Imagine that Loki is a pirate.
You are on a vacation on the cruise ship and a handsome black haired pirate comes with his crew to raid this ship. He takes away all the valuables and everything else he can sell. To make sure that the people wouldn’t call the police, he takes you as a hostage and says that should he hear police following him, he will kill you.
He takes you to his ship, locks you in his cabin an sails away.
You are a little mad at him and pout, but actually this is the most exciting vacation you had ever had and he is slowly seducing you and you start falling in love with him.

Pros and cons of rowing


-get VERY close with your crew 

-eating everything (or that’s what I do)

 -a second family

-Get a great butt/abs


-Winning races



-Showering with blisters

-Getting soaked at training and having to go straight to a class after

-Struggling to make conversation with non-rowers

-Skinny jeans aren’t your friend

-Getting verbally abused by your coaches