Can Ray stop being a caricature!

I enjoyed Legends I always do and am glad to have Rip back but this ep was a little week.

My biggest problem is that the writter have stopped fleshing Ray out and he seems less three dimensional just smiles all the time gets to be a nerd and get laughed at. Where is the skilled genius ceo hero from Arrow.

I hate that Ray doesn’t get to have any feelings other than happy and nerdy. The creatious part of the episode was a wasted storyline. It was more about developing Nate and Amaya than dealing with Rays ptsd or how brilliantly he survived or having to face that period of his life at all.

They kept laughing off his trama and loneliness!!! I mean the fact he was alone got played as a joke. Also how imprssive was it that he made a safe home and kept himself feed, warm, protected and alive in the bloody cretacious period without anything with just the clothes on his back! But no no one was impressed Nate was very dismissive of the whole thing.

Also it was Amaya that got to save the day, I get she is bad ass but she doesn’t need another push. Ray was all like gertrude is my problem, I was like oh he’s gonna go face his trama probably make a bad ass trap use his smart to out wit her and get the probe thing but nope he got it off screen and then Amaya had a chat with a Trex. Also if you have the power of a Trex then why are you not using it all the time!!!

I just feel Ray isn’t meeting his potentional or being used for his genius or even getting to use his Atom suit. I kept thinking if Mick had come with them maybe he woud at keast been impressed that Ray coud hunt and defend himself against dinosaurs.

Also having Ray and Mick being paired up in Rips mind made me go, oh does rip ship atomwave!

A Scene Inside the Ghost Ranch Museum of Paleontology. The rock walls above the ranch expose sedimentary layers – and fossils – from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretacious periods. Fossil discoveries at the ranch include several sauropsids on the evolutionary lineage leading to birds, and many crocodylomorphs (one pictured here) on the lineage leading to modern-day crocodiles.