Harry Potter House Poems

Feelin’ a bit nerdy for Harry Potter? I was to there so I made these awesome house silhouettes with the sorting hats words about each house. Which one fits you best?

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Gryffindor ll Hufflepuff ll Slytherin ll Ravenclaw

All the designs also come in black and white!


“Cloven Crest lay before her. A narrow ridge where several slopes of the hill met to form a miniature plateau, with a slight depression in the middle. [..] There were no trees, no vegetation at all, but in the very center of the drift a dark grey stone cast a long moonshadow. It was twice Sabriel’s girth and three times her height, and looked whole until she walked closer and saw the zigzag crack that cut it down the middle.”


Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed

“One of the most original, heartbreaking, and beautiful American memoirs in years… . Awe-inspiring.“ —NPR Books

Infused with echoes of Christopher McCandless’ story found in Into the Wild, Cheryl Strayed also leaves everything behind and blindly sets into the wild. When Strayed lost her mother at twenty-two, she found her family and home life deteriorating. Fast forward four years late, Strayed fixates on the idea of taking a strenuous hike of the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon to Washington State in hopes of remedying her broken life.

Powerful, beautiful and engaging, Strayed captures the perils and uncertainty of solitude in nature. Similar to McCandless, she relies on the kindness of strangers. Ultimately we experience Strayed’s journey of healing and warmth. She is an extremely authentic and honest narrator. Strayed beautifully and explicitly lays out her flaws and strengths. She defied the odds.

Read excerpts from the book here!