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May I ask what is your lineart's relationship with coloring. What I mean is,do you do the lineart and color on a different layer or on the same one's, blending the line color into the other colors as well?

It takes a while to understand how my art process works. But I’ll try to break down how it works!

1 - Line art is drawn on a fresh layer over the sketch layer. This is the basic of the basic.

2 - New layer for colors: Blend, shade, highlight. It doesn’t have to be intense, but most of it needs to serve as a guide for when you merge the layers later on.

3 - Make a new layer over the line art layer and “Layer Clip” it. This causes all colors painted there to show up on the line art. Also, pick the darkest color you have for the part you’re coloring. For his hair, I picked a darker purple than the shadow.

With Layer Clip

Without Layer Clip (Horrible mess; don’t look, please)

4 - Before your blend, duplicate the folder you have all of your layers in. In this new folder, MERGE everything together except for the sketch layer.

5 - Start blending colors! Smooth out lines / clean up / add sharper highlights and so on! The goal is to take as much time to relax and fix little pieces of the picture so that it looks as smooth as possible. Usually I start with the face, then I work on the clothing and then I finish things off with the hair. But it’s up to you! You may want to do the skin and hair first, and then the clothes. But the point is to make everything as smooth as possible with your brush, add finer details and clean up where you can.

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About Silk Physical Types

- Physical types have no influence on their level of magic or skill. Nor does it affect their dexterity.

- There is a genetic mutation that prevents silks from tail-splitting. This mutation is common among robust and dainty silks. Not all robust / dainty have the mutation, but it’s most common among their group. (Think of it as how the redhead gene is most common among people of Irish or Scottish descent but not all have it.)

- General silks have stronger passive skills such as environmental healing, faster energy recharges. Their balanced healing allows them to overpower and defend themselves against a robust built.

- Robust silks have strong, active, combat magic. They have a wonderfully high magic critical-hit ratio and magic attack, but they lack stamina and defense and can easily burn out. Because of their focus on powerful attacks, their healing can be rather slim. They easily overpower dainty silks.

- Dainty silks are the fastest of the three silk types. They also have strong magic traps, buffs and debuffs. While the other two types may have their magic boosts, dainty can easily drain an opponent much faster while pushing their own attributes to the limit. They’re small but not to be messed with. They can unbalance a general silk, quickly overpowering them and rendering their passive abilities nearly useless.

- Any type can becoming any element. There are robust flower silks and dainty death silks. Body type has nothing to do with elemental grouping.