Earlier today with the Magbanuas! ☺️ Thank you J, for making me learn and laugh this year with your gritty wit; keep it up! I hope you’d still let me read your work next year. 👍 And thank you again, Sir @jasonmagbanua, for being a pioneer in making events #videography a viable kabuhayan in the Philippines. 🎥 The countless opportunities you have opened now sustain my husband’s baby business, #CrevinMedia. 🙌 Salamat! (Isang taon kong kinimkim ‘to ha! Haha! 😁 #fangirling) #KeysFamily

Three positive things, day 3 of 6:
1. @jebcrevin and I got another chance to share the kilig of our to-wed friends!❤️ J+J on Independence Day is well under way! #CrevinMedia 2. J+J’s prenup shoot was in #PacoPark, a home to me in many ways. Noong high school, nakagaling mag-sabayang pagbigkas ang mapaligiran ng mga puno. At nitso. Haha! #MasciHits 3. Binondo WaiYing for lunch! #nomnom👌 Today was a good day! ☺️