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what if Uhura has a big family back home that is like the one in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’  and when they hear about her dating a vulcan they are like ‘whut?’ but then when she introduces Spock to them they just

and then they adopt him and love him (too much), and she has an enthusiastic aunt who tells him embarassing stories about the  ‘twin’ they found in her lump, and Uhura’s cousins ask her if he has brothers because, good lord, are all vulcans this hot? and she has to break their hearts and say he’s a only child and Spock overhears it and…. and then that night when they are finally alone, and she’s resting her head on his chest and he’s absently running his fingers through her hair, he talks about Sybok for the first time in forever and.. this was supposed to be just a silly post so I’ll just stop here.

Friday Stroll? How About a Spacewalk?

On Friday, May 12, NASA astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer will venture outside the International Space Station, into the vacuum of space, for a spacewalk.

Space Fact: This will be the 200th spacewalk performed on the space station!

You can watch their entire 6.5 hour spacewalk live online! (Viewing info below!) To tell the two astronauts apart in their bulky spacewalk suits, Whitson will be wearing the suit with red stripes, while Jack Fischer will have white stripes.

Space Fact: The first-ever spacewalk on the International Space Station was performed on Dec. 7, 1998.

For Peggy, this will be her ninth spacewalk! She actually holds the record for most spacewalks by a female astronaut. For Fischer, this is his first time in space, and will be his first spacewalk. You can see from the below Tweet, he’s pretty excited!

Once both astronauts venture outside the Quest airlock, their tasks will focus on:

  1. Replacing a large avionic box that supplies electricity and data connections to the science experiments
  2. Replacing hardware stored outside the station

Specifically, the ExPRESS Carrier Avionics, or ExPCA will be replaced with a unit delivered to the station last month aboard the Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo spacecraft.

Ever wonder how astronauts prepare and practice for these activities? Think about it, wearing a bulky spacesuit (with gloves!), floating in the vacuum of space, PLUS you have to perform complex tasks for a period of ~6.5 hours! 

In order to train on Earth, astronauts complete tasks in our Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL). It’s a gigantic pool with a full mock up of the International Space Station! Here’s a clip of astronauts practicing to install the ExPCA in that practice pool at Johnson Space Center in Houston. 

In addition, Whitson and Fischer will install a connector that will route data to the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and help the crew determine the most efficient way to conduct future maintenance on the cosmic ray detector.

The astronauts will also install a protective shield on the Pressurized Mating Adapter-3, which was moved in March. This adapter will host a new international docking port for the arrival of commercial crew spacecraft.

Finally, the duo will rig a new high-definition camera and pair of wireless antennas to the exterior of the outpost.

Watch the Spacewalk Live!

Live coverage will begin at 6:30 a.m. EDT, with spacewalk activities starting at 8 a.m. EDT. 

Stream the entire spacewalk live online at 


Watch live on the International Space Station Facebook page starting at 7:00 a.m. EDT

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Oh, man, LOOK at them all!  This is great!  Not great for the boys, obviously, but it’s cool to see so many Amethysts.  And…


And who are you, little miss?  Peridot took us on a tour of the Beta kindergarten a ways back, and if this crew is all from Earth…are you a Carnelian?  You sure look like one, and that’s a name that got dropped without us ever seeing a Gem attached to it.
20 Comics Canceled for SHOCKING Reasons
From corporate subversion to financial failure of popular titles, comics can be cut short by the most unexpected things.

Some interesting bits of history of teen characters:

One of Jack Kirby’s least recognized creations, Kamandi existed in a post-apocalyptic world where a “great disaster” had all but eliminated humanity and evolved other species to the point of sentience, leaving various animal factions vying for supremacy. Kamandi debuted in 1972 under his own title, but his series ended in the aptly-named “DC Implosion,” which saw DC cancel several of their comics in 1978. Unlike most of its fellow canceled lines, Kamandi had been a consistent seller.

The reason for its cancelation was explained in Infinite Crisis. During the storied comic series, it is revealed that Kamandi’s world is one of the alternate versions of the DC Universe and is actually one of several dreamed up by the Atomic Knight Garnder Grayle, because comics. Though this folded Kamandi into the DC Universe proper, he didn’t regain his own title until 2017.

Anyone remembers why the implosion happened? I think I’ve read once about it but cannot remember.

The late ’90s Teen Titans series was a strange take on the iconic team. Instead of group of sidekicks to more famous heroes striking out on their own, this version of the team consisted of the children of an invading alien force who bred with humans. They were led by a de-aged Atom and Arsenal. Though it introduced comic readers to the likes of Risk and Argent, the title was canceled after only two years.

A major factor in its cancellation concerned a poll that writer Dan Jurgens had released which asked readers who they’d like to see join the team. Tim Drake’s Robin won the vote by an overwhelming margin, but Jurgens was stonewalled by Batman editors and had to use Captain Marvel Jr. as a last-minute replacement. Fans felt betrayed and when sales refused to rise, DC pulled the trigger on this series.

Thanks, Bat-editorial -.-

After inexplicably returning from their deaths at the hands of the Beyonders, Starbrand and Nightmask go on fantastic space adventures until the latter realizes they are both slowly losing their connection to humanity. In response, both of them return to Earth to attend college while maintaining their superhero identities. Though the characters were created by Jonathan Hickman for The Avengers, they were given their own series during the 2015 Marvel relaunch written by Greg Weisman.

And therein lies the problem. Greg Weisman, for the uninitiated, is the creative mind behind beloved but short-lived projects like Young Justice and Spectacular Spider-Man. He seems to suffer from an industry curse where none of his work lasts more than two years. Unfortunately, Starbrand and Nightmask got caught up in the curse and was canceled in 2016 after just six issues.

It cannot be stressed enough just how unfortunate the curse of Weisman is. The Young Justice television show was stellar and critically acclaimed and the Young Justice tie-in comics took what should have been a generic exercise in corporate management and turned it into a universe-growing outlet of expansive creativity. When the show was canceled, the comics didn’t last past another issue, meaning both were shot down due to the same reason.

So why were these great projects ended? Money, of course. The show was a risk for Cartoon Network and was primarily funded through a toy deal with Mattel. But the show was so good that it attracted an older, more diverse audience and toy sales failed, costing the cartoon and the comics their budgets.

Hey, you know what else cannot be stressed enough? That Greg Weisman asked people to not go talking around that he is cursed because it will actively make it harder for him to get new projects greenlighted! What the hell, CBR?!

As part of DC’s New 52, Static Shock was among the mass title relaunch. One of the major draws of the production was writer John Rozum, a key writer of Milestone Comics who responded enthusiastically when DC asked him to write for the series. However, editor Harvey Richards and co-writer Scott McDaniel actively shut Rozum out of the creative process and the series visibly suffered as a result. Poor critical and audience reception was largely blamed on Rozum and he resigned from the company in fury after four issues.

With him gone, Static Shock lasted only four more issues before being canceled, essentially killed because of a writer’s squabble. Apparently the basis of the creative differences lay in Rozum’s desire to make Static, the hero of the series, look like a powerful hero deserving of his own series. Go figure.

I haven’t read Static’s New 52 series, so I need to ask what exactly they wanted him to be if not a hero. But considering it was New 52, total chaos on every front and creators leaving all the time due to editorial fuckery, I dread the answer.

Caught up in the recent explosion of Marvel cancelations, Black Panther and the Crew is one of the more shocking picks for the chopping block. Focusing on heroes of color trying to keep the peace in a restless Harlem following the death of a civil rights activist, the title was arguably more important than most comic fare because it concerned itself with the realistic depiction of issues which typically would take a backseat to colorful and symbolic villains.

The comic was canceled in six issues due to bad sales, which is indicative of numerous problems, none of which have to do with the title’s quality. Marvel didn’t give this series a chance to tell its full story and connect with audiences. And even if they did, canceling one of the most socially important comics to come out in quite some time over a low profit margin was terrible PR for the company.

And this one both so nobody says the article only shits on DC’s fuckery and to maybe show that Marvel is expressing behavior not too-different from that of DC back when they canceled those books.

- Admin

Humans are Weird - EVB

Aliens finally visit the death-world itself only to discover humans are about to encourage a Galaxy-wide tourist boom.

Earth was off-limits.

For all the many worlds and species found within and between them, this was a line held by all. Earth, and the humans that called it home, was just too dangerous and unpredictable.

It didn’t stop the humans from spreading though. They found their way onto ships and spaceports. Treaties, codes of conduct, and guidebooks followed in their wake to help the civilizations they encountered to cope with their presence. In time, most came to view their oddities an acceptable trade-off to their durability, flexibility, and overall tenaciousness.  All races could agree that humans were an asset to their ships and crew.

But Earth itself was still off-limits.

Oh, it wasn’t for lack of trying on the humans’ part. They were perpetually inviting their ship-mates to come to their home-world. Most often to indulge in one of the numerous and varied ‘holidays’ that most non-terrains gave up on trying to make sense of long ago.

For most intelligent and civilized species, humans themselves were enough proof that no one should set foot, tentacle, or exoskeleton on the planet known as Earth. However, as with all reasonably agreed upon ideas, someone was bound to cross the line.

It started simply enough. A new ruler from the Tralnex nebula, seeking to solidify their own position, and gain some interstellar bragging points, requested a visit. The Tralnexian was welcomed with open arms and treated to the very best of all that Earth had to offer in lavish locations, cultural experiences, and exquisite cuisine. Holo-ads of the trip could soon be seen everywhere, all proudly sponsored by the Earth Visitation Bureau. It was the scandal of the century.

While normally such flamboyant occurrences tended to burn themselves out, there was soon a noticeable shift in inter-species relations. Humans were requesting in droves to serve on Tralnexian ships. Often declining more prestigious opportunities to wait for a position to become available on the most humble Tralnex freighter.

Finally a Scrayackien captain, desperate to sign at least one human onto his crew before traveling through a particularly precarious pirate-infested galaxy asked. “What is it with you humans and your sudden fascination with the Tralnexians?”

The human just shrugged, waving a newly sealed work contract towards their new Tralnex crewmates. “They just seem more, I dunno…” the human smiled with an amused glint in their eye, “…down to earth.”

The EVB was inundated with requests within the hour.

50th space station expedition returns to Earth in textbook landing.

After more than 173 days in space and 2,768 orbits of the Earth, the crew of Expedition 50 returned to Earth Monday, April 10. NASA Astronaut Shane Kimbrough along with Cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov and Andrey Borisenko undocked the International Space Station at 3:57am EDT to begin their journey home. 

The Soyuz MS-02 spacecraft performed a deorbit burn at 6:28am, jettisoned the Orbital and Service modules 30 minutes later, and landed at approximately 7:20am. Landing occurred in the Soyuz’s prime landing zone in the steppes of  Kazakhstan.

Unlike other spacecraft that return to Earth, Soyuz is equipped with six small thrusters that fire less than a second before touchdown to ensure a softer landing. These thrusters are covered by the capsule’s heat shield during flight, which is jettisoned shortly after the main parachute is deployed.

The thrusters can be seen in the gif above, which is a compilation of images taken by NASA chief photographer Bill Ingalls (@ingallsimages ) from an airborne recovery helicopter.

Soyuz’s return to Earth not only ended the 50th expedition to the orbiting laboratory since 2000 but also the temporary reduction of the station’s crew to three. Expedition 51 crewmembers Peggy Whitson, Thomas Pesquet, and Oleg  Novitskiy will remain the station’s sole residents until the Soyuz MS-04 crew of Expedition 51/52 arrive on April 20.

However, due to reduced funding from Roscosmos, the Russian federal space agency, Soyuz MS-04 will only be carrying two crewmembers, NASA astronaut Jack Fischer and Cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin. This lack of funding will reduce the station’s operational compliment to five for an undetermined period of time.

P/C: NASA/Bill Ingalls.

  Imagine the enterprise crew finding an old earth ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ machine and everyone having a go but utterly sucking at it and getting frustrated.

  But then Bones has a turn and just frikking wrecks it and gathers a crowd and causes mass fangirling (the loudest of it coming from Jim) with his moves. And everyone starts cheering and asking for an encore once the round ends because “that was freaking awesome!” but he just turns around and says “Dammit, i’m a doctor not a dancer!” and goes back to medbay as if he didn’t just ace ‘Love*Shine’ on extreme mode, mumbling something along the lines of “don’t y’all have work to do?” as he goes.

  …Despite his protests; from that day on alot of people started to call him DDR Mccoy instead of Dr Mccoy.

MODS NOTE - now you listen here theasgardiandetective you just submitted an A+ headcannon with some frickin amazing art to go along with it frankly i dont know why??? i havent married you yet

imagine bones bribing jim into his physicals by promising him that he can watch him tackle any song on that stupid game with as many photos as hed like

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Tfp megatron reacting to someone he knew and secretly loved as megatronus (another miner who he thought had died in a cave in) joining his crew on earth? (Mabey he's scared to see them, or that they'll hate him for the way he's changed?)

  • ·         The Mighty Megatron isn’t scared of anything. And yes, maybe he has changed, but he’s gotten smarter, stronger- no longer willing to bend to the whims of a society that didn’t care for its workers. If anything he’s looking to impress you with all he’s done; those mines he thought you were killed in? Gone. Along with those who forced you to work in such fowl conditions. Look at all he’s done for his people- for you!

  • ·         He is in no way shy. He wants you and he’s going to get you. One day your presence is requested in the throne room. You go nervously, because usually when someone has a private audience with Megatron they don’t come back. When you get there, though, you’re given the highest-quality energon available and an amulet made of dark energon; a courting gift, he says with a nearly predatory grin.

  • ·         To say he’s possessive is an understatement. You rarely go anywhere without being on his arm, and most of your duties involve advising, planning, overseeing, etc. He rarely ever sends you on high-risk missions, despite the fact he regularly trains and spars with you. Everyone notices, but only Starscream was ever foolish enough to bring it up. Soundwave ratted him out, and Megatron was furious. You didn’t see Starscream for days afterwards.

  • ·         You’re treated like royalty. ‘Cons even bow to you when they address you. After all, you will one day rule by Megatron’s side. Megatron considers having a second throne built, but he decides against it. He prefers that you sit in his lap with his servo rested on your lower waist. It feels wonderful to have you to himself, holding you, plus he enjoys the aesthetic of it.
Writing Prompt

Can someone please write a story in an alternate universe where humans and aliens are friendly to each other and a mixed-species crew are going to earth for the resident humans to see their families again and no one else has ever been there and the humans always hyper focus one one or two things about it so the others don’t have a lot of knowledge about earth, and they’re just so freaked out by all the deadly things they find there

and then they visit Australia cause one of the human crew members has grandparents or cousins or someone there, but they’re not Australian themselves so the aliens are just…so unprepared.

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We didn't get that many game night scenes this season. Can you fix that cap?? ❤️👍

Kara doesn’t like to bother anyone when she’s sad.

Well, she thinks of it as bothering, anyway.

No one else does.

Alex certainly doesn’t.

And Alex knows – much as she wants to slug Barry Allen right in that pretty little mouth for recruiting his sister to join him, alone, without her, on another Earth to combat an entire invading army – that Cisco, Barry, and the rest of the Earth-1 crew wouldn’t consider it a bother, either.

Because friends aren’t bothered by friends.

And friends really aren’t bothered by inter-dimensional Game Nights with friends.

So she does something she hasn’t done since they were kids and would hide each other’s things to see how long it would take the other to find it (Kara cheated with her powers of flight; Alex consequently got really good at climbing trees).

She rummages around in Kara’s room to find the communicator Cisco left her.

And she calls him.

“You remember Kara’s boyfriend?”

“The goofy one who seemed more like he should be her brother than her man?”

“You picked up on that too, did you?”

“Agent Danvers, please. Detection is what I do.”

“Oh my god, you sound like my girlfriend. Listen, she’s been having a really tough year, and he was… for better or for worse – mostly for worse – he was the only one she could touch without worrying about breaking his nose or dislocating his shoulder. He was a piece of her history, her people, you know? And now – “

“Say no more, Alex. Get Kara to her apartment tonight. I’m bringing the crew.”

She chuckles and she shakes her head and sighs, and she wonders if it was wrong. Using Kara’s communicator behind her back. Telling Cisco – and by extension, the others – behind her back. 

But that night? 

That night, when Kara comes home and her apartment is flooded with Barry Allen, Iris West, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Sara Lance? Along, of course, with the people she loves most on this earth?

Any and all trepidation leaves Alex, because Kara is crying, but they’re happy tears, they’re grateful tears. 

Because she’s launching herself – literally – at Barry (James and Winn try not to be jealous, Winn unsure who, exactly, he’s jealous of), and she’s laughing with Cisco and she’s hugging Iris and Caitlin at the same time and they’re rocking back and forth and talking fast, and she’s a warm, happy, affectionate, but a little stiffer with Sara Lance – “Look at that sexual tension. Sara might be her closet key, babe, like I was for you. Relax, Lena, getting Kara to come out can only help your cause,” Maggie mutters, and Lena tries to unclench her fists – and then Kara is launching into Alex’s arms.

“You did this, you brought them all here… for me?” she asks, and Alex smooths her hair out of her face and tries not to blush. Because her reputation with all these people is supposed to be that of a formidable warrior, and unshakable soldier.

But all they’ve seen so far is her licking frosting off her girlfriend’s fingers and coddling her sister tenderly.


“I’d do anything for you, Kara.”

Kara melts into Alex’s arms, and Barry, Winn, James, and Cisco awww. 

“Well you boys are gonna get along,” Sara observes, a half-cocked grin on her face as she nudges Kara in the ribs lightly.

“Hey, Supergirl, your very attractive sister and her – might I say – deathly gorgeous girlfriend made you cupcakes before we all got here,” she tells her, and she’s rewarded by Alex’s splutter, Maggie’s blush, and Kara’s squeal of excitement.

“They’re in a relationship,” Caitlin scolds Sara softly, grinning, and Sara shrugs.

“Yeah, and I’ve died a couple times over. Nothing’s impossible,” she winks, and Iris and Caitlin laugh, their eyes on Kara as she devours the sweets.

“Alex, I’ve been meaning to ask you – how exactly does her metabolism work? Is it like Barry’s? But she must have a completely different physiology – “ Caitlin wants to know, and Cisco and Winn groan into each other.

“We’ve lost them, Captain,” Cisco murmurs, and sure enough, Alex’s eyes are glistening as she launches into Kara’s biochemical processes.

“Star Trek on other earths, that’s what I’m talking about!” Winn’s jaw drops as he puts up a high five, and Sara leans close into Maggie.

“And now we’ve lost these two,” she winks, and Maggie gulps slightly.

Eventually, they regain Caitlin and Alex, Winn and Cisco, and eventually, they kick off their first inter-dimensional Game Night in earnest.

It turns out that Barry and Kara – the two kindest, the two quietest, the two most thoughtful of them all – are the most competitive together.

They scramble to see who can get their suits on first, on fastest, and when James whips out his camera to take a series of videos, a series of stills, of the heroes in their full-out superhero get-up, trying to out race the other on Mario Kart, it only stokes their fire more.

They steal the controllers from each other and they toss bananas and turtle shells at each other and they ignore everyone else in the race.

Iris laughs into Maggie’s shoulder, torn between cheering on her fiance and cheering on the girl who makes her more than a bit bi.

Lena laughs as Alex and Winn do battle with their hands, with limp wrists, mocking each other and egging each other on as Alex whispers into his ear affectionate teasing about him having a thing for superheroes that has his blushing, that has him preening, that has him squealing about how she can’t talk, she melts whenever Maggie even looks at her.

Barry and Kara are so focused on each other, so focused on their super speed competition playing out on Kara’s TV screen that they don’t notice Sara and Cisco silently cheering on Caitlin.

They don’t notice Caitlin’s silent focus, and they don’t notice Princess Peach’s subtle approach behind their Toad and Luigi.

They don’t notice Caitlin’s slightly squinted eyes and they don’t notice the way she moves with her controller.

They don’t notice until she uses a boost of speed to pass them both to cross the finish line in first place.

Cisco and Sara yell victoriously and slap five and topple over a smug-looking Caitlin; Winn doubles over with laughter, with relief that the house is filled with happy yelling, not the other kind; Iris rushes to laughingly console a betrayed-looking Barry; James shakes his head with a grin as he takes photos of Lena consoling a sulking Kara; and Maggie passes cupcakes to Alex, who passes them to Kara, who stuffs her face while leaning into James and mock-glaring at a celebrating Caitlin.

“Round two!” she demands once she’s re-energized, and the feeling of joy, the feeling of adrenaline that’s just for pleasure – that no one’s life is depending on, just happiness, just freedom, just family – last long into the night of the first, but definitely not the last, inter-dimensional Game Night.

“Yondu is the leader of the Ravagers, a group of Space Pirates. Yondu found Peter Quill when the ship he piloted malfunctioned and left him stranded. The Ravagers rescued him as Peter tried to steal their ship. Peter managed to outsmart every member of the crew and even knocked out Yondu before capturing him. 

After he woke up, Yondu managed to set himself free from his restraints, attacked Peter, and gave him a choice between letting himself be released to space without more trouble or getting killed right there. Peter instead asked him if he could join his crew. 

Yondu wasn’t sold on the idea, but after he found out Peter was like him, a kid without a home, Yondu changed his mind and let him stay in the ship with his pirate crew as the cleaning boy. Peter decided to stay and try to learn everything he could from space while he was part of the pirate crew.”

-Marvel comics, Earth-616

New Memories

[Written for day two of Mass Effect relationships week by @cactuarkitty and @vorchagirl . A photo, starring Garrus and Shepard.]

“We got a body here- holy shit, it’s alive.” Shepard comes to awareness, but it’s dim, muted. Her eyes can’t open, everything feels so heavy- where was she? What happened? The Reapers, Anderson, everything…

“That’s Shepard. Call a med-evac, immediately.”

Drifting in and out- voices, pain, then nothing. Blackness.

“Remove her armor. We need to do a full examination, assess the damage. What’s that?” 

“Look like a photo, tucked under the breastplate. Do we trash it?”

“Negative. Keep personal belongings here.” She reaches for the photo, hand rising slightly, but someone pushes it back down. Her fingers open and close, but the effort exhausts her. Nothingness creeps up once again- she’s out, a relief from the pain that intrudes every time her mind struggles to something even resembling alert.

Half a galaxy away, Garrus pulled a photo out from his own armor, holding it up to the light. The world captured on a sheet of glossy paper (a pain in the ass to get that much- he almost smiled at the memory of trying to explain to someone on the Citadel that they needed an actual, physical photo, not a holo, not a simple jpeg.) He stood with Shepard in that little, self-contained world. She had on that dress- the only one she owned, the one she wore to the Silversun stirp when he took her dancing. He wasn’t in armor, one of the few times he wasn’t. Their faces were pressed together, both trying to squeeze into a limited frame, smiles so wide that they looked slightly unhinged. He remembers everything about that moment- the way they both smelled faintly of champagne, the feel of her waist underneath his hand, the way she turned and kissed his cheek for the next photo, the one he keeps back aboard the ship. Some things are too precious even to hold in his armor.

“You would’ve liked this place,” he says to the photo, looking at the forest that surrounds them. Breathable atmosphere. Flowers, trees. It almost looked like something recognizable. “Check out that pond.” He turns the photo so that it faces the water far below. The wind picks up, almost tears the fragile sheet from his hand and he quickly tucks it back into his armor, making sure it’s resting somewhere close to where his heart is. He keeps his hand there for a moment.

His comms crackle to life, static from far off. The Mass Relays may be down, but you can still talk with the rest of the galaxy. “Normandy crew, this is Earth Alliance, do you copy?” No one answers, so Garrus takes the initiative.

“This is Garrus Vakarian of the Normandy.”

“Shepard’s alive.” 

And later, much later, when he’s by her bedside and she’s awake, though she drifts in and out, they hold hands, refusing to let go. Even when she’s asleep, Shepard’s grip doesn’t loosen, and Garrus can’t bring himself to care, sleeping in a chair next to her bed, and when the nurses aren’t looking, in the bed next to her, his turian body curled up slightly to fit.

There’s a photo by the side of Shepard’s bed, on the small table. Someone found a frame for it, plastic and cheap. It’s wrinkled from being in her armor, and her own blood stains one corner. Garrus holds his up in comparison- they folded their copies the same way, the same photo twice over, four grinning faces looking up at them.

“You kept yours?” Shepard is tired, but she’s managed to prop herself up on one elbow, looking at Garrus, reaching for her photo and then holding it, fingers tracing the faces. 

“In my armor,” he says, demonstrates how. She smiles up at him, collapsing back into the pillows.

“Let’s take a new one, when I get out of here.” Reflexively, her hands touch the new scars and bandages on her face. 

“Silversun won’t be there anymore.” It’s not that Garrus wants to remind her, but he’s worried she’s forgotten. Everything is still so fragile.

Shepard manages to roll her eyes, an admirable feat considering how bruised and battered her body is. “I know that, but Vegas is still there. I’m taking you to Vegas, and you’re taking me dancing again.”

“Sounds like a deal.”

And then later, much later, before Shepard is released but after she’s awake and coherent and more than ready to leave, Garrus finds a camera, ambushes her with it in the hospital as she stands by a window, shafts of light hitting her red hair and outlining her body in a soft glow, IV pole just out of frame. “Surprise,” he says as he pushes up against her, and despite herself, she laughs, looking up at him just as he snaps the photo.

Later again, when she’s home and with him, he has two copies. “New memories,” he says, raising a glass (water for both of them) to her.

“New memories,” she says, and they toast.

I was rewatching episode one and something about the opening space sequence that I hadn’t thought about before hit me:

When we’re introduced to Lance, Hunk and Pidge, they’re going through a flight simulation exercise. But not just any exercise… they’re doing a fake rescue mission for the crew on Kerberos.

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