I’ve been on the fence about these for a while.  At first they look nice, plump and moist.  But I’m wondering what the reptile community thinks of them as either a mix-in or complete* diet?

*I have a hard time counting one staple thing as complete, but my customers at work would like to know.


This is the first DIY I’ve ever done and IT LOOKS SO GOOD IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF

DIY crested gecko tub!

It’s a small 27 quart tub, with a screen on the front and holes in the side. I EVEN MADE MY OWN DISH HOLDER! I made the dish holder out of the square plastic piece that came out when I melted a hole for the screen. I figured with all the plants Mochi might have a hard time finding his food if it was just on the ground, so I thought I’d put it up somewhere higher.

This was super easy and cheap and fun to make and I’ll definitely be doing the same thing for my next crested gecko!