Windward Crest Chapters 9-10

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 (Above: basically me 24/7 right now) These last few weeks have had more terrible bridal parties, than the rest of my entire career so far.

 Off-page Dominie has explained the whole “secret engagement” thing to Jake, and likely said she wanted to dump Rohan’s ass before he found out she was (supposedly) responsible for Alicia’s death. Jake is trying to convince her to stay with Rohan because he thinks them splitting would ruin both their lives (and staying with Rohan will ruin just Dominie’s life, but that’s just my onion).  He also thinks being jilted twice would kill Rohan. I say jilt him once, well that’s sad; jilt him twice, maybe he should sit down and have a good think about himself.

 God knows he needs it.

 I have to admit, despite us knowing she didn’t do it (we’ve got like 30 pages left, like Rohan could work his emotional issues out by then, so she didn’t do it) she’s laid out a logical argument.

Jake: Stay with him.

Dominie: I don’t want to carry this weight around for an entire marriage.

Jake: If I hadn’t opened that book, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Dominie: Like I wouldn’t find it eventually?

Jake: But then you’re already married!

Dominie: Then it would be harder to separate, and try and tell me he wouldn’t hate my ass.

Jake: But you don’t know that.

Dominie: What about on Alicia’ birthday? The anniversary of her death? Places, people, memories. They’re impossible to avoid. Do you think that won’t create resentment or hate as time goes on?

(p153-154)  Like, I complain a lot,

 We all know this, but I’m giving Dominie an A+ for reasoning on this, no complaints. And, for us readers, who’ve noticed Rohan’s woman-hating and anger issues… Well, I have to admit I can only see the after-marriage scenario ending with Dominie either in the morgue or the hospital, trying to tell the inspector that “I just fell down some stairs. I’m such a clumsy Cathy." 

 They argue around in circles for a while, until Dominie brings up Erica again

 Nothing is stopping her, is it? Of course Jake immediately asks what Erica looks like, because "How is she?” or “What’s she been doing?” are such gauche, passe questions.

 Page 160 has Rohan coming back from his trip, immediately apologising for any potential hurt his behaviour has caused (yeah, I’d like to sue for physical trauma- I sprained my eyeballs paying attention to this no-name brand fart packet). To her credit- Dominie stands her ground- her excuse is “You just went off, without telling me, and without a second thought for how that’d make me feel. If you treat me like this now, what’ll it be like after the wedding? I’m not willing to take that risk.” FINALLY something we agree on. 

 Page 162 has Rohan grabbing her and shaking her as hard as he could before shoving her at a tree. Wow. She’s genuinely scared that he’ll kill her too. Ladies, this is the man we’re supposed to lust over. Drink it all in. At least she’s rude enough to him that he backs off, grinding her ring (she held it out and dropped it earlier) under his heel, and marches off. Dominie pockets the ring after he’s gone, and starts crying on Jake’s shoulder, when (p 165) Rohan makes a two paragraph return to cry “affair” at them before storming off again.

 Page 166 has some lines that are unsettling:

 Again, I’m supposed to find this guy attractive, when even his love interest’s reaction is like this?

 Chapter 10 starts out with Dominie getting everything ready and in about a week is leaving for home, and Erica’s coming out to take care of the kids in her place. Jake spends the entire time acting like a harassed camel, but I act like that 24/7 so I’ll leave him to do his thing. She’s out for a last dinner with Jake when they run into Rohan and Sylvia (for a guy who’s supposedly so in love, he moves fast, doesn’t he?), and Rohan forces her to dance with him, but she basically blanks him until he gives up and leaves her alone.

 Page 173 has her back in England, all settled in and working in an office. She’s back, musing about her friend Mavis and weddings, when someone pulls up outside the house. And the prodigal asshole returns, already snarly and he’s not even in the door yet (I’m so glad romance isn’t dead, *sigh*). He shoves the door until he can get in, and growls his way into the kitchen, where he calls her stupid (are we all moist with this sensual seduction, or is it just me?). He then says he’s there to take his fiancee back to Windward Crest, and gives her a good shake and calls her an idiot and ridiculous child.

 (Yes, I’m being sarcastic)

 He’s just perfect isn’t he? I genuinely don’t understand how this could be perceived as anything but a threat. And good job, Jake, using Erica as a messenger instead of doing it yourself. Its not like Rohan has a long history of not taking shit well and woman-hating or anything. And Jake/Erica are getting married in a month (p 177)

 I like how his version of events is 99% twisted. I was there, Rhohan, I read every word. None of that shit happened, except in your own tiny brain.

 He then produces proof that Dominie wasn’t to blame for the accident. A witness report- the woman was about 60, stout, double chin, obviously dyed black hair. She insists she’s right, until she remembers lights- like stop lights or a shop light, and Rohan points out where Alicia was there wouldn’t have been shops. After a lot of weird “Oh my sweet darlings” mush, they decide to get back together.

 Then, she reveals she’s still wearing her engagement ring on a chain… JFC, he just busted in here, insulted her, and shook her, but we’re supposed to just let this go? I don’t know about you lot, but I’m going to get some macaroni salad and watch Murder She Wrote and hope this ending doesn’t give me a brain aneurysm. This was some “If it weren’t for my horse,” territory.

 Next up is Sally Wentworth’s Shattered Dreams

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****Crest drawn by me****

This is the crest of an organization in my WIP, SCARRED. They are called Fonias [FO-NAZ]. The name is subject to change, but for now I have a reason for that name and that’s what they’ll be called. Here is a bit of background info:

The Fonias are demon slayers that thrived for thousands of years. Legend says that the first Fonias was chosen by an angel that believed that the man had a strong will and could not be swayed into temptation. Soon the first Fonias went searching and came upon many like himself. He then made a legion of followers. His name?  Quentin. Years later during a meeting did they get their name. A member had returned from his travels around the world and found that he liked how the Greek word for ‘slayer’ sounded. It was agreed upon through vote.

The old ways of the Fonias were to serve the people and not themselves. They did not ask for pay nor did they expect it. They also didn’t advertise themselves, so who ever came to them for help heard by word of mouth. Unfortunately, times had changed before the time of SCARRED as far recruitment and payment was concerned. They became corrupted and desperate in their need to survive. This only became an option after Fargo Thompson strayed from the ways of the Fonias and not long after created his own organization; Affliction (will post info on them soon).  Many of his members were former Fonias. Both organizations were at odds with each other ever since.

As far as weaponry goes, Fonias use swords, daggers, axes, etc soaked in holy water and engraved with Enochian words to repel and/or kill demons.

If you have questions, please message me. : )

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A library book and my library card, or as we say in The Netherlands, de Bibliotheek. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed. I think I’ve visited the library at least two times since I finished this book, but I haven’t brought it back yet. I’ve got a hard time parting with it. The end date is next Tuesday, so I guess I just have to buy my own copy…

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