I’m not dead! Just grounded, and uploading a video of my Aquatic Science teacher’s pet being cute to assure you of this. I’ll upload another when our many pregnant wild mollies give birth Featuring Calypso the crested eyelash gecko, and the voices of Female Classmate, Male Classmate, and Adorable Boyfriend.

so i have this special shedding liquid stuff for my crested gecko where like i mix it with water and stuff and like the bottle says to “let your reptile soak for 10 to 20 minutes”

ok cool but how the fuck am i supposed to keep him in a fuckin shallow bath for that long when he is super fast and jumpy

huffs loudly.


This is the other crested gecko that I bought at the show. I named him Red Velvet. He was born in September last year but he’s still pretty small because the breeder JUST got him to start eating bugs. His price was also reduced because of this. I’m really glad I picked him up.

Of course, I had to take some pictures with the macro lens!

It’s feeding time but someone refuses to come out of the vine. I have given sanctuary to 2 crested geckos. They were my ex’s, but she could no longer care for them because of her cat and her moving, so I took them. Their names are Nigel and Darwin and they are 2 little turds. So now I have 4, 2 beards and 2 cresties. They used to be a pain in the ass to feed, but Nigel ate his multivitamin dusted wax worms and then insisted on exploring. Darwin refuses to come out of the vine unless it’s night time lol.


The Wasatch Reptile Expo was great, definitely better than I expected! I’ll post pictures and get more into detail but first I need help!

I got this little guy at the show. When I was looking at him he was active and curious and healthy looking (besides how thin he is, but isn’t that kind of normal for baby crested geckos?)

Anyways, the drive home was 5 hours. The entire drive was on a highway, and you know when you drive on a highway it makes the whole car vibrate and it’s pretty loud. Not to mention that it was raining REALLY hard the whole way home.
I’m worried the trip may have been too stressful for this little guy :( when I took him out of his deli cup to take pictures and put him in his enclosure he was very weak and stiff. He wasn’t sticking on to me and he kept falling all over the place. He seemed to have an OK time sticking to other things though, like my shirt and his tree bark. But he also seemed very stiff, like he couldn’t move very well, which definitely wasn’t the case when he was at the expo. He wasn’t very energetic anymore either.

I (very lightly!) misted his enclosure and gave him a bowl of water. I also tried offering him some Repashy but he wasn’t interested. So I put a bit of it on his nose to let him lick it off and left the rest of it in his container.

What can I do to help him recover and survive??? He’s so tiny and I’m so worried about him, I need him to survive :( please help!

hearts-of-fire faithbeforefear one-geck-to-rule-us-all you guys are the only ones on tumblr that I’m aware of that own and know about crested geckos and I was wondering if you had any input??
( followthebluebell I know you don’t own a crested gecko but your input would be greatly appreciated as well!)


When I purchased Red Velvet the breeder told me I could go on to their website and find his parents, and I did!
The first two photos are the male, Hades. The first photo is him fired up, and the second is him unfired. The third picture is the female, Serine, fired up. And the fourth picture is her unfired. The first four photos belong to the breeder.

The last two pictures are of my little guy, just for comparison to see how alike dad and mom he is. I think he looks more like mom. Either way, he’s going to be a beautiful geck!

I guess you can’t really tell from the picture, but Mochi is super fired up right now, and I can’t figure out why. I haven’t seen him this fired up since the day I got him. Maybe because he hasn’t eaten in a few days? I was trying to give him time to settle in after the move.
Maybe because of the temperature difference? At the other house his tub was constantly 72 degrees, but here it fluctuates between 73 and 74 degrees.
I don’t know.

Instead of his regular sandy color, he’s kind of a dark cocoa powder brown. I hope he’s okay! I gave him some dinner, but I don’t know if he’ll find it.