crew girl problems

Guys, this might be a TMI Tip but...

When shaving your “lady parts”, use conditioner and put it over the area you want to shave and then shave sideways. I used to shave in the direction that the hair was growing but it started to itch so bad after awhile so I switched it up. SERIOUSLY. I have never been happier with a shave before! It’s so soft and the shave is so close you can barely see anything when you’re done! I’ll never go back to the shitty way I was doing it before! 

So winter training is officially over!!!

External image

…….for now.

But I gotta train harder now than i did during winter training if i want a seat in a boat in the spring. If I don’t get to race in the spring, I will be heartbroken =(

But I know I can do it!!! I gotta work real hard and I will be able to get a seat in a boat!!! =)