Zod must have been fun for you, Annette – you got to speak to Jor-El…
 Yeah, that was cool.  That’s probably the closest I’ll get to working with Terrence Stamp.  It was actually the second A.D., Harry, screaming at me with a bullhorn because they had the wind machines going, the snow machines going, and I couldn’t hear a thing.
  -  Smallville Magazine, Jan/Feb 2007

Today, September 28, 2016, marks the 10 year anniversary of the season six premiere, Zod, the first Smallville episode to be broadcast on the (then) new CW network.

deathbenotproud7  asked:

If I have a Sky Skiff on the battlefield then play Herald of the Fair, can I crew the vehicle with the Herald and give the +1/+1 bonus?


When Herald of the Fair enters the battlefield, its ability triggers and is put on the stack before anyone receives priority, i.e. before you can activate Sky Skiff’s crew ability. 

Sky Skiff would have to already be a creature in order to be a legal target for Herald’s trigger, and since it’s not, it can’t be chosen as a target.

Yes, you can crew Sky Skiff with Herald of the Fair once the trigger is on the stack, but the target for the trigger has already been chosen by that time.


In case you didn’t know, NASA has some serious sciart game when it comes to their mission posters. This is just a fraction of the full galleries for both Shuttle and Space Station missions. I love how all the astronauts are clearly so into this. 

Enjoy your Sunday rabbit hole. 

- Summer


Young Thug and His Crew Were Surrounded by a SWAT Team in Pittsburgh

Local police and a SWAT team rushed them with guns in hand. The incident went down following Young Thug’s performance at Summer Jam at the Southside Event Center.

Authorities were initially called in because a member of security reported seeing a member of Thug’s crew “swinging” a gun. The members of Young Thug’s crew that were armed provided valid paperwork for their firearms, and the incident was later diffused.

The police went completely too far in their actions. Everyone who was strapped, had legit conceal papers. Was it because it was bunch of young, black men talking loud and a little wreckless after a rap show? Clearly a case of profiling. #Hate it!