Tomorrow I get to perform at one of my favorite venues for one of my favorite events.

Come out and see over 14 bands for just $10.

Over the course of eight weeks, groups of kids between 12-17 are placed into bands where they must work together to write three original songs, and they end it with their final concert. It’s incredible seeing half of these kids get up for one of their first performances on a stage like this and play their hearts out. Then most continue on to be a part of the Sacramento scene years later, forming local bands that can go on to do amazing things.

The show starts at 1 tomorrow, you’re not going to want to miss it. The order of the participants is decided the day of, but you can catch some stairway alumni groups this year too! Check out Embryo, Grant Chesin, the Grey Area, and my band @altessaofficial.

#cresttheater #stairwaytostardom

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