crew roster

After the game once everyone’s getting settled Jade’s like ‘ok we should set up a new chore roster, how about you guys get yours and we can compare’ and the meteor crew is like… chore… roster??? …chores???

Jade: how did you guys know whose turn it was to do the dishes?

someone from the meteor: we didn’t do dishes, we just threw the dishes into the Dish Pit

They thought the Dish Pit was bottomless but there is actually an entire room on the meteor somewhere filled to the brim with dirty dishes. It is a good thing the cherubs were chained and could not stumble upon this terrifying porcelain El Dorado

Because the-inkbender has been making so much amazing S.S. Borra stuff, I thought it would be fun to change the uniform of the UN to fit the S.S. Borra color scheme.

So here is the crew uniform for our lovely ship! Because unless someone already did this, it was really all we were missing. XD

((Y'know, I’ve been poking around tfwiki lately and decided to look up who all is actually on the Lost Light. I actually didn’t know some of these characters were there, like Cosmos and Inferno, so I thought I’d share.

Lol… Bob… XD))

Name:  Clementine Taverty

Pronouns: she/her/hers 

Primary Position[s]
: Waitress at ‘Toxic Tea Party’ tea shop in one of the ports the Vox frequents, acts as an in-port contact and informant for the crew. Her time on the ship is spent as a foreign affairs specialist, linguist and translator (meaning she and Ginny tend to work together a lot). 

Stage Position[s]
: Dancer, specializing in traditional and mating dances from her home planet Sahariuan (a planet with heavy middle eastern influences. Many people who have been to earth describe it matching to the culture and climate of Morocco). Does not sing on stage (but prefers to sing in private in her natve language.). Also likes to add a touch of acrobatics to her routine from time to time. 

Additional Information:  
Clementine is an accomplished acrobat, as well as knowing many alien languages. She is an orphan, and growing up earned a reputation distracting travelers with her song and stealing all their valuables. When she was 19 she met Evander Foster, a well known but young space pirate turned tea shop owner visiting her planet. She left with him and has been employed at his tea shop ever since. 

name: Sara E. Reynolds

called: Sara, Sarabeth, Christian

pronouns: she/her/hers or he/him/his

primary positions: head mechanic, expert at convincing other people to do her chores

stage positions: sings, wears pretty things, takes pretty things off

additional information: short black hair. the beginnings of what will one day be a truly formidable tattoo collection. wardrobe mostly comprised of tank tops and worn old plaid shirts.  pants are for nerds. already gloriously sexy green eyes cybernetically augmented so that they record junk and also see in the dark and go all glowy and cool, which is purely an aesthetic benefit. likes cats, eyeballs, music, macaroni and cheese, hickeys, and Ginny. dislikes crowds, sadness, and empty kitchens.

Name: Virginia M. Reynolds 

What to be called: Ginny (most of the time), Tony (at some shows because FUCK IF WE DON’T ALL DO SHOWS AS DIFFERENT PERSONAS EVERY OTHER WEEK)

Pronouns: she/her/hers as Ginny, he/him/his as Tony

Primary positions: Communications specialist, on rotation for kitchen and cleaning crew like everyone else.

Additional information: Has a fond spot for running around topless with only a pair of sweatpants on when her significant other is not keeping an eye out for how she dresses.  

Name: Elizabeth Fennessy

Nicknames: Liz, Lizzy, That Girl Who Plays With Rocks A Lot

Pronouns: she/her/her’s

Primary Positions: Head Cook, Resident Geologist, Sciencoidy Stuff Head Honcho

Stage Positions: Does a mean Legend of Zelda act on occasion, though normally sticks to Panic! at the Disco or something pretty danceable. Helps design everyone’s costumes and make fidgety little adjustments and get them dressed before they go onstage, Prop Mistress. (She is a COMPLETE stickler for nobody touching any props but their own.)

Additional Information: One of the main forms of decent cooking that doesn’t come out of a box or can, Lizzy is along for the ride wherever the road may take the crew of the Vox. She gets far, far too excited about every rock they come across, and almost always steals away with a sample. There are seriously boxes and boxes of samples in individual baggies, meticulously labeled as to where each was collected, including GPS location on each planet, with the star system and galaxy noted. She also has a few boxes of quartz stored away, because damn, who knew that one of Earth’s most common minerals would be that valuable in space? Why, this chick!

While at times a bit mopey and only willing to touch her rocks and hide behind Rae, Liz has a pretty cheery disposition and will love everyone, and make them cakes for birthdays and such. She is a monster that loves a good hug or snuggle, and will hug everyone all day long if she has her way. Often spotted hugging a wall of the ship and whispering to Vox about how much she loves x, which is often followed by running around and hugging the rest of the crew and telling them that she loves them.

Name: Captain Vestalis Peregrine Jude-Thaddeus Dolori

Species: Andronata (insectoid/human hybrid), Vestalis genus

Called: Dolori, generally. Pip/Pips in private with close friends. Vestalis refers to their genus, which functions as something like social class in Andronata society— their genus name would be used like a title or an honorific among their own species.

Pronouns: They/Them/Their 

Primary Position[s]: Captain! For a conscious vessel like the Vox Clamantis, this means not only piloting and command, but also neurological hookups for more or less direct interface with the ship.  It is also their job to (intentionally or otherwise) aggravate the shit out of their second in command. 

Stage Position[s]:Emcee/announcer, plays at ringleader~. Technically “sings,” but it’s really more… instrumental than anything. Andronata breathe through spiracles or gills in their abdomen (although they do have a perfunctory sort of upper-respiratory system and vocal chords to allow for oral communication), and can make a suprising range of musical warbles, known colloqially as “gutsong.” The sound is much like that produced by circling the wet rim of a glass with one finger.

Additional Information: Andronata are a hybrid species, engineered some centuries ago by human scientists, enabled by the near-miraculously adaptive genetic properties of the Odonata, intelligent insectoid (former) residents of a mild, unsuspecting asteroid cluster just around the corner from Proxima Centauri. At the time of human colonisation, the Odonata were on the verge of extinction, and negotiated with humankind a splicing of their respective species in order to preserve the dying race and propagate a new society to inhabit the (former) Odanata homeworld(s). This is basically the high-science version of royal marriage alliance, except a new species is born! Thus, as gutsung in the lore of the new Andronata species, “man met angel and made new child-nymphs,/ star-sand skele-skin and sky-bearing shoulders/ water-womb’d and wetted mouths and reed-fingers, they;/ Old kinds spun together behind new (and wond’ring!) eyes…”

(Andronata are noted as being insufferably mystical sorts.)

Dolori was born on-world, but their class dictates them as a sort of embassador, so it was natural that they should be sent to train as a starcaptain of a conscious vessel, to better tour the cosmos, facilitate between species, etc etc etc. The burlesque aspect was unexpected, but thoroughly enjoyable, the occasional pirating is notably less so. Andronata are passionately nonviolent and Dolori is a bigger weenie than most— although their species-wide hive-socialistic sensibilies make for a certain disdain for the notion of accumulating wealth, so they give the pirating a pass in the interest of “redistribution”— they’re more than happy to let Gooden take the helm in situations like those.

On the whole, they’re amiable, charismatic, proud, a touch dreamy, and more than a touch sentimental. Their consious vessel and partner is also their lover, to whom they are incredibly devoted (although their romantic interests and escapades are rather wider-reaching, a common trait among starcaptains). Beneath the bravado, they’re really a huge dork and all-around pansy-ass intellectual. Don’t bring up particle physics unless you have any particular desire to watch them dissolve into babbling, tearful wonderment. It’s really pretty pathetic.