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i’m a good girl so I am just posting the first frame of the animation.               ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it’s also passed 3 am lmao how can one sleep after the hype



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who else is here for domestic married victuuri because i’ve been thinking about it for twelve hours and i’m not sure if i can get out of this hole ever again–

scribble bonus! c’mon yurio time is a factor

If I could go back and
rewrite our stories
I think
I would rip out 
all the pages where
you become the 
h e r o.

I know that 
you might hate me
for robbing you
of what could have been:
     the glories
     the adventures
    the challenges
    the legends–

But at least
you might still be here.
At least
we might still be happy.

—  but I guess I was never much of a writer ( j.p. )

unscharf  asked:

WTF is up with lady smallwood's card saying "lady alicia smallwood"????????

I have three copies of S3, one DVD, one blu-ray (both from the limited edition box set) and one digital download 

I just checked all of them and they all say this:

Yet the broadcasted version called her Elizabeth at this point.

The transcripts of the show say the following:


[Transcriber’s note: on the Region 2 DVD of this episode, when Magnussen looks at Lady Smallwood and sees the text in front of his eyes, it actually reads ‘Lady Alicia Smallwood’, not ‘Lady Elizabeth Smallwood’. This error was not on the version transmitted by the BBC, and whoever let the wrong version appear on the DVD wants a good slapping. Anyway, onwards …]

And Sherlock clearly calls her Elizabeth later in the episode (screenshot from my the copy that calls her Alicia jasdhaksjh)

But yet…

Yeah either this is intentional or a decent sized fuck up.

anonymous asked:

mavin for #16?

anon: “I heard you scream. Nightmares again?” Mavin

#16: “Stop telling me you’re okay”

It’s sad that it’s a normal sound to hear in the middle of the night now. It’s sad that it wakes Michael up and all he can do is sigh and turn to Gavin and wrap an arm around his shivering figure.

“I heard you scream,” Michael mumbles, pulling himself from sleep. “Nightmares again?”

Gavin nods in the darkness and Michael pulls Gavin against him, setting Gavin’s head onto his chest.

“What was it about?” Michael asks softly.

Gavin shakes his head, burying closer to Michael.

Michael sighs, carding through Gavin’s hair. “Gavin, we’ve got to do something about this.”

“M’fine,” Gavin mutters.

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I saw a gifset and I told to myself, why the hell haven’t I talked about this?

How he offers his hand, and how he ends up holding hers. When you shake hands with someone and have your palm facing up, it gives a message of submission, that you hand over the power to the other, and vice versa when your palm is facing down. 

At first, he looks like he’s offering his hand palm down. Emma gives him her hand, but he takes it in his in a more gentle hold, hugging her fingers instead of her palm. It’s like he’s ready to bow and kiss it, but he can’t take his eyes away from her sparkling eyes.

What do you think the Devil did,
after he fell from Heaven?

Did he curse the Lord's’s name,
He most beloved by Lucifer above all others?
Did he nurse his wounded Pride with poison and fire,
to further stoke the furnace of his Wrath?

Did he vow revenge against all of Creation, and Man most of all,
to whom God’s finest angel was expected to bow?
Did he take joy in depriving them of Heaven’s light,
to suffer with him in the cold Darkness, abandoned?

I believe he did all of these things –
but first, I believe he wept.

He cried - not as the Devil, but as a son;
as a child cast out of home,
while his Father called it Love.
—  he lost so much more than paradise | m.a.w