crevice of life

He’s a good boy.

They don’t make a big deal out of bringing Chase home. It doesn’t sit too well with Kent, as one of the sports world’s biggest animal lovers. But he knows how the general public reacts to something like this, and he needs some time to get adjusted before having to answer questions about his new service dog.

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That’s the definition of a soulmate, isn’t it? One soul, two halves, split between two separate forms. Alike in every respect.

In a world where people are born with a coloured marking somewhere on their body, your soulmate is supposed to be the one who carries the exact same mark. Kurosaki Ichigo has never put much stock in these things — and the fact that his black sun mark and Rukia’s white crescent moon is as different as night and day has nothing to do with it. Ichiruki soulmates AU- maybe. 

(Hey guys! This was my entry for IRBB! I have two chapters written - the next chapter will go up next week - and then the rest of the fic will join my roster of wip fics to be updated… when I have time…. hahahaha //cries// 

My partner @jellyribbons did the CUTEST art for my fic, which YOU CAN FIND HERE. Thank you for being such a gem, juliet, even when I didn’t give you much to work with 8ㅁ8

And now, without further ado, please enjoy my irbb fic–

Collision Course

by hashtagartistlife



Gravitational Collapse




There’s a black mark on Ichigo’s palm.

He’s never spent too much time contemplating it. People attribute so many things to these tiny coloured markings that appear on their skin. They say it tells you the kind of person you are, the kind of person you’re going to be. They say the person you’re destined to be with — your soulmate — has the exact same mark somewhere on their body. Because that’s what the definition of a soulmate is, isn’t it— one soul, two halves, split between two separate forms.  Alike in every respects. There are entire religions based around this concept, dating sites that cater exclusively to making sure you meet up with your other half. Psychics that claim they can read your entire future from that one mark alone.

Ichigo thinks, it’s just a goddamn birthmark.

He hates all this destiny crap surrounding these marks. When Tatsuki had asked him at the age of thirteen what his mark looked like, he’d scowled and told her to shove off. His hand had clenched, reflexive, around the shape getting ever-clearer against his tanned skin. She’d harrumphed, unperturbed, and informed him hers was the shape of a crimson eagle and that it clearly meant she was destined for greater things than him, if his mark was still the misshapen blob she remembers it being when he was nine. He’d responded that her mark looks more like a puddle of spew than the eagle she claimed it to be, and she’d thrown a well-aimed kick at his shoulder and the conversation had been dropped.

By the time he’s fifteen, the mark is well and truly etched onto his skin, no longer misshapen by any stretch of the imagination. Still, he refuses to pay too much attention to it, refuses to try to analyse the shape it’s settled into. It’s all bullshit, anyway. If he squints, he thinks you could almost mistake it for an ink-black sun — see? Bullshit. There was only one sun in his life, and she’d set six years ago and taken all the light in his family with her. His mother was the sun, the one holding them all together with her gravity; not him. And if his soulmate is anything like him, if they, too, are represented by a dark black sun mark somewhere on their body, then he wants nothing to do with them. He wants nothing to do with himself, most days.

So when Keigo asks, exuberant, innocent, what his mark is, Ichigo looks him straight in the eye and tells him he doesn’t believe in destiny.

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You touch your bruises to my bruises,
your broken bones to my bloody knees.
I pretend you are the same person you were a year ago
and you pretend I am the girl who was with you
only because she felt she had to be.

We don’t do it on purpose.
Our scars add up like stars that
make up our bodies like constellations.
You try to hold me but you are the sunlight
that blankets me when it is 2:30
in the afternoon and I am still in bed;
keeping you is not as easy as containing
lightning bugs in glass jars and I know
you try so goddamn hard to love me,
but I bought skin like asphalt
when it kept scraping.

Sometimes I sit across from you trembling
and you refuse to come near me because
I kiss with a mouthful of razor blades;
I step closer to you and you bleed Bacardi
and self-destruction. You run away
from me with tears running like
your legs down forbidden streets.

But I don’t want to smear kerosene on
the roughest parts of your existence.
I don’t want to change us.
I don’t want to change you.
I want to expose you like meaningless sex;
I want you to climb a latter inside of yourself
and then burn it so you always
think about who you are.

This is why we fight: because
you had never met someone who sees
through you like your skin is transparent
and I had never found someone with
the will to withstand such warzones,
so selfless that you can look at me
with your lungs chiseling out of your chest
and still try to make me happy.

I know first-hand that adrenaline kicks in
when you even imagine your bones breaking.
You become illogical, defensive and defenseless
as you run barefoot across the pavement,
putting slash wounds in your heart so love
can thrive in the crevices of barely beating.
A life without you always felt
like having lungs that cannot breathe.

And this is exactly why we fight: because
our minds were molded by prior experience,
but our love is like learning to speak.

—  This is why we fight




Life is a carefully created adventure, designed for us to discover gems in the deep crevices of life and to gain a sense of awe and freedom from the view of the highest mountaintop. See the view of the mountains carries us through the valleys- the reminder that the One who created the hills and valleys created us too so that we could delve deep, discover, and carry over the hills and rocks the freedom that we glimpse. He didn’t die for us to simply stand in awe, but to carry His peace through the darkest of places, to the most despised of peoples, to the widest expanses of creation. There is not one place of the earth that will be left untouched by His Grace for it is carried in every molecule of air, in every human heart, in every smile, laugh and tear. His grace is transforming the earth day by day, as a place learning to flourish beneath the touch of a Saviour. You were created for an expanse of joy, hope and love, for you are as the earth’s canvas- His story being told in His perfect way, for the lives you will influence. All of the earth will bow to it’s Saviour, and until it does He will always spread His grace through our life to others ❤️

For a while without you, the world was pure darkness as if I’d gotten the wind knocked out of me. Have you ever felt that before? For a split second considering the grand scheme of things, I was afraid I’d never open my eyes again. This was until I learned that there is more to life than dreading the sound of my alarm clock. Honey, I learned that life is what happens in the crevices of life: cleaning with loud music, dancing unapologetically, and giving out I love you’s with complete sincerity. I know I thought things would never take a turn upwards, but now I can authentically say I feel golden for once.


“Winn agreed to ‘date’ me until we’re ready to tell everyone”

The war inside his head infiltrated his insides and sealed up the cracks, trapping him within its very core. He was numb, negligent of the looming chaos that threatened to spill from his pores. Life was not an easy ride and in Barry’s case, it was a race with no finish line. Happiness but a sporadic treat he never allowed himself to indulge in. It was so fickle, so hard to grasp without it slipping through his fingers – he allowed it to escape him before it had a chance to shed some light in the darkest crevices of his life.

So he cursed Kara Danvers, her sight weakened him — not akin to a Jane Austen novel, but in a way that made him want to spill his insides in front of her like jigsaw pieces and push them around until they made sense. Until Kara and Barry made sense. She gave him hope. She filled every corner, every nook, every cranny of his shattered life with hope and it terrified him.

And maybe, maybe her words would have hurt if he weren’t immersed in her her radiance; plucking every selfish thought, and squashing his anger with her smile. Maybe then it would’ve gutted him to know that people thought of Kara as Winn’s and not his. Had his lips not latched onto hers, had the splendor taste of saccharine lip balm and homely familiarity not engulfed him and maybe if she wasn’t holding his sanity between the cusps of her tiny palms – maybe then he would’ve been hurt, maybe then he wouldn’t want or rather need to keep it all a secret.

After Iris’ death, Barry swore to never let another love him. Swore he wouldn’t allow his heart to fill the void with another pretty face, but Kara Danvers wasn’t just a pretty face — she had an innate desire to help the people she loved to the ends of the world. She evoked so much joy with a simplest act of kindness through one of her dazzling simpers. Even as his friend, he could remember the tracings of a grin threatening to split across his face when he’s around her. He could feel as strings of stress are plucked from his spine through a solitary touch, rippling waves of peace subtle and comfortable under his muscles.

He wound his battered digits into the fine-silk blonde twines of her hair and breathed her in– she sloshed like water in his lungs. She sucked the life out of him and all the while, gave him something to fight for. Finally, savouring what she had given him under his tongue, he replied, “Okay, you and Winn. I think that’s the best choice for the time being — just,” he paused, chewing over his thoughts. Maybe he didn’t want to know how the announcement would go.


He swallowed thickly, pressing a chaste kiss to her cheek. Chilled hands now shoved themselves into the comforting leather pockets of his suit, a light bounce to his step as he rocked back and forth in place. Truth is, he wasn’t ready to dive in head first into this world but he was committed to make it work. For Kara and for himself. He was afraid and for the first time he was not afraid to show it.


Honestly this video was so stupendous.


The quirky music, the zoom ins, Jack’s acting, Robin’s perfect timing, Anti himself. This was so much more than a nod to the fans, this was a piece of collaboration gold, not just between Jack and Robin, the real heroes of this whole bloody (pun intended) mess, but between Jack and the community. I was more excited for this video than most full length feature films I’ve seen, and it was the build up! The glitches started way back at the beginning of the month, and they SLOWLY infected other accounts, creeping into tweets, instagrams, tumblr reblogs, comments! Anti kept us in the dark, dropping nothing more than three/four word hints, threats even, now and again, in the most hidden, yet obvious places. And not only was this build-up and collaboration a vital part of Anti’s success, but this entire journey has been a masterful, genius use of social media on Jack’s part. Everything started with tumblr, where Anti was born, and the infection, like I said, spread all across the internet, into every last crevices of Jack’s online life. Just like every account is linked, Anti linked them all, and we couldn’t escape it. No one could escape. And no where else would this have worked.

A brilliant, brilliant project. Wonderfully done gentlemen, wonderfully done. This is one for the record books.

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Daily Routine

After witnessing Annalise pull off another trial once again, and celebrating with the others over dinner Michaela had gone home to her apartment. Although she’d never outright admit it, she was a little hurt about the group not caring enough to check in on her the other night while they were comforting each other. She’d barely gotten any sleep, up all night feeling rejected by Caleb and guilty for even lying to him about Catherine in the first place. Then again, if she were in Caleb’s place, she’d hate herself too, so she couldn’t really blame him, and she didn’t. It was just another failed relationship added to the list of others. Running on a couple hours of rest, Michaela was still up and at Annalise’s office, right on time as usual. With a deep sigh, she plastered on her work smile and jumped right into things, digging through files and trying to keep her mind off of the guilt and rejection seeping from ever crevice in her life.

This Is Unhealthy Love

          For every person, there comes a time when you fall in love with someone you’re not supposed to. You fall in love with them against all of the logic in the world. Against time, against reason, against choice. You know just how bad this is for you. You’ve heard all the horror stories from love veterans that have been here before. But it isn’t the same, because this is your love story, and somehow that makes it different. But you know deep down, it’s just like everyone else’s. This person isn’t right for you. It isn’t that you don’t deserve them; it’s that they don’t deserve you. They use you and abuse you and wring you dry, and the worst part is, you let them. You become so blinded by loving them that it’s all you know how to see anymore. It permeates every crevice of your life with the greyness of it until it’s all that’s left to exist. But you stay. You become a parasite to the little bit of love they throw you every now and then, and you try to sell yourself on the idea that somewhere in this mess, there’s beauty in what you two share. And there is a little bit, in some sick and twisted way. They are ying and you are yang. The balance doesn’t make sense but it just is. Nobody understands, but how could you expect anyone to because you don’t even understand.

          You don’t ask how you ended up with a string connecting your heart to theirs. Those are uncharted waters, and they’re way too deep and way too treacherous. So you just continue to love in a way that’s depleting, and pray that someday you’ll get used to it being a part of you.

         Eventually, you’ll end things. But you’ll always come back together. You don’t know what life is without them and they don’t know how to survive with the ego boost of your unconditional, if not unhealthy, love. After coming together and breaking apart a few times, you’ll finally decide to stay away for good. You’re tired of living in a life of shadows and fragments of something you want fully and brightly. You want to find something new. It takes everything in you, but you break that string. And you get broken right along with it, because now you’ve lost everything you believed in. You became a part of something beautifully tragic, and when it disappeared so did everything you know. But in the midst of this heartbroken stupor, there’s a subtle, quite promise that the worst is over.

         You hope your heart grows big enough to love again. Not the same kind of love, but a better love. Stronger than the first time. You hope that this time it will be for someone who deserves you. You survived the only thing you never thought possible. And with that comes a strength the other person never gave you. A foundation of self-reliance and self-acceptance that was never possible with them in the picture. And for that alone, you regret nothing. You’re grateful for what they have taught you. Because you know you will never accept that sort of sickening, disastrous love ever again. 

anonymous asked:

why some people think John Green is a bad person? like - what are their arguments cause I only saw people defending him, but I have no clue what against?

Essentially someone on Tumblr accused John of being the type of person that hangs out with teenage girls to be close to them. This to me is just disgusting, sexist, and wrong. Just because John is a male that writes books for teens on a large and very public scale does not mean that he’s a predator. 

The biggest issue that I continue to have with Tumblr is that while some people think “This is just a text post on Tumblr.” that simple text post on Tumblr could very easily create doubt, fear, prejudice, depression, etc. It can seep down into every crevice of someone’s life and sit there like wet mold, slowly and steadily growing and spreading until you can’t look at the person without seeing the damage. 

It’s a rumor. It’s simply a rumor. It’s childish, it’s petty, it wreaks of insecurity, it is malicious and heartless. Bullying at any age, and in any form, is appalling. Bullying someone who has children who will one day be very active on the internet and who could possibly come across this or many other rumors like it is absolutely devastating to me. How? How are people so blindly heartless and unthinking to post things like this? I don’t get it. 

John Green is not a perfect human, neither are you, I, nor the person who started all the slander. John has done a great number of good things for this world, his books included. You can like his books. You can dislike them. You can like his YouTubes. You can dislike them. But in no way shape or form are any of us entitled to speak harmful, empty words, to anyone. Be kind people. Be kind. It’s not just a text post - this is someone’s life and family you’re lying about. 


Remembering Jonathan “John” Southworth Ritter

 (September 17, 1948 - September 11, 2003 ∞)

“When he walked into a room, his utter Johnness just filled it up, every corner, every crevice. It was a life force, a joy, an energy that made you think ‘My God, how does he maintain it?’ He was so gigantic, smart, and perceptive. And so funny. There was so much funny in him that it was almost like his body couldn’t contain it.”

 - Henry Winkler 

time and time again.

There is beauty in time, 
in the angst of eternal rushing 
to keep up with every breath.

To see the day fade 
in second upon second
increments that
fasten the strings that hold  
midnight blue meets violet
canvas as playground 
to the stars.

Ay yes -
there is beauty in time,
in the never ending lullaby 
of memories slowly slipping
through the crevices of life.

Fic: Ideas and Fantasies

Secret Santa fic for neverwhyonlywho

Pairing: Ten x Rose

Rating: Adult

A/N: This is incredibly late and I’m terribly sorry! I hope you like it! Merry Christmas and I hope you have a fantastic 2014! 

Rose woke up to frantic knocking on her door. She groaned and burrowed further under the covers. “Go away. ‘M sleepin’,” she mumbled into her sheets.

The Doctor’s impatient voice came through the door. “Rose! You’ve been sleeping for ages! Don’t you want to wake up now?”

“Not ages…and no.” She turned over and tried to drift back to dreams already slipping from her memory.

“Rooooooose!” The door opened with a loud bang and Rose felt a familiar weight crash down next to her on the mattress. Rose grimaced as the duvet was peeled back to reveal the Doctor’s excited grin.

“Hello,” he said quietly. Rose’s grimace quickly turned into a small smile as her stomach swooped.

Rose wrinkled her nose at him. “Doctor, I’m sleeping.”

“No you’re not! You’re perfectly awake, see?” He pointed at each of her open eyes.

“People can sleep with their eyes open.” She sighed and flipped onto her back. She was never getting back to sleep at this rate.

“‘Course they can but you don’t!” He rested his arm beside her and leaned against it, lying half on top of her.

“Besides,” he said, eyes darting down to her lips, “you’re talking.”

Rose grinned at him cheekily as she moved to sit up, propping herself up on her elbows. “Maybe I’m sleep-talking.”

The Doctor eyed her sleep-mussed hair and smiled. He reached up to brush a strand out of her face. “You do talk in your sleep sometimes…but never this clearly.”

“I - what?”

“Talk in your sleep! It’s really quite - anyway!” His eyes widened and he hopped up from her bed. “We should get going, Rose! I’ve got a surprise for you!”

Rose eyed him warily. “What sort of surprise?”

“Well, you know how the other day you were saying - again - how I made you miss a whole year when you first started travelling with me?”

“Rings a bell, yeah,” Rose said drily.

“Do you remember what specifically you mentioned you’d missed?”

“Er…my cousin Crystal’s wedding?”

“No! Well, yes, but the other thing!”



Rose blinked. “Christmas.”

“Yes!” He kept grinning at her brightly and she was sure she was missing something.

“Yeah, I missed Christmas. What about it?” Rose’s smile faded. “I don’t mind Doctor, honestly. I was just teasing you the other day…”

The Doctor waved away her concerns. “No, but Rose….that’s the surprise!” He held out his hand. “Come with me.”

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Don’t - drarry

The silence was deafening. Not a sound could be heard throughout the entire castle, it was still. Every nook and crevice seemed devoid of life.  He wasn’t used to seeing Hogwarts this way, it was strangely disturbing. It was like the castle was holding its breath, waiting. Harry stumbled along the castle, sort of in a haze, moving towards the goal he was terrified of getting to, but knowing there was no other way. The castle lay in ruins around him, completely devoid of life. He expected everyone was in the Great Hall, the greatest building in the school, it hadn’t fallen apart yet even under the attack, so it seemed a sound assumption. He hoped all his friends were there. The DA that is. He hoped they were all okay. Harry closed his eyes and sighed. They would be, he promised himself, everyone would be okay, if he just did this. He could save them, he could save them all. Harry stumbled over some rubble, and out onto the grounds of the castle. He was headed for the Forbidden Forest, and to Voldemort.

“Where do you think you’re going hero?” came a familiar voice from behind him.

Harry turned, seeing Draco Malfoy striding towards him. Malfoy looked terrible, like he’d been through hell – not a bad assumption, considering the chaos of the battle, and the events that took place in the Room of Requirement.

“Malfoy,” Harry mumbled.

“You’re going to Him aren’t you?” Malfoy said narrowing his eyes. “You’re giving yourself up.”

“That’s not exactly it – ” Harry began, but Malfoy cut him off.

“Don’t do it!”

Harry blinked.

“Don’t go.” Malfoy said. “Don’t you dare go, you have to know it’s not going to help, he’ll kill you!”

“I know he will.” Harry said with surprising ease. That seemed to render Malfoy speechless. “One cannot live while the other survives,”

“So it has to be you,” Malfoy muttered. “It can’t be Him?”

Harry shook his head. “It has to be me Malfoy. I’m doing this to save everyone.”

“Save everyone? You’re killing everyone!” Malfoy cried. “He’s not going to care if you make the sacrifice or not, He’ll kill us all anyway once you’re gone and there’s nothing to stop Him! You can’t just expect us to sit here and wait to die!”

“You don’t understand –”

“No you don’t understand!” Malfoy was insistent, his tone nearing hysteria. “You don’t have to be the Hero, don’t try to be the Hero anymore you’ve done enough! Everyone is fighting for their lives, they’re trying to help, and you don’t want that help but no one expects you to fight this fight alone!”

“I won’t have anyone else die for me!” Harry cried. “I’m not having anyone else die because of me!”

“And you think delivering yourself to the Dark Lord will change anything? You think dying will help anyone? You can’t die damnit! I’m not letting you kill yourself for this!”

“Why do you care so much Malfoy?” Harry shouted.

“Because I –” Malfoy clamped a hand over his mouth, looking away. “It doesn’t matter why I care.”

Harry frowned. “Look, Malfoy…”

“I just don’t want anymore death,” Malfoy whispered, shaking his head. “I don’t want anyone else I know to die. Not you. Not anyone.”

“I don’t want anymore deaths either, that’s why I have to go.” Harry said. “You don’t understand, and I don’t have the time to explain, but He can only be defeated if I die first.”

“That makes no sense,” Malfoy said.

“I know I doesn’t make any sense but it’s the truth. Once I’m dead, he can be defeated. No one knows that except me, and now you. So…once I’m gone, He can be killed. I think you should do it,”

“Me?” Malfoy’s eyes went wide. “Why me? Of all people, me?”

Harry gave him a crooked smile. “You’re the only who knows this for one, and…because you’re the only who can.”

Malfoy spluttered. “Are you insane? You’re the Chosen One not me! Look at me I’m a pathetic excuse for a wizard, I’m a Death Eater and a coward you can’t honestly believe I can succeed where you fail,”

“Do you want Him defeated?” Harry asked.

“Yes, more than anything but I –”

“Then trust in me, to set things right, and trust in yourself to make it happen.”

Malfoy didn’t speak for a long time, and neither did Harry. They just looked at each other, eyes saying what their words didn’t know how to.

“You’re really doing this aren’t you?” Malfoy said. “You’re going to die.”

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 We’re all in a constant state of motion, reacting to the environment and trying to align what we see with how we think. If all you see is pain, trauma and rejection then your mind will succumb to depression and sorrow. Change your environment, surround yourself with people who resonate happiness. Experience life, when you put yourself out there you learn about the person you are and the person you want to be. How do you know you don’t like something if you’ve never tried it? Discover your passion and explore every crevice. Your life is set in front of you, don’t leave fate to fill the pages, take a stand and write your own destiny.