crest of honesty

誠実の紋章 Crest of Honesty

誠実の紋章 | Seijitsu no Monshou | Crest of Honesty

I saw some posts criticizing Jou in Ketsui and I felt the need to give my input. The dub translated his crest as the crest of reliability in Adventure dub. However, that isn’t the literal translation of his crest. In Adventure 02, the translation of his crest was changed to honesty.

Seijitsu ( 誠実) can either mean honesty or sincerity. Mimi’s crest (純真, junshin) was dubbed as sincerity when it literally means innocence or purity. I’m not sure why the dub translated the crests like they did.


In regards to Ketsui, Jou was having trouble being honest with himself. He held back from joining the fights because of internal conflicts. Should he drop everything he’s been working towards? He’s not like the other Chosen Children who are in middle and high school. After going to class, he goes to cram school, and after that, he’s expected to return home and study more. Viewers need to take into consideration the Japanese school system. College entrance exams are brutal, especially if you want to become a doctor.

People asked how Jou was able to evolve Gomamon since he was so unreliable for most of Tri. However, being reliable is not what Jou needed to be to trigger Gomamon’s evolution. He needed to truly express he wants to be alongside his friends and his destined partner. In his conversation with Mimi, he admitted he was a coward. He tried to rationalize putting of his responsibilities as a Chosen Child. He’s desperate to move forward in his life but he can’t. He was never into the fighting scene so he questions why he has to do it again.

He felt sorry towards Gomamon because he felt he was holding Gomamon back. How can they be Digimon partners but not engage in fighting and fulfill their Chosen Children duties? From what we saw of Tri. so far, he has been disappointed with himself. He felt he doesn’t live up to the expectations of his parents, the Chosen Children, Gomamon, and especially himself. He expressed he couldn’t face the others because he would be criticized for not showing up which would trigger someone else to defend him. He knew he wouldn’t be able to properly express his thoughts in that situation.

In the end of Ketsui, he was told he didn’t need a reason to whatever question his role as a Chosen Child and especially as Gomamon’s partner. I kind of feel cheated that was all it took to make Jou fight after waiting for so long, but that’s ok I guess. Anyway, have picture of Jou and Gomamon joking around. They’re my favorite partners and I like how Tri. handled their relationship (so far…).