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y'all should defs do posts critiquing Barbie's eq over the years

Movies, dolls, games, which one? You know what, never mind, we’ve got you covered.

Well, the helmet’s about the only thing she got right here. She is WAY too big for that poor horse, and the saddle fit is atrocious. Chiropractor, anyone? And…did she loop her hands through the reins? Massive safety issue.

HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF A CREST RELEASE OR TWO POINT, BARBIE? For the love of god don’t hang onto your horse’s mouth and please lean forward.

Misused tack. The flash noseband is behind the bit.

Once again she’s hanging onto the reins and the flash is misplaced. Take notes on the rider next to you, Barbie. Plus her outfit belongs on Fallon Taylor.

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The glute med stabilizes the pelvis when you walk or run and abducts the leg away from the body.
Before you start treating your gluteus medius always make sure you saw a health professional first who confirmed you doesn’t suffer of a herniated disc, especially in case you feel pain ⚡️radiating into your leg!!! Also make sure your health professional has cleared your hips and pelvis!
If these things are clear you take a @BLACKROLL® BALL, Lacrosse ball, ⚾️ or 🎾. Place it lateral, below the iliac crest and try the release exercise which you can see in the upper video (Adduction/Abduction of the hip).
Or you take a @BLACKROLL® and roll slowly among the muscle (lower video), trying to identify areas of tightness or discomfort. Pause on these areas for several seconds and the tightness should begin to ease. Ensuring you roll from the origin to the insertion is a good way to target 🎯the entire length of the muscle.
👉 NEXT POST ➡️ GLUTEUS MEDIUS STRETCHING ————————————————————————
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This tiny goldcrest is Britain’s smallest bird and they are not a common sight here at WAF!
This one was brought into us today after being found grounded next to a station in Sunbury-on-Thames. It was given a thorough examination by vets Emma and Jono and was luckily uninjured. After flying well and becoming very feisty it was given a clean bill of health and, after a brief pause to take in the view, was released this afternoon.
Good luck little one!

Castle Ficlet: An Official Debrief 1/1 (Rated M)

So a little while ago I received an awesome prompt (which I’ve placed at the end), but as always, I was super slow in filling it. Once it was done, I realized I wanted to hold onto it until today’s Castle Pornado. To my prompter, thank you so much, Anon! I hope you enjoy this. And to everyone else, I hope this fits the bill Pornado-wise! 

An Official Debrief

Rated: M

Pairing: Caskett

“Well, guess this is it.”

“It doesn’t have to be. We could go to dinner, debrief each other.”

Her lip works its way between her teeth, the late afternoon sun bringing out shining embers of gold in her hazel eyes.

“Why, Castle? So I can be another one of your conquests?”

“Or I could be one of yours.” His smile deepens, one part naughty, one part hopeful. Energy has been building between them since she hauled him into an interview room, dancing at the edges of their senses, pushing, pulsing, eager.

He rocks on the balls of his feet, watching a gentle flush spread over her neck. She knows it, too, how phenomenal they could be if they just had the chance.

“Okay,” she clips, pushing on his chest with a slim finger. “Five minutes to finish up here, and you stay put.”

“Staying put,” he swears, pectoral thrumming where her finger jabbed.

“Mmm.” She lifts her eyebrows, spinning on her heel to join her fellow detectives. She knows what she’s doing to him, knows his eyes have slid down the line of her back to savor the gentle sway of her hips.

She’s driving him insane and driving herself a little bit crazy in the process.

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Salient - kazer, h/c

Kaner is crying.

It’s not cute. His face is burning hot as his skin prickles, everything itchy and unreachable. He can’t see, vision marred by his swollen eyelids and steady, constant stream of tears. No matter how many times he tries to palm them away, they just end up trickling down his arm to his elbow and soaking the cuff of his t-shirt.

He’s making noise. Each time his chest heaves for a breath a wrecked sob escapes, embarrassing and loud and involuntary. Kaner tries to swallow them down but that makes him hiccup, makes him shake as everything intensifies.

Maybe he wants to stop crying. His stomach is clenched up and it hurts, like he’s exercising, and the thought is funny enough that everything breaks. He can take a deep, uninterrupted, shuddering breath and his face is sticky and raw with spit and tears.

Jonny clears his throat.

The whole thing is deeply humiliating.

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Clock Crest Story @ Oricon Daily 2nd Place


Soraru: “For our Kuro Crest Story that was released today to reach 22,000 copies through only furage day!!!! We even received 2nd on the Oricon Daily chart! This is so amazing, it’s because of everyone so thank you (`;ω;´)(`;ω;´) It’s really amazing I had been afraid (of the sale count) this whole time so I’m happy-Uwaaah!”


Mafumafu: “Congratulations for 2nd place in Oricon

2 2, 0 0 0  c o p I e s  o n  t h e  f i r s t  d a y

Kuro Crest Story / After the Rain

We did it aaa―――!!!
Thank you very much!!! Really!!!!! (   ´⚰︎`°。)

Last Note: “It’s a super nice album so it’s great that it has reached many people’s hands!! Right now, I like “Moumoku Shoujo to Grisaille” the most but more importantly I heard a rumor that there’s a confidential panty-showing scene in the hot springs DVD so I’ll search for it, okay”

Mafumafu: “Thank you so much yah… I’m also quite pleased with “Moumoku Shoujo to Grisaille”! If you’re going to do that, I will include Last Note’s home address in all of my lyrics and create a song.”


Lon: “Congratulations to Soraru-san and Mafumafu-san! I couldn’t wait for Amazon so I went to Animate for the 2nd time in my life to get it. I even put on a cap and glasses for no reason and wore a puzzling disguise but the store clerk at Animate was really nice, Lon was in a flurry mochi”

Mafumafu: “Lon-san thank you very much… you even went to the store didn’t you… I’m very happy! Congratulations for Goma-chan!”

Lon: “Yaay, congratulations Mafumafu-san! The truth is, I wanted to sneak into the handshake event, but I was denied by Soraru-san! I’ll listen to it lei-surely-!”

Soraru: “Eh, what happened to ordering it online ww Thanks for going out of your way to do this! I’m glad you weren’t exposed, Lon-san!”

Lon: “I didn’t want to call the delivery staff about redelivery so! I was nearly exposed!”

Lon: “What’s with this bonus DVD!!?! Hot springs!!?! Could this possibly be questionable footage!!?! (Watching with half-opened eyes)”


You’re not officially a Missionary of Discipline until you’ve received your very own crest.

Behold the Crest of Grey Wind: The Element of Perseverance. Congratulations Panda Boy and for the first time ever, Panda Junior the panda plush. You have now been knighted into the MOD order. May you and your plushie compatriot wear your crests with honour and uphold your MOD titles with dignity and grace.

Welcome to the team rookie!

****** ******* ***** ****** ****** ****** ******* ***** ****** ******

I promised you a crest @propanda7.

But I didn’t want to just give you any old crest, I wanted to give you a crest befitting of your name. Even made one for your little panda plush. In case peeps don’t know, Panda Junior is Harry’s plush from MOD Days: A Victubia Fanfiction written by @j-razilla (if you haven’t read that yet, DO check it out. It’s amazing!)

All in all, I hope my friends likes this. I’m especially looking forward to hearing the feedback from my fellow MOD brethren. Show your love and let me know what you think please C:

Note: The .png files for the Panda crests will be released tomorrow.

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~LittleMissSquiggles (2014)

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Who are the M.O.Ds of Victubia?  



Finally back to the 100 BC!  I am finally able to play it again because I released Van Crest and was able to reinstall all my cc again.  I’m so happy to be able to play my saves!!  <3

Also, I have decided to take the 100 BC off Youtube as I did with the Cohen Legacy.  Mainly because it started out as a tumblr only challenge and I want it to stay that way and I was losing interest recording it.  So at the moment, The Ardyn Legacy will be my only Youtube let’s play.

Kuro Crest Story Release (041316)

Soraru: “If everyone could write their thoughts on the songs with the hashtag #クロクレストストーリー (Kuro Crest Story), I’d really appreciate it”

Mafumafu: “Excited, excited. I hope everyone listens to it lots ⁽⁽◝( ˙ ꒳ ˙ )◜⁾⁾(RT of Soraru’s tweet)”



Mafumafu: “I went to Tower Records Shibuya together with Tesoraru-san!!! There were people lining up for our CD!!!! (The staff) wrote a handwritten review (of our CD) didn’t they, I’m so happy。゚( ゚இωஇ゚)゚。

I’ll be waiting for thoughts from everyone you knoooow――!!!”

Soraru: “My name is Tesoraru (RT of Mafumafu’s tweet)”

Mafumafu: “What the heck was “Tesoraru”, I was supposed to write “The Soraru-san who couldn’t wait any longer”. Why did it disappear.”



Mafumafu: “We had a crab hot pot party together as SoraMafuLuzSakata! Yummy crabby! ≧[゚ー゚]≦

Even though Urata-san was the one who sent the crabs over, the fact that his schedule wouldn’t match with the time. Thanks Urata-san.

Also, I will upload a video tomorrow at 18 o’clock. Okay.”


Luz: “The four of us Soramafu and the luz-y Sakata* enjoyed the crab that Uratan picked up! (※Uratan himself was busy at the time and was thus absent (;_;)) Thanks Uratan-!”

(*T/N: Sakata’s full name is written as “Aho no Sakata” (The idiot Sakata), but luz replaced it with his name into being “Luz no Sakata”)

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What are the different types of releases when jumping?

There’s three standard releases, the long crest release, the short crest release, and the automatic release. You can also count grabbing mane (or your martingale/breastplate/neck strap) as a type of release, because it gives the reins to the horse while giving you something to stabilize your upper body with so you don’t get left behind. Grabbing mane is still my go-to when I get into a tight/awkward spot or my horse takes a long distance without me asking.

Let me go grab my Hunter Seat Equitation book by George Morris, because he does the best job describing them.

Release (mane): “When a beginner is taught this primary, or ‘first-step’ release, he should be encourage to take hold of the mane halfway up the horse’s crest, holding the mane until the jump is completed, several strides on the other side. We call this a long release. This instills the principle into the rider from the beginning: Do not interfere with your horse’s mouth at take-off, during the jump, or upon landing. Your release must be on the crest of the neck, as the crest provides maximum support. Riders releasing below the crest usually collapse with their hands and body upon landing over the fence, and those who release is above this point interfere with the horse going over the jump” (pg 102, 3rd edition. All further quotes will be from this edition).

(this is a photo of me and my horse from 2005. Clearly I’m jumping up his neck and standing in my stirrups, but look at my hand, because we got deep to the fence, I grabbed mane and looped my reins as to not catch him in the mouth as we landed)

Release (crest): “Of primary importance is that the second release takes place during the last stride or two before the take-off point for the jump, whereas the first mane-grabbing release took place three or four strides in front of the obstacle during approach. The other important difference is that the hands now rest firmly on top of the crest of the horse’s neck instead of grabbing the mane… Now we teach two kinds of crest release: long and short. The long crest release, as we taught the beginner, moves anywhere from a third to halfway up the horse’s crest. This insures maximum freedom for the horse and minimum control for the rider during the flight of the jump. The short crest release on the other hand, maximizes control and minimizes freedom, although the horse should not hit the bit while in the air. While the long crest release rests up the horses crest, the short release rests down and into the base of the crest, an inch or two up from the withers” (pg 109-110).

(Same day in 2005, now we can see my equitation much better here, but this is a long crest release. I’m several inches in front of my horse’s withers, using his crest for support over top of this fence. Ideally my hand should be an inch or two lower, but this is still fundamentally correct.)

(Same day again, but now we can see a short crest release over this tiny X. My hand is barely an inch or two in front of his withers, and he still has the freedom to express his jump over the fence)

Release (“Out of Hand”): “For the third-level rider, release of the horse’s mouth at the moment of take-off must become so imperceptible and subtle that it takes a trained eye to see it function. The hand, rather than abandoning the horse in the air, must now support and maintain a light, following feel during flight. The kind of feel one describes as a ‘feathery touch.’ If there is any sign of the hands rotating backward or relying on the mouth for balance and support, then the rider is not secure enough or experienced enough to move on to this third advanced stage of release. The hand should never rely on the mouth for support, whereas the horse’s mouth often relies on the rider’s hand for support and balance” (123-124).

(Again, 2005, because I have no recent photos or videos of myself over fences that illustrate things clearly… Here you can see I have a straight line from elbow to bit and I’m maintaining contact in the air without restricting his jump. My hip angle might be marginally too closed here, but my upper body is stable and independent of my hand, with my heel down, back flat, and eyes between his ears looking up and towards the end of the ring)

Hope this answers your question, and that my photos illustrate things!


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this probably sounds dumb but what's the difference between auto release and crest release?

Not a dumb question at all!!

A crest release is where the rider rests their hands along the horses neck for balance over a fence.

There are two kinds of crest releases.

Long Crest Release - hands places halfway up the neck, this is what most people learning to jump use. 

Short Crest Release

An auto release is where the rider has indpeendent movement between their seat and their hand so they maintain a straight line from bit to elbow with the hands about 3 inches down from the top of the neck.