anonymous asked:

What house is everyone in at hogwarts?

Wit beyond measure. -K

Hiss Hiss Motherfuckers. - L

Cunning? Ambitious? Will do anything to achieve their goals? You fucking know I’m a slytherin. -G

I pride myself in my original ideas, which got me into Ravenclaw probably… hey has anyone seen a map of the school lying around? -G

The sorting hat was convinced I would have become a prominent Ravenclaw. I.. had other ideas. - R

Gryffindor, though it’s not too obvious. -J

I’m the house elf! Kidding aside, I’m Hufflepuff! -J

I look like I just got a school picture taken… but Hufflepuff! - K

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Do you think each crew member could do an alternative outfit? It can be up to each crew member to be creative! From punk, to posh, to hipster, to whatever! Let's see how creative the crew can get!

Well I never.. - L

2kawaii4thiscrew - K

Systematic, hydromatic, automatic, it’s greased lightning! - G

Swag - J

Fuckin’ Mogar, bitches!! -M

Hipster Trash - J

Howdy partner. -K

I can be laid back every once in a while. -G

I played a specific game with Michael once. He thought it would be humorous to buy us matching “uniforms” of sorts afterward. - R