crested geckos


Gecko Tea Party - 2011

I had this idea way back in 2007 and later in 2011 I decided to revisit it with much better equipment and props.

This photo set features two female crested geckos (C. ciliatus), Lumina (left) and Sakura (right).  I went the extra mile and actually made them some organic lavender tisane (herbal tea) sweetened with orange blossom honey.  Because details man, details.

Shamefully I realized today I never uploaded these to Tumblr so here’s the set.  I have an even better camera now, so when I can afford a macro lens, I’d like to redo this shoot yet again.


I have been waiting for warm enough weather to take my geckos outside for soooo long. 

Remember this photoshoot? It’s Sakura’s turn!