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Soraya (for the oc thing)

Thank you!:

Full Name:Soraya De Santis
Gender and Sexuality: Female and hetero
Pronouns: she/her
Ethnicity/Species: Human
Birthplace and Birthdate: a day of autumn but i don’t have decided one yet 
Guilty Pleasures: ignore all and think for herself
Phobias: lost the ability to walk
What They Would Be Famous For: she yelled at the Devil and she make him shut up
What They Would Get Arrested For: punch somone or Public disorder
OC You Ship Them With: the principal Lucifer but at some point she have to end with someone else like Gabriel or Cretis
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Gabriel because he don’t like her…a lot
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: action but she don’t have a favorite one in particular
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: she like cliche lol
Talents and/or Powers: She is enough good at everything, no power
Why Someone Might Love Them: she is intelligent… and is a simple person a lot of time
Why Someone Might Hate Them: She is conceited sometimes and  un easily when someone don’t talk direct
How They Change: she became more mature and well she suffer a lot… and like i’m really sorry for her but it was necessary lol
Why You Love Them: she is a stupid and intelligent at the same time but she seems a serius type. She is more prevedible and people overvalue her. I know that you think is stupid but the fact is that she get angry when people overvalue or  undertimate her and this is really funny lol

thank you again!