Soñaba con profundas conexiones entre sus almas, besos apasionados y aventuras temerarias. Estaba segura de que bastaría simplemente con que él la conociera para que sintiera lo mismo. Sería uno de esos romances épicos que surgen con una explosión y arden al rojo vivo por toda la eternidad. El tipo de amor que el tiempo, la distancia o incluso la muerte no podrían separar.
—  Marissa Meyer (Cress)

anonymous asked:

Hi i was thinking of starting a rwby cosplay and was wondering if you had any tips on how to make rubys weapon?

Sorry for the slow response, classes just started back up for me and I’ve been super busy getting ready for this semester.

Ok, RWBY, where to start…

I have built Ruby’s weapon (Cressent Rose) and it was quite an ordeal. I wanted something more durable so I tried to make it out of wood. It ended up weighing about 8-10 pounds. Trust me, that was no fun lugging around a convention. Unfortunately I did not take very many WIP pictures but I do have some. Since this was one of my first big prop making experiences I feel like I over complicated it, there are easier ways to make her weapon.

The best place to start would be Johnny and Junkers. This guy was commissioned by Rooster Teeth studios to make replicas of all the weapons from the show. If you click the link it will take you to his blog where he gives a detailed description of how he made his replica and what materials and tools he used:

Here is a link to 360 degree reference photos he used:

Here are some of my in progress photos:

Using graph paper I traced out everything . Then I traced out a to scale version on poster board. The to scale version I used as my pattern  and using more poster board I cut out duplicate pattern pieces.

I then traced out everything onto my wood and uses a jigsaw to cut it all out. After it was cut I used a combination belt-sander, hand-sander and block-sander to smooth all the pieces out.

Here is everything painted and laid out before I screwed it all together.Note: the circular discus are the protective sliders you put on the bottom of furniture and can be purchased at Walmart or other hardware suppliers. I found that they were the perfect size for the circles on Crescent Rose. 

A better view of the detailed paint job. The three small circles are bottle caps I painted and glued on with E6000 ( highly recommend using this glue). Believe it or not, with a little finagling I can fit the whole thing in my car without taking it apart. Keep size in mind when you make it. The convention that I took it to has a height limit, so I had to keep mine under 7ft.

The narrow piece at the end was a sawed off broom handle and the cylindrical part at the tip ( above the spear part) is PVC pipe.  The bolt for the gun part of the weapon was recycled form a toy gun.

Hope some of this helps.I would love to see what your Ruby costume looks like when you finish.

Photos by Ken AD