In case you didn’t know, NASA has some serious sciart game when it comes to their mission posters. This is just a fraction of the full galleries for both Shuttle and Space Station missions. I love how all the astronauts are clearly so into this. 

Enjoy your Sunday rabbit hole. 

- Summer

anonymous asked:

I was going through your welcome to TOP tag (thanks for the history of top timeline) but I couldn't find anything about the different members of their crew. Who are they and what do they do?

this is a great question! i did research for this question, i promise i’m not too creepy.

meet john. i have no idea what he does. something important.

meet tyler. he’s the lighting director/programmer/set designer. i’m a fan. of his dog. just kidding, i meant his brilliant work.

on the left here we have sam, lighting technician. but on the right we have jordan, who you will prolly meet if you meet tyler and/or josh. 

this is john. in mark’s words, he “sits behind Josh during the show but before those doors open he is changing and tuning heads on the kit. the kick itself requires a bigger head than the toms.”

this is michael. he babysits and entertains tyler by eating bugs. he’s the tour manager.

this is jordan. he’s josh’s brother and sometimes a part of the crew.

this is peyton. I’m not sure what this man does, but i like his hair. “Model, Storyteller, Pal” -mark

this is ben. he’s an audio engineer crossed with a farmer.

this is daniel. he is the production and stage manager.

and this is mark. he’s magic. you have him to thank for many videos and photos.

unpictured we have daniel, production designer and programmer and bryan, on special effects.

josh also introduces crew in this video. some of the above may also be outdated.

alrighty, i’m sure there are more in the crew, but this is all the creepin’ i got for you. you’re welcome.

give these men a round of applause. they make the show as amazing and smooth as it is for you. they are twenty one pilots too.


Young Thug and His Crew Were Surrounded by a SWAT Team in Pittsburgh

Local police and a SWAT team rushed them with guns in hand. The incident went down following Young Thug’s performance at Summer Jam at the Southside Event Center.

Authorities were initially called in because a member of security reported seeing a member of Thug’s crew “swinging” a gun. The members of Young Thug’s crew that were armed provided valid paperwork for their firearms, and the incident was later diffused.

The police went completely too far in their actions. Everyone who was strapped, had legit conceal papers. Was it because it was bunch of young, black men talking loud and a little wreckless after a rap show? Clearly a case of profiling. #Hate it!