dream team, Finisterre AW15 crew - Iceland August 2015

1000 miles in 4 days, more rain than you can imagine, 100 kph winds, swam in waterfalls, jumped in glacial lagoons, drank beer in hot springs, surfed fun beachbreaks, ate hundreds of hotdogs, drank gallons of coffee, talked shit over radios, got grumpy, got happy, got the job done and had a blast doing it. 

Big thanks to good mate Ingo at Arctic Surfers for being a legendary fixer and making it all work like a dream. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think each crew member could do an alternative outfit? It can be up to each crew member to be creative! From punk, to posh, to hipster, to whatever! Let's see how creative the crew can get!

Well I never.. - L

2kawaii4thiscrew - K

Systematic, hydromatic, automatic, it’s greased lightning! - G

Swag - J

Fuckin’ Mogar, bitches!! -M

Hipster Trash - J

Howdy partner. -K

I can be laid back every once in a while. -G

I played a specific game with Michael once. He thought it would be humorous to buy us matching “uniforms” of sorts afterward. - R