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Top 10 Star Trek Planets Chosen by Our Scientists

What would happen if the crew of the Starship Enterprise handed over the controls to our scientists and engineers? It turns out many are avid Star Trek fans with lengthy itineraries in mind.

1. Vulcan

What is perhaps the most famous Star Trek planet was placed by creator Gene Roddenberry in a real star system: 40 Eridani. This trinary system of three dwarf stars, about 16 light-years from Earth, could play host to exoplanets; none have been detected there so far. The most massive is 40 Eridani A, chosen as Vulcan’s sun.

2. Andoria

An icy “M-class” (Star Trek’s term for “Earth-like”) moon of a much larger planet—a gas giant—that is home to soft-spoken humanoids with blue skin, white hair and stylish antennae. In our solar system, gas giants play host to icy moons, such as Jupiter’s Europa or Saturn’s Enceladus, that possess subsurface oceans locked inside shells of ice. Our missions are searching for lifeforms that might exist in these cold, dark habitats.

3. Risa

Another Trek M-class planet known for its engineered tropical climate and its welcoming humanoid population.  The planet is said to orbit a binary, or double, star system—in Star Trek fan lore, Epsilon Ceti, a real star system some 79 light-years from Earth. The first discovery of a planet around a binary was Kepler-16b, which is cold, gaseous and Saturn-sized.

4. “Shore Leave” planet, Omicron Delta region

This is another amusement park of a planet, where outlandish characters are manufactured in underground factories straight from the crew members’ imaginations. In real life, astronauts aboard the International Space Station print out plastic tools and containers with their own 3-D printer.

5. Nibiru

“Star Trek: Into Darkness” finds Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy fleeing from chalk-skinned aliens through a red jungle. Red or even black vegetation could exist on real planets that orbit cooler, redder stars, an adaptation meant to gather as much light for photosynthesis as possible. An example may be Kepler-186f, a planet only 10 percent larger than Earth in diameter. At high noon, the surface of this planet would look something like dusk on Earth.

6. Wolf 359

A star best known in the Star Trek universe as the site of a fierce battle in which a multitude of “Star Trek: Next Generation” ships are defeated by the Borg. But Wolf 359 is a real star, one of the closest to Earth at a distance of 7.8 light-years. Wolf 359 is also a likely observational target for the Kepler space telescope in the upcoming Campaign 14 of its “K2” mission.

7. Eminiar VII/Vendikar

These two planets are neighbors, sharing a star system. So, of course, they’ve been at war for centuries. While we have no signs of interplanetary war, multiple rocky worlds have been discovered orbiting single stars. A cool dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1 is orbited by three Earth-size planets; two have a chance of being the right temperature for liquid water, with possible Earth-like atmospheres.

8. Remus

The planets Romulus and Remus are home to the Romulan Empire (ancient Rome, anyone?), although Remus seemed to have gotten the raw end of the deal. Remus is tidally locked, one face always turned to its star. Tidally locked worlds might well be a real thing, with many possible candidates discovered with our Kepler space telescope. The habitable portion of the surface of such planets might be confined to a band between the day and night sides called the “terminator zone”—a.k.a. the twilight zone.

9. Janus VI

A rocky world lacking an atmosphere, perhaps similar to Mars. While humans must maintain an artificial underground environment to survive, the innards of the planet are a comfortable home to an alien species known as the “Horta.” Their rock-like biochemistry is based on silicon, rather than carbon, inspiring us to imagine the many forms life might take in the universe.

10. Earth

In the Star Trek universe, Earth is home to Starfleet Headquarters; the real Earth is, at least so far, the only life-bearing world we know. No true Earth analogs have been discovered among the real exoplanets detected so far. But a new generation of space telescopes, designed to capture direct images of exoplanets in Earth’s size range, might one day reveal an alternative “pale blue dot.”

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Visit from a Monster

A/N - I haven’t wrote in such a long time, holy hell. Anyway, I hope you guys like this one. Sorry it’s angsty in the beginning. I think y’all should call me the queen of angst because I’m slipping into that! Sorry if you don’t like, it’s just what came to mind. I hope you enjoy the heavily awaited Bones/Joanna fic!!! Thanks y’all!

Word Count: 969

           He sat alone on the porch, a single light casting over him as the shadows of the night emerged from their crevices. The wind stirred the silence, the fields of grain gently sway like the calm waves of the ocean before the storm. The moon was new, casting no light to Earth, the home of some of the crew of the Starship Enterprise. Thinking about the ship made Leonard “Bones” McCoy antsy. Various scenes flashed as he stared into the dark sky, yet to be speckled by the stars he has traversed.

           It was an accident, all an accident. If it wasn’t for it, they wouldn’t be back on Earth. He wouldn’t be home. But at what cost? What was the point of being home if he couldn’t tear himself away from it all. What was the point of walking the Earth if his head was still stuck amongst the stars?

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Starry, Starry, Trek and Beyond

Highlights from Star Trek Beyond

Because I’m so over these people not paying attention to the movie.  And like a tunnel-like vision on Star Trek’s ode.

1) Captain Kirk brokering peace with the Teenaxians. A major development for Captain Kirk and his crew in its missions.

2) Cute Gargoyle-like Teenaxians, 1st new Federation civilization featured in Star Trek Beyond. 

3) Teenaxian, 1st new language featured in the movie.

4) Jim and Teenaxians brawl, it looked like nanny Jim having a handful of kids climbing over him.

5) Two teenaxians got beamed up to the Enterprise with Jim

6) I ripped my shirt again.

7) You look like ****! Dr. McCoy doesn’t mince his words.

8) McCoy and Kirk - drinking and talking. Like real friends instead of nanny Bones with wittle Jimmy.

9) Warp effect outside the window as the Enterprise travels in warp.

10) Jim Kirk will call his mother. They do have a relationship.

11) Everyday life as an Enterprise crew. Fraternization and cammaraderie. Yes, all federation crew that means not only humans are part of the Enterprise crew. 

12) Chekov and his girl, well, ex. 

13) Yorktown, at a glance from the Enterprise.

14) Yorktown, as the Enterprise docks.

15) Yorktown, through a 360 degree lens.

16) Many, many Federation beings living/coming to Yorktown. Co-existing with each other.

17) Sulu family. Demora is cute. Ben is hot. Hikaru is smoking.

18) Jim smiling at the Sulu family. A real honest-to-goodness beatific smile. I’m surprised no one commented about dashing Kirk and his pretty blue eyes and his dazzling smile.

19) HP cloud.

20) Commodore Paris.

21) Kalara’s language. 2nd new language introduced.

22) Universal translator working with real audio. I want this translator to be made in real life. ENGINEERS/INVENTORS DO IT!

23) Rescue mission. Another great improvement for the Enterprise crew mission milestones.

24) Spohck! Spohck! The way Uhura calls to him has a certain softness, it gives me life.

25) The Vokaya necklace. So pretty.

26) You should have this back. It belonged to your mother. The break in Uhura’s voice. 

27) It is not customary for a Vulcan to receive back that which is a gift. Spock refuses to have his heart back.  It is yours, Nyota.

28) Uhura’s expressive eyes.

29) Spock’s expressive eyes.

30) Uhura’s sweet kiss on the cheek.

31) Confused Spock sassing McCoy.

32) Irritated McCoy sasses back.

33) McCoy’s one eyebrow lift.

34) Spock receives news. 

35) Rest in peace, Ambassador Spock. Live long and prosper.

36) Observing the Nebula. No more communication after this point. We are on our own.

37) Atlamid. A class M planet with.. Exploring Atlamid from a far.

38) Uhura gets interference.

39) What the hell is this?

40) Visual of tiny moving dots. Like a meteor shower except its coming right at you.

41) Enterprise is attacked. Attacker ships have powerful arsenal and cuts through the Enterprise.

42) Attacker ships embed themselves on the Enterprise. Nacelles destroyed.

43) Bones and Spock were on a turbolift when it was blown away from the Enterprise and intercepted by an attacker ship. Bones becomes a dashing pilot.

44) Enemies at the gate. Krall has boarded.

45) Ensign Syl.

46) Abandon ship.

47) Crews in escape pods. Pods captured by the enemy ships.

48) Cut its neck.

49) Scotty!!! Ingenius. Going for the torpedo.

50) Krall and Kirk fight. Epic one-on-one. Krall lifts Kirk by the neck. Krall slams Kirk one level down. Kirk crashes.  Ooh, I feel hurt watching them fight.

51) Uhura fights Krall’s men. Takes one’s head off. Its a drone! Guns down multiple drones using their own weapon. My bad-ass Communication Officer.

52) Uhura reaches the saucer separation station. Activates it.

53) Saucer and Neck separate.

54) Uhura, with Krall. Waiting for the Jafar-Jasmine-Aladdin reference.

55) Kirk, in his escape pod, watches as the Enterprise hurtles into Atlamid’s atmosphere.

56) Enterprise saucer crashes at Atlamid.

57) New Enterprise crew uniform. Fit for exploration than their old uniform. Kirk and Chekov rocked the look.

58) Universal translator still works.

59) Scavenging the Enterprise.

60) Kalara is a traitor. She’s with Krall. Wants the arbonath.

61) Lower your weapon. Please. Chekov! I miss you!

62) Kalara and the drones fight brother Kirk and little brother Chekov.

63) Kirk puts the final nail on the Enterprise. 

64) Enterprise kills Kalara and the drones. Enterprise didn’t go down without a fight. She was a mighty ship. 

65) Brother Kirk and little brother Chekov have a talk. How did you know? Chekov is still so naive and Kirk looked ten years older as he felt his past experiences of untrust and bad situations.

66) Scotty meets Jaylah. And other inhabitants of Atlamid.

67) Jaylah and Danny Pudi Atlamid beings’ language. 3rd and 4th new languages besides Federation English.

68) USS Franklin. OMG!  Its prettier than the Apple-styled Lens flare-riddled Enterprise.

69) Scotty finds a daughter in Jaylah.  I like the beats and shouting.

70) Kirk and Chekov are trapped in Jaylah’s anti-theft security.

71) Chekov checks out Jaylah.  Don’t tell me you didn’t see that.

72) Uhura talks to Krall, well, Krall interrogates her. 

73) Krall’s hard eyes. His posturing. His word phrasing. 

74) Uhura, defiant, but a bit of vulnerability surfaces.

75) I am Lt. Cmdr. Nyota Uhura. IN SWAHILI! 5th language though its a Terran dialect.

76) Keenser’s cold viral infection. Finally, Star Trek gives us a sickness as we know viruses/bacteria can live for eons.  And they used his mucus to break free and send an SOS signal.

77) Sulu finds out Krall’s plan for Yorktown. And his family there.

78) Krall threatens Sulu for the arbonath. Syl gives it up.

79) Krall kills Syl, using the arbonath, while Uhura watches helplessly.

80) Spock is injured. Bones does impressive surgery with what little and backyard tools.

81) What’s your favorite color?

82) Spock sprouting lots of life lessons and qoutes. 

83) Spock confessing to Father Bones about leaving Starfleet and help in building Vulcan and Vulcan babies. His desire to continue his relationship with Nyota and babies. And the news of Ambassador Spock.

84) Spock’s one-eyed tear drop. Zachary is impressive.

85) Spock’s tribute to Ambassador Spock. Really, its a tribute to Leonard Nimoy. A great man.

86) Spock laughing. OMG! A Vulcan laughing. 

87) Yoeerr delirious. McCoy’s reaction to a delirious and hurt Spock.

88) At least I won’t die alone. 

89) McCoy boxing stance. Urban should do a boxer character  I think he’d be quite good at it.

90) Rescuing Bones.

91) Rescuing the captured crew.

92) Lt. Uhura wears a Vokaya amulet as a token of my affection  and respect. SQUEEEE

93) Radioactive jewelry. You gave your girlfriend a tracking device.

94) A panicky Spock, Vulcan caught in headlights. 

95) Makeshift map to strategize for the rescue.

96) Lt. Uhura is there. 

97) The Frontier pushes back.

98) I am here to rescue you. Nyota’s heart eyes and little swoony smile at Spohck. Zoe, you sold this subtle swooning.

99) You killed my father, prepare to die by Jaylah to Manus.

100) Kirk catches Jaylah. Transporting sequence looks better on the big screen.

101) Flying the Franklin.

102) Preparation. Sulu and Chekov, helmsman and navigator tandem working to fly the Franklin off Atlamid. One of the best scene of Enterprise crew interaction and technology of the starship.

103) Mr. Sulu, you can, fly this thing, right? 

104) Sulu raises one eyebrow, You kidding me, sir?

105) The power of Franklin’s thrusters.

106) Franklin dives off a cliff.

107) Franklin flies off. Beautiful lift off.

108) Jaylah is out of Atlamid.

109) Franklin goes to Yorktown to stop Krall.

110) Spock talks mumbo jumbo according to Kirk. Uhura translates to Kirk-speak. Spohck is, that’s my girl.

111) Injured Spock says he can stop the swarm. Bones dons his dashing pilot suit once again. 

112) Spohck and Nyota eyefuck each other.

113) Let me do it. Jaylah Let her do it. Nyota

114) Scramble the frequency signal where the drone ships communicate to each other with Beastie Boys. Quite fitting ‘Sabotage’. They are sabotaging the drones.

115) Classical music!

116) Chekov and Sulu feet tapping to Sabotage!’.

117) Swarm crashing into each other. Like a tsunami wave and the Franklin is riding the curl.

118) USS Franklin doing a smackdown manuever stopping Krall and his drones. Master Sulu and Czar Chekov!

119) Uhura identifies Krall’s real identity through her aural sensitivity. Franklin’s Capt. Balthazar Edison. 

120) Krall’s bio-engineering. He’s around 140-ish years old. Using other beings life essences with an ancient alien technology, he can live forever if he wants to.

121) Krall and Kirk fight again. This time Krall is spitting mad. Float-fighting. In broad daylight or Yorktownlight.

122) Federation sucks. You left us. Fighting is living. War is inevitable. Krall

123) Federation is good. Better to live helping people than killing them. Kirk

124) Krall seeing himself on a glass shard. A time when his eyes soften, only to harden back with intent to kill. Elba!

125) Arbonath black liquid.

126) Scotty evicts Parkman to open latch and evict Krall and the arbonath. Heroes reference.

127) Bones and Spock save Kirk from being evicted as well.

128) Krall is floating with the arbonath black liquid clinging to him.  Why do I feel Krall will resurrect because of that black liquid? Yes, sequel, please.

129) Kirk sporting a real black eye.

130) Toast to friends. Chekov! We will miss you.

131) It is more pleasing to be with you, Nyota, than mission reports.

132) You old romantic.

133) Jaylah is a Starfleet Scholar.

134) In Russsia….Chekov!

135) Enterprise time-lapse construction. BEAUTIFUL!

136) The cast reciting Star Trek’s ode.

137) Kirk saying, we make a good team.

138) Spock saying, I believe we do.

139) Musical score is the best!


141) For Leonard and Anton

Beam me up Scotty! Quantum teleportation of a particle of light six kilometers

What if you could behave like the crew on the Starship Enterprise and teleport yourself home or anywhere else in the world? As a human, you’re probably not going to realize this any time soon; if you’re a photon, you might want to keep reading.

Through a collaboration between the University of Calgary, The City of Calgary and researchers in the United States, a group of physicists led by Wolfgang Tittel, professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Calgary have successfully demonstrated teleportation of a photon (an elementary particle of light) over a straight-line distance of six kilometres using The City of Calgary’s fibre optic cable infrastructure. The project began with an Urban Alliance seed grant in 2014.

This accomplishment, which set a new record for distance of transferring a quantum state by teleportation, has landed the researchers a spot in the journal Nature Photonics. The finding was published back-to-back with a similar demonstration by a group of Chinese researchers.

“Such a network will enable secure communication without having to worry about eavesdropping, and allow distant quantum computers to connect,” says Tittel.

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Mary Sues & Original Fiction

calculatedmaeverick asked:

I have a question about genre leniency. It seems to me that many of the no-nos - particularly those involving Mary Sue characters, are completely ignored when it comes to successful young adult novels. For example, you can’t turn a chapter of most YA female audience geared books without descriptions of the main characters’ clothing. When writing YA, how should I approach this? Should I follow genre norms and ignore these ‘rules,’ or stick to them and avoid falling into the conventions? Thanks!

There’s a bit of a problem with trying to apply Mary Sue rules to original fiction. A lot of you may not know this, but Mary Sues are a concept born out of fan-fiction, not original fiction. Many of the problems with Mary Sues exist specifically because they are original characters thrust into a canon world. This is so common now as to be expected, but a long time ago this was new territory. People would spend money on the newest Star Trek zine only to get invested in a story where the main character wasn’t even a real Star Trek character, despite the fact they were stealing the focus from the actual canon characters. This obviously became a pretty big thorn in the collective sides of fandoms everywhere, and the concept of Mary Sues was born in an attempt to target and eradicate these characters. Now, we are talking the 1970s here, and obviously original fiction existed for thousands of years prior to that. There’s a reason the concept didn’t appear earlier–and that is because the concept is fan-fiction specific. 

With original fiction, the story is being told because of the unique situation of the character, which allows for more unique traits. With fan-fiction, it’s less believable that the newest crew member of the Starship Enterprise just so happens to be this super special snowflake with all of these interesting abilities, skills, traits, and background details. And it’s extra annoying because this super special-ness steals the focus from canon characters. In original fiction, everyone is a canon character.

Which is not to say that some Mary Sue traits can’t be applied to original fiction characters, because they can. I’ll point those out in a moment, but in the meantime, I want to clarify that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with describing clothing in an original fiction story. We don’t need to know about every outfit your character wore, but if the clothing is relevant to character development, world building, mood, or the scene itself, by all means, describe it! If your character shows up dressed in only a tattered shift she’s been wearing for five days, or is wearing an elaborate mourning gown, or an elegant prom dress–yes, you will want to describe it! The description of clothing became a “Mary Sue” problem in fan-fiction specifically because no one cares what Darcy Smith, the long lost love interest of Sam Winchester, is wearing every single day of the week. “I pulled on my cutest pair of jean shorts, along with a clever band t-shirt with a low scoop neckline, and one of Sam’s worn flannel shirts, which brought out the blue in my eyes…” Once in awhile, fine, but every chapter? No, no, no, and just–NO! ;)

Now, on to “Mary Sue” traits you DO need to watch out for in original fiction:

1) Character has no flaws and never makes mistakes. (Unless this is somehow super relevant to the plot, like your protagonist is a precision-programmed super futuristic android, and even then, a flaw or mistake probably can’t hurt.)

2) Character is a self-proclaimed “Plain Jane” or “Plain John” with an average personality, yet everyone they meet falls desperately in love with them.

3) Character’s love interest, if there is one, is “the hottest” person at whatever location–town, school, work, space station, whatever. 

4) Character is a master of all things, good at (or even the best at) everything they try.

5) Character has an unlikely and/or unexplained mix of skills, traits, and special abilities.

6) Character has an unnecessary tragic back story. “Unnecessary” is the key word here. In a lot of original fiction, that tragic back story is a necessary part of the plot. We wouldn’t have the Harry Potter series if Harry didn’t have a tragic back story. The death of his parents kicked off the events of the story.

7) Character’s name is unnecessarily exotic or incongruous with the setting of the story.

8) Character has overwrought tics or habits.

9) Character has superficial background traits–like they’re supposed to be super poor, but they live in a reasonably sized home, are well fed, and seem to have everything they need.

10) Character is the “most special” in a particular group, without any explanation as to why they were lucky enough to be gifted with this reality.

And remember, possession of two or three of these does not make a Mary Sue. Possession of several of these, and you may have a Mary Sue on your hands, even if you’re writing original fiction. Outside of that, don’t worry too much about Mary Sue traits and “genre norms.” Just write the story you want to write! :)


WQA said: Thank you @scifrey! For those of you interested in learning more about Mary Sues, be sure to read J.M.’s amazing paper about them. The link is in her reblog of this post, here

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Remember how Star Trek Beyond is an actual Star Trek movie about the Enterprise crew and how all of them matter and all of them are important and it’s no longer the Kirk show but an actual movie about a CREW? Like, this movie is actually about the voyages of the starship Enterprise, not One White Action Hero, and the biggest most significant show of that point is the very last scene during which THE ENTIRE CREW speaks the words we’re all so familiar with.

Space. The final frontier.


September 8th 1966: Star Trek premieres

On this day in 1966, the American science fiction television show Star Trek first aired on NBC. The series follows the crew of the starship USS Enterprise as they explore space in the 23rd century. The original cast included William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as Spock, DeForest Kelley as doctor Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy, James Doohan as Montgomery 'Scotty’ Scott, Nichelle Nichols as Nyota Uhura, George Takei as Hikaru Sulu and Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov. Now known as Star Trek: The Original Series, it finished in June 1969 after three seasons. There have been many more series and films within the Star Trek universe, making it one of the biggest media franchises in the world.

“Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Fascinating,” Spock says, usually in the face of terrifying danger while the rest of the Starship Enterprise Crew cower in fear.  Delivered with just a raised eyebrow, no emotion.  It was, of course, the signature line, le mot juste, the defining word that summed up the ultra-logical Vulcan character of Spock, as portrayed brilliantly for decades by actor Leonard Nimoy.  Nimoy and Spock would both appreciate the etymology of the word:  the English word fascinate entered the language around 1590 from the Middle French fasciner, ultimately coming from the Latin word fascinare, meaning to bewitch, enchant or fascinate.  Earliest uses typically involved witches or serpents who could freeze or immobilize someone, as the Medusa.  Possibly the Latin word came from the Ancient Greek βασκανος baskanos meaning first slander or malice and later meaning witchcraft or sorcery.  

I call myself the Chief Science Officer of KidsNeedScience and have since I started this blog as my homage to Nimoy.  Few actors have had as large or wide an influence on science as Nimoy, and few have inspired as many people to study or care about science.  Live Long and Prosper, Leonard!  You are gone but not forgotten.

anonymous asked:

"What we realized is that this story is functioning at the level of myth, and as a mythical story, the race of the individuals doesn’t matter. They’re supposed to be stand-ins for all people. Either you end up with a Bennetton ad or the crew of the Starship Enterprise." That's Ari Handel, co-writer of "Noah", when asked why they had an all-white cast. Coz, you know... "all people" always means "white people". Fucking disgusting

What a complete piece of shit, fuck that asshole.