, he rebelled and was rescued by his new Captain.

Joe is stoic, usually unemotional and is the team’s dual-wielding sword-master. He is Gokai Blue.

Luka Milfy grew up on a planet ravaged by Zangyack, living in poverty and trying to keeps a small group of survivors, including her younger sister safe. She was brought onto the crew because of her skills as a thief.

Though she seems obsessed with money an treasure, as Gokai Yellow, she is a valued member of team and specializes in disguise, infiltration and breaking into locked places.

Don “Doc” Dogoier is one of the most unlikely pirates but also one of the most valuable members of the crew. He is the team’s tech specialist, weapons designer, cook and cleaner. Without him, the Gokai Galleon would fall apart, the crew would eat garbage and the place would be a disaster,

He was basically press-ganged onto the crew and given the role of Gokai Green. 

The most out of place member though would be Ahim De Famille. She is a princess from a planet taken over and destroyed by the Zangyack and was rescued by the Gokaigers. She may not be the best fighter but her gentle nature and noble bearing makes her highly valuable for negotiations and situations that require a delicate touch or diplomacy.

She is Gokai Pink. She is best Pink. Ever.

The Gokaiger crew lives and travels on the Gokai Galleon, space faring pirate ship that also serves as the base of their main mecha, Gokai-Oh.

I love it!

As for their enemies, they are hunted by the evil Zangyack Empire, who controls almost all of the galaxy, except for Earth.

They once tried to conquer the Earth in what is known as the Legend War but all of the Super Sentai heroes of Earth gathered together and sacrificed their powers to repel them. These lost powers scattered across space and became the Ranger Keys, which are now in the hands of the Gokaigers.

The leader of the Earth invasion force is the son of the Zangyack Emperor, Commander Warz Gill.  He is egotistical, over confident and easily flustered by his own failures, which he likes to blame on his underlings. He is a buffoon.

This is a great show and one I highly recommend.  The only real faults could be said to be the focus on the fetch quest of gaining new powers, which occasionally interrupts major story arcs, but not often.  There are far more things I could say about the show but I do not want to spoil too much and things like the other villains and the sixth member of team are best discovered for yourself.

I hope this helps you decide to watch the show. It’s a very special entry in the franchise and not just a personal but also a fan favorite.

Cinders - Chapter 1/36

Originally posted by kakin-my-spaffs

All Chapters

SUMMARY: You had been partners with Ray for years, the two of you raising your infamous reputation from the ground up ever since your Fake AH Crew days. Your skills were unquestionable, and just as strong as the banter. But you soon find yourself stranded in Los Santos, the threat of running into the Fakes becoming an increasingly strong, and terrifying, possibility.

WC: 2043

You swiftly dart across the sidewalk and allow for the comfortable familiarity to engulf you, the same as it had so many years ago. The faint sound of your shoes whisper across the asphalt, wind dancing through your hair in the warm glow of the city lights as you move. Ducking behind a small hot dog stand, you force your back against its cool surface. Your dark clothing shrouds you in the night while you scan the area, tugging the black bandanna away from your mouth slightly and pressing a finger to the device in your ear. “Anything?” you breathe, coming into a crouch and peering over the vendor. Across the block, you faintly see a man’s head peeking around the corner of a store, and he motions to you with an exaggerated wave and a flash of purple. “Nothing” he replies, before motioning upwards and behind you, “we’re clear for now”.

Turning to the building you leap at the brick with a powerful push from your left leg; hauling yourself up the side and onto the roof with ease. “Awesome, nice going, Ray” you say, looking down and across the street to him. You can see him smile as he pulls away his hood to reveal his beaming face, giving you a big thumbs up before disappearing into the dark alley behind him and reappearing on an opposite roof moments later. You both simultaneously draw your weapons, the air rippling in anticipation. As you perch on the edge of the roof to overlook the small, dimly lit store with the knife clutched tightly in your hand, you see Ray centring his sniper rifle. “Right” he says cheerfully, staring into the scope “you should be good all the way.” You give a tight nod as you lean further into the open space, waiting for the guards to move into position.  “On my mark,” you tell him, watching as two men approach jovially and cross their arms, joking quietly with one another beneath you.

“Now,” you throw yourself gracefully off the ledge as the muffled shot rings out, the bullet hitting the guard to your left whilst you land on the back of the remaining man, who looks from his colleague’s collapsed body and up to you; his face a mask of shock. You offer him an apologetic smile before quickly running the knife across this throat, silencing the panicked noises that had begun to gurgle from his lips. Letting him fall gently you lay him on the ground before relocating the two men into the shadows, seating them against a wall. Wiping your knife on their clothing, you return it to its concealed location against your side. When you turn back to the roof Ray is grinning down upon you, and you wave. “Nice one,” you compliment, and he lets out a small chuckle as he crouches into his rifle again, “you fucking know it”. Making your way to the door you’re careful when plating your feet; pulling the lock pick from your boot. “Camera’s all sorted?” you ask absentmindedly, searching for the correctly sized instrument as you continue to approach your target. “Yup” he responds, “the feed was cut before we even hit the street.”

“And you double checked the guard route, no last minute changes?”

Ray scoffs “You doubting me?”

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Diamond in the Rough

Beautiful artwork is done by @slugette. I still cannot thank you enough!

Chapter 28

Pairing: Cullen x Trevelyan

Rating: SFW

Tags: Romance, Emotional Hurt/Comfort

Link: AO3

In Regency Era Thedas, Orlais and Ferelden are at war. As an officer in Ferelden’s army, Cullen is entrusted with an important document, one that he must keep secret and deliver it to the right hands at any cost. He is betrayed, someone leaking his position and he and his men are set upon by Orlesian soldiers. Grievously wounded, Cullen flees into the Orlesian countryside. Elya saves his life, healing his wounds and keeping him hidden.  Her manners give her away as more than just a typical country girl. As he grows stronger and they grow closer, he becomes more and more intrigued by the quiet woman and her secrets. Cullen knows that he cannot stay, his duties calling him away.

A world of Thedas retelling of Aladdin, in a Regency Era setting!

The next few days were easily the happiest days of Cullen’s life. The crew was in good spirits from the wedding, seeing Elya and Cullen as passengers who brought adventure and fun. Scamper they accepted with open arms, having a good time pitting the two Mabaris together in races and tug-of-wars. During the day, Cullen would work with the crew on his fighting skills, giving lessons and rebuilding his strength. Elya would work on Scamper’s limp, arthritis the cause. She packed herbs around his elbows, bandaging them in place. She thought for sure the dog would chew them off, but he perfectly understood her warning that if he did, he would get no table scraps for a week. The amusement in his black eyes told her he saw through her lie, but he obeyed her anyways.

They took their meals in the mess room with the crew, but their dinners in the Captain’s cabin, their unexpected friendships growing deeper. Cole would join them sometimes, disappearing and reappearing at random. He still made everyone jump with surprise every time he did, but they had all accepted him. Every now and then Cullen would see him speaking to one of the crew, and the person always seemed to look better afterwards. Whatever the spirit boy was doing, he was living up to what he claimed he was.

Cullen and Elya were never far from each other’s sides, and sometimes slipped away to their cabin in the middle of the day. At night, they held each other as they slept. It was Cullen’s daydream, but on a ship instead of his home estate. He still couldn’t believe his luck, double checking to see that Elya was still there, was still real. Sometimes he would wake and fear it had all been a dream, only to find that his wife was curled into him, her easy breathing calming his frantic pulse. He would kiss her softly on her forehead or shoulder and fall asleep with a relieved sigh.

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The Mermaid Slayer (Taeyong - NCT) [Pirate!AU]

Ask    Part 2

(Maybe part 1???? I have no idea, you decide if you want more)               Hope you enjoy!

The ballroom was filled with laughter and happiness. Everything seemed so out of reach and so magical. 

You still couldn’t quite understand how you were able to attend. 

The ball was open for everyone, which put an uneasy feeling across town when it was first announced. The Pirate Season, as the town people call it, was nearing. The ships and distinctive sails, when in view, could draw chaos in just a breath. 

After some disagreement from the town, the king announced that it would stay that way. The argument that accompanied his announcement, went like this: Pirate Season is not yet here and the ball will be held before it starts so it will stay as it is.

The town people still hesitated on attending, but after not seeing a single ship during the day, all worry faded. 

Pirates only appeared during daytime or before pubs closed, so it was rare that they “visited” a town at night.

The castle still held the ball and here you were. 

One of the few town people that decided to go. Well, your father insisted. His work was admired by the king since his children were swordsmen by heart.

The scenery was something to take in. The high ceilings and the beautifully built walls and structure made the place look even better. 

Your thoughts were interrupted by the king’s voice. 

“May the music begin! Maestro!” He announced happily. 

The room soon was filled with a happy and cheerful tune that seemed to melt away any worries. The masks seemed to drown out the features f everyone in the room. The colors and shapes still defined the people behind them. The dresses and suits only emphasized the character portrayed. 

“Excuse me.” A voice said behind you.

You turned around to meet a young man. His features seemed sculpted, to the point where it looked unreal. His eyes were big and piercing. His hair had a weird shade of pink, which was only used by royalty. 

But what caught your attention was his mask. It had a geometrical design on it. Red, white and black colored it. The only part of his face covered was his eyes, leaving his lips in clear view.

“May I have this dance?” He asked smiling.

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