Y'all, meet Wynonna, Waverly, and Nicole. Wynonna is dark and broody, refuses to let me hold her, and is the least tame of the bunch. Waverly is TINY but adorable and is the friendliest, and is super okay with being handled. Nicole is the brightest in colour and the bravest, since she has handled the transition to their new home well, being the first of the bunch to eat, as well as being the one who’s hanging out at the top and peering right out at whatever is going on around her.

Let’s talk about Crested Geckos!

Crested Geckos have become really popular as pets and it’s not mystery as to why. However, there are many misconceptions about these little dudes that I want to talk about.

1. Personalities

Crested Geckos may be a flighty lizard, but they are not stupid by any means. These little geckos all have unique personalities. My older gecko Ness (the tan one), tolerates being held very well and rarely runs from me. However, my younger gecko Dinraal (the fancy colored one) runs from me. Each gecko is different. Some will be more lively, more timid, or more aggressive. People always should remember this when buying a crestie. It is no guarantee your gecko will tolerate being held due to the differing personalities.

2. Touch

I will come out and say this bluntly: Crested Geckos do NOT enjoy touch. Lizards like crested geckos are prey animals and do not want to be touched. To them it is really bizarre that you are touching them and not eating them. They want to flee because they think they will get eaten. Over time a gecko will learn that you are not a threat, but they still do not want to be touched. Geckos like to be ALONE. This includes other geckos! They do not want to be with another gecko nor with humans. Handling your gecko will be necessary for certain tasks and it is ok to hold your gecko once a week when he is tame, but do not think he wants kisses, hugs, and cuddles. He doesn’t.

When holding your gecko NEVER GRAB HIS TAIL. Let him crawl in your hand and on your arm. Never tightly hold him in your fist. That will scare him. (Note: The way I am holding Ness is NOT how you should normally hold him. I was checking his calcium sacks and had to make sure he was still.) 

Speaking of Calcium Sacks, to check these hold your gecko (not too tightly) and very carefully use your fingernail to open his mouth. Look on the roof of his mouth to see his calcium sacks. This will show if he needs more or less calcium.

3. Love with Geckos

Crested Geckos are smart when it comes to hiding, eating, and climbing. But, they do not have the area of the brain that allows for love. The most your gecko can comprehend is tolerance. Bigger lizards like monitors and iguanas have thought to be capable of loving an owner, but cresties are PREY animals. Love could get them EATEN. So, your crestie sadly doesn’t love you. However, he doesn’t hate you either. He is only doing what his brain tells him to and that is GET TO SAFETY. So, don’t take it personally and respect that these little guys just can’t understand our affection. 

4. Food

Crested geckos do not live on bugs. In fact bugs are not the main food they eat. Crested geckos love fruit! They like mango, banana, watermelon, and a few other non citrus fruits. It is possible to make your own gecko food using fruits, but nearly every owner, including myself, recommends Pangea Crested Gecko Diet for their main diet. Bugs can be given a few days out of the week with calcium powder as a bonus food. Along with food, keep a small dish of water in the tank for your gecko. They DO drink from dishes, not only from mist.

Bugs I recommend are dubia roaches or crickets.

5. Warmth and Living

These lizards do not like it too hot. Crested Geckos can only tolerate up to 80 degrees F. 82 degrees and over can KILL your gecko. A nice 60 - 75 degrees is the perfect range for a gecko. Also, provide lots of things for your buddy to climb on. He needs to use his tail and climbing skills to stay healthy.  Use a squirt bottle to mist the tank. Get the humidity to about 70% then let it dry off for a bit until it is at 45%. After your tank has dried out mist it again. 

–Before Buying A Crestie–

Whether you buy your crested gecko from a store or a breeder ALWAYS research as much as you can. Geckos are all about routine and once you get down the things they need cresties are a very easy pet. They rarely bite (and their bites don’t hurt) and they do not need expensive foods or materials to thrive. As long as you research and respect that your gecko is a reptile and not a kitten you and your gecko will be best buds! (In a reptile way). He may not want to snuggle, but your gecko is a living being who will bring lots of joy to you if he is the right kind of pet for you. They do silly things, love to chase bugs, and come in a wide variety of colors. So, if you want an easy, colorful lizard to watch when nights are dull, crested geckos are a perfect start!

(sources: Pangea Reptile, The Reptile Report, experienced Crested Gecko breeders)

anonymous asked:

Am I crazy or do the male characters have eyelashes whereas the female ones do not? If so, interesting detail.

Eyelashes are just a character design detail that I don’t really use in a gendered way! Kay is a girl with no eyelashes, Arizona is a man with eyelashes, Diamond is a man with no eyelashes, Scrabatha’s mum is a woman with eyelashes, etc.

Euclid has eyelashes when I feel like drawing them, there’s no rules for him.

I use eyelashes more to contribute to the shape language of the character design than anything else. Arizona’s two eyelashes echo the two little shapes on the side of his head and on his goatee, and also make him look a little like a crested “eyelash” gecko.