In case you didn’t know, NASA has some serious sciart game when it comes to their mission posters. This is just a fraction of the full galleries for both Shuttle and Space Station missions. I love how all the astronauts are clearly so into this. 

Enjoy your Sunday rabbit hole. 

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actualborossoldier  asked:

Hey, sorry to bug you, but if Cultivator's Caravan is not a Creature, does it behave like a normal manarock? As in, can I tap it for mana the first turn because it's an ordinary Artifact?


Unless its crew ability has resolved, Cultivator’s Caravan is exactly the same as any other mana rock. It only cares about things like when it entered the battlefield or summoning sickness when it becomes a creature.

At any other time, it’s just a glorified Manalith.

swagonlord-silumgar  asked:

How does crew work with the stack?

Let’s start by looking at what the crew ability means:

702.121a Crew is an activated ability of Vehicle cards. “Crew N” means “Tap any number of untapped creatures you control with total power N or greater: This permanent becomes an artifact creature until end of turn.”

What this means is that any time you have priority, you can activate the crew ability of a vehicle you control by tapping any number of creatures with a combined total power at least equal to the crew number. (Any abilities of the tapped creatures that trigger when they become tapped or crew a vehicle trigger at this time and will resolve before the crew ability does.)

The activation of the crew ability happens as a single action, and your opponent can’t prevent you from crewing the vehicle by tapping or removing any creatures from the battlefield in response.

Once the crew ability is on the stack, removing any of the tapped creatures from the battlefield won’t stop the crew ability from resolving. Once the ability resolves, the vehicle becomes an artifact creature until end of turn and has its printed power and toughness and abilities. 


SAA A340-600 evening takeoff!

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risky-spinach  asked:

Hello! I was wondering if I were to have a vehicle on the field and crew it to make it a creature and then activate Kiki-Jiki's ability and make a copy of my vehicle would the vehicle copy be a creature? Thanks in advance!


When Kiki-Jiki or anything else makes a copy of a permanent, it copies that permanent as it’s printed (or as it was created, if it’s a token). Other than copy effects, e.g. Clone, nothing else that’s affecting that permanent is copied onto the token copy, so the copy of a crewed vehicle won’t be crewed and won’t be a creature.


Young Thug and His Crew Were Surrounded by a SWAT Team in Pittsburgh

Local police and a SWAT team rushed them with guns in hand. The incident went down following Young Thug’s performance at Summer Jam at the Southside Event Center.

Authorities were initially called in because a member of security reported seeing a member of Thug’s crew “swinging” a gun. The members of Young Thug’s crew that were armed provided valid paperwork for their firearms, and the incident was later diffused.

The police went completely too far in their actions. Everyone who was strapped, had legit conceal papers. Was it because it was bunch of young, black men talking loud and a little wreckless after a rap show? Clearly a case of profiling. #Hate it!